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Water for Wildlife

About Team Tsavos. Team Tsavo is a group of passionate volunteers with the aim of conserving and protecting tsavos pristine wilderness. Most of our work revolves around mitigating effects of climate change both during droughts and taking advantage of the torrential rains. Our main focus is to revive neglected boreholes and desilting water pans so water can be stored in catchment areas which goes a long way during dry seasons. As a group with an unwavering grit and love for wildlife we depend on our volunteers skills for management keeping our admin costs at a virtual zero. We have a 100% policy of our funds going straight to our on the ground projects. For us every penny makes a difference to wildlife and we account for every single one! We take this opportunity to thank our donors for their support which without none of this could have been possible. ASANTE!! Carrying forward from 2016 on our vision for sustainable water solutions, we are delighted to announce that we have managed to desilt 6 water pans, create a dam and revive an old borehole in 2017 at the Ndololo site which is solar powered and has since become a life line to the wildlife in this area. In 2018 we were grateful, as the desilted water pans had enough stored water, coupled with the timely rains saw the park have a smooth sail. However this year facing a predicament of prolonged dry season, we resolved to truck water to a massive water pan and 2 smaller ones to cater for a bigger wildlife population of the Irima area, we managed to desilt 3 more water pans as we prepared for the long rainfalls. To the west we revived another borehole to ensure water is pumped 5 Kms away. Keep up to date with us on our Facebook page 'FRIENDS OF TSAVOS (#TeamTsavo)' on the link below or just search the name and keep up to date with the most recent sightings of the beautiful wildlife of Tsavos.

Our Impact in Numbers.

392,000 9 2 10,000s 6

liters of water delivered to pans in Tsavo East as of October 2019.

dams have been desilted in the past 3 years.

neglected boreholes revived, now fully operational and powered by solar.

of wildlife directly benefited from this project.

sites. Our work reach - we select areas that have a high density of wildlife to ensure we have a

greater impact and to stop conflicts between humans and wildlife.


days of water deliveries in 2019.

With climate change hitting us hard, altering our way of operation is no easy feat. As weather patterns change, our work gets affected too. Our work is mostly on the ground with long hot days spent on the field ensuring that our work is not only effective but efficient to the very last penny. We go to great lengths to ensure we get only the best prices and the very best water for our beloved wildlife. A water truck (bowser) of 12,000 liters costs Kshs.7,000/- (USD70), we are grateful for the KWS rangers for their initiative, support and commitment they give us to attain our goals. From planning, escorting to execution, they are indeed the true heroes of conservation.

The dried up water pans, just before our work.

On duty.

Desilting in progress.

Caked ground!

Our gritty volunteers.

What our Project Means! - Animals are dispersed as opposed to congregating in just one small watering point. This avoids the degradation of vegetation in the area. - As wildlife gets accustomed to watering holes that they can drink and wallow in, it stops them from wandering into communities that live on the edge of the park, hence reducing a lot of Human Wildlife Conflict which in turn means reduced deaths and crop destructions hence, wildlife stays safe from retaliation by man. - The animals don't have to trek hundreds of miles in the Tsavo scorching sun and heat in search of water. All the walking in search of water takes a toll especially on the babies and the older animals. Every drop of water helps make a difference.

Moving Forward. As weather patterns change and become unpredictable, we remain committed to implementing sutainable solutions with the interests of both wildlife and communities at our heart. We look forward to reviving more boreholes as the new year comes. Indeed experience has made us better and more effective. Below are our expenditures and donations.

From tiny birdies to massive giants, our projects are a one size fits all ď Š

A herd of buffalo as waiting for our watering truck to finish so they can go and dive in!

On duty, ensuring every drop reaches its destination

Detailed Statement.

2019 Cash Balance b/f from 01-01-2019 2018


11-01-2019 Silvia Pirelli

500.00 mpesa

12-02-2019 Silvia Pirelli

500.00 mpesa

13-03-2019 Silvia Pirelli

500.00 mpesa

12-04-2019 Silvia Pirelli 14-05-2019 Silvia Pirelli

500.00 mpesa 500.00 mpesa

14-06-2019 Silvia Pirelli 12-07-2019 Silvia Pirelli 14-08-2019 Silvia Pirelli

500.00 mpesa 500.00 mpesa 500.00 mpesa

21-08-2019 Shazaad Kasmani

1,000.00 mpesa

27-08-2019 Gurpreet Singh

7,000.00 mpesa

27-08-2019 Janet Goss

9,986.00 mpesa

28-08-2019 Renu Singh 03-09-2019 Adriano Girardello

7,000.00 mpesa 10,000.00 mpesa

06-09-2019 Gurpreet Singh 11-09-2019 Silvia Pirelli

7,000.00 mpesa 500.00 mpesa

28-09-2019 Shazaad Kasmani

1,000.00 mpesa

11-10-2019 Silvia Pirelli

500.00 mpesa

12-11-2019 Silvia Pirelli

500.00 mpesa


paid to

Amount Description

mpesa charges

4-11-2017 Jamba Enterprise

spares for water pump for Ndololo for earlier repairs in Oct that had -1,130.00 not been pd


4-11-2017 C-Lite Electricals

Solar panels, batteries, inverter and accessories for Ndololo Campsite -16,940.00 Kitchen


4-11-2017 John Musembi

purchase of new bushes from Jua Kali, Mombasa for KWS Community -6,000.00 Land Cruiser (Mwangi)


6-11-2017 Benson Ototo

Labour for Ndololo Camp Site Kitchen Solar -3,000.00 installation


Solar batteries and accessories for Ndololo -14,870.00 Campsite Toilets -1,800.00 Solar Panel 20 watts

-95.00 -40.00

8-11-2017 C-Lite Electricals 8-11-2017 Davis & Shirtliff

13-11-2017 Benson Ototo 13-11-2017 Rama (Water Bowser) 13-11-2017 Lemiso

Labour for Ndololo Camp Site Washroom -3,000.00 Solar installation -21,000.00 30,000 litres (3 trips) -1,000.00 ranger allowance

-55.00 -100.00 -15.00

Antony Timuti (water 19-11-2017 bowser guy)

-7,000.00 10,000 litres (1 trip)


27-11-2017 Beca Electricals 27-11-2017 Jamba Enterprise 27-11-2017 Benson Ototo 27-11-2017 Beca Electricals

26-04-2018 Minesh

4-05-2018 Mahesh KD

inverter and paint for Ndololo Kitchen -4,160.00 replacement -850.00 Box for Adaptor

R. No.1255 Receipt does not have number

Electrician Labour & 2 -900.00 extra solar bulbs -2,200.00 6 way extension cable cement and transport for Ndololo wall building for solar structure (sent -14,000.00 via Doris) purchase of 5 solar pumps to be imported -200,000.00 by Mahesh



Patrick Mwazighe TE 8-06-2018 Plumber

labour for repair of pipes at Ndololo after baboons -1,000.00 broke jumped on them


Patrick Mwazighe TE 12-07-2018 Plumber

labour for repair of pipes at Ndololo after baboons -500.00 broke jumped on them


Labour for building wall for Ndololo borehole for -15,200.00 3 days


24-07-2018 Grace Kariuki (TE Warden) 24-07-2018 Grace Kariuki (TE Warden)

withdrawal mpesa -200.00 charge

James Rugendo (metal 25-07-2018 door)

Metal door for the -6,000.00 Ndololo borehole wall

25-07-2018 Temele Hardware

Hardware materials for Ndololo borehole wall and handicapped ramps for ladies and gents -5,550.00 toilets

27-07-2018 Grace Kariuki (TE Warden)



-11.00 -77.00

balance paid for labour -11,400.00 upon finishing the wall


Balance: 600,681.00

2019 24-08-2019 Oil Libya Moons Water 27-08-2019 Bowser

200 litres diesel for -19,880.00 desilting 3 trips x 12,000 litres to waterhole 102 -21,000.00 (lemiso

Moons Water 28-08-2019 Bowser


Hatuna Chuki 28-08-2019 Water 28-08-2019 Lemiso

-14,000.00 -1,000.00

Moons Water 31-08-2019 Bowser 31-08-2019 Lemiso

-21,000.00 -500.00

31-08-2019 Richard Mwakima Moons Water 2-09-2019 Bowser Moons Water 6-09-2019 Bowser

10-09-2019 Dibarts Designs





Moons Water 12-09-2019 Bowser 12-09-2019 Lemiso

-21,000.00 -500.00

Moons Water 26-09-2019 Bowser 26-09-2019 Lemiso

-63,000.00 -1,500.00

2 trips x 12,000 litres to Irima Waterhole No. 1 (lemiso) 2 trips x 10,000 litres to Irima Waterhole No. 1 allowance 3 trips x 12,000 litres each to waterhole 102 & Irima 1 and 2 (Lemiso) allowance Branding of Water Truck 3 trips x 12,000 litres each to waterhole 102 & Irima 1 and 2 (SGT. ADAN) 3 trips x 12,000 litres each to waterhole 102 & Irima 1 and 2 2 printed Team Tsavo reflector jackets for truck driver & turnboy 3 trips x 12,000 litres each to waterhole 102 & Irima 1 and 2 (Lemiso) allowance 3 trips each on 17th Sept/20th Sept/24th Sept to all waterholes in Irima & 102 3 days allowance

-100.00 -105.00

-97.00 -97.00 -15.00

-105.00 -11.00 -61.00




-105.00 -15.00

-105.00 -26.00

Moons Water 26-09-2019 Bowser


Moons Water 1-10-2019 Bowser


2-10-2019 Abdalla Mwende Williamson 14-10-2019 Nyambu

-3,000.00 -4,000.00

3 trips x 12,000 litres - 2 trips to waterhole 102 & 1 trip to Irima 1 2 trips x 12000 litres - 1 trip to Irima 1 and 1 trips to waterhole 102 Light transport pickup to pick 20 bags cement from highway and drop to Tsavo East HQ Labour for Mason for the wall at Voi Gate (wk 1)



-56.00 -61.00

Mt. Carmel 17-10-2019 Hardware

Materials for frame -650.00 for Exit board


Joe Timber 17-10-2019 Hardware

Materials for frame -1,130.00 for Exit board


Joe Timber 17-10-2019 Hardware


17-10-2019 Ronald Alluminium


Williamson 19-10-2019 Nyambu Mt. Carmel 24-10-2019 Hardware

-4,000.00 -3,000.00

Williamson 26-10-2019 Nyambu


Williamson 5-11-2019 Nyambu



Materials for frame for Exit board 10 pcs mirror screws for frame for exit board Labour for Mason for the wall at Voi Gate (wk 2) 5 bags cement for wall Labour for Mason for the wall at Voi Gate (Wk 3) Final paymen tfor Mason for the wall at Voi Gate

-23.00 -23.00 -61.00 -56.00 -61.00 -41.00


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Water for Wildlife - Team Tsavos  

Water for Widlife - Tsavos, get to know about our passion for saving elephants, mitigating climate change and more!

Water for Wildlife - Team Tsavos  

Water for Widlife - Tsavos, get to know about our passion for saving elephants, mitigating climate change and more!

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