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A peep into the Wonderous World of Cinema Hyderabad

Issue: 3

November 16, 2011

Nostalgia of Indian cinema remains fresh in the Chinese mind


ndian Cinema is wonderful. When as a kid i had watched three Indian movies they left a deep impact on me. Fifty-six years have passed since then, but the images and the sounds reverberate in my mind," Xiao Guiyun who is Chairman of the China Film Association said here today.

Gajju’s Programme today Having fun always comes with responsibility, but the pleasure is greater when enjoyment and learning come in a unique combination. The workshops at the Festival are really teaching us so much and though I have been here before, I am still learning new things. Five workshops have begun at different venues in Shilparamam which will go on till 19 November. You can still register by calling Satish at 9703160004.

Workshops l Film

Making Dining Hall, 2.30-5.30 pm

l Script

Writing Art Gallery, 2.30-4.30 pm & 4.30-6.30 pm

l Film

Appreciation Shilparamam Garden, 2.30-4.30 pm

l Animation

Shilpakala Vedika basement, 4.30-6.30pm Xiao is heading the 17 - member Chinese delegation to the 17th International Children’s Film Festival which has a special Focus on Chinese films. As if to prove his point, Xiao enthusiastically rendered a few lines from the song "awaara hoon" from the film ‘Aawara’ by Raj Kapoor. The Indian showman had become popular in all countries of Eastern Europe and the erstwhile Soviet Union when he visited those countries in the late forties. He wondered how Indian filmmakers came up with such intense movies.

Children's Film Society, India

l Puppet

Making Art Gallery, 2.30-4.30 pm & 4.30-6.30pm

Press Meet at Media Centre, Shilpakala Vedika, 11.00 am Basi Reddy, Director of ‘Seven Days in Slow Motion’ in Hindi and Nag Gottab, Director of ‘Sikharam’ in Telugu

Speaking after screening of the film ‘The Star and the sea’ directed by him and Li Qiankuan, Xiao said "India has the largest film industry in the world. Even as Hollywood is ruling cinema the world over, India still manages to find its place. We have much to learn from Indian Cinema. I am planning to send a delegation which can come to India and learn about film making and try it out in the Chinese film industry." However, he added that "the Chinese Film Industry is also making a rapid progress. Children cinema has been developing." "The Star and the Sea" had its Indian debut at the Festival. The directors accompanied by the actress of the film said six other children’s films are to be screened and there are six students from China participating in this festival, some as a child jury. Talking about their film, the directors said that this is the first children’s film among the fifty films they have made together. Li Qiankuan said,"the movie is a real life story of the greatest Chinese composer Xian Xinghai when he was a kid. Even after all the trouble he faced in life, he never gave up his dream to become a composer. It also portrays the intensity of a mother's love. It is like a learning experience for children that no matter how difficult life is, one should never give up and should have the courage to overcome the hard times. Life has to be faced with courage and fortitude.

Open Forum

The directors are not only partners in filmmaking but also partners in real life. They met at the Beijing Film Academy and films brought them together.

at Sampradaya Vedika, 4.30 pm Why are the Arts integral to a Child's Development?

The actress of the movie, Miao Miao, said that she feels like home in India. - Sneha Nemali

Screening Schedule Magic Land, Rock Heights, Shilparamam Date 16th


Name of Film



9:30 am

Den Kaempestore Bjorn (The Great Bear)




11:30 am

Wintertochter (Winter’s Daughter)




2:30 pm

Het Geheim (The Magicians)






95 10 12 5 8 4 10 8 82

10+ 10+ 6+ 6+ 10+ 6+ 6+ 6+ 10+



98 16 10 14 14 11 6 90

10+ 6+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 6+ 10+

Wonder Land, Rock Heights, Shilparamam Date


Name of Film


9:30 am 12:00 pm

Stanley Ka Dabba (Stanley’s Tiffin Box) Gorilla Gerald’s Last day Babioles Josette Und Ihr Papa (Josette and her daddy) Kuchao (A Gum Boy) Kosminen Kulkuri (The Cosmic Avenger) Leitmotif Woh (That Fellow)

2:30 pm


Dream Land, Rock Heights, Shilparamam Date


Name of Film


9:30 am 11:30 am

L’Illusionniste (How to Train your Dragon) Lápis-de-cor (Colored Pencils) Ekti Kaktaliyo Galpo (A Coincidental Tale) Neuneinhalbs Abschied (Nineandahalf’s Goodbye) Adventures of Owen The Ball Bottle Un Cargo Pour L’Afrique (Cargo for Africa)

2:30 pm


CI-Competition International IC-India Competition SC-Shorts Competition LD-Little Director CW-Children's World IFC-In Focus China

What I recommend for today…..and why The Great Bear Director: Esben Toft Jacobsen | Denmark / 2010 / Col. / 73 mins

identity was kept secret from him all these years. He must now search for this father, a Russian sailor whose ship is currently moored in Gdansk, and she sets out along with her friend Knäcke and the ageing Lena.

Jonathan’s kid sister Sophie whom he does not like very much is kidnapped by a giant bear. It is now that he realizes he must rescue her.

The Magicians Director: Joram Lürsen | Netherlands / 2010 / Col. / 90 mins

Winter’s Daughter Director: Johannes Schmid | Germany, Poland / 2010 / Col. / 92 mins Eleven year old Kattaka learns he has a biological father whose

Children's Film Society, India

Young Sylvie vanishes during a magical disappearing trick being performed by her friend, eightyear-old Ben Stikker and his father, Now Ben must find Sylvie and save his father who is being blamed.

Stanley Ka Dabba Stanley’s Tiffin Box Director: Amole Gupte | India / 2011 / Col. / 95 mins

Stanley, a popular fourth grader fails to turn up in school when he is warned by his Hindi teacher Khadoos for not bringing his lunch box or ‘dabba’. The reason is revealed only when one day he brings a lunch box for Khadoos.

Gorilla Director: Hanna Bergholm | Finland / 2009 / Col. / 10 mins Alli is a sruffy tomboy who wants to play with her sister and her sister’s best friend but the big girls prefer to play with their dolls. Alli does everything she can to join the girls. Gerald’s Last Day Director: Justin and Shel Rasch | USA / 2009 / Col. / 12 mins Gerald the dog is scheduled for termination at the Dog Pound at five today, unless he can fine someone to take him home. But can he? Babioles Director: Mathieu Auvray | France / 2010 / Col. / 5 mins Lost in a garbage dump and looking for some human attention, Little Rabbit tries to reach the city with his new mate Little Indian. Josette and Her Daddy Director: Izabela Plucinska | Germany / 2010 / Col. / 8 mins Josette wants to play, but daddy has to get ready for work. So he says ‘Try to find me’ but she cannot find him. Where is Papa? A Gum Boy Director: Masaki Okuda | Japan / 2010 / Col. / 4 mins Kuchao prefers to chew gums when other kids release balloons into the air, as this takes him into the world of airplanes and rockets. The Cosmic Avenger Director: Mariko Harkonen & Ismo Virtanen | Finland / 2010 / Col. / 10 mins Robot mailmen To and X-Moo who deliver mail around the universe look into a parcel their

shuttle bumps into. It is only an adorable teddy, but they have broken rules. Leitmotif Director: Jeanette Nørgaard, Mette Ilene Holmriis, Marie Jørgensen, Marie Thorhauge | Denmark / 2009 / Col. / 8 mins The last lonely member of a jazz band lives through his music and the daily visits of a white cat. One day he is overwhelmed by nostalgia and gets a crazy idea … That Fellow Director: Buddhadeb Dasgupta | India / 2011/ Col. / 82 mins

Nineandahalf’s Goodbye Director: Halina Dyrschka | Germany / 2010 / Col. / 14 mins Piet is six and wants a l i t t l e b ro t h e r, but gets a hamster instead. Can ten year old Tom explain this to her? Adventures of Owen Director: David Cadiz | Canada / 2010 / Col. / 14 mins Young Owen escapes a pestering sister, demanding m o t h e r, d e a d l y games of dodge ball and the pain of an unrequited crush by entering the fantastic animated world of Spaceman X, an

Forced to stay with a grumpy faced Mary aunty and a lonesome g ra n d fa t h e r, Little Poupe’s life takes a turn with the arrival of a circus troupe with strange creatures.

intrepid galactic traveller whose adventures Owen has drafted in his sketchbook.

How to Train Your Dragon Director: Dean Deblois & Chris Sanders | U.S.A / 2010 / Col. /98 mins

The Ball Director: Katja Roberts | United Kingdom / 2010 / Col. / 11 mins

Hiccup, who lives on the island of Berk where fighting dragons is a way of life, is not taken seriously. But when he encounters an injured dragon, he carves a new future of the entire tribe.

Lonely misfit A m y Jones has noticed a new boy in street and begins to reach out to him.

Colored Pencils Director: Alice Gomes | Brazil / 2010 / Col. / 16 mins Cláudio loves to draw and thinks drawing a coloured portrait of his dead father will make him come back home. He gets three coloured pencils, but his mother allows him to use only one each day. A Coincidental Tale Director: Tathagata Singha | India / 2009 / Col. / 10 mins Babai’s dislike for studying makes his mother angry. One day his old neighbour gifts him a magic marble that can even summon the King of Fish.


Bottle Director: Kirsten Lepore | U.S.A / 2010 / Col. / 6 mins An unlikely friendship d e v e l o p s between a clump of sand and a pile o f s n o w ! Separated by the sea, the duo communicates love through a bottle. A Cargo to Africa Director: Roger Cantin | Canada / 2009 / Col. / 90 mins Norbert is i n Canada b u t wants to go back to Afric a where he worked for twenty years. But he must find a place for his pet monkey Trotsky before he can go.

Children's Film Society, India

Well made children’s films can be commercially viable: Khosa see kites all over the sky. He said most of the children who acted in the film were from a local school and he had trained them for two months before taking them in his film. Asked if he had faced any problems with children, he said that he depended on the children fully. He would ask the main actor Mohammed Samad to enact the scene on his own and improvise wherever necessary, and would give instructions to change only if he was not impressed with the improvised delivery by the actor.

Our Young and Energetic Jury Apart from the four adult juries which are judging the films in various Competitive sections, there are separate juries of children for the International Competition, the Indian Competition, and for the Short films competition. There is no separate children's jury for Little Directors. After all, how can we judge children who are our own age?

International Akshay Rajpurohit 11, Rajasthan Ashwathy Jai Kumar 15, Andaman and Nicobar Island Muvva 11, Hyderabad

Interestingly, the film was completed on 11 November this year (11.11.11). Rajan Khosa, director of ‘Gattu’ which opened the 17th ICFF, feels that children’s films can also be commercially viable if they are made with sensibility and a good script. Addressing the first press conference of the Festival at the Media Centre in Shilpakala Vedika, he said that he was hoping to commercially release the film. Mr Rajiv Dwivedi, who represented the Children’s Film Society, India, which has produced the film, said the Society would definitely go in for a commercial release of the film. Khosa said the film was shot on actual locations in Roorkee where one can always

Samuela Nematchova 15, Chicago Ma Yue Xin 12, China

Rajan Khosa came into the limelight with his feature film ‘Dance Of The Wind’, which premiered at Venice and won at Rotterdam, Chicago, London, Nantes and other film festivals. He has made many shorts which include ‘Wisdom Tree’ and ‘Flower Girl’. An alumnus of Royal College of Arts, London, FTII, and NID, Ahmedabad, he is a voting member of BAFTA. The skies are full of kites but one kite, Kali dominates. Gattu is a young street urchin who sets out to find out how the kite Kali is always winning over other kites, and who flies it.

India Kajal Bharti 12, Jammu Narsang Nayak 12, Chhatisgarh Nishant Banga 14, Delhi Ben 14, Chicago Kuhoo Mishra 14, Madhya Pradesh

Shorts Sang Dan Yu (aka Michael) 12, China Anushka Joshi 15, Gujarat Nikhil 15, Hyderabad Kiran Maye 13, Hyderabad Praniti Goturi 14, Hyderabad

Children keen to learn filmmaking As I had promised, children are out to have a lot of fun while in Hyderabad. Not only are they getting to see the best of world cinema for children, but also learn about filmmaking. Five different workshops began as part of the Festival: filmmaking, film appreciation, script writing, puppet making and animation.

children were seen enrolling for this workshop. The passion for filmmaking has clearly taken deep roots among the young in the country. It was fascinating to see the enthusiasm of the children, and their sense of participation was infectious. It is clear that my little friend from all over India have been charged with energy on seeing my love for cinema, and have already started working towards achieving their goals.

The workshops which will continue till 19 November have a minimum strength of fifteen each. Interestingly, film making proved to be the favourite for most of the child delegates. Many

Enthusiastic Children outside venues of Workshops

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Children's Film Society, India

-Deepti Thakur & Smrati Thakur

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at Sampradaya Vedika, 4.30 pm Why are the Arts integral to a Child's Development? A peep into the Wonderous World of Cinema Workshops Open F...

Bioscope 16112011  

at Sampradaya Vedika, 4.30 pm Why are the Arts integral to a Child's Development? A peep into the Wonderous World of Cinema Workshops Open F...