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A peep into the Wonderous World of Cinema Hyderabad

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November 14, 2011

The Best in Cinema awaits the young at the 17th International Children’s film Festival Gajju Trumpets his Welcome For me, Gajju , the International Children’s Film Festival in Hyderabad this year is very special. A pleasant surprise awaited me as I arrived in the City of Pearls: not merely because the number of films keeps going up every time, but the Festival has a whole new look this year. Are you surprised then that I am dancing despite my large weight and trumpeting a welcome for all to come? Did I hear a little voice ask me who Gajju is? Well, I am the mascot of the 17th ICFF and you must have seen my photographs in posters all over this beautiful city. No? Did you not see the little Golden Elephant with a colourful banner on his back? Well, that is little me. My full name is Gajraj, but I am a very friendly person and so I want my young friends to call me Gajju. But first I must tell you about the new venue. Unlike previous years, the Festival will be held at Shilparamam, a crafts village situated just about few kilometers from Hyderabad city. It is a beautiful park on a hill spread over seventy acres with a lot of greenery all around, apart from a sparkling fountain. Shilparamam also has a Crafts Village and a Museum of Natural History, all this goes so well with my own nature. You know I am basically very environment friendly and just love to live in the green areas! Three new theatres – coloured red, blue and green – and called Wonderland, Magic Land, and Dream Land respectively have been built in the Rock Heights area of Shilparamam. But that is not all, this year the Festival will have 150 films from 37 countries which is a new record because the festival in 2009 had eighty films from around twenty countries. There are several new competitive sections. The Competition International has 15 films,

Children's Film Society, India

From the Chairperson Nandita Aunty is so nice. When I asked her to give me an interview, she agreed immediately. She said the Golden Elephant was back with the most delightful and imaginative films from around the world, ‘cultivating an understanding of other cultures and experiences’. She said this edition has many firsts, including films from Africa and South America; and a 'Country Focus' section for which there is collaboration with the Chinese Children's Film Association to get the best of their children's cinema. The 'Children's World' section will showcase never seen before award-winning films from the last decade while the 'India Competition' will feature some of India's best recent films. Another first is the introduction of age-wise programming. She said the Festival has associated with FICCI for a two- day summit, where exchange of ideas and content for business in children's content will take place. She said the Festival will give a lifetime opportunity the children who will travel all the way from their villages and towns to participate in this carnival. ‘But we have tried to make this experience richer and more meaningful for each one of you’, she told me. She thanked the entire CFSI team for their tireless efforts, the many friends of CFSI who have given their time and expertise and most of all the Government of Andhra Pradesh for ensuring that this festival becomes a memorable experience for all!

Competition India has ten films, Competition Shorts has 24 films, and Little Directors has eleven films. So there are four eminent juries for these, apart from a child jury. In addition, there is the non-competitive Children’s World with around 90 films, which includes six films from China in the ‘In Focus’ section. A new idea being tried out this year is the films being divided age-wise: ‘6+’, ‘10+’ and ‘13+’, each with a different colour code. But the festival has a lot more, with many interesting workshops and Open Forums on subjects related to children and cinema. Ten other theatres around the city will show these films to around 150,000 viewers coming from all over the country and overseas! The inauguration will also be at a new venue – Global Peace Auditorium. The Festival will be inaugurated by Uncle Jatua (you know, Minister of State for Information and Broadcasting C M Jatua) and Uncle N Kiran Kumar Reddy (the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh) in the presence of Aruna Aunty (Information and Public Relations Minister Ms D K Aruna), Nandita Aunty (our charming Chairperson, Ms Nandita Das), the Chief Executive Officer Sushovan Banerji, and senior APSFTVTDC officials. My favourite actress Dia Mirza will present the programme, with many performances – a violin concert by children, a performance by the Prince Dance Troupe. Rama Murthy and kids, and the great percussion instrumentalist Sivamani. The Festival will open with the film ‘Gattu’ by Rajan Khosa, produced by the Children’s Film Society, India. Being Children’s Day, the opening function will have an audiovisual on Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. I will come and see the films with you, and I hope we all have a great time, and make lots and lots of new friends. So, happy viewing!

What you will get to see at ICFF Magic Land, Rock Heights, Shilparamam Date


Name of Film


9:30 am 11:30 am 2:30 pm 9:30 am 11:30 am 2:30 pm 9:30 am 11:30 am 2:30 pm 9:30 am 11:30 am 2:30 pm 9:30 am 11:30 am 2:30 pm

Gadkiy Utyonok (The Ugly Duckling) Iep! (Eep!) Xinghai (The Star and the Sea) Den Kaempestore Bjorn (The Great Bear) Wintertochter (Winter’s Daughter) Het Geheim (The Magicians) Vostadtkrokodile 2 (The Crocodiles Strike Back) David and Kamal Bestevenner (Rafiki) Knerten Gifter Seg (Twigson ties the knot) Kidnappet (Lost in Africa) Alafzar (Meadow) Digari (The Other) De Sterkste Man Van Nederland (The Strongest Man in Holland) Les Contes De Lanuit (Tales of the Night)





Wonder Land, Rock Heights, Shilparamam Date Time Name of Film 15th 9:30 am I am Kalam 11:30am Derevo Detstva (My Childhood Mystery Tree) Ledus Pavelnieks (Ice Master) Lost and Found Il Re Dell’isola (The King of the Island) Steinfliegen (Stoneflies) 2:30 pm Krish Trish Baltiboy II 16th 9:30 am Stanley Ka Dabba (Stanley’s Tiffin Box) 12:00pm Gorilla Gerald’s Last day Babioles Josette Und Ihr Papa (Josette and her daddy) Kuchao (A Gum Boy) Kosminen Kulkuri (The Cosmic Avenger) Leitmotif 2:30 pm Woh (That Fellow) 17th 9:30 am Chillar Party 12:30pm Tornehekken (The Hedge of Thorns) Mukand and Riaz My Name is Mohammed 2:30 pm The Lotus Pond 18th 9:30 am Vihir (The Well) 12:00pm Hamari Duniya (Our World) Adventures of Eddy and Curt Subbu’s Noodles Superhero 2:30 pm Chithrakuzhal (The Bird Catcher) 19th 9:30 am Dekh Indian Circus (Watch Indian Circus) 12:00pm Fancock 4 Scream V Halloween Night Tellu (A Boy who Applies Oil) Kabhi Socha Hai (Stop and Think!) Nishadam (The Savage) Thulyam (Equal) Dhanam (Wealth) 2:30 pm Taryanche Bait (Island of Stars)

Children's Film Society, India




75 81 106 73 92 90 90 78 79 78 92 87 84 80 84

6+ 10+ 10+ 6+ 13+ 10+ 13+ 13+ 10+ 10+ 13+ 10+ 10+ 13+ 10+


Mins 87 11 24 24 17 15 60 95 10 12 5 8 4 10 8 82 135 13 9 10 77 115 11 7 12 3 83 106 4 4 15 2 9 7 7 101

Age 10+ 6+ 6+ 6+ 10+ 6+ 6+ 10+ 10+ 6+ 6+ 10+ 6+ 6+ 6+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 13+ 6+ 6+ 6+ 6+ 10+ 10+ 6+ 6+ 6+ 6+ 6+ 6+ 6+ 10+

Date Time Name of Film 15th 9:30 am Niao Chao (Bird’s Nest) 11:30am Keshavrz Va Robat (The Farmer and the Robot) Os Olhos Do Farol (The Eyes of the Lighthouse) Bob The Lost Thing Kahanikar (Storyteller) 2:30 pm Océans (Oceans) 16th 9:30 am L’Illusionniste (How to Train your Dragon) 11:30am Lápis-de-cor (Colored Pencils) Ekti Kaktaliyo Galpo (A Coincidental Tale) Neuneinhalbs Abschied (Nineandahalf’s Goodbye) Adventures of Owen The Ball Bottle 2:30 pm Un Cargo Pour L’Afrique (Cargo for Africa) 17th 9:30 am Briefgeheim (The Secret Letter) 11:30am Le Monstre de Nix (The Monster of Nix) Pik (Pecker) Drug detstva (The Playmate) Tigeris (Tiger) Dodu - O Rapaz De Cartão (Dodu-The Cardboard boy) Mobile 2:30 pm Hai Yang Peng You (A Friend from the Ocean) 18th 9:30 am Lu Cao Di (Mongolian Ping Pong) 12:00pm What Makes Me Happy: Tung’s Film, Vietnam Kosher Ghadyalancha Dawakhana (The Watch Clinic) To Horio (The Village) La Fille et & Le chasseur (The Girl & The Hunter) 2:30 pm Fimfarum Do Tretice Vseho Dobreho (Fimfarum third time lucky) 19th 9:30 am Charandas Chor (Charandas The Thief) 12:30pm In a Heartbeat Land of the Fireflies 2:30 pm Chandani und ihr Elephant (ChandaniThe Daugher of the Elephant Whisperer)


Mins 90 21 15 4 15 10 104 98 16 10 14 14 11 6 90 80 30 3 11 8 5 7 78 102 16 10 11 15 6

Age 10+ 6+ 10+ 6+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 6+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 6+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 6+ 10+ 10+ 6+ 6+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+ 10+


75 155 8 24

13+ 10+ 10+ 10+




Our Esteemed Eminent Judges Jury Competition International Rock Demers (Chairperson) Rock Demers co-founded the film magazine Images and launched several film clubs, and served as the directorgeneral of the Montréal International Film Festival. An anthology in which he was involved in 1984, ‘The Dog Who Stopped The War’ comprises 22 films which have won 210 national and international awards.

Seema Biswas Seema Biswas is an Indian film and theatre actress who shot into prominence with the role of Phoolan Devi in Shekhar Kapur’s internationally acclaimed film Bandit Queen for which she won numerous awards including the National Award. She took to theatre at a young age and later joined the National School of Drama at Delhi.

Clodualdo del Mundo, Jr. Clodualdo ‘Doy’ del Mundo wrote, produced, and directed ‘Pepot Artista’ (Pepot Superstar) n 2005, which won Best Picture in the 1st Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival. In 2011, his film ‘Paglipad ng Anghel’ (Flight of an Angel) was premiered. His books include ‘Spirituality and the Filipino Film’ (editor) and ‘Native Resistance: Philippine Cinema and Colonialism 1898-1941’.

Joke van Leeuwen (Chairperson) Writer, illustrator and performer Joke van Leeuwen lives in Antwerp, Belgium. In 2008 and 2009 she was the city poet of Antwerp. She writes prose and poems for children and adults. Her books have been translated into many languages and have received numerous awards.Her children’s book ‘Eep!’ has been made into a film.

Murali Nair Murali Nair has won many National and International Awards, including Silver Lotus from the President of India and Camera d’Or from Cannes. He worked with children and young people for a British TV channel. He has five critically acclaimed feature films to his credit. He has been the member of jury in many international films festivals including Cannes. Recently he was the directing mentor for Asian Film Academy in Korea. Currently living in Hyderabad, Murali has started a non-profit organization, ‘Art for Change’, to inspire women and children to develop their potential through the visual media. Elizabeth Shepherd Elizabeth Shepherd is the director of Children’s Film Festival Seattle - the Northwest’s largest annual competitive festival. She is also the curator of REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival, held annually at Roy and Edna Disney Cal Arts Theatre in Los Angeles. She has served on the juries of children’s film festivals in Korea, Russia, India, and Egypt.

Jury India Competition

Sarika Sarika began her acting career as a child artiste with B R Chopra’s ‘Hamraaz’. Her debut as leading lady was ‘Kagaz Ki Nao’. She has acted in many Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati and Bengali films and was assistant director to Basu Bhattacharya. She won the National Award for Best Costume Designer for ‘Hey Ram’ (2000). Returning to acting in 2003, she won the Best Actress National Award for ‘Parzania’. Zhou, Xiaojuan Xiaojuan Zhou has been involved in international film and television co-production, marketing and distribution for two decades. She is now the President of Delphis Films, part of Attraction Media Group. Shaad Ali Sahgal Shaad Ali Sahgal began his cinema career assisting Mani Ratnam in ‘Dil Se’. He was an associate director o n R a t n a m ’ s Ta m i l blockbuster ‘Alai Payuthey’ – ‘Waves’ (2000) and turned director with

‘Saathiya’ (2002). He made ‘'Bunty Aur Babli’ and ‘Jhoom Barabar Jhoom’. Shaad has also made close to 100 TV commercials. Sreekar Prasad Sreekar Prasad is a prolific National Award winning Indian film editor, who has independently edited more than 300 Indian feature films and documentaries in a career spanning over two decades. He has won the National Film Award for Best Editing seven times.

Jury Shorts Competition Marjan Riahi (Chairperson) Marjan Riahi is the Founder of en., the first news network on short films and documentaries in Iran and Asia. She joined films after a stint in journalism a n d d i re c te d ‘ E te r n a l Mothers’. Marjan has served as a jury member on many international film festivals. Rahul Dholakia R a hul D ho l a k i a , i s a director, producer, screen writer with numerous features, documentaries and advertisements to his credit. He is best known as the director of the National Award winning film Parzania. Chris ‘Doc’ Wyatt Chris ‘Doc’ Wyatt is the producer of eight feature films including the 2004 cult hit ‘Napoleon Dynamite’, the multi-award winner ‘Coyote’, and the recently released drama ‘Cafe’. Wyatt has served as co-producer of ‘Napoleon Dynamite – The Animated Series’; and has cowritten TV episodes of ‘Iron man: Armored Adventures’ and ‘Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes for Marvel Studios’. Aparajita Sinha Daughter of the late Bimal Roy, Aparajita has made shorts films for DD national and Britain’s TV Channel. She runs the popular Hyderabad film club Moving Images. Contd. Page 4

Children's Film Society, India

Dr. Yella Venkateswara Rao With over 15,000 national and international performances to his credit, Dr. Yella Venkateswara Rao is also a Guinness Book of Records holder for continuously playing the Mridangam for 36 hours in 1981. He has performed for radio and TV and has been conferred the Padmashri by the Government of India.

Jury Little Directors Dr. Mohan Agashe (Chairperson) A qualified psychiatrist, Dr. Mohan Agashe is a v e t e ra n c i n e m a a n d theatre actor. He began his career in Vijay Tendulkar’s acclaimed play ‘Ghasiram Kotwal’. He served as the Director of FTII from 1997 to 2002. In 1990 he was awarded the ‘Padma Shri’ and in 1996 with the ‘Sangeet Natak Akademi Award’ for acting. Geeta Dharmarajan Geeta Dharmarajan is a writer for children, a teacher, and a social entrepreneur. She is the founder and Executive Director of Katha, a nonprofit organization. Author of 38 published books for children, she has edited more than 20 books of translation for adults. Geeta is the honorary Chairperson of the National Bal Bhavan, committed to increase the creative potential of children across the many divides.

Nirupa Bhangar Nirupa Bhangar began her ca re e r i n 1 9 7 0 a s a microbiology instructor at Sophia College, Mumbai, ultimately rising to Principal. In 1987, she joined the Aga Khan Education Service, first directing rural education programmes and then serving as chief executive. In 1990s, Nirupa began consulting for corporate clients, and in 1998 she became director of human resources for Ion Exchange Ltd. Samala Venu Samala Venu is a Magician, Illusionist and Hypnotist who has been practicing since 30 years. He has performed more than 7000 shows in 23 different countries. He has won many national and international awards for his work including the President’s Award. He is also a Guinness Book of World Records holder. Vandemataram Srinivas Vandemataram Srinivas is a music director and singer who has worked in 200 Telugu movies for the last two decades. His music and songs are very popular amongst the audiences in Andhra Pradesh and he has won several prestigious awards including the State Nandi Award which was conferred on him for a record seven times. He has also directed one Telugu feature film and has also dabbled in acting.

Open Forums 4.30 pm to 6.00 pm Sampradaya Vedika 17 November 2011 Challenges of Screen Writing For Children 18 November 2011 Importance of Little Directors 19 November 2011 Bridging Differences through Children's Cinema

Business Summit 9.30 am to 6.30 pm Sampradaya Vedika 15 November 2011 FICCI Business of Kids Entertainment Summit

Workshops 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm Dining Hall 15-19 November 2011 Film Making Workshop

Workshops 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm Exhibition Hall 15-19 November 2011 Script Writing Workshop

Workshops 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm Shilparamam 15-19 November 2011 Film Appreciation Workshop

Workshops 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm Shilpakala Vedika - Basement 15-19 November 2011 Animation Workshop

Workshops 4.30 pm to 6.30 pm Exhibition Hall 15-19 November 2011 Puppet Making workshop

Opening Film Gattu India/2011/Col./90mins Director: Rajan Khosa Cast: Mohammad Samad & Naresh Kumar In this town, the sky is full of kites, and all the kids are obsessed with kite-flying. The kite, Kali, rules the skies. No one knows who flies Kali. No one can defeat Kali. An illiterate street urchin takes up the challenge. With neither money nor education on his side, he sets out for his goal. Dreams aren’t impossible when the desire is strong. Rajan Khosa Rajan Khosa came into the limelight with his feature film ‘Dance Of the Wind’, which premiered at Venice and won at Rotterdam, Chicago, London, Nantes and other film festivals. His shorts include ‘Wisdom Tree’ and ‘Flower Girl’.

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From the Chairperson Nandita Aunty is so nice. When I asked her to give me an interview, she agreed immediately. The 'Children's World' sect...