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Community Report 2014

Letter to the community

Dear Friends, In this report, we are pleased to share the impact that your investments continue to make in the lives of children and families. The data and stories that follow in this report demonstrate how public investment in human services benefits us all by enhancing opportunities for people of all ages, enriching our quality of life, and supporting our economy. Our staff are at the heart of all that we do at Child & Family and we thank them for their compassion and desire to help others. We also want to recognize our dedicated board members and committee volunteers for their commitment to helping us fulfill our mission. This year our biggest accomplishment and challenge has been the implementation of an agency wide electronic health record. The use of this system will assist us in providing quality care to all our clients and will enable our staff to communicate seamlessly regarding the care of our clients who are enrolled in several programs. Recognition must go out to our fabulous IT department whose expertise, patience and commitment made the implementation possible. We look forward to continuing our efforts to strengthen the community by providing quality programs and top notch mental health services to those in need.

Please consider a gift to help us to continue to fulfill our mission.

Anne Sampaio Executive Director


child & family services | 2014 community report

Your Investment HELPS children develop safety plans and settle conflict without violence GIVES people who are in crisis a safe place to go to be evaluated and monitored MAKES it possible to provide mentors for children PROVIDES in home services to those lacking transportation OFFERS resources to adoptive families coping with challenges child & family services | 2014 community report


In-Home Therapy Improving a family’s ability to provide support and promote their child’s healthy functioning within the family. Hello, I am writing to say that I am extremely grateful for the services that your organization has provided to our family. My daughter has been going through a rough time, since about February of last year, and I am sure that it would have been so much more difficult to handle, if it weren’t for the involvement of your organization. In the beginning, she was assigned an In Home Therapy team. They were instrumental in helping my daughter to understand all that was going to happen, as far as her care, and things that needed to be done in order to treat her. As a parent it has been very frustrating dealing with this whole illness for her, as there is not really anything that I am able to do to make my daughter better. The team at CFS also helped myself and the other members of our family to understand what my daughter was going through, and what we could do to help in any way that we could. My daughter remained well for a number of months, unfortunately, she had gotten ill again, and was in need of services again. This time has been much less traumatic to begin with since we knew that we could turn to CFS for support. My daughter was very receptive to receiving help and treatment this time because she had already had such a positive experience with CFS and was very happy to know that she would work again with the same IHT team. I appreciate everything that they do for my daughter and our family. Their role in my daughter’s care is invaluable to me, and I just wanted to say thank you. I can’t stress enough how supportive and helpful it has been having In Home Therapy staff involved in this whole journey to getting my daughter well again. Sincerely, KD


child & family services | 2014 community report

Adoption Journeys Designed to support adoptive families in exploring and understanding their strengths, resources, and needs. We sought out Adoption Journeys at the urging of our therapist at the Attachment Institute of New England. It was rather “late in the game” for us. Zachary was already 17, having been adopted from foster care at age 6. When we were ready for it, Adoption Journeys welcomed us and provided that additional support we needed. I still remember the day they came to our home. We felt a huge weight lift. After that meeting, we had a plan in place. It was solid, something we had not been able to accomplish on our own. Just having this plan got us over the bumps we were feeling at that time. Being a therapeutic parent to a kid who has suffered early childhood trauma is a huge task. It is a series of ups and downs. We learned early on at AINE that it was very important for the parents to be calm, another herculean task. A lot of work was done with me so that I would not get triggered by his behaviors. Adoption Journeys provided the extra support to us as a family. The safety plan calmed us. The respite outings brought us together with other families. The monthly support groups are invaluable. My husband and I attend and come home feeling energized and ready to tackle more. The advice given by Valerie, Chris, and Emily has directly resulted in a better daily life for us. As we enter this “transition” time with Zachary, Adoption Journeys stepped up again. They have created a support group for parents with older, adult children. Many think it ends at 18, but as we are discovering, the delay in their brain maturity and the lack of social skills cause these kids to be in our lives long after 18. This stage is no easier than the others, just different. Having this support group has been integral to keeping us in the therapeutic parenting game.

Our other son, Cameron, attended the support groups and interacted with the children in the respite program. During the outings, he would interact with all of the children. He is now 13 and an incredible kid who loves his older brother, despite all of his behaviors. Zachary has received support from Adoption Journeys in varying forms. He has been given tasks which help him fight the overwhelming shame that controls his life. He knows about the other kids and knows when they are having trouble. He asks about them when he doesn’t go to meetings. He has told me that he sees all of the parents together and realizes that they are all going through the same things. He has also mentioned that he is glad we are his parents. As a Board Member of the Attachment and Trauma Network, Inc., I see post-adoptive support around the world. I take every opportunity to share what Adoption Journeys has done in Massachusetts. It is one of the best out there. Most states don’t have any post-adoptive support. I know of families who want to move here just to obtain the better support. In hindsight, I wish we could have started at Adoption Journeys sooner. While we were not ready, there is a lot of support coming from this organization. When I hear from someone who lives in Massachusetts, my first piece of advice is to call Adoption Journeys. - Stephanie Garde child & family services | 2014 community report


Adult Behavioral Health Provides a full range of treatment for mental health issues.

I was ready to commit suicide. Every time I got sober, I knew if I picked up another drink, I’d just end up sick again. Even while I was working, I was still drinking, but I didn’t realize I was getting worse year after year. Even a pint of vodka in the morning wasn’t enough to make me feel good. I ended up living under bridges, under bushes, and on the side of the road. I went to inpatient about ten times, outpatient about ten times, and detoxes about 50 times. I got sober and went to AA, but I still had the obsession to want another drink. Like all addicts, I always wanted more, no matter what. A couple of old friends called me from Cape Cod, and they invited me here. I was still drinking when I got here. They told me, “You’ve got to slow down!” Suddenly I saw that I was the only one drunk, 24 hours a day. That was the moment I changed. I literally could not slow down. You can’t tell an alcoholic to slow down. Then they told me to go to the Duffy Center where I got a list of agencies, and Child & Family had the shortest waiting list. At first I met with the therapist, who made the appointment with the psychiatrist, Dr. Rodriguez. I told the psychiatrist I’m just having a few here and there. He knew better. “How about no drinking?” he said. I told him I was going to quit on my own. He said, “You might go for a long time, but I think you are going to fail.” That was also a challenge. Not that I wanted him to be wrong, but I wanted to be sober. That meeting made me decide all the more. Besides the drinking, I had high anxiety, PTSD, extreme depression, essential tremor, and other things. I shook so bad my whole body trembled, but they found after I got sober that it had nothing to do with the alcohol.

My friends convinced me to go into the hospital. Then I went to a detox a couple of times, and then back to the hospital again. That time, they detoxed me, keeping me medicated for a few days longer than usual. When I was discharged, I felt human. I didn’t want to feel the pain of withdrawal any more. That final detox was 3 years and 2 months ago: January 28, 2012. I have been coming to CFS for about 5 years. My new therapist has helped me stay sober. I can’t thank her enough for the help she has given me. In the beginning she asked me, “Do you still drink?” I told her I haven’t had a drink for 3 months. Then she said, “So you’re a recovering alcoholic.” I liked the sound of those words “recovering alcoholic.” I said that I would like to say that I’m a recovering alcoholic. Learning patience is part of the process of recovery. I feel kind of normal now. I have to remember that I can’t pick up even one can of beer, because that will start my addiction all over again. My life has been getting better and easier. I’ve been in touch with my family and friends who never would talk to me before. I bought a computer, and I got in touch with my son and his girlfriend. I never thought I would hear from them or talk to them, ever. The best thing is that they let me back into their life. I’ve even talked to my grandchildren, and I might plan a trip to see them pretty soon. - James


child & family services | 2014 community report

board of directors president Anthony Cordeiro

treasurer Gary Fealy

1st vice president Stephen Buckley

assistant treasurer Charles T. Toomey

2nd vice president Simonne Coutinho

clerk Nick Petronelli

Anne Arsenault

John Jackson

Lenore Tavares

Jeremiah Coholan

Julie Lariviere

James Rizzo

Anthony Cordeiro Insurance, LLC

Global Energy Partners

Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational Technical High School

Rockland Trust

W.B. Mason


Paul & Dixon Insurance

Sylvia & Company Insurance Agency, Inc.

Reynolds DeWalt Printing

Rockland Trust

Johnna Tierney Halloran Lukoff & Smith

child & family services | 2014 community report


ed “ sav d my life an gave me hope.”

“It felt like a second family.”

“They were an extra ordin ary help t o me and my so n.”

Community events Child & Family Services’ events and community projects are making a difference. A dedicated Board of Directors, committee volunteers, and community champions make it possible for us to reach our goals of raising awareness and funds for our programs. They know that when we work together we accomplish great things!




child & family services | 2014 community report

Charity Golf


fiscal year 2014 distribution of funds emergency services 7%

fund raising 2%

contributions/ foundations 3%

acute residential services for children 8%

contracts 23%

intensive family services 13%

adoption & child focused services 22%

out-patient mental health services 48%

sources of operating revenue & support fund raising 2%

contributions/ foundations 3% contracts 23%

out-patient mental health services 48%

fee-for-service 74%

child & family services | 2014 community report


donors Mrs. William Rotch Rodman Society - ($25,000 + ) Horizon Marine, Inc. The Ludcke Foundation Atty. Gary P. Howayeck United Way of Greater New Bedford Mr. and Mrs. John R. Jackson Kam Appliances & Home Electronics, Inc. Mrs. William J. Rotch Society - ($10,000 + ) Liberty Mutual Employee Donation Program Anonymous Macy’s / Bloomingdale’s Community Foundation of Southeastern Norton Financial Services, Inc. Massachusetts - Acushnet Foundation Fund Panera Bread Dean Foundation for Little Children Partridge, Snow & Hahn LLP Ida S. Barter Trust Paul & Dixon Insurance Island Foundation, Inc. Pinnacle Electric LLC Rockland Trust Plimoth Investment Advisors Prima Care Mrs. Thomas J. Knowles Society - ($5,000 + ) BJ’s Charitable Foundation Regal Interiors, Inc. Brodeur Machine Co., Inc. Mr. James Rizzo Cape and Islands United Way Rodgers Family Foundation Eastern Fisheries Sardinha Family Trust/Dunkin Donuts Friends of Child & Family Services Mr. Ron Sedergren JCOM Holdings, LLC Shepard Group, Inc. Ms. Pamela Madden St. Anne’s Credit Union The Cape Cod Foundation Starkweather & Shepley The Carney Family Charitable Foundation T & J Electrical Corporation TJX Foundation, Inc. Target Corporation United Way of Greater Fall River United Way of Massachusetts Bay W. B. Mason Co. Mrs. Oliver Prescott Society - ($1,000 + ) 13 Striper Club Mr. Douglas M. Pfeninger Society - ($500 + ) A & M Electrical-Mechanical, Inc. Anonymous Anthony Cordeiro Insurance Agency Ms. Anne Arsenault BankFive Mr. and Mrs. James Ayars BayCoast Babbitt Steam Specialty Co. Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Dana R. Barrows Mr. John Brandt Big Brothers Big Sisters of America Bristol County Savings Bank Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Buckley Bristol County Savings Charitable Ms. Cynthia A. Capobianco, CPA Foundation, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Jeremiah Coholan Burns & Levinson LLP Council of Womens Org. of Greater Mr. Mike Camara New Bedford Clean Uniforms and More Gale Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation Club Madeirense Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Alan Coutinho Law Office of Peter C. Bullard Curtis Packaging Corporation Ludes Family Foundation Dick Melloni Youth Foundation Ms. Mary A. McQuillan Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Eklund MM & T of Maine, Inc. Falmouth Fund of the Cape Cod Foundation Mrs. Pamela T. Norweb Five Star Collision Poyant Signs Great West Financial Reliance Standard Life Insurance Grimshaw - Gudewicz Charitable Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David N. Slutz Hannoush Jewelers Sylvia & Co. Insurance Agency HealthPlans Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Tavares


child & family services | 2014 community report

Mr. and Mrs. Steven Tomkiewicz Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Toomey Toshiba Business Solutions Transit Services, Inc. United Way of Tri-County, Inc. Wayne Electric & Alarm, Inc. Ms. Eloise Pina Society - ($250 + ) Alexander, Aronson, Finning & Co. Bank of America United Way Campaign Bristol County District Attorney Mrs. William Bullard CeMat Contracting Co., Inc. Christ Church Swansea Mr. and Mrs. Charles J. Clifford Controlled Environment Structures, Inc. Mr. Steven Davies Ms. Jessie N. Desjardins Dr. Lucyna Dolliver Mrs. Mary Downey First Congregational Church of Yarmouth Mr. Nicholas Koris Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Levine Ms. Laura E. McLeod Mr. and Mrs. Michael Medeiros Microsoft Matching Gifts Program Packaging Products Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Petronelli, Jr. Puritan Clothing Co. Reliable Staffing Solutions, LLC Mr. and Mrs. David Remy Mr. and Mrs. Ronald S. Rusin, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. William M. Sampaio Mr. and Mrs. Thomas D. Sbordone Silva-Faria Funeral Homes Superior Drywall, Inc. Truist Vitech Other Contributors A.D. Makepeace Aaron Pools & Spas Ms. Virginia Adams All Saints Catholic School Ms. Karen Almeida AmazonSmile Mr. and Mrs. Shawn A. Andrade Ms. Kristine Arsenault Ms. Jane M. Askew AT&T United Way Ms. Lucia Aubut Ms. Ruth E. Baker

Ms. Sheryl Balchunas Ms. Barbara A. Bantimba Barley Family Healthcare Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barry Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Bartlett Ms. Melissa A. Barton Mr. and Mrs. Barry G. Beale Mr. and Mrs. Robert Beck Bishop Stang High School Ms. Jeanne W. Bissonnette Blair Agency Inc. Ms. Kathleen M. Bliss Bobby Byrne���s Management, Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Scott F. Bodeau Ms. Catherine Boisvert Walsh Borden & Remington Corp. Mr. Lee Bordes Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Borges, Jr. Botello Home Center Mr. Marc W. Boulanger Mr. James Bowden Ms. Kaitlin Boyle Ms. Sara Braz Brewster Cultural Council Mr. and Mrs. James H. Brogioli Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Brogioli Mr. Richard A. Brooks Mr. David Brovelli Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brown Ms. Nancy Brown-Kobil Mr. Edwin G. Brundage and Ms. Donna J. Chaston Mr. Burt Bryan Mr. Mark A. Buonopane Mrs. Mary Burbine Ms. Linda M. Burke Ms. Bethany Burnett Ms. Robin Burns-Laubi Ms. Ellen R. Camacho Ms. Virginia Camara Cape Cod Motorcycle Club Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Capobianco Ms. Elizabeth Carreiro Ms. Susan Casey-Ervin Catholic Education Center Capt. and Mrs. Michael Chaplain Mr. Ira Chaplin Mr. Donald H. Chase, Jr. Mrs. Chris Christopher Mr. Bill Clark Mr. and Mrs. John F. Clark Angel Claudio

CLE Engineering Ms. Jennifer Collyer Dr. and Mrs. John A. Conway Mr. and Mrs. William J. Corbett Mr. and Mrs. George A. Cormier, Jr. Mrs. Lynn Cornell Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Cornwell Mr. Craig Correia Mr. and Mrs. George Correia Mr. Joseph R. Costa Ms. Kristine Costa Mr. Christopher T. Cousineau Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Coutinho Mr. Jeffrey Croll Mr. and Mrs. Derek M. DaCosta Ms. Idalia DaCosta Mr. Richard Daprato Mr. and Mrs. Johnathan Deardon Mr. and Mrs. Charles Dedon Ms. Lucia DeOliveira Mrs. Nina Despres Ms. Alicia Dias Mr. and Mrs. William I. Dingwell Ms. Maureen Dorsey Double R Excavating, Inc. Ms. Patty Downs Mr. and Mrs. Roger A. Drake Mr. and Mrs. Edward Duclos Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Dupuis Ms. Jacqueline M. Duval Ellis Pool Covers, Inc. Mr. Ron Emond Evergreen Sheet Metal, Inc. Ms. Kayla Farrell Fathom Research LLC Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Fealy Ms. Kathy Feeney Mr. Jonathan E. Felix Ms. Margaret Fernandes Mr. and Mrs. David Ferreira Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Ferrero Mr. Robert Feuchter Mr. and Mrs. Luis Fidalgo Jaimee Figg Mr. Shawn Figlioli Mr. David W. Finn-Clarke First Bristol Corporation Flora Ms. Jennifer A. Flores Ms. Jessica Fluegel Mr. and Mrs. Cary B. Francis Friends Academy

Mr. and Mrs. Tome P. Furtado G & W Foundry Corp. Mr. and Mrs. Stefan Gabriel Ms. Janet Galipeau Mr. and Mrs. Leonard M. Garcia Mr. and Mrs. Manuel B. Garcia Atty. and Ms. Charles Garganese, Jr. Rev. and Mrs. G. Kenneth Garrett Gary’s Best, Inc. Ms. Kathy Gaspar Ms. Andrea Genser Mr. Glenn Gertridge Ms. Cynthia Gilchrest Ms. Rosalyn Glaser Ms. Michelle Gniadek Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Gonsalves Mrs. Renee M. Gonsalves Ms. Katie Goodfellow Mr. Ken Gormley Ms. Ina Gould Mrs. Mary Gould Mrs. Catherine Greene Mr. Donald A. Groobert Ms. Dorothy Grosswendt Mr. and Mrs. Rene A. Guenette Ms. Candice Guinen Mr. Kevin Gula Ms. Martha Guyer H.Loeb Corporation Mr. Glenn Haas Mr. and Mrs. Alfredo Haddad Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Haines, Jr. Ms. Sandra A. Haley Ms. Anna Hardy Ms. Heather Harley Mr. and Mrs. Michael Harrington Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Hasson Dr. and Mrs. Edward Herlihy Ms. Jill Heroux Hiller Printing Hi-Way Concrete Products Co., Inc. Mr. and Mrs. James Hoffman Ms. Judith Hoffman Mr. Michael Hogan Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horsfall Mr. and Mrs. Michael Horton Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Houdlette Mr. and Mrs. Mark Howland Mr. Michael Hubert Ms. Kirsten Hull Mr. and Mrs. Ted Ingalls Ms. Mary E. Jackson

child & family services | 2014 community report


donors Mr. and Mrs. David S. Jenney Ms. Merima Jurici Mr. and Mrs. John Kalisz Mr. and Mrs. Jay Kassabian Ms. Janet Kawa Ms. Mary Nora Kent Mr. and Mrs. Matcheri S. Keshavan Mr. Mitchell Kirkland, IV Ms. Ashlee Kirkwood Mr. Alvin Kobrin Ms. Robin Kolbeck Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Kraske Ms. Cameron Kyle Mr. and Mrs. Edmond W. Laliberte Ms. Susan M. Landers Ms. Debbra S. Lavoie Ms. Denise Lea Mr. Louis L. Lemmertz Mr. and Mrs. Brian Levesque Mr. and Ms. Stanley Levine Libads Bar & Grille LLC Mr. R. W. Littlefield Ms. Jennifer Lobo Mr. and Mrs. David Long Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Long Ms. Virginia M. Lubker and Ms. Debra Jackson Mr. and Mrs. Brian E. Lynch Ms. Christine S. Lynch Ms. Kerry A. Lynch Ms. Krista A. Machado Ms. Jennifer L. Madeira Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Mancini Mr. and Mrs. Guy Marchesseault Mr. Justin Marcoux Mr. and Mrs. Steven Margeson Mr. and Mrs. Mario Marini Maritime Terminal, Inc. Mrs. Robin Martin Mr. Louis Massa Ms. Brooke Massey Ms. Lisa Matias Mattapoisett Woman’s Club Ms. Laura H. Matthews Matt’s Lawn Care & Landscaping Ms. Erin McCaffrey Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. McGlone Mr. and Mrs. John McLean Ms. Shauna E. McLellend Mr. and Mrs. John McMullen Mrs. Lorraine Medeiros Mr. and Mrs. Manuel M. Medeiros


Ms. Jennifer Mello Mr. and Mrs. William Mendes Mike’s Restaurant Milbury & Company, LLC Mr. Christopher J. Millette Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Mills Ms. Pamela J. Monte Ms. Linda Morad Mr. John E. Moran, III Ms. Cindi S. Moreis Ms. Marie Moriarty-Puggi Ms. Rory C. Morse Ms. Sarah Morse Ms. Susan G. Murati NBMA/Billing Dept. New England Brown Coats Ms. Jo Ann Nixon Not Your Average Joe’s Mr. Aaron Novy Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nugent Mr. and Mrs. Mark S. Nunes Ms. Heidi E. Nye Ocean Explorium Ms. Jennifer Oldfield Ms. Cheryl A. Oliveira Options Salon Orleans Cultural Council Ms. Carolyn M. Ovesen Mr. and Mrs. Mark Pacheco Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Page Ms. Andrea J. Pagliari Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pappas Mr. David Paquin Mr. John Paradise Mr. and Mrs. Kyle J. Pardo Pare Engineering Corporation Ms. Elizabeth Parker Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Pedreira Mr. Chris Pereira Ms. Liset Pereira Mr. and Mrs. K. S. Perry Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Pfeninger Ms. Bethany A. Picard Ms. Constance Pierce Mrs. Christine Pizzi Ms. Cynthia Poyant Ms. Elizabeth Przeszlo Casey Quirk Ms. Barbara Racine Ms. Lisa Raiche Mr. and Mrs. John Read, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Reid

child & family services | 2014 community report

ReMax Right Choice Ms. Pamela Reo Ms. Mary Rezendes RHF Corporation Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Ricard Mr. Len Roberts Mrs. Anne Robertson Ms. Charlene Rocha Mrs. Rita Rodericks Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rodrigues Mr. Robert E. Rooney, III Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Rose Mr. George P. Ross Route 134 Auto Care, Inc. Atty. David Russell Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Russell Ms. Karoline K. Salazar Mr. David M. Saluto Ms. Bernadette M. Santos Mr. and Ms. Paul Santos Ms. Dolores J. Sapelly Nidia Sarmento Mrs. Lori Schaefer Mr. and Mrs. Gary P. Scheller Ms. Joan C. Serverson Ms. Laura Shachoy Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Shapiro Ms. Mary Sheldon Mr. John L. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Sherman Ms. Katyanne Shoemaker Ms. Linda Silva Ms. Sharon Silvia Mr. and Ms. Victor Simas Mr. Robert F. Simmons, Jr. Mr. Robbin Smith Ms. Carolyn N. Snell Mr. Paul Soares Somerset Historical Society Inc. Ms. Beth Soule Southeastern Dental Care PC Southern Mass Credit Union Mr. and Mrs. Peter B. Spindler Mr. and Mrs. Lance Stanley Stearns Irrigation, Inc. Ms. Norma Steck Mr. Robert Steck Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Sterns Mr. and Ms. William A. Sterrett Mr. and Mrs. Edward Sylvia Ms. Susanna D. Sylvia T.J. Maxx

Mrs. Rebecca Tavares Mr. Scott Taveira Ms. Kathleen Terceira Ms. Debbie Terry The First Unitarian Church in New Bedford The Massachusetts Elks Association, Inc. Thomas P. Crotty & Associates, PLLC Mr. and Mrs. Michael W. Thomas Ms. Doris A. Timmeney Mr. James E. Tooley Mr. and Mrs. David E. Toth Ms. Mary Ann Touhey Travelers Community Connections Mr. and Mrs. Louis A. Travers Trees & Shrubs, Inc. Ms. Donna M. Turner United Builders LLC United Way of Rhode Island Dr. Murtuza M. Vali Ms. Jessica Verissimo Mr. Michael W. Verronneau Mr. Arthur Viana Mr. Michael Vieira Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Wallace Mr. and Mrs. David Waxler Ms. Barbara D. Weeks Ms. Jennifer Whalen Ms. Cynthia Wiles Ms. Jasmine Witkowski Womens Alliance Unitarian Society of Fairhaven YMCA Ms. Jacquelyn Young Gifts-In-Kind 5 Wits at Patriots Place A & A Jewelers Airport Grille Mr. Justin Alexandre Arthur Moniz Gallery Artworks Barley Family Healthcare Bejeweled Busters Sports Bar Cable Car Cinema and Cafe Captain’s Place Carabiners Indoor Climbing, Inc. Charlie’s Pizza House Cold Stone Creamery Conway Scenic Tours

Country Club of New Bedford Cranmore Mountain Resort Cyd’s Creative Kitchen Mr. and Ms. Roger Dahlberg Destination Soups Domino’s Pizza Dunkin Donuts Eastern Fisheries Eden Landscapes and Garden Center Elements of Style Elisabeth’s Restaurant Eva’s Yarn Shop Felicio Franco’s Hair Designers Folia Freestone’s Restaurant G & S Pizza Garlington Florist, Inc. Glaser Glass Corporation Glitz and Glamour Salon Ms. Theresa Hadley Harmony Winters Handmade Glass Hy-Line Cruises LaFrance Hospitality Company Larry’s Specialty Shop LeBaron Hills Country Club Lockheed Martin, Inc. M & R Screen Printing, Inc Margaret’s Boutique Ma’s Donuts Me & Ed’s Restaurant Mike’s Restaurant Montaup Country Club Narrows Center for the Arts Nellie’s Phototainment New England Aquarium New England Revolution No Problemo Ocean Explorium Options Salon Pa Raffa’s Periwinkles Pilgrim Belle Cruises Pine Grove Cleaners Riccardi’s Restaurant, Inc. Rose & Vicki’s Rose Alley Ale House Sid Wainer & Son Spicy Lime Sunkissed Tanning Symposium Family Restaurant The Back Nine Club The Boat Restaurant

The Broken Tee Virtual Golf Club The Green Bean The Hall at Patriot Place The Pasta House, Inc. The Polished Look The Preservation Society of Newport County The Ultimate Touch Tia Maria’s European Cafe Ms. Mary Ann Touhey Trio Cafe & Lounge Wah May Restaurant Yoga on Union Your Theatre, Inc. ______________________________ child & family services has made every effort to the accuracy of this listing. we sincerely apologize for misspelling or inadvertently omitting the name of any donor.

“... to heal and strengthen the lives of children and families”

child & family services | 2014 community report


non-profit org. u.s. postage paid new bedford, ma permit no. 301

3057 acushnet avenue new bedford ma 02745

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2014 Community Report