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Are you searching for senior job openings? Have your results been less than successful? Do you have the sinking feeling that the boat has already left the wharf and all that is left for you to do is wave adieu? Take heart! Senior job openings do exist. It is a full blown product engineered by the stumbling, present day economy itself! Senior job openings was not designed and developed by a White House think tank whose aim was to infuse life into a comatose employment market. The rationale for employing senior citizens sprang full blown into existence because of the need of businesses, both large and small. I guess we could call it spontaneous combustion. Whew! What a mouthful. Remember back in your high school science class when Miss Jones hammered into your head what happens when a flame and dry tinder are brought into close proximity? More often than not, a bonfire breaks out. That is what is happened in the labor market. Businesses reduced their working staffs to cut overhead and maintain profit flow. That is a perfectly reasonable action by any business. Think about it, if you can not make money, why in the world stay in business. That was the flame we learned about in science class. The problem with shrinking your employee staff is a basic one. Some one still has to produce product and operate internal systems within the business. Out of need, employers encouraged employees into multi-tasking. By definition, they must do numerous tasks at the same time. That became the tinder we were told about in school. However, the prevailing culture in the modern workplace leans toward specializing. Multi-tasking slammed into reality and businesses found themselves backed into a corner. Behold the bonfire! Thank you, Miss Jones. Senior job openings began to dot the modern day work environment. Grandma and grandpa came out of the rocking chairs and strode down off the front porch and into the work place once again. The work culture of senior citizens is constructed on versatility. In other words, just do what it

takes to get the job done. The synonym for that work ethic translated into modern day jargon is multi-tasking. As far as senior citizens are concerned, the work place has come full circle. The experience and skills that they sharpened through years of doing, are now in the mix of modern day business. The versatility and innovative thinking that were the hallmarks of their working years in business are now once again sweeping through the economy. There are actually many senior job openings available. If you are a senior citizen, there are employers out there that are in need of your services. But, they will not come marching up to your door seeking you! You have to make the decision about what type of job you want. Decide the job you have always wanted to have, and go for it! Watch the news, read the newspapers and be creative in your thinking. Simply because you are getting Social Security does not mean life is over for you. It is just another mile stone in an action story called your life. Keep living it! Senior job openings are out there, and all you have to do to get one for yourself, is reach for it.

Raymond Angus is the author of He writes about how fellow seniors find work in today's economy. Do you want to know where most seniors' jobs are and how to get your own? Go to and click on employment/jobs/seniors and everything in between.

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==== ==== WHERE CAN I FIND A JOB? Right here..... ==== ====

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WHERE CAN I FIND A JOB? Right here.....