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==== ==== The Absolute Best Free Way To Advertise On The Internet ==== ====

There are many ways to advertise your business, both paid and free. Of course the free method is what you want if it is effective. I am going to give you one of the best free ways to advertise your business. Apply it many times over and watch the traffic come in. We are going to drive traffic to your target using videos already on the internet. Let's start with YouTube or it can be MySpace, Google or any other site that hosts videos. Go to YouTube and create an account. At this point, I am assuming you have a product to sell. Let's say it is "how to fix car doors", an ebook from ClickBank. On YouTube, enter keywords related to how to fix car doors. After you find a video that relates to your product, then copy the video link and head over to and paste it there. This will start the download. After downloading, rename it "anything".flv. Now you need to convert it to WMV so you can edit it. Go to for free software to do this. Go to file>open, then find the file and click OK. Hit pause when it starts. Now, go to File >Wizard, choose Transcode/save to file, choose load existing stream or find file and click next. Change to these settings: On video, codec must be "wmv3" and Bitrate must be "1024". On audio, codec must be "mp3" and bitrate must be "192". When you see Encapsulation Format, choose ASF, then next. Choose location for file to save to, then click done. Open Windows Movie Maker and click Import video. Now click on Make Titles and Credits. Place them at the beginning and the end. Create a catchy message as well as your target to advertise. For example Then, click Select All and Add to Storyboard. Then click Save to my Computer. OK, now you have your advertising video. Head over to and put in all the obvious information and then upload. Wow, you did it. Now do the same with all the other video sites and enjoy. You just mastered ways to advertise your business, absolutely free.

My name is Tom Lauer. I hope this really helped you with your traffic success. I have tons of free advertising ideas that I don't mind sharing. I do this because I know how hard it is to become a true money maker online. Head over to our page [] and sign up for all my stuff. Lots of great content here.

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==== ==== The Absolute Best Free Way To Advertise On The Internet ==== ====

The Best Free Way to Drive Traffic on the Internet