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Networking has long been successfully used as a job search tool. With the Internet and the various social media sites, networking has been redefined, expanded and updated. Of course phone calls and meetings with your network can still be very effective. But there is overwhelming evidence that your job search will be strengthened and more productive if the social media sites are also used. Three primary sites were named in a survey in May 2009 by Jobvite. According to the survey, recruitment professionals indicated 80% of companies either already use or plan to use social media to find and attract job candidates. LinkedIn was used by 95% of the recruiters, 59% also used Facebook, and Twitter was used by 42%. If you are looking for a job or a job change, you need to have an account with all three. There are other social media sites available, but these three were at the top of the list. Signup is fast, easy and necessary as part of your successful job search. LinkedIn can help with the job search in several ways. For a small monthly fee you can search for a specific company, view profiles of members on LinkedIn and email those who might be helpful with your job search. This is a great way to connect with the people you know and to make new connections with people in the same industry or similar career position. Employers are permitted to post jobs on the site. As you complete your profile on LinkedIn, keep in mind that the more information you provide, the better your chance of contacts. Twitter connects you to the people you know and lets you make new connections based on common interests. There are job postings on Twitter and a tool that searches bios and the URLs in the bios. This enables you to search a company you are interested in and if that company URL is listed in any of the bios, it will pop up in your search. You now have a possible connection to someone at the company. Let them know you are looking for a job and that you are interested in the company. Facebook is a great site for staying connected with friends and keeping them posted on your job search. It is also a great tool for re-connecting with old friends and former co-workers. You never know who might have the next hot tip on a job opening. A major key to a successful job search is the ability to keep an open mind, remain flexible and explore new avenues of finding that job. Conquer you fear of technology and communication with strangers and open the door to the new world of social media. Remember that the more ammunition in your arsenal, the more likely you will be to hit your target.

For more tips of job search and a free ebook and learn how to Ace The Interview Mel Otero, author, worked in management in the mortgage banking industry and title insurance industry for over 25 years. She has started web sites and written articles to provide information, resources and inspiration during this difficult economy. She loves to write, learn, and share information. Always seeking and exploring new ideas and methods of achieving the goals that bring health, wealth and happiness and continuously sharing the new insights and information.

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==== ==== HELP WANTED: Social Media Managers Needed Now. Watch this applicant introduction video --->>>> ==== ====

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