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Is your house going on the market? Has the real estate agent suggested a declutter before the viewing? Then it is time to arrange some storage. But where do you store? How do you transport the goods into storage? There are two main storage options - self storage and removalist storage. This article looks at the self-storage option. Self storage is all about access. Access is the fundamental point of self storage. During business hours (or sometimes 24 hours) you can rummage through your goods to your hearts content, add items if necessary, go in and find that passport packed by mistake, some companies even operate their business from self storage lockers. It is simple: you are paying a premium for access. Access is however debatable. To keep costs reasonable the smallest practical space should be chosen. It will thus be necessary to completely fill this space with the furniture. Access? Do you really want to pull all that furniture out to get the proverbial winter clothes, let alone having to restack everything? Should this be the case, then a removalists store is perhaps your best option; but for the company storing regularly accessed documents, the tradesman, the exporter or simply the person wanting regular access to their goods, then self storage is the ideal solution. The new self storage facilities are often, well designed, purpose built, solid buildings. Self storage operators are looking for a long term property investment -in fact, self storage in Australia is more of a real estate business rather than a storage business: the storage is simply an efficient, low risk way to pay the mortgage. Sure, they make good income when the facility is over 90 per cent capacity; however the serious money is in the long term capital gain of the real estate. And good luck to them, usually they have worked hard in the facility for many years and have taken the initial capital risk. They are fully aware that property prices can severely slump-particularly commercial property. Right, self storage is your preferred option. The removalists have moved your goods in or you took the other alternative and moved your own goods in: "I'll use a removalist next time". Here is some important advice - pay your bills. If payments slip into arrears then the goods, and fair enough too, will be sold. The self storage operators are business professionals and accordingly have sharp contracts. They are effectively leasing space to the customer; the point of this is should bills not be paid then it is an easy matter for the storage operator to sell the goods. The storage operators usually have substantial mortgages, so interest payments must be maintained. Non-productive spaces must quickly be changed into full fee paying productive space. Most customers going into arrears have no intention at all of ever reclaiming their goods. Self storage is an ideal solution for storage needs when access is required. The price is reasonable and the facilities are often excellent. Obviously a contract works both ways- with the

storage operator providing the service and the customer paying the fee. Should the customer fail in their part of the bargain then the operator will have no alternative but to quickly sell their goods. Make sure you pay the bill.

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Self Storage - Make Sure You Pay The Bill  

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