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Newspaper classified ads have greatly declined; in fact, newspaper companies get most business from their online classified ads. Just a decade or two ago, nearly every household had at least one newspaper. Movies depicted the morning routine as one with a newspaper and a cup of coffee. To coincide with this, the use of the Yellow Pages or anything other type of phonebook has thinned. Most people find that it is easier to sell a product or service with the click of a button or search for an address and receive a result within seconds. When did all of this technological easiness happen? Recent reports suspect that higher usages of the internet's benefits all happened during the Clinton administration. During this time, the Drudge Report had exposed President Clinton of his affair with Monica Lewinsky, which in turn, enticed numerous computer owners to search for the latest news on their internet. Since then, it is believed that people grew accustomed to the idea of finding information quickly and in the convenience of their homes. Thus, over time, the internet has slowly changed the way we live our lives. Among the new ideas that the internet has brought to pass, internet classified ads are the most popular and fastestgrowing phenomenon the world has experienced. Although the use of internet and video classified ads is the most prevalent among the Y and X generations, another recent study shows that baby boomers and even those born before them are surprisingly active in posting ads online, too. There are many purposes for internet and video classified ads. Not only do these websites allow the user to post their products or services to sell, they help to increase sales, too. Items that are posted online are more likely to be sold than if they are posted in a print ad in a newspaper. Also, the time that is spent posting an ad with a newspaper company can take hours; whereas posting an ad online takes a few minutes. To top it off, newspaper ads typically cost money for each description line and online ads are usually free of charge. Nearly everything can be posted online. Whether you are selling your car, computer, books, electronics, baseballs, oven, artwork, or pet animal, there are categories in which all of these items and more can be sold. In addition, you can find jobs, offer jobs, post your resume, find housing, sale your housing, meet people, date, offer or receive finance advice, volunteer in your community, offer or express your need of services, make a personal announcement and play games. All of this can be done on an internet classified ads website. Though online classified ads are easily, efficient and economical, they are also convenient. Part of their popularity is their ease of use. People, who are either selling their products or services or searching for a great deal on a classified ads site, are enjoying their experience at home. There is no hassle of going to the store to purchase a newspaper to check out the ads or calling the newspaper company (or even going to the newspaper company) to post an ad. Also, people like the idea of being able to get rid of their junk or unwanted items so easily. In the past, having a

garage sale was the only way to rid your house of unused items. In fact, a lot of people post ads in which they let others know that their item is free and is available to the first person who picks it up on their porch. It is a practical and smart way to buy and sell items; it is fast, easy, and inexpensive. Again, there are many uses of both internet and video internet classified ads.

Searching free classifieds is not as hard as it looks. In fact a lot of sites like stumblehere allow you to search all their partner sites at the same time you are searching theirs. Now you can also see ads in video, which allows the buyer to receive a lot more information on the product or service. Check out their site, and learn more about FREE Video Classifieds!

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==== ==== Just landed the best job EVER! I get paid $20 to show people how I took $40 and turned it into $60 in 2 weeks! Take a look at my 40 Becomes 60 - how I did it - YouTube video. . . . . . . It's worth $20 to you. ==== ====

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Just landed the best job EVER! I get paid $20 to show people how I took $40 and turned it into $60 in 2 weeks! Take a look at my 40 Become...

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