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A new program is set to create up to 2,500 summer jobs in Columbus between May 18 and August 5. The program, known as Summer Opportunities to Achieve and Reconnect (S.O.A.R.), also provides participants with assistance in creating resumes, interview skills, and achieving workplace goals and expectations. The summer jobs in Columbus provided by S.O.A.R. will pay minimum wage and above. According to city officials, the program fills an important void due to a lack of federal funding this year. For the past four years, some $5 million flowed to Central Ohio in support of summer jobs. The absence of funding left officials scrambling to avoid a crisis. In addition to the city, several other institutions are lending support to the program. These include Ohio State University, Central Ohio Workforce Investment Corp., Columbus State Community College, and the Elford construction company, which is based in Columbus. An additional thousand companies received letters soliciting their support in creating summer jobs in Columbus. The solicitation yielded commitments from 20 academic institutions and businesses. In terms of numbers, the city of Columbus pledged to hire 115 workers during the summer, with Franklin County offering an additional 300 slots. Other businesses include Jani-King, Wal-Mart, Fedex, Restoration Hardware, and Inspired Green. The program comes amid increasing concern over unemployment among young workers. According to recent polls, workers with a high-school education or less suffer from an unemployment rate that has reached upwards 20 percent. Young college grads fare better, with an unemployment rate of 8.5 percent. Beyond simply providing employment creating summer jobs in Columbus for this cohort achieves a number of important goals. Employers have expressed the importance of young workers gaining what are referred to as 'soft' skills. Though older workers may take some of these skills for granted, younger workers, who have never held a real job often need to be taught the basics. These include dressing properly, communication effectively, understanding how to work with colleagues, and meeting expectations. Overall, officials and business leaders expressed optimism regarding the overall employment situation in Columbus. In terms of job creation, the region is adding jobs at nearly two times the rate of the rest of the country. The city boasts a number of strong sectors, including, banking, technology, defense, aviation, and insurance. In addition education and healthcare are expected to provide up to 45 percent of new jobs between 2012 and 218.

Overall, the S.O.A.R. program to spur summer jobs in Columbus should add to the city's favorable ranking among key business news sources. With nearly 800,000 residents, Columbus is the 16th largest city in the country. In recent years, the city has garnered a number of key rankings. In 2009, Columbus was named the best place to raise a family by Business Week. The year before, Forbes named Columbus as the number 1 emerging tech city in the country. More recently, Relocate America named Columbus to its top ten cities for relocation in 2010.

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==== ==== Jobs In 2012. We Have Thousands of Jobs in Our Database. APPLY TODAY @ ==== ====

Program to Spur Summer Jobs in Columbus  

Jobs In 2012. We Have Thousands of Jobs in Our Database. APPLY TODAY @