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This is the final part in our series on free ways to making money online, read on and figure out what method best suits your needs and abilities. Act as an internet marketer for local businesses Small local business owners are not particularly knowledgeable about internet marketing, yet they could benefit from an online presence. If you help them achieve that for a fee, you have just found yourself a great method to making money online. Al l you have to do is present those local businesses as authentic places that offer a great not a mass produced experience; and visitors will flock to them. Make promotional videos to affiliate products This is an awesome method if you like video making and editing. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make money online. All you have to do is make short interesting videos that promote affiliate products and make sure they attract a lot of attention. Then you are done! Participate in graphic design contests If your online business's niche is graphic design and logo design, this is the method for you. By entering those kind of contests, and doing well, you benefit greatly. Even if the prize is not monetary, you will benefit from the publicity you create for your online business. Transcribe audio There are a lot of video sites online, and most of them need a reliable way to transcribe their videos' content. Until automated technologies can do that, they will have to use people. And this is a great way for you to make money on line. Especially if your online business is related to such activities. We hope you found a method that suits you online business, for more articles about free ways to get money online please visit

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More Free Ways to Make Money Online 3  
More Free Ways to Make Money Online 3  

Click this link to reveal a proven FREE way to make a substantial amount of money online >>>>