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Employees want to be told how they are doing and what is expected of them. In workplace coaching sessions, a common question that employees ask is: "I wish I knew what my boss wanted from me?" And a common question that Senior Managers and Executives ask is: "Why don't my managers just do what's expected?" The answer is that it's most likely because expectations have not been articulated or articulated clearly! Not caring; don't know how to get the team to achieve the outcomes; don't know how to do the job; don't listen are also possible reasons for why expectations aren't articulated clearly or at all. When communicating or clarifying expectations it is important to present them in their simplest form. Keeping expectations clear and simple helps reduce risk of error, loss and heartache. Turnover, low staff morale, resource wastage, injury claims all cost an organisation reputation and money. This can happen when expectations are not clearly expressed and understood. To address employee's frustration of, "I wish I know what my boss wanted from me?" Employees might consider:

Quite simply, ask! If the boss is not forthcoming with clear expectations then ask what they are. Be polite, of course, but ask! Do some organisational research; take responsibility for seeking out clarity and being proactive. Bosses may not always be openly appreciative of it but they are grateful for the proactive initiative taker. Observe what's happening within and beyond the team; take some time to look at the whole organisation and what direction it is taking and how that is impacting on the roles within the team, this should provide some direction and hence an idea of what the organisation expects.

To address the senior executives concern of, "Why don't my managers just do what's expected?" Management might consider:

Check understanding, that is, being sure the managers understand the expectations the way they are intended. Is the concern that is experienced due to outcome or process? ... If it's process, how important is it that the managers achieve the outcomes in a certain way {'it's my or the highway'}? ... If it's outcome, how clearly defined are the outcomes, such as, are the outcomes specific and measurable? Do the managers know what resources are available/accessible, etc? Know the workload of the managers and their current priorities. It's important to not keep loading managers with more and more expectations and required outcomes without checking current priorities?

While employees may not like what is expected of them, at least when an expectation has been clearly articulated and understood the margin for error can be greatly reduced, the organisation has been, to some degree, protected. Whether an employee or a senior executive, it's costly to not be clear.

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==== ==== Learn How To Manage Employees Effectively ==== ====

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