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==== ==== Here's the #1 pick for the best step-by-step video instructions to getting most out of your iPad. ==== ====

Do you have an iPad? Are you wondering how you actually use it for your business? Perhaps you use it for playing games or surfing the web or checking email but you still aren't sure how to get the most out of it for business use? It isn't the hardware that drives the iPad. It's the apps. The apps are what makes the iPad "magical". And while most of the apps that get the attention are the ones such as the games and magazines, there are a lot of iPad business apps you may not even be aware of. First off all, if you going to be using the iPad for business, you have to decide how you want to use it. If you are in the medical business or the education business then you would use it much differently than if you were an accountant, for example. In general there are a few areas to focus on: productivity, gathering business information, and capturing ideas. From a productivity standpoint, the iPad for business is a great tool. You can use apps that let you create, edit, and share Microsoft Office docs, iWork documents, and PDF's. Additionally, you can grab apps that let you place all your documents you have created or need to read, right in your favorite cloud storage service such as or dropbox. Within the productivity category you can also achieve printing from your iPad (both Wirelessly and via Bluetooth). Creating documents and printing are not the only thing we do in business. One of the activities that many people do is capture business information and then they like to see it in graphical form. The iPad for business is perfect here because it has some amazing tools that can help you see your business in a completely different way. For example, you can swipe through financial charts, zoom in on specific data sets, or tap to organize key performance indicators. Another way to use the iPad for business is to be able to capture ideas when you have them. Here is where the portability of the iPad comes in handy. For example, let's say you are traveling and you want to sketch out a new design for a business process or you want to capture a quick idea or even leave yourself a voice memo. The iPad business apps such as Evernote, Omnigraffle, and Dragon dictation are incredible at letting you capture all your business ideas. These are not the only ways your iPad can be a valuable business tool. It is just the beginning actually. Once you begin to see that it's not a laptop replacement but a new type of device you haven't yet used or explored then you will also see new ways to use it and make it worth your investment.

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==== ==== Here's the #1 pick for the best step-by-step video instructions to getting most out of your iPad. ==== ====

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