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If you're even a little bit Internet-savvy and you spend some time browsing the web, you already know something about taking surveys from home while sitting comfortably in your very own chair. It sounds like a great way to make some extra money, maybe even some "good" money without getting dressed, leaving home and either driving or taking public transportation to a "job." When you have to leave home and commute to a job, you spend money - carfare... lunch or dinner away from home... gas for your car (or tolls for public transportation)... clothes you have to buy for work - the list goes on and on. Obviously, you eliminate all of those expenses when you work at home. The trick to doing it successfully, however, is not as easy as you may think. There are hundreds of "Paid Survey" sites being advertised daily on the Internet. Surely, some have reached your e-mail address or you've encountered the ads for a Paid Survey when you visited some other website. One thing is certain: the ad makes the Paid Survey sound like it's a very good deal. And, in fact, there are Paid Surveys that are worthwhile, but the reality is something different than the promise. You can make some money by participating in Paid Surveys - not a lot - just some money. In fact, many "Paid Surveys" don't ever reward participants with a fee. Instead, they enter a participant's name in a monthly drawing for modest prizes. It's legitimate... you can win, but it's hardly what you probably had in mind - payment for a service (the completion, by you, of a survey). Unfortunately, the vast majority of surveys on the Internet operate that way. They "throw your name into a hat," and if it's picked, you may win a cash prize. When you think about it, however, that's not working. It's much more like entering Sweepstakes. You need luck to "cash in." So... can you really get paid to take surveys from the comfort of your own home? Well... yes! There are a number of surveys that pay real cash to carefully-selected participants. And that's the potential problem: you have to be a "carefully-selected participant." The company conducting the survey creates a mini-survey that acts as a screening device and weeds out people who don't fit the profile being sought. However, if you take the "screening survey" and pass it, you can expect to enjoy a reasonable pay day. You won't earn enough to retire, of course, buy you will be paid decently. And if you can find other websites that actually pay survey takers, you can easily - and quickly - develop a nice supplemental income. Again, it will be a supplemental income... extra cash you'll get on top of your normal income.

You won't get rich on what you earn... will never be able to retire on what you get, but you will enjoy the experience. After all, you'll be getting paid to express a personal opinion. Call it easy money.

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How to Get Paid to Take Surveys From Home  
How to Get Paid to Take Surveys From Home  

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