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According to media reports, the economy and job market seem to be improving for job-seekers. However, to benefit from these favorable projections, you must have an effective job-seeking strategy and a tightly focused approach to landing the job you desire. The employment atmosphere in 2011 was somewhat different than it was a decade ago, and you must strive to gain an advantage over others competing for the same job. With job openings in short supply and countless applicants applying for the same job, how do you outshine your competition? The most important thing you (as a job-applicant) can do is to make yourself memorable. The key areas to focus on in your job search are: Your Resume Make sure you have a current, targeted resume which gives a detailed outline of your objectives, professional skills and previous jobs-with dates of employment and location of the companies. Also include certifications and other acknowledgements and achievements that may be pertinent to the position you're seeking. For example, if the job is in an architectural firm and you hold a real estate license, include that on your resume. It's a lateral field but architecture involves designing and building, which makes your real estate knowledge highly desirable. Be sure all of your resume information is complete. When you give vague or incomplete information on your resume, hiring managers will assume most of it is untrue. This can cause you to appear immature and unprofessional... not to mention untrustworthy, and will greatly reduce your chances of being considered for the position. If information is omitted, you need to have a suitable explanation for the missing data. References Have a list of references already prepared so that if the hiring manager asks for them you can provide them on the spot. Be sure and contact your references beforehand to make them aware that they may be contacted by a certain company or companies. This way, they'll be prepared to discuss your strengths and abilities without being caught off guard. Punctuality Arrive on time, or a bit early, to the interview. This is imperative since it sets the tone for the interview process. If a hiring manager has been forced to alter their schedule to accommodate your tardiness, they won't be happy nor will they think too highly of you. If you're late for the interview they'll assume it's a pattern that will carryover into your employment with them. Preparing for the interview: Nailing an interview can be a complex feat, especially when you factor in nerves. Overcoming nervousness in an interview is an age-old chore that takes practice. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Spend some time beforehand rehearsing a mock interview with a friend or family

member. You could even practice by yourself in a mirror. Take note of your body language, facial expressions and tone of voice. Look at yourself from the interviewer's perspective and honestly assess whether you'd be impressed if you were them. Having the right look For ages a business suit has been the preferred attire for an interview. However, in the current social climate, you should dress according to the type of job you're applying for and the kind of business it is. If it's a professional office environment, naturally, a business suit is appropriate. But if the job is in hospitality at an elite but laid back country club or resort, you should tone down the executive look a bit and tailor your style of clothing to the look that would be appropriate for that particular industry. Obviously, always dress neatly and be well-groomed. You want to look your best and look professional, but you also want to look like you'll fit in. During the interview This is your time to shine. You may be one of many applicants that day, so be prepared to convey to the interviewer why you'd be their best choice. If your skills are an exact match for what they're looking for, you really don't have to do too much over-selling of your skills. However, if you're lacking in the skill set that they're looking for you need to impress upon them as to why you believe your past experience and current capabilities are equally useful. For example, if you're applying for a retail sales position but you've never been in retail before, you can spotlight your excellence in the sales position you held previously even though it was in a different industry. Don't hem and haw when asked about your salary expectations. Be clear and concise about what your desired salary is. This gives you an air of confidence and security. However, keep in mind that to land the job it may be necessary for you to let them know that for the right opportunity you would accept a lower salary. Be friendly and jovial, but don't overdo it to the point that you seem juvenile. Highlight your personal traits, your passion and eagerness to learn, as well as your professional qualifications. This is especially important if your professional qualifications fall short of what they're looking for. Though the forecast for the current job market may look grime on the surface, by evaluating your current talents, strengths and abilities, constructing a plan for success, polishing your communication skills and applying all that you learn, you can still land a great job in 2012.

Dr. Madeline Ann Lewis is President/CEO of the Deline Institute for Professional Development. She's the author of "Finding Your Best Inside" and co-author of "Overcoming the Superwoman Syndrome," an expert in women's issues, career strategist, consultant and professional speaker. Her passion is helping women excel. Website:

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==== ==== Jobs In 2012. We Have Thousands of Jobs in Our Database. APPLY TODAY @ ==== ====

How to Get A Job In 2012  

Jobs In 2012. We Have Thousands of Jobs in Our Database. APPLY TODAY @

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