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Getting paid to search internet, is an opportunity well suited for anyone who is otherwise busy but uses the internet everyday or occasionally for searching or doing other online works. Please note the results one gets for these paid searches are the same as one gets from standard searches on major search engines like Yahoo, MSN and Google. In-fact some good paid to search programs provide results from these three major search engines or even more, all mixed in one page. They do mention the ranking of each site on each search engine side by side of each resulting website. How does one get paid to search internet? Getting paid to search the internet is an easy task, where there is actually no real work to be done. Except using the search interface of the get paid to search site and performing some valid regular searches. Every time you perform a valid search on these get paid to search programs, you score one point which means you have earned some hard cash. Once a user member has accumulated enough points, he can redeem them in the form of 'Visa Gift Card' or via 'PayPal'. How much points are required to reach minimum payout depends on user's country of residence. How can one earn more money or points with these get paid to search programs? There are four ways to increase point score and earnings with many get paid to search programs. They are: 1. Perform valid searches. 2. Vote on search results that return a good/bad site with useful/useless contents in context with the search keyword. 3. Comment on Search Results based on look and feel of the site displayed in search result. 4. Refer friends and relatives who are interested in joining get paid to search program. You earn 25% points from points scored by your referred friend or something similar. These are four ways to boost your points and earnings from get paid to search program Please read their terms and conditions, as they would not tolerate any scam or unethical practice like multiple account, using invalid searches for earning more points, using spam to refer more people etc. Is there any limit on how much you earn from get paid to search programs?

Get paid to search programs limit daily paid searches. There is a limit of 100 paid searches per day, which is a realistic value for daily searches performed by a common man to complete his everyday search requirement. This limit of 100 searches does not limit the daily score points to 100. Anyone can earn a maximum of 3 points per search, by voting (1 point) and commenting (1 point). So, anyone can add a score 300 points everyday, this does not include points scored from referrals. Minimum points that can be redeemed in get paid to search program are 6,500 points for most countries this is equivalent to $25, which means anyone who earns maximum points everyday and has not been able to refer anyone can earn $25 in 22 days, which is better then most get paid to program. Are getting paid to search programs a scam? No, get paid to search programs are not a scam, but a legitimate opportunity. Their system is well managed, they earn money from sponsored ads that they show in the side and pay there registered members from that legitimate earning. You can visit there site to register or learn more about the program, join scour to get paid to search, it does not cost anything. Don't expect much from your earnings with online searches as they aren't very good, think of it as an opportunity to make a little money every time you are online and looking for sites on search engines. It is specifically useful for search engine marketers who are constantly searching for there ranking on many search engines. This article is II part and continuation of main article 'Easy Work At Home Jobs' in next part i.e. part III, I'll write about a legitimate 'get paid to participate' program, in that get paid to participate program there is no limit on how much you can earn everyday and they will pay you for doing what you love to do.

Yogesh Bailwal works for Infoweb Services and also manages a website on working at home with legitimate options available on internet. He is himself working with many of these legitimate work at home opportunities. His website is a simple website with honest opinion which contains information on a number of online/offline ways to earn money online. One can learn more by visiting recently listed legitimate work at home jobs and see which one fits his/her taste. There are separate programs for each category of work at home seekers like people who look for online business, people who are looking for some part time income, people who wish to earn with there part time hobby etc. Anyone can search for a program which is most suitable to him/her on his continuously updated website. All the program and resources listed are legitimate and ethical. Current attraction of is Get Paid to Search Online listed under Easy Work At Home Jobs Online, the program listed above with more specific details.

Most of the advice, articles and resources listed on his site are free or provided by some third party which have a strong user protection policy along with a useful and working product.

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