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There are many ways to make money online. So I decided to write about just 3 genuine ways to make money online. This way, it is much easier to stay focused on the best ways to make it work. You'll have a much better chance of succeeding. You need 2 things to make money online...traffic and sales. I'll briefly outline a good traffic generation strategy to use followed by the 3 ways to make money online. This will point you in the right direction. How do you generate traffic? To keep things simple, let me just talk about the free traffic generation methods. Free methods include article marketing, video marketing, classified ads, forum and blog marketing to name a few. I would use a combination of blog marketing and article marketing. So I would write articles around 400 to 450 words in length so they are likely to get accepted into article directories. I'd then set up a blog with these articles on there. Look to write around 30-50 articles to start. I know this sounds like a lot. But you can outsource this and find freelancers on sites such as You can get each article written for around $5. I know this isn't free anymore but once you cover these costs, the traffic is free. Back to the articles, how do you market them? You submit them to sites such as This site is the 125th most popular site in the world so gets lots of traffic. Get your article published here and you'll get some of this traffic as well as free traffic from the search engines who also pick up your article. There also many other good article directories out there. Search engines also pick up your blog posts and show them in their search results so this is how you market your blog. Genuine ways to make money online 3 ways You can display Google AdSense ads for a small side income. It is very easy to set these ads up and you could be earning revenue each time someone clicks an ad on your site. You can sell other people's stuff for a commission (also known as affiliate marketing). is a great place to find products to promote and you can have a link to a product set up within minutes on your blog.

Build a list. This is the best way to make money online. Instead of going straight for the sale, offer something free in exchange for an email address. This way you can recommend ClickBank products by email to your list at any time. But you must provide good content by email too.Ă‚ Ă‚

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==== ==== is your link to the best ways to make money online. ==== ====

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