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==== ==== Here's the BEST ONLINE automated income system ever created! ==== ====

Step 1 - Find a product to sell. Pick a product that you are interested in or something that you know a lot about. This will make it easier to create the adverts that you soon need to put into place and gives you the inside knowledge into what people might be searching for and wanting to buy. Step 2 - Create a simple website to promote the product with. Download the latest version of WordPress, buy some website hosting and a domain name and setup your new blog. Maybe add an about me, contact me and a disclosure page then start to write posts about the products that you want to promoting, one product per post page. Include on the page a couple of links back to the affiliate scheme so that visitors can quickly and easily navigate to the pages to buy them from and include in the information why you think they should buy from your preferred merchant. Step 3 - Add a few extra income streams to the website. For example, further banners for different merchants also selling the products, or banners for products that complement the product, such as insurance products. You might also like to look at contextual advertising schemes such as Google's AdSense, but keep the adverts on each page to just one or two key positions. Anything more and the page looks cluttered and visitors might think that you are only interested in them for what they are worth to you and leave the website. Step 4 - Finally, start to buy some traffic for the website. Look at a scheme such as Google's Adwords, or the equivalents from other search engines or Facebook. Create highly targeted adverts that concentrate just on one product and link directly to that product's page on your website. Choose your keywords very carefully to be very specific to the products to reduce the number of wasted displays. Step 5 - From time to time review how much you are spending and how much you are earning. Look at the adverts for specific products and the commissions each advert is ultimately producing. You may discover that certain adverts should be stopped because the incomes do not match the expenditure, whilst on other adverts you could increase the budgets to generate more traffic because they are very successful. And that is basically it. Once you created a website for your products and created an advert, apart from monitoring the finances your system is really running on automatic. As long as you have taken care with the adverts and chosen your product well, you will start to see a healthy income stream feeding your bank balance without too much additional effort. This will free you up to add more items to the website or even to start a new website with a different range of products to start working with. Follow these steps, and you have created your very own Automatic Wealth System.

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==== ==== Here's the BEST ONLINE automated income system ever created! ==== ====

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