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The total world population lies today at over 6 billion people; looking for one single person and their contact information the hardest thing you can ever do. It is like looking for a small pin on a sandy beach. However, this problem has been narrowed down by the ICT advancement. There are so many ways of starting your phone trace and people search today. The most common method used all over the world is the white pages. So long as your subject has a home, he or she will be listed on the white pages. Their physical addresses as well as contact information are listed beside their name. Moreover, the listing is alphabetic so that you do not have to go from one page to another scanning through all the names. This, however, is a very tedious job and may consume a lot of time going through all the available directories. The other method could be by paying for the services of a private investigator to do the job for you. The investigator has special skills in making effective searches. They know a variety of resources where they can get the information with ease. However, some may be very expensive. Today, the best and most reliable method for phone traces and peopleis by use of the internet. The widely used method is by use of search engines. By typing the name of the person you are looking for, the search engine will send back results matching your name from its data base. From here, you can then make your specification in order to get the name that you are looking for. Another effective method of using the internet to look for people is through the use of social websites like the Twitter and Facebook. Many people today are looking for reconnection and socializing using social websites. By using the website's search, you can enter their names and if registered to that particular network, their names will appear. You can easily access their physical address and cell phone number by viewing their profiles. However, the best internet method of searching for identity is by use of people search websites like the yellow pages. Some websites are free to use while others require a small fee to access the services. Your chance of missing a person is negligible. This is because the website owners buy shares from mobile networks and other social agencies to access their private data. From here, they compile different data from different firms to come up with a reliable easy to access data base for searches. All that is require is for one to enter the person's name or the phone number that you are not certain to whom it belongs. After clicking the execute button, it takes less than a minute for the software to return your results. Do not let bullies threaten you. You can easily get their identity even with them having hidden their phone numbers.

There are a number of websites dedicated to bring ease to your people search and phone traces. Their search engine is simple to use and the results are reliable and efficient.

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