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This is a question that I get from a lot of people "how do I get traffic to my website"? I get this from both from new people and intermediate marketers. After all, traffic is the lifeblood of our business. Without it our websites would remain hidden from view and our earnings would drop to nothing. A famous internet marketer once said  to "imagine the internet as a long sandy beach and your website as one single grain of sand turned upside down". That's just how vast the internet has become and many people will go to great lengths to get traffic to their sites. I'm going to share a few of the most popular ways to get traffic to your website. Of course, there are pros and cons associated with each one, but all of these are proven to be effective. You should be using all of these to generate traffic to your websites. Here they are, in no particular order. #1. Paid Search. This is also known as "pay per click advertising" and it's extremely effective. However, it can also be very expensive. The advantages of pay per click include having the ability to test offers and headlines before going full scale with other traffic methods. This benefit alone could literally save you thousands of dollars or more. You can have your ad in front of every world market in a matter of 10-15 minutes. Nothing else even compares when it comes to the speed of getting your ads out there. Also, the traffic you'll receive from PPC is extremely targeted. You can literally sell pizza or advertise flower delivery to people on one city block in any country. The drawbacks are, as previously mentioned, the cost. There was a time when you could consistently get paid traffic for as little as .05 per click, but the game has changed and the competition is stiff. You can lose a ton of money if you start playing this game without the proper education. I urge you to use pay per click advertising, but do NOT do it without getting  the proper education first. You can also outsource it. #2. Submit Videos Videos are a form of viral marketing that can produce a lucrative amount of traffic to your sites. There have been some videos created that have received well over a million views and made their owners a lot of money. From a marketing standpoint, you'll want to focus on targeted keyword phrase, just as if you were using pay per click. If you want to rank in the search engines or be seen in for specific terms then you must use those terms in the tags provided when you set up your video.

Your best bet here is to visit and read up on how distributing videos can help you. #3. Podcasting Honestly, this is an area that I'm just getting started with myself. However, I know that it's extremely effective. The way that it works is you simply create an audio recording of yourself reading an article, reading a book, teaching a lesson, etc and then submit this to one of the directories that accepts podcasts. People will visit these sites looking for information on various topics and if they find your podcast they'll simply download it, burn it onto disc and listen to it at their convenience. Once again, you can have podcasts that get great reviews and get you a ton of traffic. Learn more about it by typing the term into Google. #4. SEO - Search Engine Optimization This can be the most lucrative traffic source of all. However, it's also the most competitive and the most unpredictable. Since no one knows exactly how the search engines work there's only a lot of testing, theory and guesswork involved here. This is an area that you'll need to study if you want to use it to generate traffic to your site. #5. Article Marketing Article marketing has literally exploded as a way to generate traffic to your websites over the past few years. Your articles can bring you traffic from multiple sources such as media, search engines, newsletters and other websites. Someone could pick up your article and send it to their email list and you can experience an overnight traffic explosion! You can also rank highly in the search engines for some keyword phrases by "piggybacking" on the power of an established article directory. Definitely use article marketing as part of your traffic generation methods. There are several other ways of getting traffic to your website too such as press releases, email marketing, offline, offline methods and more. These five are just meant as a guideline to get you started. Good luck!

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==== ==== Here's a Legitimate Free Way For You to Get Massive Amounts of Traffic to Your Website. ==== ====

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