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One day, not long ago, I was looking back on my experiences in the last 5 years and I came to an astonishing conclusion. I worked in a day job for most of my life and the long hours and small hourly rate helped me keep food on the table and keep a dry roof over my families head, however I clung to that fake security for many many years for absolutely no benefit at all. Looking back, I was washed around by the whims of the business owners who I worked for like I was in a turbulent sea. I worked hard for these companies that owned my efforts for 8 to 10 hours a day 6 days a week. I knew even back then, that my efforts were paid at a fixed hourly rate that gave me a blanket of security, knowing that pay check would be there each and every week. I knew deep down that my efforts and skill was paying them triple or quadruple what I was getting but getting that steady pay check was always somehow a much more valuable proposition to me. When I pushed my little boat from the shore (for the 5th time mind you, I had tried several business attempts before things started to work for me) I realized this time I would make it work and the following 3 points outline why this final attempt actually did work. Owning your own business truly is the best way to make easy money, because you are not being used by somebody else as leverage. You get direct access to the source of the business, the customer. Corporate money is a different world from hourly paycheck money. The ordinary individual would even feel guilt and consider they are being dishonest for getting so much money for such little time and effort. The average person has no real idea how real money is made because they pin the money they earn to an hourly rate. They cannot distinguish the difference between hourly money and solution money. Solution money. In the corporate world, a company that has a need will pay high funds (high funds is another way of saying "pay through the nose") to get a problem fixed. It is all about the numbers. If you have high funds and you encounter a problem that you cannot resolve that stops you from earning gigantic funds, you are not going to quibble about a few hundred thousand dollars in an afternoon. Solution money is a world apart from hourly money. Solution money has nothing to do with time spent or effort exerted. Solution money is about fixing a problem that you currently have and if you find someone that can fix it for you in 10 minutes, then you will pay. That is how solution money works in the corporate world and that is why your hourly rate is nothing to a corporation earning solution money from employing your efforts.

To make easy money, like just about every single successful corporation on the globe does, all you require is to find problems that wealthy people have and solve them. That is it! Whether it takes you 3 minutes to solve or 10 days does not really make a difference to the asking price you request. Solution money is not time Dependant, but it is value Dependant. So if your solution does the job, it matters little how little time or effort you expended. Getting away from the hourly pay mindset was the first step to my awakening. You may be wondering how little old you can get access to large paying corporations that have problems but really, that is not the question. The question is what do you have to offer and begin your search in that arena. Remember.,..David kicked Goliaths butt with a sling shot.

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