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If you have not used Evernote, you are missing out on a great application that can help you organize your daily activities. What I like about Evernote is that it allows me to capture, organize, or find information, whether a personal note, an Internet site, picture, or many other items. It has helped me a lot! While I usually take notes, file a picture, place a bookmark in my browser or take other actions, I may or may not remember where I put them. Evernote rounds up just about all of these as well as has a number of other neat features. I am a PC user, so one of the really nice features that I like about Evernote is that your information can be synchronized across platforms such as Windows, Mac, the Web, and any mobile device (iPads, iPhones, Android, etc.). If you are a mobile phone user, you can take pictures, create a todo-list, and even record audio when you are out doing errands and then save the information to your Evernote account. This is really a great way to collect your thoughts without pen and scraps of paper. Another neat feature about Evernote is that the software stores your notes in "Containers" called "Notebooks." These notebooks work similar to a folder on your computer. You initially have one default notebook which you can change and add additional notebooks as you save your information. Below are 7 great features or applications that I like: Capture anything: Anything you see on your computer screen or just a subject you want a note about, you can capture it with Evernote. You can type a text note, clip a web page, take a picture with your mobile phone, and even capture a screenshot of your favorite website. You can capture important emails received and save as a file. Categorize your capture: When you capture information you want to be able to find it. Therefore you can categorize your information with Tags. You decide the name of the tag that you want to categorize your information. You can create as many tags as you like and the drag and drop them to any note. Searching the tag will bring up items with that tag. Clip any content: You can add content to you notebook or any capture item that is viewable on your computer screen. To add the content, simply highlight any portion of a document you want to clip, right click on the Evernote icon in the task bar and select the option you want. You can clip information from such applications as, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Adobe PDF's. Emailing your information: You are assigned a unique e-mail address when you sign up for Evernote. This allows you to email your content such as notes, snapshots, and audio directly into or from your account to regular email or Evernote. Find your information quickly: Evernote provides several nice ways to find your notes. You can do this by selecting a defined notebook and a specific tag. In addition you can search for text or filtering on attributes of all notes.

Synchronization: As long as you have Evernote installed on your computer and you are logged in and online with the same user account, Evernote will synchronize your information according to a pre-set schedule. You can manually initiate synchronization by hitting the "Sync" button. Site Memory Button: Evernote's Site Memory is a blog button that helps visitors to a blog site capture favorite content from the site. Site Memory is a website button, which allows site owners to create a beautiful clipping experience for their visitors. Besides making it easy for visitors to remember their favorite content, the button also displays everything they have ever clipped from the site. For example, a WordPress Evernote Site Memory plug-in has been developed that can be placed into your WordPress blog. When you look at your post you will see the icon at the bottom of each post. A visitor then can clip information from your site and store it in their Evernote database. Evernote has some great training that provides much more details. There are many more options in Evernote and more being discovered.

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==== ==== ---->>>> ! When You're Ready To Get The Most Out Of Your iPad ! <<<<--- ==== ====

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