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By CF Salicath

Folkenfolk Folken is the kind of place where you fall in love, in one way or another. You can’t help but feeling curious at the sight of the striking building at the top of Olavskleivå, and when you enter it, you step into a building where culture screams at you, as street art on the walls, posters along the staircases, the music on the stereo or by the thumping bass from the soundcheck in Storsalen reminding you to check with the barkeeper if there are still tickets available for tonights show. But all this is just the framework, then there are the people. When I first sought out Folken back in 2008, I had arrived in town only days earlier as a fresh student. Having no connections in Stavanger I looked for a place to get to know people, and Folkens photogang appealed. At first I focused my lens on the epic guitarists and funky singers, but I soon realised there was a lot of things happening off stage too. All the little gestures, poses, routines and rituals making Folken what it is. In collecting theese moments, Folkenfolk was born. The next four years provided me with an academic education and a cultural and social education, with Folken being the institution providing the latter. I changed a lot over

those years, but Folken remained the same in its ephemeral way. I remember the first night of the 2011 fall season. I seemed the summers events had changed everything, but turning the corner at the top of ‘Kleivå, Folken was still there. The stairs still smelled of old beer and the darkroom sink was still clogged. With all its glorious imperfections, Folken was still the same. This series of photographs, from the early winter of 2008 to spring 2012, are a tribute to the people of Folken – The Folkenfolk. They make Folken what it is, and they made my years in Stavanger memorable. This is my humble way of saying thank you. Until next time, rock on! CF

Suzanne posing by the front door. March 2010

View from the photoroom, with the silhouette of Frida relaxing in the couch. November 2010

Foosball in Grottene August 2011

Shadows cast by the photogang at the back wall after show. January 2011

Janove Ottesen of Kaizers Orchestra. February 2011

Sign of the horn and glow of the smatphones, a sign of the times. May 2012

No comment. March 2010

Fredrik with Morten and Stian in the background. No further comment needed. February 2010

People masked for a Houseparty. January 2010

The DJ posing, making sure to collect hipster-creds for the choice of music. January 2010

The Kaizer have left the building. February 2011

Typical get-out scene - Flightcases being rolled out while the last guests are having a smoke. February 2011

Jon Olav Nilsen & Gjengen and audience. March 2011

Unknown couple posing for a picture. Overthrow doing a warm-up act in the background. December 2009

Ken Stringfellow of the Disciplines getting intimate with the audience. November 2008

Snapshot over Mari’s shoulder, capturing a private moment in Grottene. May 2011

Anastasia striking her best pose for the camera. April 2012

Consert crew posing after show. April 2012

Ready for show. May 2012

Ă…sne have beer. May 2012

Alexander caught in a contemplative moment. January 2010

Terje March 2012

Lene receiving birthday-muffin. April 2012

Beth Hart October 2010

Cold beer outside Grottene March 2012

With Folken occupied, the Folkenfolks had to move into St. Petri church for the show to go on. March 2012

Carina February 2012

Terje at get-out. February 2011

Get-out February 2011

Setlists by the main stage door February 2012

Flightcases being carried out next to people having a late beer. April 2012

Fans comfort each other after the final gig of Theater of Tragedy October 2010

The crew clearing out empty beer cups after show. May 2012

Trond clearing out trussers after show. May 2012

By CF Salicath Š 2013


Catalogue for exhbition, Folkenfolk, at Folken, Stavanger, openeing 17. march 2013.

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