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The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region

Annual Report 2013 2014

The Community Foundation is a non-profit organization that manages and distributes charitable giving in the Rappahannock River region. Our goal is to promote greater philanthropy by addressing the challenges faced by donors in a responsible and knowledgeable manner. We distinguish ourselves from other local charities by providing efficient and effective services to build a collection of permanent funds.

What’s Your Passion? The Community Give The Community Give was our region’s first community - wide online day of giving event. • Generous sponsors contributed $100,000 in incentive prizes. • 115 local nonprofits received 4,977 online donations. • Energized citizens - across the region and beyond - gave $444,581 in just 24 hours. Sponsors of The Community Give • Honeywell Charitable Fund of The Community Foundation • Community Enrichment Fund of The Community Foundation • Union First Market Bank • Sullivan Family Fund of The Community Foundation • John and Sharon Fick • Wack General Contracting • Bruce and Sandy Davis • Brad and Chris Repp • Zope Corporation

Participants of The Community Give

Agency Amount Prize Total Agency Amount Prize Total Raised Amount Granted Raised Amount Granted Aikido in Fredericksburg $4,070 Alzheimer’s Association $920 Artful Dimensions Gallery $1,185 Autism Society of Northern Virginia $565 Blue Star Mothers Fredericksburg Chapter VA4 $350 Bluemont Concert Series $760 Boy Scouts of America, NCAC $1,290 Brain Injury Association - Westwood Clubhouse $75 Caroline County Little League $100 Caroline Library, Inc. $225 Caroline’s Promise $100 Catholic Charities - $200 Central Rappahannock Heritage Center, Inc. $6,050 Central VA Public Access Television $110 Central Virginia Battlefields Trust $4,685 Central Virginia Housing Coalition, Inc. $1,850 Conway Elementary PTA $650 Courtland Band Parents’ Association $375 CYT Fredericksburg $395 Dahlgren Heritage Foundation $575 disAbility Resource Center $1,080 Downtown Greens, Inc. $5,514 Empowerhouse $80,068 Fairy Godmother Project $5,415 Fredericksburg Academy $14,225 Fredericksburg All Ages, Inc. $1,351 Fredericksburg Area Food Bank $4,618 Fredericksburg Area HIV/AIDS Support Services $880 Fredericksburg Area Museum & Cultural Center $1,910 Fredericksburg Area Trails MUG $535 Fredericksburg Center of the Creative Arts $1,550 Fredericksburg Community Concert Band $1,025 Fredericksburg Counseling Service $3,560 Fredericksburg Festival for the Performing Arts $14,225 Fredericksburg Pregnancy Center $235 Fredericksburg Sister City Association, Inc. $370 FredXchange $5,705 Friends of the DRHT $1,320 Friends of the Rappahannock $10,610 Gari Melchers Home and Studio at Belmont $645 Germanna C C Educational Foundation $11,075 Grace Oughton Cancer Foundation $1,900 Grace Preparatory School $50 Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity $3,300 Hartwood Elementary PTA $185 Hazel Hill Healthcare Project $525 Healthy Families Rappahannock Area $645 Historic Fredericksburg Foundation, Inc. $1,260 Holy Cross Academy $10,550 Loisann’s Hope House $12,440 Hospice Support Care - MWHC Bereavement $3,135 James Monroe Museum $145 King George Animal Rescue League $2,555 Kiwanis of Fredericksburg $550 Ladies Memorial Association $1,075 Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic $3,220 Love Thy Neighbor $1,125

$1,000 $5,070 $920 $2,000 $3,185 $565 $350 $760 $1,290 $75 $100 $225 $100 $200 $1,000 $7,050 $110 $4,685 $1,850 $650 $250 $625 $395 $575 $1,080 $5,514 $23,500 $103,568 $5,415 $5,000 $19,225 $1,351 $1,000 $5,618 $880 $1,910 $535 $1,550 $1,025 $3,560 $14,225 $235 $370 $5,705 $1,320 $1,000 $11,610 $645 $11,075 $1,000 $2,900 $50 $3,300 $185 $525 $1,000 $1,645 $1,000 $2,260 $7,500 $18,050 $12,440 $3,135 $145 $2,555 $550 $1,075 $3,220 $1,125

LUCHA Ministries, Inc. Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Virginia Maranatha Music Ministries Inc. Mary’s Shelter Meadowview Biological Research Station Mental Health America of Fredericksburg Micah Ecumenical Ministries Open Hand of Fredericksburg Partnership for Academic Excellence Project Discovery Fredericksburg (Quin Rivers) Rappahannock Adult Activities, Inc. Rappahannock Area Agency on Aging Rappahannock Area Community Services Board Rappahannock Area Kids on the Block, Inc. Rappahannock Big Brothers Big Sisters Rappahannock CASA Inc Rappahannock Goodwill Industries, Inc. Rappahannock Legal Services Rappahannock POPS Orchestra Rappahannock Youth Orchestra, Inc. Rappahannock Council Against Sexual Assault Recovery in Motion Rikki’s Refuge Riverside Foundation for the Performing Arts Ronald McDonald House Charities of Richmond Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center Saint Seton’s Orphaned Animals SERVE Smart Beginnings Rappahannock Area Spanish Information Network of VA SPCA of Fredericksburg Special Olympics Virginia Spotsylvania Crime Prevention Council Spotsylvania Ducks Youth Football Association Spotsylvania Education Foundation St Michael the Archangel High School St. Vincent DePaul Stafford Academy Inc Stafford County Hartwood Days Stafford Hope Center, Inc Stafford Junction Stafford Regional Choral Society Stage Door Productions, Inc. Sunshine Ballpark Foundation The Childcare Network The Doctor Yum Project The Farmers The Fredericksburg Main Street Initiative The George Washington Foundation The Salvation Army Thrive the healing center Thurman Brisben Homeless Shelter, Inc. Tree Fredericksburg United Methodist Family Services Virginia Organizing Visualize & Rize Foundation, Inc. Washington Heritage Museums YMCA - Rappahannock Area YMCA Total

$3,035 $125 $1,705 $2,016 $10,395 $1,466 $13,043 $1,170 $7,960 $400 $11,655 $700 $375 $350 $2,180 $1,960 $570 $10,301 $1,150 $350 $2,241 $2,960 $12,263 $750 $35 $2,590 $485 $29,908 $7,105 $50 $6,072 $1,100 $160 $800 $2,350 $1,660 $1,460 $935 $35 $3,530 $2,575 $510 $2,015 $5,000 $675 $1,550 $425 $2,840 $5,125 $1,860 $2,698 $3,885 $3,401 $450 $335 $1,200 $4,995 $24,541

$3,035 $1,000 $1,125 $1,000 $2,705 $2,016 $3,000 $13,395 $1,466 $13,043 $1,000 $2,170 $1,000 $8,960 $400 $1,000 $12,655 $700 $375 $350 $2,180 $1,960 $570 $2,750 $13,051 $1,150 $350 $2,241 $1,000 $3,960 $2,500 $14,763 $750 $35 $2,590 $485 $6,000 $35,908 $7,105 $50 $1,000 $7,072 $1,100 $160 $800 $2,350 $1,660 $1,000 $2,460 $935 $35 $3,530 $1,000 $3,575 $510 $1,000 $3,015 $1,000 $6,000 $675 $1,550 $1,000 $1,425 $2,840 $1,000 $6,125 $1,860 $2,698 $3,885 $3,401 $450 $335 $1,200 $2,500 $7,495 $25,000 $49,541


$100,000 $544,581

Philanthropy is Our Passion

Through The Community Foundation’s civic leadership, we constantly and vigilantly strive to improve our existing services and to implement new resources for the betterment of our donors and the nonprofit organizations that make this a wonderful place to live. The Community Foundation enjoys a “front row seat” to our community’s deep generosity and commitment to others. The Community Foundation’s support of grantmaking touches all aspects of our community from the arts, preservation, conservation, human services, healthcare, education and more. We were approached last year with an opportunity to conduct a twenty-four hour, online day of giving event to benefit the nonprofit organizations in the greater Fredericksburg region. Though we didn’t know each practical challenge necessary to organize the event, we knew it would be a powerful and innovative way to promote giving in our community. We named the event The Community Give. Its success depended on engaged nonprofit organizations, a significant prize pool and an enthusiastic response from the community. The Community Give occurred on May 6th, 2014 with the involvement of 115 nonprofits, the donation of $100,000 in incentive prizes and nearly 5,000 donations from generous citizens. The area nonprofit organizations received a total of $544,481 through The Community Give. Together with each participating nonprofit, we learned about the power of online giving, the way of the future in fundraising.

Speaking for The Community Foundation’s board of governors, we are grateful to each person who gave at, to the generous donors who sponsored The Community Foundation’s matching grants, and to The Community Foundation staff and event committee, particularly The Community Give Chair, Ms. Chris Repp. The Community Give made a significant impact on our region, but it was only one of many goals that we accomplished last year. Just as The Community Foundation invested in local nonprofits’ capacity for online fundraising, we also invested in our own capacity to serve donors and grant applicants by implementing new integrated fund accounting and grant management software to create improved functionality, increased efficiency and a reduction of paper. Our scholarship applications, for example, can now be completed and reviewed entirely online. Finally, The Community Foundation’s charitable assets have grown to almost $17 million and we distributed grants and scholarships totaling over $1 million in 2014. What’s your passion?

Teri McNally John McManus Executive Director President

The Community Foundation’s charitable assets grew to almost $17 million and we distributed grants and scholarships totaling over $1 million in 2014.


The Community Give

“The Community Give infused our fundraising with energy.” “When I first learned about The Community Give, I placed it on hold, because I already had a lot on my plate for Loisann’s Hope House. I believed we were doing great with social media, but knew we could do better to expand the donor base and raise funds. “The Community Give changed the way we tell our story. Now we use social media with a purpose! We share the latest of what is going on, and tell friends of Loisann’s Hope House how together we can end homelessness and impact the world!”

Lisa Crittenden Executive Director, Loisann’s Hope House


The 2nd Annual Community Give will be held May 5th, 2015.

It’s Easy to Give

Making a Difference Now and Forever

If you’re reading this annual report, there’s a strong possibility that you believe in charitable giving. You have probably supported a number of charities over the years.

Every day, The Community Foundation’s 107 funds impact the quality of life in our region. Students are attending college, relying upon scholarships from the foundation. Charities are expanding their mission and service, using grants from the foundation. Families are creating legacies of philanthropy that will continue for future generations, relying on the expertise of staff at the foundation.

Wouldn’t it be great if your legacy of charitable giving could continue forever? It can through The Community Foundation. The foundation makes it easy. Since the Internal Revenue Service recognizes The Community Foundation as a public charity, our donors are provided with the maximum tax benefits allowed by law. We also handle all the ongoing administrative duties. Our staff can help you determine the best way for you to support your favorite charities. Your choices can include (but not be limited to): • Add to our 107 existing charitable funds at any time and in any amount. • Establish a fund through gifts of cash, securities, real estate or life insurance. • Honor or memorialize an individual or family through the establishment of a fund or gift to a fund. Anniversaries or special events can also be commemorated in the same way. • Leave charitable assets to a Community Foundation fund in your will. After assuring that your loved ones have been provided for, you can use a variety of assets such as pension plans, life insurance or the proceeds from the sale of property for charitable purposes. • Establish a scholarship fund. • Create an endowment for a particular charity or cause. • Leave a family legacy, allowing your children and succeeding generations to continue the tradition of charitable grant making.

This is the realization of a dream shared by 10 local leaders when they established The Community Foundation in 1997. They created a sustainable method to support the vitality and well being of the Rappahannock River Region by making it easy for generous individuals and groups to achieve their charitable goals. Inspired by a $1 million challenge grant from The Ukrop Foundation in Richmond. The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region, a nonprofit, public charity was launched to serve the current and future needs of people in Stafford, Spotsylvania, King George and Caroline Counties and the City of Fredericksburg. People with a heart for giving rely on The Community Foundation because we make charitable giving flexible, innovative and personalized. Individuals, couples, multigenerational families, businesses and nonprofits have established funds at the foundation. Each is separately accounted for. Each has its own design and purpose. A typical fund is created with a gift that is invested in perpetuity. The fund’s earnings are used to make annual grants throughout the region. We offer philanthropists a simple, powerful and highly personal approach to gift giving, using a variety of tools to help them make a difference, now and forever.

If you’re reading this annual report, there’s a strong possibility that you believe in charitable giving. You have probably supported a number of charities over the years.


Component Funds of The Community Foundation (New funds are in Red) Unrestricted Funds / Think Broadly Donors who contribute to the foundation’s Community Enrichment Fund or establish their own unrestricted fund can support a broad range of local concerns, including fast-emerging issues and future needs that we can’t yet anticipate. These flexible funds put the responsibility of identifying community needs and selecting worthy charities on to the foundation, relieving donors of these challenges. Community Enrichment Fund Donor Advised Funds / Stay Involved Donor Advised Funds provide a simple, powerful and very personal approach to giving. Donors stay actively involved in suggesting uses for their gifts. Donors can recommend charities to support at any time during the year, or work with Foundation staff to identify community nonprofits doing the best work on the issues most important to the donor. The Calvin Burns Family Fund The Caroline County Community Fund The Caroline County Public Spirit Fund The John and Linda Coker Family Fund The Colangelo/Phalen Family Legacy Fund The William and Barbara Cooper Memorial Fund Female Charity School Endowment Fund The Forbush Family Legacy Fund The Graves-King Family Legacy Fund The Duff McDuff Green, Jr. Fund The Hansen Family Fund The Hicks Family Fund The Honeywell Charitable Fund The Jimmy and Ellen Jarrell Family Legacy Fund The Alice Gray and Rick Johnson Fund The Kallay Family Endowment Fund The K-T Charitable Fund The Mahon Family Fund The Hugh and Marion McCabe Charitable Fund The Rennie and Richmond McDaniel Fund The Mary Wynn Richmond McDaniel Fund John F. and Deborah L. McManus Family Fund The David Morgan Fund The Mike and Patty O’Brien Charitable Fund The Robert Cullen O’Neill Memorial Fund The PNC Community Endowment Fund The Dulcie H. Potter Memorial Fund The Repp Family Fund The Josiah P. Rowe III Family Legacy Fund The Nicky Seay Charitable Fund 4

The Share Our Selves Fund The Sullivan Family Legacy Fund The Taczak Family Endowment Fund The Ukrop’s Endowment Fund The Vittoria Family Fund The Richard Linden Zirkle Fund Designated Funds / Provide Ongoing Support Establishing a Designated Fund allows a donor to support one or more specific charitable organizations. For example, a donor who has contributed to a nonprofit’s annual campaign year after year may be ready to establish a permanent asset on the charity’s behalf. The Sara P. Boutwell Memorial Fund The Alan F. Courtney Fund The Harry and Marie Dawideit Fund The Wayne A. Dennison Fund The Haven Make A Difference Fund The William Lakeman Habitat for Humanity Fund The McCabe-Felder Endowment Fund The O’Neill Family Legacy Fund The Barney Reiley YMCA Fund The Chris Ross Memorial Fund The Kathy Salvas Charitable Fund The Aune Sturdy Animal Protection Fund Trust for Public Education IV Fund The Elsie, Carroll and Willie Wheeler Hospice Support Care, Inc. Fund The Elsie, Carroll and Willie Wheeler Rappahannock Area Agency on Aging, Inc. Fund Organizational Funds Advanced Fund Development and Sustainability Tools for Nonprofits Area nonprofit organizations establish agency endowments (a type of designated fund) as a way to strengthen and grow fundraising efforts and to ensure permanent operating or program support. The Community Foundation assumes the challenges of endowed fund management for participating charity organizations, enabling them to fully concentrate on their mission. The Dahlgren Rescue Squad Fund The Fredericksburg Area HIV/AIDS Support Services Fund The Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center Fund The Fredericksburg Festival for the Performing Arts Fund The Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity Fund The Hospice Support Care Fund The Beth and Jay Jarrell Endowment Fund for RF&P BikeWalk Virginia

The William J. Kinnamon, Jr. Memorial Fund The Rappahannock Big Brothers Big Sisters Fund The Rappahannock Legal Services Justice Fund The L.E. Smoot Memorial Library Fund The Stafford Junction Fund The John Tippett Legacy Fund for the Rappahannock River Scholarship Funds / Invest in Deserving Students Donors help students achieve their dreams through education by establishing or contributing to a scholarship fund. Community Foundation staff help donors establish guidelines for students to apply for financial assistance through the fund. Scholarship eligibility might be based on a student’s achievement or a demonstration of financial need. Some scholarships focus on community involvement, a commitment to a particular field of study or demonstration of leadership ability. Some donors choose to meet or correspond with students after the selection process is complete. The Linda and Billy Beale Scholarship Fund The Mary E. Berger Scholarship Fund The Robert H. Bradley, Jr. Memorial Golf Scholarship Fund The Baron P. “Deuce” Braswell II Memorial Scholarship Fund The Como Farm Scholarship Fund The Brian Conner Memorial Scholarship Fund The Rosie Lee Dawson Scholarship Fund The Christine and Will Dickinson Memorial Scholarship Fund The Mary Carter Frackelton Scholarship Fund The Molly Gill Memorial Scholarship Fund The Jeremy Daniel Hawley Scholarship Fund The Richard C. Hayden Family Scholarship Fund The Peter D. Johnson Memorial Scholarship Fund The King George High School Sports Hall of Fame Scholarship Fund The Brandon Thomas Lawn Memorial Scholarship Fund The Betty Booker Lontz Scholarship Fund The Bill Lontz Science Scholarship Fund The Walton Mahon Scholarship Fund The Betty Merrill Scholarship for Excellence in Latin The Irene A. Miller Memorial Nursing Scholarship Fund The Paul E. Neri Memorial Scholarship Fund The Kay Orr Memorial Scholarship Fund The Lee Wingate Pappandreou Drama Award The Rev. Douglas T. Pinkard Memorial Scholarship Fund The Horace A. Revercomb, Jr. Scholarship for the Continuing Study of Music

The Chris Ross Memorial Scholarship Fund The George A. and Lucy Mae Scott Scholarship Fund Seay Family Memorial Fund The ShackLax Memorial Scholarship Fund Sofia Silva Scholarship Fund The Steven Snyder Memorial Scholarship Fund The Crittenden R. Sullivan, Jr. Memorial Scholarship Fund The George D. Taylor Scholarship Fund The Mary B. and Perry A. Thompson Scholarship Fund The Lauren Allie White Memorial Scholarship Fund The Kenneth T. Whitescarver III Memorial Scholarship Fund The Clay and Elsie Williams Rural Conservation Scholarship Fund Georgia M. Willis Scholarship for Caroline High School Field of Interest Funds / Address Important Issues Donors who establish a Field of Interest Fund target their gift to address a specific area of need. Whatever areas of interest inspire you to contribute – the arts, access to healthcare, the environment, etc. – The Community Foundation can assist in establishing a fund and recommending strategic gifts to address the causes you care about most. Anne Felder Fund Kelly Givens Memorial Fund The Virginia Heritage Fund The Michael W. Robbins Fund for the Enhancement of Workplace Safety Education Endowment Fund Community Foundation Funds Numerous Donors In our work with donors and charities across the region, we sometimes identify larger issues and opportunities that merit the community’s attention. In these cases we create the appropriate fund to harness the charitable power of many individual donors to help address the issue or opportunity. Community Enrichment Fund Grants for Humanity Women and Girls Fund Youth in Philanthropy Legacy Society Planned Gift Donors Anonymous 1 Anonymous 2 The Anne Felder Fund The Duff McDuff Green, Jr. Fund The Kay Orr Memorial Scholarship Fund The Chip and Ann Reamy Endowment Fund 5

Female Charity School

“Generations of women have worked diligently to protect the integrity and intended purpose of the Female Charity School fund. Moving it to The Community Foundation makes great sense.” Kitty Lee Wafle Over 250 years ago, Fredericksburg philanthropist Archibald McPherson died, leaving “a small fortune to the poor of the town.” The Male Charity School was opened, followed by The Female Charity School. The girls’ school was located at the corner of Caroline and Lewis Streets until 1930 when it was closed and the building was sold. The proceeds from the sale continue to be dispensed by a board of eight women to assist needy children in the area. Recent grant awards have included: School Dressing Days, The Salvation Army’s Camp Happyland and scholarships to the St. George’s Episcopal Church preschool. The Female Charity School Endowment Fund has moved to The Community Foundation where it will continue the tradition of charity to the needy established long ago by Archibald McPherson.


The Community Foundation Grantees Animal Welfare and the Environment Florida Oceanographic Society Friends of Dahlgren Railroad Heritage Trail Friends of the Rappahannock Garden Club of Virginia King George Animal Rescue League Meadowview Biological Research Station Rikki’s Refuge SPCA of Fredericksburg Tree Fredericksburg Washington National Park Fund Arts and Culture Artful Dimensions Gallery Friends and Neighbors Support Island Rec Fredericksburg Festival for the Performing Arts Fredericksburg Area Museum and Cultural Center Riverside Foundation SJI Museum of History & Industry Stage Door Productions Maranatha Music Ministries Preservation Central Rappahannock Heritage Center Central Virginia Battlefields Trust Gari Melchers Home and Studio George Washington Foundation Historic Fredericksburg Foundation, Inc. Ladies Memorial Association of Fredericksburg Montpelier Foundation United Daughters of the Confederacy Washington Heritage Museums Education and Youth Battlefield Elementary School PTO Boy Scouts of America National Capital Area Council Chancellor High School Children’s Museum of Richmond Fredericksburg College of William & Mary Fund Courtland Band Parents Association

Fredericksburg Area Fellowship of Christian Athletes Fredericksburg Yellow Jackets American Youth Football Fredericksburg Academy Freedom Middle School Harrison Road Elementary School Holy Cross Academy Hugh Mercer Elementary School Humboldt State University John J. Wright Educational and Cultural Center - Courthouse Academy King George Little League Livingston Elementary School Massaponax High School Palm Beach Atlantic University Partnership for Academic Excellence Rappahannock Adult Activities Rappahannock Area Agency on Aging Rappahannock Area Community Services Board Rappahannock Area Healthy Families Program for Teen Parents Rappahannock Big Brothers Big Sisters St. Christopher’s School Foundation Sunshine Ballpark Foundation University of Mary Washington University of Maryland College Park Foundation University of Virginia McIntire School of Commerce University of Virginia Athletics Foundation Wilderness Elementary School Wilderness Elementary School PTA Health and Human Services Aikido in Fredericksburg Bowling Green Volunteer Fire Department Bowling Green Volunteer Rescue Squad Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Arlington – Fredericksburg Chaplin Youth Center Children’s Home Society Compassionate International disAbility Resource Center Empowerhouse Fairview Beach Fire Department

Fairy Godmother Project Fredericksburg Area Food Bank Fredericksburg Area HIV/AIDS Support Services Fredericksburg Counseling Services Friday Harbor Food Bank Gabrielle Dinsmore Heart & Hope Fund Glory Outreach Grace Oughton Cancer Foundation Greater Fredericksburg Habitat for Humanity Haiti Micah Project Hands Across the Sea Hazel Hill Healthcare Project Hope Tree Family Services Hospice Support Care Interfaith Community Council Lloyd F. Moss Free Clinic Loisann’s Hope House Make-A-Wish Foundation of Greater Virginia Mary’s Shelter Mental Health America - Fredericksburg MICAH Ecumenical Services Open Hand of Fredericksburg Rappahannock Council Against Sexual Assault Rappahannock Goodwill Industries Rappahannock Legal Services Rappahannock Regional Juvenile Center Recovery in Motion S. E. R. V. E. Safe Harbor Child Advocacy Center Salvation Army St. Vincent DePaul St. George’s Episcopal Church The Table Stafford Junction The Farmers Market. Co Thurman Brisben Center YMCA Caroline Family YMCA King George Family YMCA Young Life Caroline County Religious Organizations Dahlgren United Methodist Church Lifepoint Church The Presbyterian Church


“YIP was the catalyst to my career in nonprofits.” “Through Youth in Philanthropy, I realized I wanted to pursue a career in nonprofits. Now I spend each day working toward something I am passionate about. You can’t beat the feeling of knowing you are making a difference. Whether it is helping your local community or working on an international platform, it is all about leaving this world a little better than you found it.”

Rachael Poor

Rachael has made a difference as a worker in a Peruvian orphanage, and as a consultant for local nonprofits in Bali, Indonesia. She also worked locally for Friends of the Rappahannock before becoming Donor Relations Manager of Rainforest Trust. The Community Foundation’s Youth In Philanthropy (YIP) program actively connects young people with critical issues facing our community. By increasing their leadership, creativity and analytic thinking skills, we are encouraging a lifetime of philanthropy.


The Community Foundation 2013 - 2014 Donors Contributors to Funds within The Community Foundation 3gemsnet LLC Anonymous Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Amos Mr. and Mrs. Keith S. Armstrong Glory Days Grill Pastor and Mrs. James Ayers Mr. Brian J. Baker Ms. Leslie J. Barker Bay State Mr. Anthony L. Bennett Ms. Mary E. Berger Mr. and Mrs. John M. Bland, Jr. Dr. Jeffrey H. Boutwell LTC (ret) Gwendolyn Braswell-Nash Ms. Constance E. Braxton Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Brittain Brittany Commons Apartments Ms. Georgia Sutton Buchanan Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burch, Sr. John J. Burger, Architect PC Mr. and Mrs. Larry Cameron Ms. Leslie Z. Campbell Mr. Robert C. Carter Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chiavaroli Dr. and Mrs. John H. Coker, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. David Colangelo Mr. and Mrs. John D. Colangelo Mr. Michael D. Colangelo Ms. Mary Ellen Colangelo Ms. Tracie Cook Mr. and Mrs. James Cook Mr. Andrew Cooper Country Club Estates Civic Action Mr. Alan Courtney Ear, Nose, Throat and Facial Plastic Surgery Center Estate of Rosie Dawson Ms. Josephine Dellinger Ms. Joanne Dennison Mrs. Leola D. Dennison Ms. Sheri Dennison Rappahannock Legal Services Ducks Unlimited Fredericksburg Chapter Ms. Kathryn Dunn Ms. Genevieve Dunn Ms. Judy Dunnington Mr. and Mrs. John P. Eck Mr. and Mrs. Donald Edwards Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Enright Mr. and Mrs. Al Erkert Mr. and Mrs. William J. Evans Evans Equipment Company Female Charity School Endowment Mr. and Mrs. Gary Ferrebee Mr. and Mrs. John F. Fick III Ms. Cheryl Finley Ms. Colleen Fisher Ms. Darlene Flemer Mr. and Mrs. Michael Fogarty

Ms. Mary Carter Frackelton Fredericksburg Area Running Club Fredericksburg Hospitalist Group PC Fredericksburg Orthopaedic Associates Fredericksburg Rotary Club Mr. and Mrs. David Gallup Mr. Jay Hudson Garrett LTC (ret) and Mrs. Bradley Gates Ms. Donna Gibson Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Gill Ms. Anne Graves Mr. Willie L. Graves Ms. Rose Greco Mr. and Mrs. Dan Hansen Mr. and Mrs. Bill Harris Dr. David E. Hertzog Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hicks Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Hoffman Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Holmes Ms. Jeanna Holmesley Mr. and Mrs. Larry Ingalls Integrity Applications Incorporated Integrity Rehab Group Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Jackson Mrs. James E. Jarrell Mr. and Mrs. Fitz Johnson Ms. Francyne Jones Mr. Alvin Kay Mr. and Mrs. Ovander Kay Ms. Melanie Kay-Wyatt Mr. Peter J. Kearney Ms. Barbara G. Keller Mrs. Beverly King King George High School Hall of Fame King George High School - Lauren Allie White Memorial Mrs. JoAnne H. Kinnamon Mr. William J. Kinnamon III Kiwanis Foundation of Fredericksburg Ms. Linda B. Kline Ladies Golf Association of Fredericksburg Country Club Mr. and Mrs. F. Raymond Little Mrs. Betty B. Lontz Mary Washington Healthcare Mr. and Mrs. Ken Mason Dr. and Mrs. C. Rosser Massey III Mr. and Mrs. Raymond C. McAfoose Mr. and Mrs. W. Richmond McDaniel Mr. and Mrs. Bernhard Medina Ms. Nancy Moore Mr. and Mrs. George Moreland Mr. David G. Morgan Mr. and Mrs. Bill Morton Ms. Louise A. Morton Mr. Joseph S. Nash Ms. Madeline Nicley Mr. and Mrs. James C. Norton Dr. and Mrs. Michael O’Brien Mr. and Mrs. Harry Oldland III Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Olson

Ms. Mary Jane O’Neill Ms. Anne Overington Mr. Jeff Penny Mr. and Mrs. Albert Philpott, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond J. Polcha Pratt Medical Center Ms. Leslie T. Pugh Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rankin Mr. and Mrs. Brad Repp The Honorable and Mrs. Horace A. Revercomb III Ms. Zora S. Robbins Mr. Josiah P. Rowe III Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Saller Ms. Kathy Salvas Sands Anderson Schiller Enterprise Mr. Nicky Seay Ms. Amelda Self SH Developments Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Shacklette Ms. Renée Sherman Ms. Charlene Shipman Mr. George Shipman Ms. Alice S. Shipman Ms. Elizabeth Simpson Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Smith Ms. Barbara Smith Mr. and Mrs. Robin Smith Captain and Mrs. James S. Snyder Mr. and Mrs. William Sokol Mr. and Mrs. David R. Spillman Sport & Health Spotsylvania Regional Medical Center Mr. and Mrs. Fred Stamper Ms. Mary Jane Stein Ms. Kathy Stoelker Ms. Anne Stuart Mr. and Mrs. Neil Sullivan Ms. Carolyn Sumner Surgical Associates of Fredericksburg Sylvannah Baptist Church Mr. and Mrs. William Taczak Ms. Marjorie Tankersley Estate of George Taylor Temple of Deliverence Mr. George Toliver Mr. Kirk O. Tower Union First Market Bank Virginia Diagnostics LLC Female Charity School Mr. and Mrs. Aric Wagner Ms. Kathleen R. Wallace Walmart Mr. Ronald G. Wasem Dr. Gail W. Wertz Mr. Furman Whitescarver, Jr. The Honorable and Mrs. Gordon Willis Mrs. Frances W. Wolfe Dr. Anna Yonker-Sell Mr. Carl S. Zirkle


The Community Foundation 2013-2014 Donors The Community Foundation 2013 - 2014 Individual Donors Mr. and Mrs. Jack Albertine Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Allen Mr. and Mrs. Edward Allison Mr. and Mrs. Greg Allison Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Amrhein Mr. and Mrs. Conor Ashby Mr. and Mrs. James Ashby IV Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Atkins The Honorable and Mrs. J. Martin Bass Mr. and Mrs. Waldo Beck Ms. Gwendolyn O. Beck Mr. and Mrs. E. Thomas Blalock Mr. and Mrs. Dave Bohmke Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Bransome The Honorable and Mrs. H. Harrison Braxton Mrs. Patti Bricken Mr. and Mrs. Martin Bridi Mr. and Mrs. Willard Carney Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Chiavaroli Ms. Anita Churchill Dr. Robert Ciccone Dr. and Mrs. John Coker, Jr. Mr. John C. Cowan Drs. William and Theresa Crawley Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Davis Dr. and Mrs. Harry D. Dickinson Dr. and Mrs. Matthew Dumont Mr. and Mrs. Donald T. Edwards Mrs. Dori Eglevsky Mr. Felix Fararaccio Mr. Edward M. Ferguson, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. John F. Fick III Mrs. C. Warren Forbush Mr. and Mrs. R. Leigh Frackelton Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Goodman Ms. Rose Greco Mr. Richard H. Hagenlocker Dr. and Mrs. William A. Hamilton Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Harman Mr. and Mrs. Richard Hazel Dr. and Mrs. Howard Heppe Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Hicks Mr. and Mrs. Homer L. Hite Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Hoffman Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Hughes Mr. and Mrs. Larry W. Ingalls Ms. Jane K. Isaac Mr. and Mrs. Doug Janney, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Fitzhugh O. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Kennison Mr. Stephen King and Ms. Cathy Wack


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Corporate and Charitable Fund Donors The Bay and Paul Foundations The Sara Boutwell Memorial Fund Cox & Johnson Insurance Agency Cullen, Inc. The Harry & Marie Dawideit Fund The Wayne A. Dennison Fund Dominion Engineering Associates Finish Line Construction Company Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce Fredericksburg Savings Charitable Foundation Grants for Humanity Fund The Graves-King Family Fund The Hansen Family Fund Hirschler Fleischer The Honeywell Charitable Fund Matthew’s Center for Visual Learning The Rennie & Richmond McDaniel Fund The David Morgan Fund The O’Neill Family Legacy Fund The Robert Cullen O’Neill Memorial Fund The Dulcie H. Potter Memorial Fund Prince William County Bar Association The Chris Ross Memorial Fund The Sullivan Family Legacy Fund Stafford Smile Design PC Ulman’s Jewelry Virginia Partners Bank

The Community Foundation 2013-2014 Donors Ring in the Holiday Sponsorships 2013 Platinum Beveridge Seay, Inc. Cary Street Partners Mary Jane O’Neill Cullen, Inc. Sandy and Bruce Davis J. F. Fick, Inc. Hirschler Fleischer PBMares Sands Anderson Union First Market Bank Union Investment Securities Wack General Contractor Gold Applied Technology, Inc. BB&T Wealth Cushman & Wakefield / Thalhimer Parties by Dori Zebrareach

Silver Atlantic Builders Cooper Financial Group Douglas Cooper & Joshua Cooper Edward Jones Investments - Ben Maxwell Hallberg & O’Malley Financial Group Lucy and Wayne Harman HDT Global, Inc. Hilldrup Properties, Inc. Holmes, Riley & Associates of Merrill Lynch Johnson Realty Advisors, Inc. Steve and Missy Norair Peoples Community Bank PermaTreat, Inc. Sterne Agee Truong Rehabilitation Center Virginia Partners Bank Wells Fargo Private Bank & Wells Fargo Business Banking

Bronze Mona and Jack Albertine Rob Billingsley / Northwestern Mutual Lauren and Tom Blalock Family Bowling, Franklin & Co., LLP Jason and Heather Cohen Fidelity Bank Mortgage Carter Frackelton Debby and Ross Girvan The Hoffman Family / Fredericksburg Dr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Hughes JON Properties, LLC The Keddie Group / Davenport & Co. LLC Keystone Coffee and Auto Spa Mr. and Mrs. Marque Ledoux Patti & Bill Lynch Mary Elizabeth and Pat McManus moussaka design & photography Mr. and Mrs. Greg Mueller Parrish Houck and Snead, PLC Roxbury Mills St Francis Animal Hospital Dr. Stephen McAuliff Salon 730 Janny and Shane Simms Therapy Toolbox / Lindsay Coker Dickinson ThirdRail, Inc Tulip Salon & Spa / Aveda Utility Professional Services, Inc. Fred & Tanya Howe Virginia Commerce Bank

Ring in the Holidays Party 2013 11

The Women and Girls Fund Members Elizabeth Adams Rebecca Adamson Mona Albertine Anne Allen Kathy Anderson Sabrina Anderson Stephanie Armstrong Linda Arnold Lucy Booth Ashby Jackie Baker Rosemary Barra Mary Ann Batsche Karin Beals Anne Beals Suzanne Belmore Gloria Bennett Jessica Beringer Helen Biever Lisa Biever Jean Billings Astrid Blazek Sarah Branner Sue Bridi Jo Ann Brown Doris Buffett Mary Cadwallender Jeanette Cadwallender Lori Canova Betsy Carey Susan Carol Kathleen Carroll Stephanie Caspersen Nancy Cherwek Ana Chichester Joyce Childress Anita Churchill Elizabeth Clark Ginny Clendenin Heather Cohen Linda Coker Lorie Coker Lindsay Coker-Dickinson Deborah Collins Peggy Conway Randee Cooper Ranny Corbin Casey Cornell Jennifer Cox Sherri Cox Andi Dameron Haley Dameron Rebecca Danello Cathy Davis Camille Degen Marion Deitz-Blair Delise Dickard Doris Dickinson Elizabeth Dickinson Kathleen Dickinson


Eileen Dohmann Teresa D’Orazio Janel Donohue Susan Dorsey Jenny Dupuy Dori Eglevsky Barbara Ehman Tina Ervin Carol Evans Dori Farrell Lolli Fensterer Tristin Fidler Ann Firth Darlene Flemer Heather Foley Jinxie Forbush Meredith Fox Mary Carter Frackelton Pat Frazer Janice Gage Leila Gardner Tricia Garner Jacqueline Getgood Betsy Glassie Gay Goad Cindy Goforth Lisa Golden Susan Graham Mary Katherine Greenlaw Angie Hallberg Debbie Hamilton Susan Hansen Lucy Harman Kathleen Harrigan Donna Hart Mary Hayden Cheryl Hazel Martha Hearn Jennifer Hellier Stephanie Henke Nancy Hicks Mary Hilliard Joyce Hite Gayle Hock Cinde Hoffman Mary Louise Holmes Anne Holmes Dona Holt Kate Hopper Amelia Hovermale Casey Hu Robin Huddle Cindy Hughes Sharon Humes Rose Hurley Dolores Ibarra Lana Ingram Tina Jackson Ellen Jarrell

Kelly Johnson Patti Kaila Veronica Kelly Lillian Kendall Bernie Kenneweg Jacqueline King Samantha King Liz King Lana King Dee Kitterman Ann Kloeckner Jeanne Klotz Eleanor Ledoux Katherine Lovello Christine Lynch Patti Lynch Ann Macdonald Becca Mahon Carol Manns Dana Marshall Celie Massey Carolyn Mathur Melinda May Margot McBrayer Wagner Venitta McCall Maggie McCormack Amy McCullough Mary Wynn McDaniel Tricia McDaniel Rennie McDaniel Jordan McDaniel Mary McDaniel Lori McDermott Martha McGrail Elizabeth McGowan Debbie McInnis Rosemarie McKeown Deborah McManus Mary Elizabeth McManus Teri McNally Jennalee McNally Nancy Miller Elaine Miller Sharon Minniear Marilyn Moon Richelle Moore Linda Moore Wendy Moore Christine Morin Tami Morello Rhonda Morgan Susan Carter Morgan Neva Morrison Michaele Morton Louise Morton Barbara Muir Yvette Nageotte Yvonne Nageotte Susan Neal

Carol Nelson Bev Newlin Alice Nuckols Rosemary O’Grady Carrie O’Malley Janel O’Malley Mary Jane O’Neill Janice Olsen Katy Overton DeLaura Padovan Katie Payne Sandy Pearson Sarah Pierson Linda Pisenti Joan Poland Allyson Poska Terri Powe Kitty Quarles Betsy Quarles Barbara Rankin Ann Reamy Christine Repp Dorothy Rice Jeannie Richardson Lynne Richardson Julie Ricketts Whitney Riley Valerie Riviere Retta Robbins Carol Rooney Karen Rose Charlotte Rouse Susan Ryan Betsy Sale Brooke Satterwhite Janet Savage Sharon Schmidt Dana Schuster Carol Schwartzman Linda Sealy Beth Searcy Ann Sears Barbara Segar Georganne Sellars Vicki Silver Deborah Silver Larry Silver Lori Simms Lynn Simms Janny Sims Debbie Simpson Kim Smart Ann Smith Janice C. Smith Kirstin Snead Janet Sokol Whitney Sprinkle Shaun Sullivan Shirley Swisher

Jan Taczak Ruth Taliaferro Laura-Stuart Taylor Betsy Taylor Nancy Turnage Penny Turner Donna Ulman Irene Ultee Leigh Anne VanDoren Midge Vittoria Cathy Wack Claudia Wack Kitty Wafle Katy Wafle Molly Wafle Kathy Wallace Jeannine Wampler Anne Warlick Sheri Warren Chrissy West Alda White Rosalind Whitescarver Angela Williams Kelsey Williams Sue Williams Archer Williams Susan L. Williams Debby Willis Barbara Willis Kathryn R. Willis Tory Willis Alma Withers Adele Young Marsha Zaidman

“Supporting the Women and Girls Fund was kind of a ‘no brainer’ for me.” As a police officer in Alexandria, Virginia, I encountered families with all sorts of issues: physical and emotional abuse, neglect and more. I saw women and young girls without any hope of getting out of these situations. “When my financial advisor suggested establishing a fund at The Community Foundation, I thought it would be a good fit for me.” Proceeds from the Kathy Salvas Charitable Fund address these issues through support of The Women and Girls Fund, now and forever. Kathy Salvas


Fiscal Year 2014 Financial Summary Revenues and Support

Contributions to Funds $ 1,737,103 Temporarily Restricted 31,037 Unrestricted 56,309 Special Events Revenue


Administrative Fees


Interest and Dividends


Realized Gains (Losses)


Unrealized Gains (Losses)


Change in Value of Split Interest Agreement


Total Revenues and Support

$ 4,000,319

Expenses Grants and Program Support


Management and General


Fundraising and Special Events


Total Expenses


$ 1,335,638

Fiscal Year 2013 Cash Paid for Grants, Scholarships and Distributions $1,008,338

Health and Human Services

$ 369,520

Arts and Culture

$ 177,638

Community Philanthropy

$ 167,798


$ 139,886


$ 127,082


$ 21,441


$ 4,974

June 30, 2014 Funds by Type $16,881,882

Donor Advised

$ 10,386,643


$ 2,360,630

Designated Funds

$ 2,360,630


$ 729,227

Field of Interest

$ 650,137


$ 290,766


$ 127,195


Creating a Legacy

How do you want to be remembered? Your vision and insight can help insure a vibrant future for the Rappahannock River region. The Community Foundation can show you how to plan a legacy to support the causes you care about for generations to come, while providing you with tax savings and, in some cases, income for life. We take on donor challenges by establishing efficient and effective charitable funds to achieve your philanthropic goals. If you have included The Community Foundation in your plans, please contact us so we may recognize you as a member of our Legacy Society. To explore the many options for legacy giving through the foundation, visit or contact Teri McNally by email or phone:, 540 373-9292 ext 120.

Estate Planning Language The following four types of bequests direct your gift to the Community Foundation. You may restrict the bequest using additional language, such as to support one or more specific organizations or to impact a particular issue or field of interest. Percentage “I devise to The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region, a nonprofit corporation of the Commonwealth of Virginia, located at 725 Jackson Street, Suite 114, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, % of my estate.” Specific “I devise to The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region, a nonprofit corporation of the Commonwealth of Virginia, located at 725 Jackson Street, Suite 114, Fredericksburg, VA 22401,” Choose one 1. “The sum of $ 2. “


shares of stock in


3. “My real property commonly known as


Residual “I devise to The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region, a nonprofit corporation of the Commonwealth of Virginia, located at 725 Jackson Street, Suite 114, Fredericksburg, VA 22401, all the residue of my estate, including real personal property.”

How do you want to be remembered? Your vision and insight can help insure a vibrant future for the Rappahannock River region. 16

Contingent “In the event of the death of any of the beneficiaries, I devise to The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region, a nonprofit corporation of the Commonwealth of Virginia, located at 725 Jackson Street, Suite 114, Fredericksburg, VA 22401,…” Add percentage, specific or contingent language, as above. The foundation Board of Governors and staff thank everyone who has graciously planned a gift or has already given to our community through a Legacy Fund with The Community Foundation.

The Community Foundation Board of Governors 2013-2014 John F. McManus, Esq. President Kelly G. Johnson President Elect R. Leigh Frackelton, Jr., Esq. Secretary Janet T. Taczak Treasurer Bernard W. Mahon Past President

Mona D. Albertine E. Thomas Blalock II John H. Coker, Jr. DMD, MS, PC Bruce L. Davis Harry D. Dickinson Dori G. Eglevsky John F. Fick III Lucy G. Harman Cynthia Corbett Hoffman, Esq. V. Veronica Kelly, PhD Michael T. Kennison, CPA Benjamin R. Maxwell Richelle D. Moore, Esq. Erik J. Muller Michael A. O’Malley Mary Jane O’Neill Christine Repp Nicky Seay Neil S. Sullivan Past President

Through The Community Foundation’s civic leadership, we constantly and vigilantly strive to improve our existing services and to implement new resources for the betterment of our donors and the nonprofit organizations that make this a wonderful place to live.

Past Governors 1997 to 2014 Stephanie A. Armstrong, Esq. Stephen P. Batsche G. William Beale Joanne G. Beck, PhD Gerald A. Bellotti, MD Jeffrey H. Boutwell, PhD Ronald W. Branscome Thomas L. Bricken, Esq. * Raul Chavez-Negrete, PhD Ana Garcia Chichester, PhD Anita W. Churchill George W. Coghill, Jr. John H. Coker, DMD Gilbert I. Coleman, PhD* Richard E. Conway James C. Dannals Lawrence A. Davies Rosier D. Dedwylder II, MD Norris E. Dickard Janet C. Erkert Marilyn R. Farrington Allen H. Fisher Jr. Heather B. Foley, CPA Robert P. Fuscaldo Christopher M. Hallberg Daniel I. Hansen Homer L. Hite William J. Howell, Esq. William R. Johnson Beverley G. King William J. Kinnamon, Jr., Esq. * Larry E. Lenow Charles T. Lewis Ravi N. Mathur Craig Andrew Max, JD CPA * W. Richmond McDaniel

Wayne McHargue Catherine W. McKann* John D. Mitchell Alice L. Moore Richelle D. Moore, Esq. J. David Mullins John C. Neal Beverley C. Newlin Sean R. O’Connell, CPA M. Saundra Pearson Richard L. Potter * Betty J. Poole Xavier R. Richardson Donald J. Rooney Anne W. Rowe* Paul A. Simpson, Esq. George P. Snead, Esq. Douglas G. Stewart David W. Storke Neil S. Sullivan Barbara C. Terry Katherine Q. Wafle Jon D. Wallace Keith L. Wampler, CPA Kenneth T. Whitescarver, Esq. * Susan S. Williams, Esq. Barbara P. Willis Georgia Willis Fauber Alma F. Withers Dale L. Wright, PhD* Linda D. Worrell William B. Young William B. Young Past President * Deceased

“We want to give back to the community that has been so good to us.” Ann and Chip Reamy love Fredericksburg. In fact, they retired and moved to Florida, then moved back to Fredericksburg four years later! So it’s no surprise that they want to make a difference in the community they love by establishing a Legacy Fund at The Community Foundation. “Through this Legacy Fund at The Community Foundation, we will continue to support the causes we care about in perpetuity. The Legacy Fund made our estate planning easy.”

Ann and Chip Reamy

The Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region

725 Jackson St. Suite 114 P. O. Box 208 Fredericksburg, Virginia 22404


The Community Foundation enjoys a “front row seat” to our community’s deep generosity and commitment to others.


Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region Annual Report


Community Foundation of the Rappahannock River Region Annual Report

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