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ISSUE#4/APRIL 2013//



Abdallah O. Rushdi LAYOUT & DESIGN

Blow! Creative Agency FASHION EDITORS

Farrah Aboulazm Ghadir Al Agabany CONTRIBUTORS


Blow! Creative Agency PHOTOGRAPHY & EDITING

Hady Geneidi MODEL

Bosaina II MAKE UP

Soha Khoury NAILS

NESMA HELMY// SS13 COLLECTION Nesma Helmy is a fashion designer that launched her first collection in SS 2012, with a fashion stylist diploma from the FDC (BURGO Institute) cairo branch. The new Fashion designer Nesma Helmy took the local fashion scene by storm and now a year later has launched her latest collection. Offering a new way to be Unique, when you walk into an event make sure you make AN Entrance. She has her own moto “Stay Elegant & Beautiful and always be unique by having your own style girls.” Working hours from 12 to 8 pm everyday except Friday Call 01123151113 for details -- Appointment Required

YASMINE// SS13 COLLECTION The Spring/Summer 2013 collection from -YASMINE- takes on symmetry and bold colors while instilling the designer’s personal signature elements of deconstruction. Many of the designs incorporate adaptable zippers to create edgy versatility, from peek-a-boo tops to full height vertical zipper pants. Contrasting silhouettes continue to manifest through one-sleeved tops paired with geometrically designed shorts and cut-out cocktail dresses. Sheer and lustrous fabrics glamify everyday shirts and asymmetrical blazer vests, while raw leathers give form to fitted bustier tops. The color palette is daring and distinct with reds and blues set alongside timeless black and white. Running in a more experimental direction, this season’s multifaceted designs evoke a lighter disposition from the shadowy remains of the previous debut collection.

10 Beauty Playground

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ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//


AMINA K// “WOVEN SHREADS” SS13 COLLECTION Inspired by the beauty and simplicity of the Nubian mud houses mixed with weaving technique applied in Upper Egypt, This collection reflects the connection between design and workmanship. Being especially attracted to the soothing color palette these mudhouses created, it was only natural for Amina Khalil to turn to muddy colors as mustard, brick, beige and teal as her starting point. Vibrant mint, melon and variation of colorful prints were then added to create comfortable contrast. After continuous development, through a team of talented workers, Amina Khalil has been able to perfect the art of fabric hand weaving. As the main feature of the collection, the weave can be seen in several sizes, colors, using various fabrics wach with its own character and beauty. The irregularity yet logic behind each weave represents the balance Amina K. is always creating. Amina Khalil focused on growing her collection by creating garments that suits her clients’ lifestyle and needs. Making sure to include all the summer essentials from delicate beachwear, comfrtable casual wear, to elegan chiffon kaftans and dresses. Ever season Amina Khalil is one-step closer to building a strong relationship between what she designs and what the Amina K. woman longs to wear.

XAVIERA// JRESSAZER Introducing the women’s newest piece of accessory. Its not a jacket. Not a dress. Not a blazer! It’s the very unique, one of a kind, handmade JRESSAZER! Created out of sophisticated simplicity, to bring out your classy edginess. Fashion Designer and Stylist Reham Fareed born and raised in Egypt, grew up admiring and appreciating all sorts of art and beauty. At a very young age Reham started to invest love in fashion. Out of love for empowering women, Reham found her way to express her love for fashion, by creating her very unique collection of exquisite and ravishing jressazers, that would bring out the elegance and glamorous wildness in a woman who dares to wear one of them, yet with class. According to that, Reham decided to twist and alter the idea of blazers to make a garment that is eclectically exclusive!

ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//


ByMFL is a brand specializing in luxury bags. For their latest collection, a maritime theme with simple but elegant design, the new clutches are a must have. They are even featured in our Get The Look section on page 12 so don’t forget to check it out. The collection is available at Weeke Anteeka galleies in either heliopolis or Nasr City and can also be purchased at greaterthanfashion. com

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DEANA SHAABAN// SS13 The collection is playfully composed of asymmetrical cuts, angles and layering of different types of fabric. Linen is the hero of the collection, mixed with chiffons and silks to give a fairytale like feel to the designs. When the collection was designed, the designer had imagined what it would be like to be completely free and then translated that freedom in the design of each piece in this Spring/Summer collection. The fabric and colors that make up this season are subtle beiges and whites, yet upon taking a closer look the fabric reveals intricate patterns modestly hidden in each piece. Mixed with asymmetrical designs and draping, this collection promises to connect with every woman.

QIYADA// NEW BRAND OF HIGH END JEWELRY QIYADA is a jewelry line created by Roda.B.H.Musa, that focuses on a distinct cultural heritage of Eastern cultures meets Western cultures in a collective fusion that brings the best of both worlds. QIYADA is the first jewelry line that aims to provide unique,high end pieces at an affordable price to the mainstream without compromising on quality. Don’t forget to check out this months editorial on page 8 to see more of Qiyada’s latest collection.

NIHAL BASHA// LIMITED EDITION PAINTED COLLECTION BY REHAM ALAA After the great success in the collaboration between Nihal Basha and Reham Alaa, the team has produced the third edition of the very desirable limited edition painted collection. All the pieces are made to the high standards of the Nihal Basha brand and is hand painted by the artist Reham Alaa. There is only one piece of each design and they are selling out fast, so hurry up and check it out, and if you one of the lucky owners of thess limited edition pieces. it will be a staple in you closet for a long time to come.

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ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//




for fashion advice, shopping dilemmas, seasonal trends & styling tips & tricks. Send to

I always buy from expensive designer boutiques and wear exclusive chic brands, but close friends seem to constantly criticize my outfits in a very ironic way, although they wear from regular medium class stores. They say I have a styling problem. …….. Ranya

Buying expensive designer clothes doesn’t make you or anyone else stylish, it makes you rich, but not necessarily stylish. Being stylish means having taste when dressing up. Whether you’re in designer or high street brands, wealthy or not, classy or trendy, being stylish is all about how you mix and match pieces, colors and fabrics, along with accessories, hair and makeup. Sometimes, one could even buy a complete beautiful outfit from any vitrine window, but still look bad due to the grooming and accessorizing that wasn’t handled well to present the perfect final stylish look. Hiring a personal stylist might help a bit until you get the hang of it.

I’m tired of dressing up formally for my job. I work in a bank and I have to look absolutely spotless everyday but in formal suits all the time. Formal is formal and suits are identical, so I feel I look exactly the same everyday and it’s really boring me. …….. Hoda

No Hoda, formal isn’t formal and suits are not identical. Formal wear has the wrong concept in many executives’ minds. Business dress code doesn’t only include suits. You could absolutely play around with your formality obligation by adding amazing colors, putting on different styles, mixing fabrics, accessorizing mildly and still look impeccably formally dressed. Suits could be in a wide range of basic colors, plan or striped, short or long. Underneath, could be tops, shirts or blouses with a huge variety of styles. Also dresses with jackets look very professional. Skirts are also a huge item that comes in different models to mix and match with diverse tops. Don’t forget to change your accessories as bags, shoes and scarves according to your daily outfit. All this and more could change and develop your idea of formal business wear. Be creative to enjoy what you’re wearing. It will make you feel fine, confident and professional, thus you will even perform better!

What are the spring colors this year? ……… Tamara

Spring 2013 brings a whole big range of color spectrum. There’s poppy red, emerald green, Monaco blue, pastel nectarine, mintish green, lemonish yellow and violet lilac. But colors don’t come just like that. You gotta add stripes, geometrics, polka, flowers, pop art, cartoons and more to look real Spring ’13.

ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//

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NABIHA BEN ZAIED The Nazeeka brand was established in 2010 by Nabiha and has managed to make a name for itself in the Cairo fashion scene. Known for their fusion oriental style with a twist. With many fans in the region including Omani royalty. Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your educational background? What are your general professional interests? I graduated from Reading University in UK & majored in Graphic Designing & Advertising. I have a strong corporate professional background in administrative and managerial work.

When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer? I suddenly started hating the 9 to 5 job and decided to take the risk of starting a whole new career. I always liked the idea of fashion designing since college. I took baby steps and finally I decided to become a designer.

What are your greatest inspirations? Everything around us is inspiring, street style, colours, wall paintings & all sorts of arts. I take an element and translate it on my designs.

Were there hard moments & obstacles that you faced? Hardest moment was the start up. You don’t know if it’s the right decision, but, once you receive the feedback, it’s a motivating boost.

How do you see the past, present & future of fashion in Egypt? The past was mainly either western or local fashion trends. The present is a fusion between modern & oriental. Egypt is stating a new style of fashion that is becoming very popular worldwide. I believe the future

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ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//

FEATURES will be an identity continuation of local fashion. Like international fashion, the latest Dolce & Gabbana collection and the fusion of Sicilian styles into modern local embroideries on fashion items is a future statement.

Do you feel increased competition? Yes off course, there’s serious competition. However, it’s extremely positive competition because it targets innovation. Piracy doesn’t bother me much; on the contrary, it pushes me to be more creative, that is the natural development of competition.

What do you think the celebrity impact has been on fashion? It’s one of the best marketing tools for designers. For example Pugliesi designs started 2 years ago by dressing a TV presenter, then Madonna & Beyounce loved them, and so on.

What are your favourite fabrics/colours/patterns, etc to work with and why? I always prefer soft flowing fabrics as they fit easily & perfectly like chiffon materials, viscose, silk & cotton voile. Colors I like are black, grey, beige, white solids then I add accents to them from colours of the season. Always good to experiment with different pattern & fabric to be fashion forward & super innovative. Don’t be afraid to push your own ideas.

Who is one of your favourite local models to work with? Don’t have a favourite one, but always prefer non foreigners so the Arab nationality would reflect the fusion of my work.

Who are some of your favourite designers locally & internationally? In Egypt AminaK, Shahira Fawzy Sahara & Fugoura. ME, OTT & Zayan. Europe, Stella McCartney, DVF & Cavalli. USA, Jacob, BCBG, Hoffman & Tibi

What are some of your fashion goals? To open a flagship store in Egypt and then in the ME.

What are your steps to success? Consistency, innovation, experimentation, confidence in oneself and in your own talent.

Do you have any advice for the new generation of fashion designers? Vision & belief. If you have a talent, don’t be afraid, go ahead & try. It’s never too late.

ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//

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ART DIRECTION & STYLING Blow! Creative Agency PHOTOGRAPHY & EDITING Hady Geneidi MODEL Bosaina II MAKE UP Soha Khoury NAILS 10 Beauty Playground

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ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//


ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//

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ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//




Chanel Sunglasses EGP 1800

Jessica Alba


Hulay Dip Back T-shirt EGP 350 Zara women Colored Jeans EGP 399 Mahy Designs Skull Double Ring EGP 488

Zara Studded Sneakers EGP 799

ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//

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GET THE LOOK Olivia Plalermo

D Jewelry Edie pearl Necklace EGP 700

Mango Asymmetrical hem blazer EGP 399

Mango Cotton-twill chino shorts, EGP 250 H&M embroidered organza dress EGP 446

BY MFL Black Anchor Clutch EGP 360

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Zara Strappy Sandals with Ankle Buckle EGP 499

ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//



Chou & Sue is a new fashion brand and is taking the cairo fashion scene by storm and so it is CFR’s pick for April’s Item Of The Month. Chou & Sue specializes in statement pieces and their latest collection of embelished trenches is stunning. Taking a staple in every girls closet and turning into the statement piece of the outfit. This is a duo that you need to keep an eye on and we expect many great things from them.

EGYP 700 Available @

ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//

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CLASSIFIEDS Beauty Playground 0111 7800 708 0114 6032 682

10 Micheal Lotfallah st, Zamalek

“Get up, dress up & show up”


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ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//


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ISSUE#4//APRIL 2013//

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