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Award Season 2013 Best & Worst Dressed (Part 2) Interview: Batool El Daawi 8 Must-haves = ∞ Outfits

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Founder & Editor Abdallah Osama Rushdi Executive Editor Mahamad El Haddad Contributing Editors Ghadir Al Agabany Design & Layout Heba Khattab

Dear Readers, Summer is almost over, and beautiful fashionable people are flocking everywhere with excitement about new fall/winter trends, planning their new layered-up looks in their pretty little heads. Oh if I got a penny every single time a friend told me “ooh I can’t wait to wear my new boots!” Well... Cairo Fashion Report shares everyone’s excitement and can’t wait to keep you in the loop of what hot and whats not this Winter season. In our September issue, we are featuring in our news section the latest of Cairo’s local fashion scene. In our features section, the much awaited Awards Season 2013 Best & Worst dressed (part 2) is here. Get to know how to turn 8 basic items in your closet into endless trendy mash-up looks in our ‘8 Must-haves = ∞ Outfits’ feature. In our shopping section, we will inspire you how to dress up or dress down the very much in floral trend. Last but not least, the talented photographer Batool El Daawi is our interview muse of the month. Hope you enjoy our September issue our lovely fashionistas everywhere.

Contributors Sara Rushdi

Cover Story A nod to the ever so in floral trend that is blooming its way from SS to FW; classic, feminine, and just plain pretty! Don’t miss our shopping section featuring 2 unforgettable floral looks.

Executive Editor

Mahamad El Haddad MENNA KHALIL... Tribal Fusion Menna Khalil’s obsession with art in general, fashion and jewelry in particular inspired her to launch her jewellery brand Menna Khalil MK FW13. The brand now is introducing its fourth collection SS13 featuring an interesting melange of tribal themes inspired by Africa and Native America. Mixture of sterling silver and precious stones such as turquoise, coral, onyx and amber is utilized in an ethnic style to create bold statement pieces. MK also features carved abanoos wood inspired statement necklaces. A fact worth mentioning that celebrates the multi-talented Menna Khalil is that she personally styled and shot her SS13 photo shoot herself, right down to applying makeup and hairstyling! MK’s brand was spotted in USA, UK, France, Singapore and many others, spreading its glam and originality all over the world. Avaialble @ Kaf Fatma Gallery, Maadi.

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EL SASTRE... Collaboration Extraordinaire! Born through a vision of excellence, refinement and perfection; El Sastre is an established brand of shirt tailoring. A wide choice of exceptional fabrics, along with a selected combination of details is available to provide infinite possibilities for your handmade shirt. The brand’s individuality is centered around the aspiration of delivering talent and ingenuity, along with your personal touch of freedom. Every shirt is an expression of authenticity as the brand takes the responsibility of tailoring to your entire exigency. In collaboration with El Sastre, Islam Ahmed; an upcoming and rising name in menswear, designed and styled a stylish mini collection that featured the introduction of satin and novel collars cuts to El Sastre shirts. In addition, Islam styled a photo shoot for the collaborative collection titled ‘Paparazzi’, which also featured El Sastre hats that complemented the shirts giving a chic look. Available @

ENGY El ETRIBI... Mix & Match Engy El Etribi is a young visionary towards a bright future in the handmade jewelry field. Her life long avocation turned to be her one and only passionate and lovable profession. Engee started following her passion for handmade jewelry and launched the brand’s first collection in 2010 under the name “ENGYS”. The brand’s goal is to offer a mixture of unique yet affordable handmade jewelry suitable for all ages and for every occasion. Engy’s jewelry latest installments are a melange of different textures and materials paired together to form a novel, fresh and trendy look, such as; metal, semi precious stones, fabric, and handmade knitted crochet. Available @


FUGOURA... Ethnic Wear With a Modern Twist Fugoura was born to fill the gap between traditional and modern ways of dressing. Through a line of trendy fusion women’swear and accessories, Fugoura addresses a selective customer base of independent women to whom dress is a subtle statement of identity. Fugoura is conceived not for women tamed by typical class and social dictates, but rather for a woman polished by her knowledge, individuality, self-confidence and her love for travel and exploration. ‘Fusion’ can be considered Fugoura’s middle name; the world is full of ethnic treasures of handcrafts heritage, by drawing from that well and mixing it with contemporary lines and daring fabrics, comes the Fugoura twist. The brand’s collections are based on pure intuition by digging in the roots and origin of primitive garments and crafty tribal wear, and reinventing them with a modern twist. The brand’s latest collection consists of a range of kaftans, dresses, skirts, tops, belts, accessories and beachwear. Available @ Zamalek Shop, 26th of July, Zamalek. Dandy Mall, Cairo Alex Dessert Road. Beymen, Four Seasons Nile Plaza.

The Fashion Studio... Fall 2013 Courses Are you interested in Fashion Styling and Art Direction, Fashion Illustration and Technique, Fashion Entrepreneurship and Fashion Design Fundamentals?! Then you need to check out The Fashion Studio’s new courses for the Fall 2013 season. Limited spaces available per class so you better hurry up and book your spot. Available @




ASK G for fashion advice, shopping dilemmas, seasonal trends & styling tips & tricks. Send to ghadir@ Is the 80’s look coming back? ……….….. Maisa

When should we stop wearing summer trends and start focusing on the new season’s trends, and what are the new and upcoming winter styles? …..……. Hala There’s no specific time. It depends where you live and the climate around you. Sometimes in Cairo it gets colder much later than Alexandria. In London for example, they start wearing their fall wardrobe starting mid August. Generally in Cairo most people start layering up starting end of November till around the end of March. Winter is extremely short in Egypt, that’s why we should purchase our new fall and winter clothes early enough to be able to wear it in our short 3 to 4 months of winter.

Not the leg warmers and roller skates yet, but yes I do believe the retro 80’s look has definitely started to be in fashion again abroad and making its way here slowly but surely penetrating our fashion forward streets. Fashion trends and styles change extremely fast now and it’s not necessary to follow all the new trends all the time, however, it’s a lot of fun to at least try to go with the flow every once in a while. It’s quiet colorful and vibrant, especially if you have a passion for fashion. Popular inspired looks of the 80’s are the circle round shades, shoulder pads, hair bandanas, over-sized tops , wayfarers, over-sized accessories, cropped tops, tutu skirts and the ultimate trend of spikes and studs. Go ahead and enjoy this wave.

Will the denim trend ever be over? …..…….Asya Denim was never out, and will never be out. “Denim is the most democratic of fabrics, one that flatters everyone” as once quoted. It’s a one man show, sporty for mornings, sexy for evenings and could be even tailored for semi formal looks. Denim is evident in pants, shirts, jackets, skirts and even accessories. It’s practical, it’s easy to pair, it’s comfortable and simple to accessorize for all day long. Therefore, it will never be out of trend. Yes, I honestly do believe that fashion is devoted to denim.



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{ Night Look







Kerry Washington ZARA - LEATHER COURT SHOE - EGP599



Batool Al Daawi Click... Flash... Forever!

By Mahamad El Haddad


-What initially interested you in photography?

I’ve always been interested in photography since I was very young, I was inspired by the idea of capturing moments in time and freezing them by which I can create my own piece of art by utilizing different elements to express an idea or a thought with one click.

-What is your background in Photography? When and why did you get into photography?

I studied Mass Communication and majored in Broadcasting in Cairo. During my studies, I began to realize that I wanted to turn photography from a hobby to a career. While I always enjoyed taking photos, I thought I would be more focused on building a career in fashion design or fine arts. However, during my last year of college I got involved in creating a short film and that’s where I fell in love with the field and decided to take photography and film to a different level, a professional one. I started out by helping a photographer friend of mine during my last year of studies and after working as a freelance photographer for a year, I opened my own company, Blow Creative Agency in 2012. Running this company, as difficult as it was, gave me confidence and expertise. Then last winter I studied at The School of Visual Arts in New York which was an experience that added a lot to my growth as a photographer. During my stay in New York, I was fortunate enough to have met and worked with an amazing inspirational popular photographer named Pino Gomes who helped in developing my skills and knowledge of photography.

-What is the most challenging part about being a photographer for you, and what is most rewarding?

Aside from the fact that I find everything about this job challenging, the most difficult part of my work is trying to present artistic work that fits the Egyptian taste & mentality. It is specifically frustrating when I get clients who are afraid to approach fashion photography from a more avant-garde approach. on one hand you want to please the client and on the other you want to make sure that you present work that you’re proud of. From another angle, after working in New York I’ve come to realize a new challenge; the difference between working in a professional environment abroad which has already established a fully developed idea of what a photographer is and what he/she does compared to working in Egypt where a photographer’s job description is still pretty obscure. While in NY a photographer is expected to solely focus on the picture, in Egypt, the photographer is at times more than often, expected to handle the whole production. This as a result, makes it almost impossible for the photographer to display his/her artistic abilities at best.


-What genre of photography are you most things he taught me and advice he gave me influenced my work for sure. interested in? Fine Art, fashion / glamour / beauty, I also love travel, sports, and Describe your photographic style? How did you street photography. develop your style? Is there any famous photographers who influenced your work?

Of course, there are so many famous photographers who inspire me and through that inspiration my work is influenced. There are big names like Irving Penn, Mario Sorrenti, Annie Leibovitz, Richard Avedon and so many others. However, the biggest influence on my work was after meeting photographer Ralph Gibson back in New York, I started really thinking about what I want to see before pressing the shutter button and what I want to present carefully. Also working with Pino Gomes and learning from him, I would say he influenced my work especially regarding beauty photography. Janusz Kawa who taught me a lot during my classes at SVA and his workshops Photo retreat, the

CFR 10

I still can’t say I have a specific style but I would say it’s more conceptual / artistic. I love playing with lights and I feel comfortable with more dark and dramatic themes.

What distinguishes a successful shot from a mediocre one?

You know it’s a successful shot when you can truly feel the photographer’s essence manifested through the picture.

Besides your camera, what is a must-have at each session? Other than my cup of coffee, my laptop and music.

What was your most interesting moment as a photographer?

Every moment I experience as a photographer is interesting because I am practicing something that I am passionate about. However in the last couple of years my experiences were very fruitful. However, there are two main moments that stand out for me, both of which took place in NY last winter. The first one was when I was at that AIPAD photography show. I was standing for over 15 minutes admiring the work of the very famous inspirational photographer Lucien Clergue only to find him standing next to me and initiating a conversation with me. This was a huge moment for me especially that Lucien Clergue is a renowned figure in this field, who used to work with Pablo Picasso and is currently the president of the Academy of Fine Arts in France. The other moment I was referring to was when I got invited to Ralph Gibson’s studio, where he critiqued my work and gave me a lot of advice. Again I was in the presence of an amazing artist who was able to answer all the questions in my head and opened my eyes to a new path I want to take regarding my photography.

What is the craziest job you ever had?

I had so many crazy jobs, but recently I had a crazy experience where I was required to accompany a bunjee jumping master in a moving cage on a crane which was over 40 meters high.

What goal are you working towards within your photography and when will you know you have reached it?

To make unique art that will be recognized and remembered. My goal is to exhibit and publish in different countries, shoot for the biggest designers and magazines, and have my name and work printed one day inside Self Service magazine.

Any advice for aspiring new photographers?

Never copy anyone’s work, get inspired, learn from everyone you meet but always be original and always back up your work.

Tell us about your upcoming projects.

I’m currently working on some video commercials, still working on my Tim Burton Project and Yasmine Officiel’s new Campaign.

11 CFR


Awards Season 2013

Best & Worst Dressed Editor’s Pick (part 2) By Mahamad El Haddad


Grammys Beyonce in Osman jumpsuit, Swarovski clutch, Jimmy Choo peep toe pumps. Normally the red carpet has a dress code to respect, but if you are going to rock a risque outfit, the Grammys is the one to go for. The songstress looks chic and sophisticated as she stood out in this trendy color block number. Well played Queen B!

Solange Knowles in Ralph & Russo Couture, Christian Louboutin shoes. Awww… two sisters on one list! While Beyonce toned it down in a chic jumpsuit, Solange rocked a 70s fro; all glammed up in a stunning sparkly emerald number. Most fellow celebrities would have donned black pumps, while the singer/ songwriter/DJ chose to step in style with a complimentary pop of color. Solange truly proved herself as a bonafied original fashionista with her latest fashion choices, so we wonder if big sis is proud or… Meow?

CFR 12

Rihanna in custom made Azzedine Alaia. RiRi seems that she can do no wrong when it comes to her red carpet choices lately. It is tough to pull-off red on the red carpet, that is if you are not Rihanna of course looking ethereal in flowing chiffon, in perfect hair and makeup. Two thumbs up!


Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra. Black has been done over and over, but sometimes it is just done right. The mermaid gown with illusion cutouts which is very much on trend fits kelly like a glove, no wonder she looks like the cat who ate the canary!

Jennifer Lopez in Anthony Vaccarello, Tom Ford shoes, and Jimmy Choo clutch. What is tent-like, jersey, and cheap? J Lo’s dress or tent to be more specific that spells Tacky with a capital T. Oh and sweetie, the severe hair is so not helping!

Florence Welch in Givenchy. Did we miss the memo that dinosaur-chic is in or something? There is cooky and there is just plain ridiculous. This, whatever this is, cannot be even judged as a dress, as it looks like a reptilian costume for Comic-con. Slither back to where you came from Florence and we’ll speak of it no more!

Alexa Chung in Valentino RED. Did poor little Alexa sleep walk right into the red carpet or what? Well that would be the only explanation for the inappropriate sleep-wear attire and bed-head hair. Wake up honey and spare us please!

Estelle in Genelle Brooks x Love Collins, Judith Leiber clutch. Estelle poor Estelle, what on earth were you thinking?! That is one outfit that is just too hideous for words, wrong on so many levels; one would never know where to begin, with the color? with the print? with the midriff? Darling when they told you prints are in this season they didn’t mean Trapper Keeper inspired ones! (only 90s fashionistas will get that reference)

People’s Choice Awards


Julianne Hough in Tony Ward Couture, Giuseppe Zanotti shoes. The young actress looks oh so cute in a sparkly starry night full dress. The silhouette is flirty and the length is just spot on. Playful hair, shimmery makeup and shoes matched to perfection completed this whimsical look.

Taylor Swift in Ralph Lauren Collection. Look who’s all grown up and is a vision in white! The songstress looks so fresh and crisp in this deep-V white number with cap sleeves. Swift ever so smartly chose to play down the accessories leaving the breathtaking silhouette to take center stage. Well played T!

Paris Hilton in Mary Katrantzou. Okay, so the thought of Paris Hilton on a best dressed list is kind of ludicrous, but she managed to pull it off with this colorful print number. Toning it down with the hair and makeup was a smart move with this bright and graphic print that looks like a gift waiting to be unwrapped. Nice surprise Paris!

Worst Emma Watson in Peter Pilotto. So wrong on so many levels and so little space to criticize; freakish inverted racerback bodice, cutouts in all the wrong places, and some bizarre leather patterned peplum. To some up #Heinous. Monica Potter in Diane Carlos. So 90s and NOT in a good way. The lace shoulder straps look like they were a last minute mistake addition and the material is so plastic fantastic. That is one cheap-looking dress that belongs to the bitter end of a sale rack!

Ellen in Lanvin from head to toe. This is a look that really proves the famous saying in fashion that ‘less IS more’. The actress couldn’t look more sophisticated and chic in her effortless deep-V cream maxi dress with immaculate accessories, sleek hair, and au naturale makeup. #Flawless.

Kristin Kreuk in Jean Fares dress, Blumera clutch. The actress stars in Beauty and the Beast show, which makes you wonder if they named the show after her and this dress. That is one peach monstrosity; if there is any poster child dress for poor construction, it would be this ill-fitting attempt of a dress. Unflattering indeed! Sandra Bullock in Vera Wang, Jimmy Choo shoes, Narciso Rodriguez clutch. Why would a mega star do that to herself? Of all the outfits in the world Sandra chose one that made her look frumpy and dowdy beyond recognition. And really if your going to wear a bad outfit, at least wear a well tailored one, cause that is one hemline that will haunt you in your dreams!

13 CFR


8 Must-haves By Mahamad El Haddad

THE LBD - H&M - EGP349







CFR 14


= ∞ Outfits

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