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Azza Fahmy for Mathew Williamson Zeina Hosny Nourzen


Awards Season 2013 Best & Worst Dressed (Part 3) Editorial: Agrodolce SS13 Photo Shoot Interview: Sarah Medhat

Founder & Editor Abdallah Osama Rushdi Executive Editor Mahamad El Haddad Contributing Editors Ghadir Al Agabany Design & Layout Heba Khattab

Dear Readers, In these testing times our beloved country is going through, one can only try to look on the bright side, and what else brightens our lives more than fashion?! Well if you are going to struggle at least do it in style and be fabulous about it, so never lose your sense of humor... and sense of fashion too please! In our October Issue, as always in our news section, CFR keeps you in the loop with the latest of Cairo fashion scene. In our editorial section; don’t miss two killer looks by Olivia Palermo in CFR’s shopping department. Part 3 of our much awaited Awards Season 2013 Best & Worst Dressed is in and last but not least check out our October issue’s Photo shoot / Interview with Sarah Medhat founder of Agrodolce store. Hope you enjoy our October issue our fabulous fashionistas every where!

Executive Editor

Contributors Sara Rushdi

Cover Story Agrodolce SS13 Photo Shoot. Styling: Sara Medhat Photography: Amr Medhat Makeup: Eman Gamal Models: Nana Salama & Celferaz John .

Mahamad El Haddad NOURZEN... A Story Behind Every Piece NourZen is a unique hand-crafted fashion accessories brand through which a contemporary interpretation of world cultures and traditions is manifested. Each and every single piece tells a story of a journey of emotions felt by its maker, therefore, each NourZen piece is a unique wearable piece of art. NourZen brand is a fruit of the collection of hand picked beads, Venetian glass, old pieces of silver, and special weaves and fabrics from all around the world; these little treasures are put together and brought to life with love and passion to offer you unique wearable art. NourZen Fashion Accessories are made of selected semi-precious stones and high-end fabrics, including silk, Venetian velvet, Etro fabrics, and Mariano Fortuny weaves. Available @

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ZEINA HOSNY... Less IS More!

Zeina Hosny; an Egyptian-Syrian designer who started her journey with fashion in Damascus then moved to Cairo to pursue her fashion studies; she is currently a student at the Italian Aashion Academy and will graduate in November 2013. The “Zeina Hosny” brand focuses on minimalism and simplicity, Zeina believes that what makes a dress stand out is not how expensive it is or the amount of time or effort it consumes to manufacture, but rather the simplicity and femininity it pursues. Zeina have always been inspired by Coco Chanel’s ‘little black dress’ and black for her is an incredible source of inspiration. Black, as the world sees it, is associated with elegance, luxury and mystery. Available @



Leading luxury jewellery design house Azza Fahmy Jewellery and renowned British fashion designer Matthew Williamson unveil the ‘Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson’ jewellery capsule collection in the Matthew Williamson SS14 catwalk show at London Fashion Week and will be followed by a second collection AW14. Azza Fahmy for Matthew Williamson is a 10 piece capsule collection featuring neck pieces, earrings, modernist oversized rings, and bracelets. Stacked, fan and structural rings form mini architectural sculptures with motifs from Egypt and Persia. Mesh pendant necklace and cuff combine art techniques inspired by an antique Omani belt. The Silver coin necklace, bracelet and earrings with daisy motifs create delicate adornments which echo the prints in Matthew Williamson’s SS14 collection. Pairing Azza Fahmy’s culturally informed designs and craftsmanship with Matthew Williamson’s refined and spirited sense of glamour inspired by global and artistic influences, created a truly magical inspired melange. The inaugural collection draws inspiration from botanical prints, architectural forms and textures and will be available in sterling silver and gold as well as the Azza Fahmy trademarked 18ct gold on Sterling silver. The capsule collection will be available at Azza Fahmy and selected Matthew Williamson stores and online boutique starting November 2013.




ASK G for fashion advice, shopping dilemmas, seasonal trends & styling tips & tricks. Send to ghadir@

Fall is here and surprisingly it’s actually getting colder and colder in Cairo by early October. What should one wear in such mid seasons, specially that it is hot in the morning and only gets chillier at night …….. Hala All you need for such mid season Cairo nights are simple cotton cardigans, light woolen pashminas or denim jackets to wear over your summer clothes. You should always keep them close to you, as in your bag or your car because they come very handy when least expected. Other heavier garments as leather, woolen and fur jackets would become more appropriate to wear at a later stage and closer to the end of year.

I graduated from college several years ago. I Shifted careers and just got recruited in a fashion company. The head office, where I’m located, is an extremely fashionable place. Everybody there looks as if they’re stepping out of a fashion magazine. I believe I’m way under dressed. What’s in fashion for young men to wear at work …… Rafi You’re a young graduate and a new employee in a fashion company; this is a chance to go as wild as you wish. You have every right and opportunity to look fabulous at all times. Actually it shouldn’t be an option, you should always represent your corporation’s image. For tops, wear fitted shirts, loose linen shirts, polo shirts, V Tees and button tops in all colors and prints. Pants should naturally be in solid colors, but every now and then, pinstriped and checkered pants would attract attention. Other than the classic pant colors of black, grey, navy, beige and brown, you could now add new tones as mustard, royal blue, burgundy and green. Tight pants are in, preppy looks, and loose linen ones too. Always play with accessories and style yourself up with extra pieces that make you stand out from the rest. Add scarves, berets, suspenders, bow ties, bags, glasses, cufflinks, and ties.

I’m a sincere fashionista and follow fashion trends blindly. However, I’m not sure I understand this coming season’s styles. What are the upcoming trends and colors of the season …….. Deena The range of both trends and colors is quiet diversified this season and that might have caused your confusion. The trends of Fall Winter 2013 are the battlefield look as in military looks, black out which is black on black, metallic of gold, silver and the mixture of both. Tartan checks, vinyl versus leather, fur, knee length midi skirts, oversized outerwear of jackets and coats, sports tops with dressy skirts and the super trending boyfriend trend de jour. Colors on the other hand are a wide spectrum of all tones and hues. Purples are strongly and fiercely overwhelming this season. Metallics as mentioned above, yellow, red, orange, all shades of greens and blues and above all, pink is the new black.



{Day Look









{ Night Look







Olivia Palermo






AGRODOLCE... A Fabulous Blast from the Past!

GRODOLCE is one of CFR’s favorite fashion boutiques in town; it offers high end yet affordable brands, the latest collections from IT designers, as well as introducing new upcoming designers from all around the world. With AGRODOLCE you can schedule an appointment with their in-house personal stylist and fill out your dream wish list for the store’s upcoming collections, giving you the ultimate personalized shopping experience! Sarah Medhat, founder of AGRODOLCE, Photographer Amr Medhat, and Makeup Artist Eman Gamal collaborated in the store’s SS13 photo shoot, taking you on a trip down memory lane with a Retro twist! Now a few words with Sarah Medhat; the woman behind all the glamour.



What initially interested you in styling? For me styling and designing is how I display and implement my love for fashion. What is your background in styling? It was all about self learning and traveling to fashion cities till I opened my fashion boutique which lead to working on launching my own clothing line. What is the most challenging part about being a stylist for you, and what is most rewarding? The challenging part is always when I have a themed photo shoot and how I want the looks to speak out this theme. The most rewarding is when you see your work executed exactly the way you envisioned it.

What is the most interesting part about being a stylist? The creative part and creating the story line preparing the theme for any kind of shoot Is there any famous stylists who influenced your work? Patricia Field is a great stylist who can tell a story through styling. What goal are you working towards with your photo shoots and when will you know you have reached it? My goal is to be known internationally and not just on a local basis. Any advice for aspiring new stylists? Follow your passion and work on your talent till it grows. Tell us about your upcoming projects. Fall/winter photo shoot for Agrodolce store.

What distinguishes a successful shot in a photo shoot you are involved in from a mediocre one? If the image can speak for itself, then it is considered a successful one. And of coarse people’s feedback

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Awards Season 2013

Best & Worst Dressed Editor’s Pick (part 3)

BAFTA B e s t

W o r s t

CFR 12

By Mahamad El Haddad

Dame Helen Mirren in Nicholas Oakwell Couture. Rocking a new pink pixie cut, Helen Mirren out-shined most of fellow celebrities (in their prime of life) we might add, and gave them all a run for their money! From the floral embroidery to the flowing chiffon, it was age appropriate and a class act all the way!

Marion Cotillard in Dior Haute Couture and Chopard jewelry. This dress is magnificent on so many levels; classic Dior playing with volume in the most chic way while adding the latest trend of illusion cutout. Marion lit up the red carpet like a little canary from heaven!

Elizabeth Olsen in Chanel Couture. Sorry Chanel oh so very very sorry, but we blame Miss Olsen for this debacle! Unfortunately some times the dress wears a beautiful young woman instead of the other way around. Such a heavy weighed down choice for such a youthful pretty little lady. The fabric, the peplum, and the feathers are just not working, almost fighting each other. Poor Elizabeth ended up looking like as if she is being fwallowed by a bunch of angry tiered ruffled flowers!

Sarah Jessica Parker in Elie Saab jumpsuit, Jean-Michel Cazabat shoes, and VBH clutch. Come on SJP, being a fashionista doesn’t mean you can get away with being lazy and boring in a pajamas gone bad look. Have some respect for the red carpet woman!

BRIT AWARDS Paloma Faith in Dolce & Gabbana. Well we admit that Paloma on a best dressed list is taunting, but we just could’t help it! The little lady with the big voice looked astonishing in this bejeweled sheath dress. The contrast between the colorful sparkly jewels and the nude lace is just plain genius, making the songstress take the red carpet by storm indeed! Keep it up… please?

Taylor Swift in Elie Saab. Looking chic in a floor length black dress with two thigh-high sheer panels. Swift looked all grown up and confident; sporting gold sleek hair with gold accessories. Belting this dress was such a smart choice as it took it to another level of sophistication. Well let’s just say, Taylor made sure to show her ex what he’s missing!

B e s t

Gemma Arterton in Jonathan Saunders. The always chic and beautiful Gemma made us gasp on the red carpet one more time, but unfortunately this time for all the wrong reasons. She looked dowdy and frumpy beyond repair in a matching odd looking sequined cardigan and knee length skirt ensemble, and dated black stripy sandals. Granny chic much?!

Rita Ora in Ulyana Sergeenko Couture. The songstress failed miserably in this peach disheveled dress. Seriously what’s with the hideous bustle effect draping.. who would do that to themselves voluntarily?! Weird color, frayed hems, and cheaplooking wrinkled fabric; we guess this just cannot get any worse. Well at least this would make a good ad for… Pampers?

W o r s t

13 CFR


SAG B e s t

W o r s t CFR 14

Amanda Seyfried in Zac Posen. Looking absolutely radiant in this navy blue mermaid layered ruffles gown. Side swept golden waves, flawless makeup and a cutesy baby bump. Kudos for outshining fellow actresses on the red carpet while being pregnant!

Nina Dobrev in Elie Saab and Judith Lieber clutch. One of the prettiest young Hollywood starlets who is making a name for herself in fashionista land. The sleeves’ length and belt are very fresh and youthful while the pink lace cutouts are edgy and feminine at the same time, perfect combination of a sweet cotton candy treat look.

Lea Michele in Valentino. There is pink and there is this horrendous pink. No shape whatsoever with an oversized ruffled hemline, and to add insult to injury that ombre effect hair. Well no surprise there, an annoying look for a an annoying girl. just YUK!

Morena Baccarin in Basil Soda. This is a dress that leaves one shaking one’s head in disbelief. Totally shapeless, with horrifying camouflage-like side panels print, multiple slits AND additional polka dot chiffon panels. Just too ugly for words.

CRITICS’ CHOICE AWARDS Marion Cotillard in Zuhair Murad, Jimmy Choo shoes, and Christian Louboutin clutch. Marion once again blooms like a sweet colorful flower on the red carpet. The dress is flirty and fun, yes we could have done without those nude shoes but other than that great job MC!

Amanda Seyfried in Marios Schwab, and Roger Vivier shoes. Weird color combo, weird material combo, and weird shape, well just odd-looking allover. Oh wait, one question; who let genie out of the bottle?!

Nina Dobrev in Monique Lhuillier. The Vampire Diaries star shimmered and glowed in this sparkly number. The teal color and the broken glass effect sequins where so fresh and youthful, complimenting the young starlet to perfection! And kudos for the sleek ponytail and minimal makeup. #Minty Fresh!

Elle Fanning in Chanel. Oh dear Chanel, we apologize again, but those pesky little girls are giving us no choice. The ever so quirky Miss Fanning opted for a floral bandeau dress that just rendered us speechless (which takes A LOT). The silhouette paired with the pop-out flowers with applique leaves is just too awkward for words, oh and the tile print trim is so not helping. To add insult to injury; those shoes, those clunky evil evil shoes!

B e s t

W o r s t 15 CFR

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Cairo Fashion Report #10  

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