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Professional Development Candice Fritts

Overall Goal • Expanding teacher use of technology tools and programs in their classrooms to enhance student learning.

Vision • Education must be leading the way in the 21st Century. Teachers need to be efficient in utilizing the digital resources available and communicating through those digital resources to enhance student learning. Students need highly educated teachers who are actively constructing their lessons to encompass a 21st Century style of learning. Teachers need supportive administration to budget and try new technology tools and programs.

Goals • Students: Learn in an environment that promotes life and career skills, use innovative skills to analyze information with media and technology familiarity. • Teachers: Be proactive in knowing the ins and outs of technology. Teachers will pursue professional development that enhances their use of technology tools and programs in their classroom. • Administrators: Advocate for the use of technology that teachers express a need for, or that administrators themselves see a need for in the classrooms that they observe.

Survey of Tech Needs • Observations and conversations will indicate the readiness of teachers’ and administrators’ knowledge and skills in the effective use of technology. A survey generated on Googledocs will reveal to individuals and administrators which programs/technology tools instructors know how to use and which programs/technology tools they have already implemented in their classroom as well as the progress made. • The initial survey will give a baseline that highlights our strengths and give us direction for areas of improvement. • Benchmarks for the professional development plan indicating progress towards a 21st Century environment.


• Here is the Survey link that I made for our school. Please view the survey, but don’t submit anything as I am using the data for my school’s professional development. Thank you. •

Specific Goals • 1) Develop lessons in collaboration with a group of teachers. • 2) Implement the lessons to incorporate technology and enhance learning. • 3) Reflect and modify lessons in preparation for future use. • 4) Design a new lesson with/or a new way to implement technology in your instruction. • 5) Execute your designed lesson/or new way of implementing technology. • 6) Reflect and modify your new lesson in preparation for future use.

Follow-Up • The goal after the professional development process would be that 100% of instructors are making gains in implementing technology into their classroom instruction. • Technology use in the classroom will be assessed by collecting data through observation, conversation, and the met benchmarks, and by taking the survey again as a reflective tool to show the gains made in implementing technology into classroom.

Technology Strategies • To implement the 21st Century skills necessary for our next generation, evaluating technology strategies and resources is key. Just as in a business or other industry outside of education, education too wants to be innovative and must use best practices to meet needs and goals. Our school district currently supports our pursuit of technology tools and programs as a professional development agenda. Below are initiatives our school supports. These technology tools are utilized in our pursuit of preparing students for the 21st Century.

• Modeling a differentiated plan each instructor will choose three of the following topics based on need for implementing technology in their classroom. • Ways to set up your classroom conducive to 1:1 laptop environment • How to use Jing • How to use Google Docs Calendar • How to incorporate Adobe Software in lessons • How to make an i-movie • How to make a podcast • How to use Angel and its tools • How to design a wikispace • How to design a blogspace • Creating on-line assessment tools • How to set up RSS feeds • How to skype with other classrooms

Time and Resources •

Our school builds in collaborative prep time through PLCs, Professional Learning Communities. We have professional development time and staff meetings where we meet in content areas, grade levels, and as a whole school. Other opportunities that our school offers for professional development are a Think Tank and a Technology Cohort where discussions encourage additional use of technology in our daily instruction. Resources of conferences and on-site visits have promoted our use and understanding of technology in our classrooms. Time and money have been provided to achieve professional development, however there is a limit to both and creative license has been used to overcome the barriers of time and money. Our school district provides a tech specialist every Tuesday to assist with any professional development enhancement; we also collaborate at lunch with colleagues. Our school’s Angel Repositories and Google Docs are used for collaboration among colleagues for projects and technology advice even when common prep time is unavailable. As the world of education expands so does the need and desire for more time to put into practice the technology aspects we are discussing as educators.

Life-Long Learners • Our school will create and sustain a learning environment that encourages ‘next generation’ strategies by being on the forefront of investigating and implementing 21st Century technology. Students are already “digital natives” and we, as educators need to be enhancing our students’ learning by knowing the ins and outs of technology ourselves. Teachers will be encouraged to take risks because they will already know that technology tools and programs enhance student learning; and our district’s staff development days will be designed to provide time and resources on learning how to implement technology effectively in our classrooms. Our school will continue to provide collaboration time through common preps, Tech Cohorts, and accountability with a purpose of discussing successes and failures. As a whole, teachers will feel supported because everyone in the school will be working towards this goal, which is to expand teacher use of technology tools and programs in their classrooms to enhance student learning.

Accountability • Student work, stemming from the new implemented group projects, will be posted around the school and shared among colleagues and administration on our Angel website and on the Web. This is something that occurs naturally in our middle school environment. • A survey, similar to the one already given, will be administered to teachers to determine if they achieved their goals to implement more technology into their classroom in meaningful ways through both individual and group efforts. The survey would record and organize the survey results for administration to see the results of the, determine if our goals were achieved, and what topics/goals need to be addressed the following year.

Professional Development  

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