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13. Turtle-fish new folk for a new Era - They show us how folk is donw 21st century style

This montth’s issue promises to be the best yet! It is loaded with in depth reviews and masterful interviews with some of the greatest bands in folk. But, we still need your help. We want to know what is good, Bad or ugly about our magazine So, if you would be so kind please send your feedback to: Your comments will be Much appreciated

David Robinson.

31. Tunng


We share an in-depth look into the world of Tunng, Their new album and 2009’s Tour

26. Horsefeathers

Eclusive review of HorseFeathers brand new album, set to hit the shops in April 09

22. Macdras

The new album has been on the cards for 5 years, and finally it is released, and we are the first to hear it! + An interview with Paul Frumpert

36. Palinka

Finally hit the U.K shores and boy are we glad about it, Hungarian Folk Fusion Storms Great Britain!

28. Dear Mr Smith

Are back on tour and we have seen them! Learn about there eccentric live show and dark history.

29. Green Eggs and Ham the new kids on the block, and we saw them first, just about to embark on their journey, we cattch up with them for a sneaky first


regulars 03. News We look at what is happening in the folk scene this month. What bands have risen and fallen, whether British Folk still lives and breathes, and what the future holds for Folk music!

17. Live! The top shows of the last month, who performed the best stage show, who wowed new fans into shock, and who had the biggest fan turnout.

20. Reviews This month we review more albums than ever before both new and old. We see the teams all time great influences.

What The Folk?

44. Letters Your chance to have your say. You can send us jokes, trivia, pictures, whatever your heart desires.

15. Reccomended whos worth a listen this montin? . Free Pull-Out Poster . Exclusive Interviews . In Depth Reviews


1 3 . 29. Green Eggs and Ham the new kids on the block, 26. Horsefeathers Eclusive review of HorseFeathers 36. Palinka Finally hit the U.K s...

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