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mission is we get to do it




through the faithful giving of our regular “Faith Promise What exciting opportunities lie ahead as we partner together, extending the Kingdom and assisting the Partners”. Not the huge giving of just a few but the incredible generosity of so many ordinary people deciding disadvantaged. they can make an extraordinary difference through Jesus saw a church that would literally invade every a regular financial contribution. corner of the earth with a heart to bring “redemptive lift” As we confirm our mission partnerships for another to every person and each community. This is exactly what year ahead let me say “thank you” to everyone who has you and I are doing through the mission vision of the prayed, given and gone. Together we are making a huge church! difference and there is a reward awaiting every act of Through our local and international partnerships the faith. gospel is being preached, churches are being planted, In our “Year of Purpose” my prayer is together we will leaders are being trained and communities are being commit to even greater faith and see our partnerships and transformed. projects go to whole new levels of success. This year’s theme for our Mission Conference is “Pray, These are great days! Thanks for being with us and Give, Go”. I know you will be encouraged and inspired as making it happen. you hear many stories of what God is doing “across the road and around the globe”. Please take the time to read all the reports, listen to the stories and come to both the Saturday and Sunday sessions. Our guest speaker, Ps. Sean Stanton is a champion of mission within Australian Christian Churches and a brilliant communicator of God’s heart and vision. He will inspire us to keep believing for even more, so don’t miss any of the main sessions and be sure to register for the electives as well. Being active in mission, reaching the world beyond our own four walls has always been part of the DNA of Bridge church. It’s part of who we are as a local church with an international heart. So much of what we do is empowered

Ps David Doery, Senior Pastor, Bridge Church Change The World Magazine 3



3 David Doery

30 Maharasthra - COM

Message from the Senior Pastor

5000 Churches and 1200 Sponsored Children

5 Our Vision

32 Orissa - Jacob’s Well

Extend the Kingdom of God Across the Road and Around the Globe

Water of Life in Jacob’s Well

6 Faith Promises Faith Promise Partners Are the Heroes of Bridge Church

9 Rob Morris Message from the Mission Director

10 Pray Give Go Our Theme for the Change the World Conference 2012

14 Africa Pray, Give, Go for Africa

33 Going: New Delhi Jenny Hudson

38 Thailand Pray, Give, Go for Thailand

39 Thailand Overview Our Partners & Key Field Overview

40 Chiang Mai - Capacity JEM From Children to Project Implementation

41 Chiang Mai - The River Team

58 Alice Springs: Teen Challenge Centralia Shining with God’s Love

59 Going: Darwin Transformation

62 Global Pray, Give, Go

63 Global Overview Our Partners & Global Overview

64 China - Geok Lim Coming to Christ One by One

65 Global - Bruce Hills Raise Leaders Influence Others

66 China - Winchesters

15 Africa Overview

God’s River of Love in the South of Thailand

400 Leaders Trained

Our Partners & Key Field Overview

42 Going: Chiang Mai

67 Romania - Rhodes

16 East Africa - Famine Relief

Miracle in Thailand

Human Trafficking can be Beaten

Thank You Bridge Church

44 Going Mid-Term: Thailand

70 Local

Thailand Has Changed Me Forever

Pray, Give, Go

40 Churches Planted, Countless Lives and Communities Imacted by the Gospel

48 Going Long-Term: India

71 Local Overview

Ordinary Life, Extraordinary Things

Our Local Focus

20 Kenya - Kag Majembeni

52 Australia

72 Empire Estate Teenagers

Pray, Give, Go for Australia

From Darkness To Light

53 Australia

73 Bridge Church at Richmond Housing Estate

18 Mozambique - Housen

Seven Churches in Two Years

21 North Africa - Taskers Next Door Evangelists

22 Going: North Uganda An Experience That Will Stay with Me Forever

Our Partners & Key Field Overview

54 Darwin: Bagot Indigenous Victory Church

28 India

Seeing God Move in the Bagot Community

Pray, Give, Go for India

56 Victoria: Teen Challenge Victoria

29 India Overview Our Partners & Key Field Overview

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From Trouble to Miracle

God’s Kingdom Our First Priority

74 Richmond Soul Sisters Morning Connect Group Little Idea Makes Big Difference

75 Financial Report Thank You For Changing The World

our vision

vision At Bridge Mission, our purpose is simply this:

Extend the Kingdom of God across the road and around the globe. We want to do exactly what the church was put here to do. Reach people with the gospel. We don’t want to replicate what all the other NGO’s and community services do, though sometimes the work might look the same. But the heart behind it is different. Our heart is to be the church, reaching people with the life-saving gospel message. Sometimes this will be food on a plate, sometimes it will be providing shelter and education but at other times it will be investing in Bible colleges and planting churches. We know who we are and we know who God has created us to be. So we are doing it on purpose! We divide our work up into four different key activities: Church Planting Leadership Development Humanitarian Aid Community Transformation

We achieve these activities by partnering with key individuals and groups on the field. Partnership can be done in a variety of ways. In its simplest form we give financial support to a project. At other times it will be a project in which we have a team that is just as involved here as the team is on the field. When choosing partners we hold high value on working with indigenous partners on the field, because they know the culture better than we do. We make sure that our partnerships are sustainable. That is, we make sure that plans are in place so that they won’t be reliant on Bridge Mission forever. We also work to make sure that our projects are reproducible. We want to learn from everything we do and when we do it well, we want to be able to do it again and again. Regular reviews are conducted of all our partnerships to ensure that your Faith Promises are being used in the most effective way possible. Because we know we are better to focus our efforts on particular communities rather than spread ourselves thin we focus the majority of our funds on key fields. Our key fields are: Africa, India, Thailand, Indigenous Australia and the local area of Richmond, Melbourne. It’s so exciting to know that we can partner together to Change the World!

Change The World Magazine 5

faith promises Who are our Faith Promise Partners? Faith Promise Partners are the heroes of Bridge church. They live everyday for a purpose bigger than themselves. They recognise that financial commitment is very important to the out working of the great commission. They are the ones that sit the family around the table and arrange their budget so they can give more, regardless of the struggles they face. They live the heart of mission and make room for God to add faith to their walk. They live with less so that others can have more. They are changing the world. What is a Faith promise? A Faith Promise is a stretch to believe we can do something significant. It is a monthly commitment to give. While there are times to give in the spontaneity of the moment now is the one time of the year that we can rise to a commitment beyond ourselves. How do I become a Faith Promise Partner? Firstly, pray and decide what God would have you give. You’ll get your Faith Promise Giving card at the conference. Simply fill it out and hand it in.

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Skilled Trades Person





Father Change The World Magazine 7

change your life as you change oth


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message from the mission director





What an incredible opportunity we have as a significant mission focused church to make a difference both locally and globally. I feel so privileged to serve in this season with our awesome Mission Executive Team and Key Field Leaders, people who are so passionate about mission. I am also honoured to be part of a church where the people of God are so generous with their giving. Thank you for what you have done this year which has enabled us to partner with so many great ministries around the world. Our God is amazing.

blessing of God in our lives to bring significant change in environments that have less resource. Whether this is in some of the local mission responsibilities we have or in meeting the growing number of global needs. I thank you for the incredible commitment you are making in 2012 to financially support Mission. Whether God has placed you in a position to be able to make a large faith promise or a small one, my prayer is that you will hear from God and be faithful in your commitment. Together, we will rise to a new level.

This year, our intention is to go to a new level in all our main areas. With that in mind we have themed the conference, Pray, Give, Go.

GO – In the last 12 months we have seen 74 people go on a short term mission outreach and more than 9 people who have committed to a longer season in a mission context. This is incredibly exciting for us as a team; to see ordinary people rising up to do extraordinary things with their lives. We have been working hard during 2011 to keep the trips affordable, safe and challenging. Our aim is to create opportunities for all ages including families to experience firsthand something outside the context of Australian church life. Our mission team is available to help you make the decision that could change your life forever.

Pray – We can never pray too much! The intent this year is not only to encourage personal prayer for Mission but to engage as many people as possible in corporate Mission prayer opportunities. Many of our partners thank us when we visit the field for the prayer support of the church. They honestly sense the difference prayer makes. Let’s dare to believe that as we raise our commitment to pray that greater levels of breakthrough will happen at the coalface where these champions are reaching out with the love of Jesus. GIVE – In 2011, the level of giving and the number of givers was outstanding. As you will see in the report, this enabled us to do so much. Our aim in 2012 is to be able to go to another level again. This is not about raising money for money’s sake. It is about using the

So, Pray, Give, Go. That is our theme and our focus for the conference and for 2012. Bless you and thank you again for being an active participator in Bridge Mission.

Rob Morris, Mission Director, Bridge Church Change The World Magazine 9

In 2012 , ma c

t o g e t w ehc a nec h a rn

Change The World Magazine 10

ake a commitment to: Pray

Pray for the nations and our partners across the globe.


Become a faith promise partner and give to transform lives and communities.


Go local, go global and impact the world.

rn g e t h e w o r l d

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spread the gospel,

change the

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Matt 9:37-38 He said to His disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into Change his The World Magazine 13 fields.�







That the countries in North Africa that are going through major political change would be guided by God to give Christians freedom to worship East Africa would receive rain, countries experiencing turmoil would have peace and that people would receive Christ God to provide godly, wise people to assist Robbie Housen in the ITM Bible College Courage and spiritual breakthrough for the churches in the Kiambiu and Majengo slums in Nairobi. Wisdom and spiritual protection for Ps Patrick and his leaders in Uganda

Become a faith promise partner and support our partners in africa in 2012/2013



Wisdom and strategic direction for Mama Safi Orphanage and Disability Partnership Abroad

will educate a child to be a leader of tomorrow (Mama Safi Orphanage)



will train a Bible college student to become a church planter (ITM Bible College – Mozambique)



will broadcast the Gospel in the slums of Nairobi (KAG Majengo)

Contact 03 8420 0938 or Change The World Magazine 14

itm bible college Leader: Joe Mwangi

mozambique september/october 2012

per month

Join the Mission Prayer Team

april 2012

per month

per month God to raise up more church planters with KAG Majembeni in Lamu

mozambique 15-24

itm bible college There will also be future outreaches to Africa in 2013.


a f r i c a

uganda Kenya

in africa we support: Kenya


Ps Wilson & Joyce Omido KAG Kiambiu Ps Jeremiah & Sylvia Juma KAG Majengo Disability Partnership Abroad Ps Christian & Janet Muchiri KAG Majembeni Mama Safi Orphanage

uganda Ps Patrick Kabongo

north africa craig & felicity tasker

mozambique robbie housen ITM Bible College

In Africa in 2011/2012 we have supported: + The planting of churches across Uganda, Kenya and Mozambique + Leadership training in North Africa + Sustainability projects and churches in the slums of Nairobi + Orphans program in poverty stricken Northern Uganda + Purchase of land to extend an orphanage in Kenya + Bible College that trains students to plant churches all over Mozambique + Radio program that reaches many people in the slums of Nairobi + Disabled children in Kenya + Famine relief in Kenya through local churches

Change The World Magazine 15


east africa

FAMINE RELIEF In 2011, East Africa faced its worst drought in over 50 years affecting over 10 million people. More than 1 million people fled from Somalia to refugee camps in Kenya and Ethiopia in hope of finding enough food and water to sustain them. The UN declared the disaster a Phase 5 Famine/Humanitarian Catastrophe. Bridge church gave generously for the East African Famine Relief appeal, raising $30,008. Of that money, $14,008 was given to Convoy of Hope through ACCIR and $16,000 was given for distribution through churches across Kenya via KAG Buruburu Church. Bridge church also gave a further $5,000 to three of our partner churches to provide famine relief to over 250 families. KAG Buruburu KAG Buruburu distributed the famine relief through churches from local companies in surrounding districts; Kibwezi, Kitui, Marsabit, Turkana & Maralal. Pastors from KAG Buruburu purchased maize and beans in the districts where the food was distributed, hired a truck and arranged a team of volunteers to distribute the food through their connecting churches. Jaxon Calder of Bridge Church, Ps George from the Korogocho slums, Ps Elvis Irungu and Charles Wachira from KAG Buruburu went to three different churches in Kitui to distribute some of the funds given by Bridge Church. The devastation was evident along the way to Kitui with plantations covered with dust from the lack of rain and everything being extremely dry. Upon arrival, they went to each of the three churches and spoke to the people about God and His provision of funds through Bridge church and then each person there received enough food to last their family a few months. Working with local churches provides a central place for the distribution of the food. It also shows the love and care of Christ to the community and helps the churches to make more contacts with people. The people were so appreciative of the much needed relief.

Change The World Magazine 16

After they had visited the last church the drivers swept the back of the semi-trailer, putting the spilt maize in their t-shirts and requested to take it home to their families. Convoy of Hope Through ACC International Relief’s Horn of Africa Appeal, funds raised by Bridge church were distributed throughout affected regions. ACCI’s on-field partner, Convoy of Hope, provided an initial response to the disaster. Having been based in Kenya for the past eight years, warehouse space, vehicles, and distribution chains were already in place. The initial response to the crisis was an outlay of $50,000 to purchase critical supplies in the country. Food and water have been distributed on an ongoing basis, contributing towards the long-term response plan. The needs of both Kenyan and Somali refugees in Kenya are staggering. Millions of people are still in need of humanitarian assistance in Kenya alone, with over 500,000 additional refugees. Convoy of Hope will continue to respond on all available fronts, and will look at viable ways of serving other impacted areas as the relief effort proceeds. Partner Churches Bridge church also gave $5,000 across three of our partner churches in Kenya to help over 250 families in need. These churches were KAG Kiambiu, KAG Majengo and KAG Majembeni. Each of these churches distributed the food to families who had been affected by the famine in the slums of Nairobi and in Lamu in Kenya. The people were so grateful. Many people have been affected by the drought and in a bid to survive, have moved to the big city of Nairobi where they live in slums already in desperate conditions. Unemployment, theft, prostitution, drugs, crime, home brewed alcohol is rampant, and youth are being recruited to fight for terrorist organisations. The famine has made people even more desperate. Majengo is one of these slums and is a very desperate and hard place. KAG Majengo handed out 1 kg packs of maize flour to people identified, by a committee including government officials, as the most needy. Ben Hay and two other members from Bridge church, Muslim leaders, government officials and the local police chief were present! This was the fifth

of five handouts arranged at the KAG Majengo church. The officials all addressed the people, and publically expressed gratitude to Bridge church for their support and love in action to the people of the Majengo slum. The district government official who was present was so moved by the day that he told Ps Jeremiah that he would promise him an old building in Majengo to house his books he has in his office which would create a library for the church. There were tears of joy and happiness, and it was a really powerful event. The recipients did not just receive food but were also uplifted by God’s presence and love. Many commented that to see three foreigners in an area that most people from Nairobi wouldn’t go to means a lot to them. One single mum who had a newly born baby and two other children told Ben she was HIV positive, recently accepted Jesus and was now attending KAG Majengo. Jesus is giving her hope she said, and she was very grateful for the food she received. Thank you Bridge church for giving so generously. Your giving makes a difference.

Change The World Magazine 17




robbie housen

/ROBBIE housen

Robbie Housen and her late husband Jeff moved to Mozambique in 1999 with the vision to train and release church planters into communities across the country. They established ITM Bible College in 2000 and have seen over 40 churches planted across Mozambique, and countless lives and communities impacted by the Gospel. The students at the Bible College are trained to be church planters and go out and plant a church in their third year. Two of these students went out from the Bible College and planted a church in Shapunga, a rural community in Mozambique. The people in the community have low incomes, limited access to clean water and healthcare. Alongside planting a church, these church planters have also been able to improve the standard of living through fixing wells and digging new wells, teaching village healthcare and adult literacy. As the church started to meet, many people came along with serious health issues so the church planters started to pray for them and God miraculously healed many people. Several women who had been lame for over 15 years were completely healed and got up and danced for joy, overwhelmed and praising Jesus who had healed them and saved them. The ITM Bible College not only teaches the students about how to be church planters but also gives them skills and knowledge about becoming self-sustainable. An exciting initiative that Robbie has started is the Hope farm. Robbie is developing this farm to be a commercial business to make the Bible College and the many facets of the ministry self-sustainable. This farm will consist of raising animals and growing crops. Pigs, sheep, chickens and goats will be raised on the farm and sold. The crops they are growing are medicinal herbs and plants. One of these plants is called maringa which is used to treat malnutrition. They will provide it for hospitals, people in need and people with AIDS as well as selling it commercially. The medicinal herbs treat skin diseases that are common in the area.

Change The World Magazine 18

This project trains students in becoming self-sustainable as well as providing resource for the ministry itself. All of the students are trained in agriculture. The first year students, in their agriculture subject, will be working on the farm and at the same time learning how the farm runs from the ground up. Second year students will manage the farm, learn how to manage money and learn how to run a business well so that in their third year when they go out to plant churches they can run a microenterprise business enabling them to sustain their own ministry out on the field. Third year students are given a micro-enterprise kit to take with them and, along with the skills they learnt in Bible College will be able to start a business that will support their ministry. They will be able to go out and transform communities and enable their churches to be founded on a sound basis. God is doing many things in Mozambique to take the gospel to people who have not heard about Jesus. It is exciting to see what happens when we allow God to use us to pray, give and go.

Pictures showing the ITM Bible College students holding up their certificates after completing their studies.

Change The World Magazine 19



kenya, lamu

kag majembeni – ps christian & janet muchiri

/kag majembeni

When Ps Christian and Janet Muchiri started KAG Majembeni in 2009, it was the only AOG church in the Lamu region. They had a strong call from God to reach people and communities that had never heard the gospel. The Lord God has given them such favour. In the space of two years they have been able to open seven more churches, reaching the indigenous people deeper in the bush. All of the churches planted have been established as a result of God’s favour. Ps Christian and Janet are excited to see what God is doing through them in partnership with Bridge church. They have started a small Bible training school to train pastors and leaders to be more effective in their ministry. Most of the churches which they have planted are in remote areas deep in the jungle. The pastors have to walk long distances between them to encourage the believers. They have been blessed with bicycles for each pastor and a motorbike for Ps Christian so that he can oversee the churches.

Change The World Magazine 20

God has also been touching Muslims. Jeffery was a Muslim that came to Christ. He grew up in a Muslim family. Christians around him shared the gospel with him and invited him to their home to study the Bible together. Through the grace of God, he accepted Jesus. After he came to Christ, his six brothers also gave their lives to Jesus. These were not easy decisions and they were persecuted but Ps Christian and Janet encouraged them and prayed for them regularly. Amina was another testimony to God’s goodness. She married a Muslim man but was divorced. She was infected with HIV and was desperate. No-one wanted to associate with her but the pastors went to comfort and encourage her. Amina accepted Jesus and is a living testimony to God’s grace and life changing power. KAG Majembeni also run a school for children in the area. The quality of the education is giving them great favour with the parents and the community. Ps Christian and Janet are thankful to Bridge church for our support not only in church planting and education but during the famine which affected many people. The relief funds that were sent were a great help and touched many people in the community. Do you have a heart for Africa? Why not join our Africa Team and play a part in supporting, resourcing and praying for our partners on the field. Contact us on (03) 8420 0938 or email


north africa

craig & felicity tasker

/ craig & feLicity tasker partner

Craig and Felicity Tasker work in North Africa with a vision to raise up a body of believers with godly leadership and make the gospel available to as many as possible. Craig and Felicity share the gospel with neighbours, friends, taxi drivers, colleagues and offer them Jesus DVD’s and Bibles. They are seeing many lives changed by God. They have a vision to see the millions of people in their country come to know Christ and for Christians to be given the freedom to worship and meet together. Two Muslim families that Craig and Felicity have been ministering to accepted their gift of the Bible and a list of verses in the Koran that encourage reading of the Bible. When they went back to visit them a couple of months later, they had a good discussion about the gospel and they were happy for the Jesus film to be shown to the entire family. They requested their own copy and the father commented that “It will improve me”. Craig and Felicity bought a cassette player for the mum and gave her a pile of teaching tapes in Arabic. They also gave her 15 video resources in Arabic because her son had bought her a second hand VHS player. Her children and grandchildren often visit her and she can now show them these videos and sow into their lives. They continue initiating new friendships in the neighbourhood, at work and wherever they are in order to share the message of life. Their neighbour, Hani, had dinner with them one night and watched the Glimpse of Eternity DVD by Ian McCormack. Hani, who is into Eastern religions, was touched. There are only about 400 believers in the whole country but Craig and Felicity are believing God for new opportunities to share their faith, train leaders and grow the body of believers in a harsh political climate.

Change The World Magazine 21



going: north uganda




I have been extremely fortunate to have been involved in two mission outreaches with Bridge church to Africa in the past two years. I have found that both mission outreaches were a great challenge for me spiritually, mentally, and physically. At the end of each trip I learned more about myself and my faith in God than anything else. On both mission outreaches, I have learnt about new cultures and have been able to see how people with nothing have the most amazingly strong faith in God. An experience that I know will definitely stay with me forever was at the end of last year when I traveled to Uganda with a team from Bridge church. I was lucky enough to spend some time with Pastor Augustine’s (one of the pastors that is working with Ps Patrick) son, Patrick, who shared with me what he had been through growing up in Uganda as a young boy as the Lord Renaissance Army (LRA) came and invaded Uganda in 1997. He told me about what the LRA Army used to do to young men and women his age. He lost so many friends and relatives. He even saw many of his friends maimed and dismembered in front of his eyes. I just couldn’t believe that someone so young, only a couple of years older than myself had been through and seen so much. He was still so thankful for everything that God had done in his life. He kept saying “but I thank God they are gone now,” and “I thank God that he didn’t let the LRA kill me”. Children 10 years old are taught to kill, often beginning with their own families. Some children are allowed to live and then the child is commanded to kill in order to stay alive. If children do escape, they will never be the same again. In particular, the LRA abducted numerous children and terrorised them into virtual slavery as guards, concubines, and soldiers. He told me that the children would be beaten, raped and forced to march until exhausted. If they stopped in exhaustion and couldn’t walk any longer, the LRA would ask them “do you want to rest?” If they said yes, they would shoot them and the rest of the group would be told “they get to rest for ever now, that’s what they wanted”. Abducted children were forced to participate in the killing and

Change The World Magazine 22


TH ME FOREVER Children 10 years old are taught to kill, often beginning with their own families. torture of other children who had attempted to escape. He explained that more than 6,000 children were abducted during 1998, although many of those abducted later escaped or were released. Most human rights NGOs place the number of abducted children still held captive by the LRA at around 3,000, although estimates vary substantially. It’s hard to believe these things really happen and are not just stories you read about on the internet or see on the TV. After speaking to Patrick about all he saw and yet remaining thankful for everything he has, it makes me realise we have an amazing God. People all over the world go through so many different trials but at the end of the day we all have the same God and the same faith. 1 John 5:4 says “...this is the victory that has overcome the world, even our faith.” What is it that brings us victory? Our faith! Faith brings us victory. But remember that with every victory, there has to be a battle.

Through your faith promise giving, Bridge Church supports Pastor Patrick who has started up an orphan program in Northern Uganda reaching people like Patrick.

Change The World Magazine 23

matthew 9:37-38

He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentif So pray to the Lord wh ask him to se

P ray

ful, but the workers are few. ho is in charge of the harvest; en d more workers into his fields.�


empower those in need,

change the

Change The World Magazine 26



Matt 9:37-38 He said to His disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into Change The Magazine 27 hisWorld fields.�







Jacob’s Well establishing a medical centre in Orissa Spiritual discernment and wisdom to train godly church planters through COM Grace and favour for Jacob’s Well with government and local officials Divine opportunities to minister to parents of children that attend the COM day care centres The practical outworking of God’s vision for Jacob’s Well to continue to grow in India and in other nations

Become a faith promise partner and support our partners in India in 2012/2013



per month will clothe, feed and educate a child to be a leader of tomorrow (Jacob’s Well)



per month sponsors a missionary in India to plant churches in unreached villages (COM)



per month will enable a literacy worker to educate people in the villages in India (Jacob’s Well)

Join the Mission Prayer Team Contact 03 8420 0938 or Change The World Magazine 28

november/december 2012 Jacob’s Well & COM






a orissa


in india we support: jacob’s well

In india in 2011/2012 we have supported: + The sinking of three bore wells to provide clean water + Literacy and hygiene workers in the villages

christian outreach ministries

+ Training of national missionaries to plant churches in villages and slum areas

daniel hunt

+ Feeding programs in the slums

Change The World Magazine 29




christian outreach ministries


Christian Outreach Ministries (COM) is a non-profit organisation committed to reaching every village for Jesus. With its humble beginnings in 1984, COM has now planted over 5,000 churches, sponsors 1,200 children, and operates a number of other projects in India. COM runs several day-care centres which care for and educate children in impoverished areas in the state of Maharashtra. In one of the day-care centres in Pune, COM workers met Mr Ram Salve. He was a daily labourer in one of the local factories in Maharashtra. The family came from a financially broken background and struggled to survive. Ram put his four year old son in the day care centres. After a year, he came to say thank you for the changes he had seen in his son. “He is a new child!” he said. “He gets up on his own and the first thing he does is kneel and pray. We did not understand to whom he was praying. One day as I came home from work with high fever and vomiting, my son said ‘Papa don’t worry, Jesus will heal you’. I was surprised to see my four year old son put his tender hand on my head, praying with tears.

Change The World Magazine 30

Ps Nitin, COM Church Planter

This moved my heart and to my surprise I was healed in the next two hours. I realised that there is something special in the name of Jesus. Our little son has brought us to the saving knowledge of Jesus. Now my family and I attend the COM church.” There are six day care centres in the state of Maharashtra supported by COM. The centres provide a fantastic opportunity to minister to 243 children, aged three to five, and also reach their families who are mostly Hindu. So far nine small groups have been established as a result of the centres. COM also operates a Bible College in Pune which trains students to be church planters in unreached villages in India. Ps Nitin is a COM church planter who has been working in a village. He began there as a community development worker but came against opposition from the village leader when he began to share the gospel, as the whole village are devotees of a local goddess. Ps Nitin continued to stand strong and made efforts to build relationships with the villagers. One day the village head asked Ps Nitin why he continued coming to the village. Ps. Nitin courageously shared the love of Jesus. The village head asked him “is Jesus more powerful than other gods?” to which Ps Nitin answered “Jesus is a loving and forgiving God”. The village head asked him to pray for his sick wife and over the next two weeks she was healed! As a result, the village head and his family have become eager to learn from the Bible and are soon to be baptised. For Nitin this is a very exciting time as the village head has great influence over the people and now there is an opportunity to reach the whole village. COM is seeing God’s hand transform communities with the gospel of Jesus Christ. In 2011, 134 young men and women were trained and there are 85 church planters working in 17 districts reaching 170 new villages in the state of Maharashtra. During the period from June to December 2011, 54 people have been baptised and four new churches have been established. The COM Central Church in Pune has grown from 12 families to 65 families in just six months and many Hindu families have been touched by the gospel or been healed and have come to the Lord. All glory to God for His incredible power and love!

Change The World Magazine 31




jacob’s well

/jacob’s well

One of Jogesh’s sons

Jacob’s Well was started by Joan Roose in 2005 after going to India on a short term mission outreach and seeing the immense need for fresh clean water to be available for all people in the villages. Jacob’s Well hopes to break the poverty cycle by sinking fresh water wells in villages, establishing health and resource centres and providing life changing education for children from tribal villages and the slums. One of the workers at Rejoice Centre is Jogesh. Rejoice Centre provides vocational training to the surrounding community and education, accommodation, meals and healthcare to over 90 children. It has been three years since Jogesh had an encounter with Jesus in his village, following which he left his home to become a live-in farm hand at Rejoice Centre. After three years however, Jogesh, his wife and young boys, packed up their humble belongings and headed back to their village in search of more money, not realising that over those years he had changed. Back in their village Jogesh and his family kept in touch with Rejoice Centre and received regular visits from one of the Jacob’s Well team. They began having weekly prayer and worship nights together. The villagers said to Jogesh that if he was going to stay, he could not do ‘those Christian things’. He was told not to pray or worship his God there. Jogesh then remembered all the things God had done for him and his family over the past three years, how his youngest son was born in good health after prayer (a miracle in these parts), how God had healed his son who was unable to speak, how God protected him when he was trapped in his burning house and made a way for him to escape out a window without being hurt, how God protected another son when he fell off the roof of a tall building without being hurt, and how God is always there for him. Right then and there, Jogesh decided he must continue to follow Jesus. Jogesh returned with his family to Rejoice Centre where he takes part in evening worship and is growing in his spiritual walk, learning to share the gospel and teach the children. Each Wednesday night he goes out with another worker from the Jacob’s Well team to a local village to share the gospel. There are now five Christian families in this village, who have been set free by Jesus and have chosen to follow Him. This is one of the many stories of lives that are being reached by the love of Christ in India.

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Do you have a heart for India? Why not join our India Team and play a part in supporting, resourcing and praying for our partners on the field. Contact us on (03) 8420 0938 or email


new delhi

going: new delhi BY JENNY HUDSON I went on a Mission Outreach to India in February 2012 that changed my life. Delhi was the place that God impacted me the most. We were taken to what is known as the garbage slum. The people in this slum live in the midst of rubbish. Garbage from the city is dumped in this slum and the people including the children sort through the rubbish and extract any recyclable material. They receive just enough money for a meal to feed their families for a day. Even before I got out of the car my heart broke. When we drove into the slum we noticed the tents that the people live in. The slum is dirty and there are flies and garbage everywhere. We were hit by poverty at its rawest. I was devastated by the living conditions of the people. To be honest, I questioned how the people found hope in this situation and how we would tell them that there is a God that loves them.

I had to compose myself before I got out of the car as I didn’t want the people to see my tears for them. We walked around a corner and saw a little brick building called the Hope Centre (run by Tejas Asia). True to its name, it is implementing Jeremiah 29:11 and bringing God’s hope and giving them a future in God. The building is painted white and stands out amongst the dirt of the slum. Inside, it is painted with bright pictures and scriptures. It exists in extreme contrast to the rest of the slum. In the Hope Centre, the children are being educated and taught about God. When I was praying for three children, I felt I had a word from God that they would be warriors and would draw others to God. The devastation was so great but I really saw people who had put their lives on the line for God and were in the frontline of evangelism. I realised that God is having His way in that slum. Through the children, generations will change. This challenged me in every way. What am I doing at home to evangelise to my unsaved family and friends? It made me question myself and my complacent attitude at times. I see God’s work isn’t done yet. There are still so many who need God, who need to hear the gospel message and who need to be saved from this life that can be so cruel. It made me realise that we are God’s vessels. We need to have a sense of urgency to spread the gospel message. The time is ours to do something with. I am so glad I went on this Mission Outreach as God used me and taught me so much.

This year Bridge church have made a contribution to the work of Tejas Asia in the slums of Delhi. Change The World Magazine 33

matthew 9:37-38

“ There will always be poor people i n the l Therefore I command you to be open han toward your brothers and toward the poo and needy in your land.�

land. nded or

gi ve


transform entire communities,

change the

Change The World Magazine 36

e world


Matt 9:37-38 He said to His disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into Change The Magazine 37 hisWorld fields.�







Schools ministry to continue to grow through English teaching, sports programs and concerts in schools Growth of relationship building amongst the Muslims in the south of Thailand Tim and Bronwyn Perry and their family as they spend a season based in Australia God would strengthen and expand the ministry of Capacity JEM The children in Emmanuel Boys Home, Peace Home and The House of Dreams would have a strong year of learning and getting closer to God Strong leaders full of integrity in the Maesarieng church and Emmanuel Boys Home Evangelism God opportunities for the church in Maesarieng

Become a faith promise partner and support our partners in thailand in 2012/2013



per month will assist travel to share the gospel with people in the Muslim dominated south of Thailand (the River Team)



per month will help run concerts in schools in Thailand addressing important life issues (the River Team)



per month will help support Doug Higgins to enable him to train leaders, care for children, plant churches, start sustainable micro enterprise initiatives, and distribute gospel literature through Capacity JEM

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september - october 2012 DECEMBER 2012 high school


chiang mai province


in thailand we support:

In thailand in 2011/2012 we have supported:

doug & fiona higgins Capacity JEM

+ Church Planting


+ Hill Tribe ministry

FAY WALKLING Emmanuel Boys Home

+ Work in the Muslim dominated south of Thailand

+ Children’s homes

+ Concerts in schools

+ The building of five houses through Nail Poverty

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chiang mai


/ capacity jem partner

Capacity JEM works alongside local people in Thailand to help them fulfil their vision for the local community by assisting in project implementation, facilitation and resourcing. They are involved with leadership training, agriculture and microenterprise, children’s homes, youth programs, and education.

Capacity JEM assist many children through children’s homes. One child that has been helped is Dao. Little is known about Dao’s early childhood. Both of her parents have died and an elderly woman in a village was looking after her. However, because of her age and inability to work she couldn’t provide for the basics that Dao needed. Someone in the village mentioned Peace Home and that Dao would be well cared for there. Dao had no identity papers and no name when she arrived so the house mum named her. Recently Dao was experiencing some medical issues including slurred speech and small seizures. She was unhappy and withdrawn, unlike her usual self. When taking her to the local hospital, she was treated with contempt and told that she wasn’t worth caring for because she is from a tribal group and didn’t have identity papers (a common view held in Thailand). Thankfully the house parents have friends in a hospital in a major city that assessed her condition. She had some CAT scans and it showed that she had a worm in her brain. She received medication and is now back to her normal self, full of life and joy! She loves God and sings and dances in church each week.

Change The World Magazine 40

Capacity JEM were able to assist with the emergency medical costs through the generous donations of a visiting team. There are many children like Dao that Capacity JEM assist through their partnerships. Capacity JEM has also been working with Pastors Supote and Pimmart (Mam) Ketudom in Wiang Papao for approximately six years. They have a heart for their community, particularly the youth, and have been praying for the region for many years, actively training leaders in the church to evangelise and disciple. They have seen many come to know Christ and baptised many people. Local business people, families, and community members have come to know God and 10 cell groups now operate in several villages and homes. The church has outgrown its current building with new people coming every week. There is a tangible presence of the Holy Spirit there. Without prayer this never before seen growth wouldn’t occur.

Do you have a heart for Thailand? Why not join our Thailand Team and play a part in supporting, resourcing and praying for our partners on the field. Contact us on (03) 8420 0938 or email


chiang mai

the river team – tim & bronwyn perry

/ the river team partner

Tim and Bronwyn Perry have been working in Thailand since 2008 and head up the River Team. The River Team are involved in training Thai people to reach their communities, ministering to people in poverty, and reaching out to kids through concerts and sports programs in schools. The River Team also felt God’s calling to work in a strong Muslim area in the south of Thailand. This area is troubled by regular violence, bombings and shootings and is a place where the sex trade and sex trafficking are prolific. The River Team spent six months praying and declaring God’s praises over this region. God spoke to them about praise going before a victory. In January 2011, the first group from the team went to this troubled area. Good relationships with the local government were immediately established. Within months, some of the government and religious leaders from that region visited the work in north Thailand. This visit resulted in an invitation to come to their city. The River Team have established a strong home base and centre for running activities provided by the local government leaders, have conducted five kids camps, run microenterprise training with many locals, been involved in youth leadership training, ministered into the lives of many and become a part of the local community,

endorsed and supported by both government and religious leaders. The River Team have trained Thai and Indonesian leaders who will live and work in the south. The Perry’s thank Bridge church for enabling them to regularly travel the 2,000 km to minister in this very troubled and needy region amongst these very beautiful people. The River Team are also very passionate about seeing children in need placed into families of relatives or close friends so that they can remain living in community and to maintain and develop relationships within their own community. Such relationships are very important for life in Thailand. Occasionally there are children who, for their own safety or because of community reasons, just cannot be placed in other homes within their community. This is the case for three girls who are now living at The River. Cassie Love, from Bridge church, is currently in Thailand and serving with them to help these girls experience the warmth and safety of a real home for the first time. Cassie is overseeing family life and helping to put in place all that is required to help these kids (and others who may later come) to adjust to their new family and to succeed and prosper in all areas of life.

You can read more about what Tim and Bronwyn Perry and the River Team are doing in Thailand by visiting their blogspot [].

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chiang mai

going: thailand

miracle in thailand BY MIREE TOMMASINI For my 29th birthday last year I got to be part of a miracle! You don’t hear a lot of people in the Western world say that but in a developing nation like Thailand, this sort of thing happens much more frequently – particularly if you hang around an amazing soldier of God like Yingwit. Yingwit is one of the sweetest men you will ever meet. His smiling eyes and humility are some of his most distinguishing features but what stands out most when you spend a day with Yingwit is his phenomenal passion to do the work of Christ and his dedication to the lost souls of Thailand.

Change The World Magazine 42

Yingwit voluntarily left a comfortable life in the city to go and live in a tiny bamboo hut in the hill tribes in the north of the country for the sole reason of living amongst and ministering to the villagers. When he moved to this village there were no Christians living there and in fact they were despised, so you can imagine how hard it was for Yingwit when he first arrived. As uncomfortable, isolated and scary as it was for him, he knew it was God’s call on his life to help improve the lives of these people. Due to the extreme poverty and hopelessness of their financial situations, many of the men in the village


resorted to alcoholism which, in turn, led to a high incidence of domestic violence in the village. Yingwit determined to bring light to this dark part of the world and cried out to God for a solution. The answer: coffee! Yingwit set up, in essence, a coffee shop in his little hut and began providing the village men free coffee and conversation every evening. This venture took off and soon the village men and sometimes women would come to his hut by night and by day to drink coffee, as Yingwit would sow into their lives. This resulted in a decrease in the violence, praise God! On this particular day in August last year when my team visited Yingwit, God chose to perform a wonderful miracle through us. As we walked around the village, a gorgeous elderly lady and her husband wandered up to us. This Christian couple were so tiny and thin and fragile looking. The husband asked Yingwit if our team could pray for his wife as she was rapidly losing her hearing. She had been prayed for before but her condition had not improved and she was going deaf. So, eagerly, we obliged. Our team knelt down in the middle of the dusty walking track and laid hands on her. We prayed in tongues and in English and the presence of the Holy Spirit was strong. Once we finished we all got up and as she stood she looked bewildered and said in Thai “What are they saying? I can hear them but I can’t understand”. Then she said “I can hear! I am healed”. A big smile covered her face. We were so excited and amazed. God had chosen that moment to intervene and heal this woman and we all got to be a part of it. The whole experience was quite surreal as it was instant healing. It was as though she had come expecting her miracle and through her faith, had received it. Even Yingwit, who has witnessed many supernatural happenings, was very pleased with this outcome and especially that we got to be a part of it too. We were all changed that day and could not wait to get home to Australia to share the story with you all. Have extreme, unshakeable faith and see the Holy Spirit move in your life, sometimes even instantly.

Bridge Church are supporting the River Team to build a bigger home for Yingwit which will enable him to minister to more people in his home.

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going: mid-term


has changed me forever


There are times when it’s hard and it and you crave what you imagine the ‘n in a moment a child gives you a hug an love, you meet a person full of joy an life to Christ, you watch an amazing s

Check out my blog Change The World Magazine for more information about44my experiences in Thailand during 2011.

Ruth Prosser, a member of Bridge church, felt God calling her to Thailand to work with Doug and Fiona Higgins with Capacity. She worked in Thailand with Capacity for a year and has seen her life change. Ruth shares her story with us. This is my second trip to Thailand volunteering with Capacity JEM, and it certainly won’t be my last. I have spent almost a year based in Chiang Mai and how quickly Thailand has become home. It has been an awesome experience grasping a feels totally overwhelming new language, watching kids grow and develop, ormal’ life to be, but then, meeting people from d a warm smile filled with all over the world, d hope who has given their being a part of unset and you’re back on track. something bigger than I could have ever imagined and expanding my world view. Many times your intention is to change the world, but you find out that you are actually changed more. You are no longer content with the status quo or what is acceptable and living a comfortable, mediocre life doesn’t cut it anymore. Capacity JEM is committed to working with the local people to facilitate, resource and implement their vision for the Thai community which is diverse. It covers anything from working alongside teachers and students, dealing with human trafficking prevention, caring for kids from at-risk situations through our kids homes, sourcing funding for local projects (such as computers for schools), construction, training and resourcing locals to share the gospel, teaching and discipling leaders and many other things.

One of the most impacting things is hearing people’s stories of transformation. Recently we visited a small church in a rural farming community where the pastor is a reformed drug addict and alcoholic. She has totally surrendered her life to God along with her husband and has a passion for her community to see them come to the realisation that Buddha is not the answer but Christ is. My heart is to see every person both here in Thailand and in Australia realise that we all have a very important part to play in mission. A missionary is not just someone overseas but it is the call that each one of us has, to put feet to the words of Christ’s gospel. We are all missionaries, each to the world where God has called us to be. Some of the things you can do to discover where God has called you is to go on a short-term outreach to another country, seek God in prayer, speak to a leader in a community group, or volunteer somewhere that you are passionate about. Each one of us is called to live an extraordinary life wherever God leads and places us. It involves prayer, good counsel and a whole lot of faith. There are times when it’s hard and it feels totally overwhelming and you crave what you imagine the ‘normal’ life to be, but then, in a moment a child gives you a hug and a warm smile filled with love, you meet a person full of joy and hope who has given their life to Christ, you watch an amazing sunset and you’re back on track. It’s often in those trying times that someone lets you know that they were praying for you. Living overseas is not easy but there is a greater contentment and a peace knowing that this is where God wants me to be. I don’t miss much Australian food (I do have a stash of vegemite in my cupboard) and am very accustomed to eating rice and chilli at least once a day, if not more. There is something about immersing yourself into another culture. Loving life and following Christ is rewarding in ways I can’t begin to describe.

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romans 1:11-12

“I long to see you so that‌ you and I may be mutually encoura

Change The World Magazine 46

aged by each other’s faith.�


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LONG -term


going: LONG-TERM


Joan Roose, a member of Bridge Church, is a perfect example of God taking an ordinary life and doing extraordinary things in and through them. Joan Roose went on a short term mission outreach in 2004 to India and was overwhelmed by what she saw. She went back home with a burden on her heart and started Jacob’s Well in obedience to God’s call. JOAN TELLS HER STORY...



hen I first went to Odisha I was severely challenged by what I saw - extreme poverty with tribal people so neglected they were skeletons covered with skin. There was seemingly no muscle at all on their bones. They were surviving by drinking stagnant pond water. It was then that my life changed. I knew I had to do something about their plight, and Jacob’s Well was born. God enabled me to get this project off the ground and since that day He has provided everything I have needed. He has introduced me to people who can help. He has guided my path and has done it all! In the intervening years I have seen many lives transformed, and in turn, they will transform their own communities. It takes an average of three months to sink a bore well and during that time our Christian workers establish relationships in the village, pray for the people, identify their needs and try to address those needs. By providing clean drinking water we have made a huge difference in the life of the people in over 30 villages. The gratitude from the families is overwhelming. To them clean water is life changing. They take great pride in their well and pump, and rush to show it to all the people who come and visit. God is doing amazing things in the villagers’ lives. As our workers teach literacy and numeracy, they share the gospel. In a village where our literacy program has been underway since 2009, one of the village leaders came to Rejoice Centre (our base), asking if our people could come and take a Bible class in his village on Sundays when the adults could attend. The children from this village have shown great improvement in their literacy and as a result the whole village has embraced the initiative.

Change The World Magazine 48

In the intervening years I have seen many lives transformed, and in turn, they will transform their own communities. I’ll be honest, there are days when I don’t want to continue and just want to come home, and then there are days that just inspire me. I’ll see something and think, “How can I ever walk away from this?” There are children at Rejoice Centre who would quite simply be dead if they had been left in their village. God has really stretched me in many ways. I’m not a patient person, but He is teaching me patience, although He’s still got a long way to go! He’s turned my life inside out and upside down. He’s pulled me up and turned me around to refocus on things other than my own needs, desires and wants. He has opened my eyes and pointed me in a direction that I would never have gone. Yes, He has done it all!”

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raise the leaders of tomo

change the

Change The World Magazine 50


e world australia

Matt 9:37-38 He said to His disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into Change his The World Magazine 51 fields.�







To raise up and to equip every Aboriginal church member in Bagot Victory Church to evangelise and disciple other people.

To continue to develop strong Indigenous leadership in Bagot Victory Church

The development of Desert SONG in Alice Springs to train Indigenous leaders

Teen Challenge Centralia to develop their Adventure Base Camp and Shine Program to mentor and encourage Indigenous youth to be all that God has called them to be

Become a faith promise partner and support our partners in thailand in 2012/2013



per month will help run a youth program for the youth in the Bagot community in Darwin (David & Isobel Gawler)



per month Teen Challenge Victoria to continue to see young people transformed and set free from life controlling issues.

helps support people to be set free from life controlling issues (Teen Challenge Victoria)



per month helps support David and Isobel Gawler in the running of the Bagot Indigenous Victory Church

Join the Mission Prayer Team Contact 03 8420 0938 or Change The World Magazine 52

Darwin 3 – 11 April 2012

Alice Springs august 2012

darwin December 2012


In Alice Springs, Bridge Church is supporting a new training centre for indigenous pastors


alice spring

a u s t r a l i a


in australia we support: david & isobel gawler Bagot Victory Church

In australia in 2011/2012 we have supported: + Leadership development of Indigenous pastors

teen challenge victoria

+ Church ministry in Indigenous communities

teen challenge centralia

+ Rehabilitation and development of people with life controlling issues

desert song Alice Spring

+ Leadership training for mentoring Indigenous youth + Indigenous teenage girl school program

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bagot indigenous victory church (david

/bagot indigenous victory church partner

Change The World Magazine 54

d & isobel gawler)

David and Isobel Gawler have been ministering in the Bagot Indigenous community in Darwin for ten years. They established the Bagot Indigenous Victory Church and are involved in training up leaders, church ministry, pastoral care, children’s ministry and youth ministry. One of the Indigenous Assistant Pastors at the Bagot

Indigenous Victory Church is Dawn Adams. Dawn became a Christian at the Bagot Church. As a result of learning to rely on Jesus, she has been delivered from a gambling addiction and also delivered from smoking. Dawn is now encouraging many people and especially the young women to follow the Lord.

Here is Dawn’s story: “Hello, my name is Dawn Adams. I’m from the Bagot community. I’ve been a Christian for six years now. Early last year my husband passed away. We had been together for 30 years and at that time, I thought he would always be there for me, our children and grandchildren. Four months after he passed away, thoughts were racing through my mind. I was confused and just thinking of life without him caused me to experience a high level of stress. I ended up being sick and frail without realising that someone stronger and mightier was there. Jesus spoke to me in my heart and mind. It was a still gentle whisper to trust and always obey Him, leaning not on my own understanding. He encouraged me to lean on Him and He promised to always be near me, comfort me and love me. The burdens I had been carrying were suddenly lifted off me and for the first time in my life I felt free.”

Another man that has been set free by God is Basil. For ten years, David and Isobel had reached out to him with the gospel and helped him when he was in trouble. Most of the time, he was homeless and an alcoholic. He had previously been a petrol sniffer. One night, two years ago, he was sitting on the local beach drinking alcohol when suddenly there was a bright light all around him. Basil’s drinking companion was terrified. His friend thought it was a spirit and so he ran away. Basil realised that it was the Lord, and then and there asked the Lord to change his life. Basil became a faithful Christian, and never drank alcohol again. David and Isobel are passionate about seeing God move in the Bagot community.

Basil was sitting on the local beach drinking alcohol when suddenly there was a bright light all around him. Basil realised that it was the Lord, and then and there asked the Lord to change his life.

Change The World Magazine 55



teen challenge victoria

/ teen challenge victoria partner

Teen Challenge Victoria provides help for people caught up in drug and alcohol abuse, and other life-controlling problems. The heart of Teen Challenge is to disciple men in managing their freedom. To manage freedom men must do the “three knows”: know God, know themselves, and know others. These are a couple of testimonies from men that have been changed through the ministry of Teen Challenge. JAMIE Jamie was born three months premature, dying three times at birth. It was a miracle he survived. Growing up being the youngest he felt over looked and never heard. Always competing for acceptance and belonging through the opinions of others, he was a slave to other people’s opinion of himself. He took his soul’s search for validation in many different directions and put on hundreds of face’s for everyone, never letting anyone see the real him, because he hated who he was. Jamie started using drugs at 12, and became addicted to heroin at 16. It numbed the pain, and helped him escape from the reality of his abuse from an early age. The deep rooted shame that was connected was unbearable and he tried taking his life many times. Jamie was selling drugs and stealing to support his habit. He was unpredictable and violent. He lost the trust of everyone around him. Relationships with friends, family and his children, suffered.

Change The World Magazine 56

Then one night he was stabbed by a drug dealer and knew he needed help. He fell to his knees and cried out to Jesus and felt a peace come over him like nothing he had ever experienced before. Jesus saved him at his lowest point. Jamie then came to Teen Challenge and began working through his painful past with mentors and the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He now has the ability to make great choices. His mind is being renewed daily and the hope and joy he has found through Jesus flows down into his children and their lives. It is only through Jesus that he has freedom, in knowing who He truly is. He has committed to stay for Servant Leadership Training where he can come alongside other men who are struggling and lead them to a place of restoration and peace through Jesus. Teen Challenge is a challenging journey but a place of transformation for the lost, hopeless and captive.

At this point danny’s brother died and he took a turn for the worst, returning to many of his old habits. He lost his wife and son and woke up in a mental institute and was suicidal from using large amounts of ICE. DANNY Danny was raised in outer eastern Melbourne with his grandparents. He and his brother felt unloved and abandoned by their parents, and they both began looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places such as drugs, alcohol and a very violent criminal life style. This life style led to Danny’s brother’s overdose, leaving him with severe brain damage. Danny was shot, stabbed and kidnapped on different occasions which resulted in years in jail. He got clean for a while, got married and had a son. At this point his brother died and Danny took a turn for the worst, returning to many of his old habits. He lost his wife and son and woke up in a mental institute and was suicidal from using large amounts of ICE. The door that opened for him was Teen Challenge and he took hold with all the strength he had left. While there he was led by God and the staff to work through the deep rooted issues of his childhood and self-image. Through this difficult time God set him free and raised him to be the man God had intended. Danny has been restored to his wife and son, and committed to do the Servant Leadership Training, leading other men and families to be restored to what God has for them. God has now opened the door for Danny’s family to become the new property managers of the Willow Grove Teen Challenge Family Centre.

Change The World Magazine 57


alice springs

/ teen challenge centralia partner

God is doing some amazing things through Teen Challenge in Alice Springs. Vivien Wilson, director of Teen Challenge Centralia, has a passion to see young people set free from life controlling issues and live the life God has called them to live.

teen challenge centralia

In 2011, the Shine program was run in an independent Aboriginal school called Yipirinya School. At the school, there was one young girl that had never taken her beanie off for at least a couple of years. Since she has been coming to the Shine program, she has been blossoming into a lovely girl. Her confidence has been growing so much that now she goes without the beanie. There are also two students in this class who still wear their hoodies or long sleeves even when the temperature is over 40. Our facilitators are particularly spending more one on one time with these kids to get to know them and to help them with the issues that are causing them to want to cover up. Shine was also run in the Acacia Hill Special Needs School in 2011. One young girl, Lekara, who possibly has cerebral palsy, is confined to a wheel chair. During one of the sessions, we did the girls’ hair and Lekara was absolutely delighted. She probably has never been so pampered. The most moving time, however, was when after showing the girls how to walk like a princess she wanted to also have a go. So with her tiara on and the teacher assisting her by holding her underarms she walked down the aisle.

Teen Challenge Centralia not only impacts One of the programs that Teen teenage girls through Shine, but also run Challenge Centralia runs is called Adventure Shine. Shine is camps for designed to show During one of the sessions, troubled teenage girls their we did the girls’ hair and youth. These worth in Christ. Lekara was absolutely delighted. young people This program has have a lot been running since She probably has never been of fun but 2007 and is run so pampered. also learn in three schools about God and the freedom He brings and are and two youth camps. Shine is mentored by Christian leaders. Bridge church impacting girls to know how much is excited to see what God will do through Teen they matter to God in a fun and Challenge in 2012. safe environment.

Change The World Magazine 58

Do you have a heart for Australia? Why not join our Australia Team and play a part in supporting, resourcing and praying for our partners on the field. Contact us on (03) 8420 0938 or email



going: darwin The Darwin Mission Outreach didn’t just change my life, it transformed it. Before I went, I didn’t know where Darwin was (I literally had to Google Map it), I didn’t know anyone else going on the mission outreach and I was unsure of exactly what my role would be. I was a new Christian and I had only been at Bridge church for a little less than a year. However, I decided to go because Jesus had given me so much that I wanted to give to others and the leader of the mission outreach really wanted me to come. Prior to Darwin, I was at a crossroads in my life. I was deciding whether to pursue studies in Medicine or Theology. I grew up a devout Buddhist. Not once had becoming a Christian crossed my mind, let alone studying Theology in hope of preaching and spreading the gospel. This decision was extremely difficult. I didn’t believe that I have the credentials or the experience to study Theology. It was how Christ believed in me when no one would that compelled my heart to go after His word. I was desperate for God’s direction. I prayed and asked God to reveal to me through this mission outreach if I were called to study and preach His word. Funnily enough God revealed what was in my heart all along, I loved His people and my heart breaks for those who are oppressed.

BY WENG KAI THAM During the trip we met an old lady who had been diagnosed with cancer. She was lying on her bed, seemingly in agony but not joyless – she had the biggest grin across the room. Death was inevitable for her, yet it did not shake her as she continued to smile as we prayed for her. Her daughter told us that amid the pains and pangs of life, they still love Jesus. They know that He is faithful and He is good. Some of us went away in tears, others in silence. Though that day we did not witness a miraculous healing, what we saw and experienced was beyond a miracle, it was faith. Here was a woman stricken by cancer, yet in the face of certain death, she refused to deny her faith in her Lord. As for me, my soul was shaken but I was not in despair. Through this ordeal, the power and the life of the gospel became clear. Studying the word would be intimidating but after witnessing Christ and the hunger of His people in Darwin, I cannot help but want to preach the gospel. Having gone on that mission outreach, God opened my eyes; having returned, He transformed my life.

In Darwin, Bridge church partner with David and Isobel Gawler who work in the Bagot community.

Change The World Magazine 59


go into all the world and

preach the

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mark 16:15 Matt 9:37-38 He said to His disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into Change his The World Magazine 61 fields.�







Strength and favour for Ps Bruce and World Outreach International to continue to teach and train pastors and leaders to reach unreached people groups Leanne to develop strong relationships with church pastors and ministries and help them to reach out to their communities in Eastern Europe Ross and Donna, Geok and Ria to have favour and more God opportunities to share Christ with people in China Pray for strength for churches in China to stand firm amid persecution Strength and opportunity for Ps Philip and Barbara Hills to train and teach church leaders and pastors in China

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per month will assist Ps Bruce Hills to travel the globe to train pastors and leaders to reach unreached people groups



per month will help Geok Lim to share the gospel with people in China



per month will assist Leanne Rhodes to work alongside churches in Eastern Europe to help them reach their communities

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december 2012


Bridge Church is supporting Leanne who will be working alongside churches in Eastern Europe to help them reach their communities




globally we support: Leanne Rhodes - Romania Geok Lim - China Ross & Donna Winchester - China Ria Smit – China Ps Hills Travels to Asia to train pastors Ps Bruce Hills Trains pastors and leaders across the world to minister to unreached people groups

globally in 2011/2012 we have supported: + Pastors seminar in Muslim dominated country to train pastors to reach unreached people groups + Leadership training + English teaching + House groups and evangelism + Concerts in Universities

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geok lim

One day a believer asked Geok a challenging question.“The gospel has been known for so long.How is it that no one partner has come to Twelve years ago, God started speaking to Geok Lim, a member of Bridge church, about Asia. After several short term outreaches, Geok responded to the call of share this God and moved to China in 2005. Geok has since been living in China and sharing the gospel with everyone she meets. She has been helping to establish groups of believers good news and her goal is to train and equip individuals so that they evangelise their own people and reach out in mission to others. with me and Lily is one of the ladies that Geok has met and seen God’s transformation in her life. Lily is a 68 year old lady who came to faith a year ago. She said that about four years ago why has it a fire came from heaven and burnt up a witch doctor’s house in a nearby village. This witch doctor cheated and deceived many people. Since then she somehow knew that there taken you so is a God in heaven. She said “finally I have found the one true God. He has given me the peace and joy that no one is able to give me.” She not only shares the good news with her long to come?” friends but tells them how God has answered her prayers. What a woman of faith!

/geok lim

Lily has taken up the responsibility in taking care of a group of Christians. Lily not only shares the word but also teaches them how to sing worship songs. “Those who are planted in the house of the Lord shall flourish in the courts of our God. They shall still bear fruit in old age. They shall be fresh and flourishing.” These words are so true! Geok came to know a lady called Jo who ran the local yoghurt shop. They became friends and Geok shared the gospel with her. One day Jo asked Geok to share with her friends as they had never heard the gospel before, so Geok started a small group. At the same time Geok is building a team of Christians to be able to share the gospel with those around them. One day a believer asked Geok a challenging question. “The gospel has been known for so long. How is it that no one has come to share this good news with me and why has it taken you so long to come?” Geok, among other Christians, is working in China to see more and more people set free by Jesus Christ.

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ps bruce hills

/bruce hills

Ps Bruce Hills is the International Leadership Development Director for World Outreach International – an agency whose mission is to impact the least reached people groups with the good news of Jesus Christ. The unreached people groups account for 41% of the world’s population which is over 6000 identifiable people groups. As International Leadership Development Director, one of Pastor Bruce’s primary roles is to direct the leadership development initiatives and events for pastors and leaders across the developing world. Throughout 2011, Ps Bruce has been making exploratory trips to strategic mission centres in the developing world to ascertain the leadership training needs. These trips have been to Northeast India, Burkina Faso, Kenya, South Africa, Bangladesh, Egypt, Pakistan and Thailand. Future training will provide contextually relevant leadership training in those target mission centres. The plan is to go back to the same place with the same leaders for up to five years. The training will focus on two distinct groups of people. The first is the equipping of pastors and leaders for ministry and mission. The second is emerging leaders of leaders, young women and men in their late 20’s and 30’s who have something about their lives and leadership that distinguishes them as potential leaders of leaders. The idea is to equip these emerging leaders over a period of at least three years and provide quality training on areas that will equip them. 2 Tim. 2:2: “And the things you have heard me say in the presence of many witnesses entrust to reliable men who will also be qualified to teach others.” The potential of intentional and focused training of pastors, leaders and emerging leaders of leaders is immense. The impact so far has been incredible. One Bangladeshi leader wrote, “We’ve never heard anything like this before!” Others have been deeply affected by the quality and practicality of the training. It is making (and will continue to make) a difference in the world.

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ross & donna winchester

/ ross &Donna winchester partner

Ross and Donna Winchester work in China to train leaders to be more effective and to reach out cross-culturally in the nations of Asia and the Middle East.

‘How I know God is real’ and they were overwhelmed by the response to the altar call.

Over the last 12 months more than 400 leaders and workers have attended their leadership training programs, receiving a strong biblical foundation for their lives and ministry. Many of them are responsible for tens of thousands of churches and millions of believers.

After the prayer time a lady came up to Ross and said, “I am a doctor and am also a Muslim. I work so hard to try to help people and I am tired and frustrated. I don’t seem to be making a difference. There are too many things that are out of my control. But I can see what you are doing. You are trying to set people free”.

Lily is one of the many people who has been impacted and trained through the Emerging Leadership Training Program. When Lily was born, her parents thought she was so ugly that she didn’t even look like a person. They didn’t want her so they left her on a railway track. A lady found her and took her home. Lily was a very sickly child so the lady sold her for $1.50 to a family who didn’t have children. As she grew up she became very ill with leukaemia. She gave her life to Christ when she was 15 and God healed her. As a result her parents became Christians as well. She is now a beautiful young woman who has finished Bible College and is a campus worker at one of the universities. She is now attending the Emerging Leadership Training Program. When asked how the program has impacted her she replied, “I have been really lifted up in my spiritual life during this program. I was very ignorant of the Biblical truths that were taught. I now feel better equipped for my ministry and have fresh faith and vision for the future”. Ross and Donna have also been running youth concerts which have been having a great impact. At a recent Youth Explosion concert, over 300 people squeezed into a hotel meeting room. The worship was incredible with many unbelievers experiencing the presence of God. Ross shared a message on

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Ross and Donna do what they do so they can preach the gospel to the poor, proclaim liberty to the captives, restore sight to the blind, and set free those who are oppressed.


leanne rhodes

human trafficking can be beaten BY LEANNE RHODES So much has happened since I landed on the ground here in Europe earlier this year just over six weeks ago. I have had the opportunity to meet so many who are sold out for the gospel and have willingly altered their lives in order for others to experience the transformational power of God in their lives and nations. One such person I have met is Phil Cameron. He is a pastor with a God-given passion in his heart that has said enough is enough and is doing something about human trafficking. He now has over 70 orphans that were once destined for human trafficking who now call him ‘Dad’. Let me introduce you to the Europe you don’t often hear about. It’s the Europe where people are so poor they’ve learnt to give away their kids and where governments are unable to care for the thousands of children in their care. It’s the place where orphans who are 16 are given the equivalent of $50 and told to go make a life for themselves and where traffickers lurk looking for girls that have no home and just want a warm bed. Phil has seen the immense need and has done something about it. He has set up three homes called Stella’s Voice that now house young men and women that are stuck in this terrible cycle. Phil gives these young people a home, a family and most importantly introduces them to God. These young people know of God’s saving grace. These amazing young people, who have been through so much, have started a church. On the very first day they invited all their friends and over 50 got to know Jesus for the very first time.

Leanne is on assignment in Europe as Romania Country Leader and part of the Balkans team for Next Level International, an organisation working to see Europe transformed. For more information please see: / /

Over the next few months I will be visiting Stella’s Voice and working with them to help these young people grow into the leaders they are destined to be. I will be helping them come up with models that can be replicated all over Eastern Europe, potentially impacting the hundreds of thousands of orphans that are still praying for someone to notice they even exist. To everyone at Bridge church, thank you for supporting me. Together we will see an end to this nightmare and a totally transformed Europe.

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“you’ll be known as those who c r e s t o r e o l d r u i n s , r e b u i l d a make the community livable ag Change The World Magazine 68

an fix anything, and renovate, g a i n . � isaiah 58:12


Matt 9:37-38 He said to His disciples, “The harvest is great, but the workers are few. So pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into Change The Magazine 69 hisWorld fields.�







Favour, spiritual insight and direction for Bridge Church at the Richmond Estate, High School Ministry and CRE

God’s wisdom and direction and God opportunities for Kids Alive Outreach, English Classes and the 25:40 Project

Become a faith promise partner and support our partners locally in 2012/2013


$ Connect Groups to rise up and seek divine opportunities to reach out to others especially through local Community Blitz’s

per month assists Empire to run outreach programs in high schools


$ As a church we will have more divine opportunities to reach out individually, as connect groups and as a whole to reach lost people in our communities

per month helps provide materials and resources to teach CRE in a local primary school



per month helps support Bridge Church at the Richmond Housing Estate

Join the Mission Prayer Team Contact 03 8420 0938 or Change The World Magazine 70

Join a Local Mission Outreach Team. there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved in reaching people right here in Melbourne. Give us a call on 03 8420 0938 and we’ll find a spot for you.


a u s t r a l i a

we support the following local mission projects:


Bridge Church at the Richmond Estate High School Ministry Kids Alive Outreach

LOCALLY IN 2011/2012 we have supported:

English Classes

+ Outreach to the Richmond Housing Estate

25:40 Project Community Blitz Christmas Outreach Christian Religious Education in schools

+ Evangelism outreach on the streets of Melbourne + Community Blitz at Hawthorn Secondary College + The distribution of hampers and gifts to people in need and community groups + Teaching English to the community + High school outreach and ministry + Christian Religious Education in schools

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EMPIRE ESTATE TEENAGERS BY BEN HAY Government housing estates can be places of darkness characterised by drugs, alcohol, suicide and depression. Impressionable youth can be subjected to unhealthy role models and destructive behaviour. Bridge Church is bringing hope and light through youth outreach programs. Bridge church have been reaching out to the youth at the Richmond Housing Estate since late 2009 and taking youth by bus to Empire, the Friday night youth program at church. Some of these youth had also been through the Kids Alive outreach program and were now attending high school. Many youth in the program have come to Australia as refugee’s escaping war torn conflicts in Liberia and Sudan. In 2011 we saw great growth in the outreach program. Youth were talking to their friends about how fun and exciting Empire was and youth from Fitzroy and Collingwood Housing Estates started coming as well. Many youth from the Estates made decisions for Christ last year and we saw the Estate youth become more and more integrated into Empire and church life. The Estate youth bring a lot of energy and this is often characterised with their love of dance. Some of the many highlights of 2011 outreach program were having 30 youth from the Estates attend the men’s momentum night, girls attend the soul sisters event, 30 youth attend the Revolution night with Andrew Kubala, and many Estate youth attended both Empire camps. Emmanuel Majok from the Richmond Housing Estate last year became a rookie leader. Emmanuel has been attending Bridge Church right through Kids Alive and was introduced to Bridge Church through the Kids Alive outreach program. Emmanuel is a magnificent role model to the youth and a great leader. God is working powerfully in Emmanuel’s life as well as in the lives of all the other Estate youth. Praise God!

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BRIDGE CHURCH AT RICHMOND ESTATE BY SALLY HOULIHAN Our vision for Bridge church in Griffiths Street and the Richmond Housing Estate for 2012 is “a Year of Purpose” and our core values as a church of “souls, supernatural, significance” are the emphasis we take out into the Richmond Housing Estate. My prayer is that we will clearly hear and understand God’s vision for Bridge church at the Richmond Estate and how our church community can be involved. It is time to put God’s plans at the centre of our lives. Doing the work of God’s kingdom needs to be our first priority. It’s about sacrificially making time to get involved in other people’s lives. This comes at a cost. Jesus emphasised the need for us to reach out to people who don’t know God. I believe God’s vision is to see us going out in large numbers to connect with residents at the Richmond Estate, building relationships, sharing the good news and making disciples who then can go on and make disciples. We have seen many people come to know God at the Richmond Housing Estate. One of these residents is a woman from Egypt who used to bring her grandson to a kids program called ‘Solid Ground’ that Bridge church was involved with a few years ago. Over time, volunteers from Bridge church got to know her and invited her to attend Bridge church at the Richmond Estate. She is a loving woman who has become a valuable part of the team helping regularly with the catering at the Estate outreach. She also attends a connect group at the Estate. It has been amazing to see her genuine love for people and her servant heart. Another person that we have seen God change is a man who has regularly attended the church for over two years. He has developed and grown in his faith and has a heart for God. He loves getting involved by volunteering his time at church and has opened his home to a weekly connect group at the Richmond Estate. It’s great to see God move in his life. On Sundays at 2:30pm we have a community lunch and outreach service. At the Estate we also work from within the community through the ‘Community Information Centre’ building relationships with the residents and workers. We have Bible study based connect groups and will be focusing this year on expanding our outreach volunteer teams and developing a Vietnamese volunteer team. Everything we do is focused as an opportunity to be in the community and to build one-on-one relationships. We use programs as an opportunity to make connections, build relationships and make disciples who make disciples.

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It’s amazing how one little idea or thought can help, influence and include so many people and make a difference in our community. In early 2011, a member of our Connect Group decided to reach out to a family she knew of that had become the foster family for three Sudanese children in an emergency situation and who already had two children of their own. The difficulty was that the family didn’t receive most of the usual assistance that foster families would normally. This ‘soul sister’ had the ‘little thought’ to take them meals and we decided that our connect group would make a meal for the family every week. She was delighted! The response and excitement that followed from our connect group members was beyond what we had imagined. Some responses were “wow I’ve been wanting to cook for someone in need, my hubby loves cooking and it’s only us two” (Janelle) another was “oh I’d love to connect and cook for this Sudanese family and get to play with the children” (Lisa) and another “I can do that” (Rose) that was only three of the many volunteers! Every group member also supported in prayer! What blew my mind was the ripple effect and the number of different people that became involved.

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One of the girls, Janelle (new to Bridge) also shared the need with her workmates and got them involved too. Another hamper filled by our girls went to (we affectionately call them) “our foster family” and again the generous gifts given by the church family via the Christmas tree in the foyer. We have seen God do such great miracles with this foster family and the children’s situation including donated time from legal work experts, God’s hand in legal matters, non-Christians who are involved coming to Bridge church and being blown away by God and the giving attitude of the Christians they had come into contact with. This has shown the connect group members that when we pray and ask God, He hears us and moves on our behalf. This story is still being written and we know that God is directing the situation! Christina, another godly woman, who has faithfully visited the children’s mum, led her to know Jesus in a personal way just prior to Christmas! God is definitely amazing!

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