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BY ELISHA OKFBLEY SMITH Centel tor Ru~nlAffa~rs

opl)ortunities for beginning farmers while encouraging good stewardship, Coruputer data base matching and Fanners are working longer than const~ltingservices bring beginning ever. According to the 2002 Agricul- farmers and 1:indowncrs together. Ketirement planning, beginning ture Census, the average age of farniers is 55, and one in four is 65 or older. farmer financing, farm business, and asscssrnent infornution As older farmers leave the land en\.i~.onmc'~it;tl ant1 the price of fanns continues to is used to assis1 In transferring faniskyrocket, it's increasingly difficult ily opel-ations to a IIC\V generation of for a new crop of farmers to set roots farmers anci ranchers. 7'lw Center has helped set up many different linking and grow. Farnlers under age 35 are becoming arrangements be,twee~iretiring rind an endangcretl species. The declinc in beginning farmers anit ranchers. I'he Brat uf its LinJ in the s;ltion, young fartilers over the precedirig 15 year3 has been the most draniatic of Land Link has bee11 r~!plicated in 20 the last centcry. states and in .l;ipa~~, Australia, and Beginning farmers can succeed Canada. 'The Center is a 1c;tder in the with encouragement, financial sup- N;ltional Farm Transition Network, port, and sound planning, but the ~iiost which brings all the linking [~rograms critical ingredient is involvement of in the nation together to support the retiring fanners and ranchers wi!h the ncxt genrration of fanners and rauchers. next generation. For more information call (402) The Center for Rural Affair's k a n d L ~ n kprogram jerve.;to increase 687-2 100.





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Ogallala July 22



OGALT,AT,A -Nancy terprisc program in ~ e b r a s - [ Flock, Ncbl aska Hlspanic ka and is one of the largesti business s1,c~cialistwith the rural-based programs in the, Center for Rural 13ffall.s' nation. REAP'S work centers, Rural Enlcrpr~scAssistance aroonti four coniponcnts;. Project, will be in Ogallala technical assistance which; from 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. July inc.lud~sbusiness planning3 22, at the Keith County and trouble shooting cons~il-: Chambci. of Cc)i~imrrccat tation.;. financial and cash, 204 East A Strect In 0g:iliala. flow t)utlgc\ting, and loan Flock wrll be HI 01:all:tla packaging assistance; a mi-! once a month on a rc>::t~lar cro loan fund; networking basis with dates to bc deter and business management mined. training. Based on interest REAP and ~ t scl-viccs s ,Ire shoxvn by individtrnls in a available to rural conin:: r I I I- community, a local small ties across hTch~.askaoffc>r~lrlg buslness roundtable may be technical :t:,%isiance, educa- formed wit11 REAP'S assistional and networking oppor- tance. t'nrticipants can meet tunities, and ~l lnan progrsin re:~ilsrly to network and disfor sjnall self-employed busi- cuss business ideas and nesses. HEAP is dcsigr~edto problems, alld for ongoing assist ;ill t) pi3s of sm,i I1 f I L I . , ~ snl;;tll business management ncsscs. including b~~sinc+srseducation. In some of with five o t tcwer cinplov~~es,REAP'S cstahlished associaself-emplovtxrlfull-tlmc, part- tion communities, nicinbers time, home based, farm- can review and approbe mibased, start 111;. ; ~ i l t i sto:-e- cro-loan applic-ations from front businesst>s.HErZ t ) 11as ~ t ~nt~mbers. s sjx regionally bascd bubrncss KErlP 1s piloting a near specialists across Nebr.~sli; lcnding systcm and They can get involved in as- KEr'it' Rapid Loall for $5,000 sisting entrepreneurs a1 var- or less, with loan ai)plication ious stages of their business capabjlity using the Internet. The HEAP Online Lending progress. is located at Small srlf ernployn~ciit Systcrn businesses are at the core of wvr. ~ . . c f r a . o r g l ~ - e a p / r a p i d the economic activity in ru- loan ei~trb.htni. visit or call. ral Nebrdska. REAP is the ww~&,/rea largest full-scrvice n~icro-en- 402-656-3091OY 308 528-0060.

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CFRA 071708 Clippings