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7 Center For Rural Affairs

Money available for farmers' market promotion grants Mooday. A111il 27. ir tllr Idst d:ly 4uhmit '~pplicatiomfor USDA'4 Fnrlnrrs IbInrket Pronlotiol~ Program (FhlPP) prantq. The grants. aiithori7ed by the Farmers blilrket Promotion Program, arc targeted to help illiprovt: and expcl11J doniestic fu~ners'markctb, roadbide stands, community-supported agriculture programs and other direct producer-to-consumer market opportunities. Approximately $5 nill lion is allocated for the FMPP progranl. The mioiln11111award prr prallt is $2,500, wit11 a laaxio~um of $100.000 for nny one propocnl. Matching fuoclr are l~otlequired. Entities rligihlr to apply il~cludr :~gricultural ccloperatives. local govrlnment6, nclnprofit curpora10

tions. public health corporations. absence of matching fund requireecclnomic development corpora- ments and the additional funding tions, regional farmers' market provided by Congress should authorities and tribal governments. allow the Farmers' Market "The Farmers' Market Prvir~otionProgranl to Prolliotion Program is a great reach a lot more communities, vpp~rtunityLO help producers and especially rural communities with communities cover some of the markets that are smaller or just start-up costs of establishing a starting up. local farmers' market or other form The Farmers' Market Promotion of direct marketing of agricultural Program was created through a products from producers to con- recent amendment of the Farmersumers," said ~ i k Heavrin, e coop- to-Consumer Direct Marketing Act erative developlnent manager at of 1976. For more information on the the Center for Rural Affairs. , According to Heavrin, farmers' Farmers' Market Promotion nurkets dre good for communities, Program Grants and how to apply, bringing farmers and consumers visit or together to create a stronger local contact Mike Heavrin at the Center economy and providing consumers for Rural AfTairs. For more inforwith fresh. affordable produce. mdtion also visit And the flexibility of the grants,

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CFRA 041509 Clips

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