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Thursday Apr~l02 2009 MABEL MN

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4 Center For Rural Affairs

Rural ~ e r s ~ e c t i on ve 10 issues in health care Fr.orrr flrc Ccrrfcrfir Rlrr.trl Affairs Recently. while the Obama administration conducted a health carc listcning session in Dcs Moines, Iowa, the third in a series of five listening sessions across the nation. the Center for Rural A f f i released a report detailing the top I0 rural health care issues in the ongoing debate over health care reform. "There are numerous unique health care issues facing rural people and rural places. This is surely not an exhaustive list of those issues. But it is our view of the top I0 rural issues that should bc addressed in health care reform legislation." said Jon Bailey, director of Rural Research.and Analysis at the Center for Rural Affairs. According to Bailey. the center hopes that their top I0 li5t can scrve ils il checklist against which any legislative propowl for reform can he measured to determine its value and eflectiveness for rural America. The center's report identities the foll in lowing issues as crucial n ~ r a elements the health care refornl debate: an economy based on self-employment and small business greater dependence on and need for public health insurance plans a strcsscd hcalth care delivery system health care provider and workforce shortages an aging rural population a sicker. Inore at-risk population the need for preventive care. health and wellness resources lack of mental health services increasing dependence on technology effective emergency medical services "Since 1969, the number of selfemployed workers in rural areas has grown by over 230 percent. With an economy dominated by small businesses and self-employment. rural people are general-

ly less insured. more underinsured and more dependent on the individual insurance market," Bailey added. "That fact and the other issueshe~ineatedhere make it paramount that Congress and the White House get health care reform right for all Americans, urban and rural ." The Center for Rural Affairs' release of the report on the same day as one of President Obama's Health Care Listening Sessions is not coincidental. Steph Larsen. pol icy organizer for the center. attended the health care listening session in Des Moines where she will share the center's report with administration officials. "Rural America faces the same health care issues as urban America - skyrocketing costs. too many uninsurcd and underinsurcd. and a hcalth care delivery system strained to the point of breaking. There are, however. numerous unique rural health care challenges. which is why we will be presenting this report to the administration." said Larsen prior to the session. The full rcport is available online at: th-Care-Reform.pdf Additional reports exploring a variety of rural hcalth carc issues - including pplicy issues and how congressional reform proposals address rural health care - will be released in the coming weeks. As they are released. thesc papers can be found at the Rural Health Care Reform section of the Center for Ri~ralAffairs' Web site. www.cfra.orglpolicy/health-care. Tlre Cerrterfor Rlrrnl Afl2rit-s~vnsestt~hlislred in 1973 trs trrr lrrrt!#ilitrted rrorrprofit corpora iotr ~trrtlrrIRS c.rrtlc 501(c)3.Tlrr Cetrfer fi?rRirr.trl A[/irir:v 11-tr.tftrnrret1 hx rirnzl ~eirc~sktrrrs c.trrrcerrredrrDolrfftrrrri!\. fnnrrs nrrd rrrrrrl corrrrrrrrrrities, orrd we tt,urk fo sfrerrgf/r~rr.~rrr(r// brrsitresses.fnr?ri!I jbrrlrs nrrd rnrrclrcs. trrrd r!rral corlrnrlrrririps.

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Thursday Aprll 02 2009 PRESTON M N Clrculatlon IDMA) 1 600 1153) Type ( ~ r e ~ i e n c ~ j ~ : e w s p a ~(W) & Page: 4 Keyword: Center For Rural Affairs

Rural perspective on top I10 issues in health .care ly less ies~~rctl. Incll.c u ~ ~ t l c r i ~ ~ . ;~ ~I ~I ~I ' c~ . t l F I . O I I I / I I P C P I If i~ l l .PR~rml ~ Affni~'.v lllorc d c p c ~ ~ d~cI ~I It~l ~t ci~~dividual insurRcccntly. whilc thc Obama administrati011 conducted a heal111care listening scsa ~ ~ ~c ~c~ a r k cLji~ilcy t . " adtlctl. "Tl~atf'act ant1 the otl~eri c s ~ ~ tleli~~eatt-(1 es I I ~ I -111ake e s i o ~i l l~Des h l ( ~ i ~ ~Ic~wa. e s . the third i n a series of 1'ii.c listening sessions across the i t para~nountthiit Collgfess all(l t l ~ cWhite n a t i o ~ thc ~ . C c ~ ~ tfc~r c r Rural Affairs Housc get hei~ltl~ care r e l - o r ~ ~' i ~y l Ibr ~ t all A ~ ~ ~ c r i cI IaI . ~ ~ ; I~ I I sa.~ ~r ~ t l~ r a l . " rcleascd a report detailing the top I0 rural l~eilltl~ ciirc issues i l l the ongoing debate Thc C c ~ ~ tIel r Rural l\ll-i~i~~s' ~.clcascof (.are 1.c1'orrn. the report (111 t l ~ csalllc (1:1?ac c111c(11' over I~ealtl~ "7'11c1.carc Ilulllcrolls u ~ ~ i hcaltl~ q ~ ~ ecare Prcsidc~~t O l j a ~ ~ ~flcaltli a ' s C'al-c 1-istc~ii~~g ~ g ~jcopleand rural places. Scs5io11sis I I O I coir~citlc~~tal. Step11L a r s c ~ ~ . issues f i ~ c i ~I-111-al This is surcly not an exhaustive list of policy c ~ r g a ~ ~ ifor z c rthe ccllter. attc~~dcd the I~caltl~ ci1r.c l i s t e ~ ~scs5ic111 i ~ ~ s i l l Ilcs those issues. But i t is our view of the top I0 ~ m a il s s ~ ~ that c s 5l1o11ltlhe ad(lressed i l l M ( l i ~ ~wl~crc cs 5l1c\\.ill 5Ila1-ctlic c e ~ ~ t c r ' s heal111cart rcfbr~nlegislation," said Jon rcporr wit11 a d ~ ~ ~ i ~ ~ i sc~fficials. tratic~~~ Bailcy. di~'cctorof Rural Resenrcl~and " R ~ ~ r aAl ~ ~ ~ c ri'accs i c a t l ~ csarllc I1calt11 A~~alysis at t l ~ eCenter lijr Rural Affairs. care i5s11esac 111-ban/ \ ~ ~ ~ r r -i c ashyrc~ckAccordioy to Bailey, the center hopes e t i ~ ~cc~sts. g too I I I ~ I I IL~I I I ~ I I S I I I -~C ~I I I ~ ~l ~ . care tlclivcry that their top I0 list call servc as a cl~eck- I I I I ~ ~ ~ ~ I I a\ ~I I~it~tl~citltl~ list a g a i ~ ~tvl~icl~ st : I I I ~ legislative p~~oposal S ~ S I C I Istrailled I to the ~ ( I ~ I of I I Ij1.ci1ki119. 7'11e1.eare. I~owe\.e~,. I I I I I I I C I I I I I ) ~I I I I ~ ( ~ I I ~ I'OI. I . ~ I O I , I call I I be I I I ~ ~ I S I I to I - (~I ~C I ~ I - I I I ~ I I ~ its val~lcand cffectivcncss for rural rural hcalth curc c l ~ a l l c r ~ g\vhicl~ c ~ . is why wc will bc p r c s c ~ ~ t tl~is i ~ ~I.cport g to t l ~ c An~erica. n d n ~ i ~ ~ i s t r i ~ tsaid i c ~ 1.a1-sc11 ~ ~ . " prio~'to t l ~ c T l ~ c e ~ ~ t c rreport 's idcntitles the foll o w i ~ ~issue5 p i ~ c~-uci:~l s )rural eler~~ents in sessic~~~. * f l ~li~ll e report ic a\ail:~l~lc o111i11e at: the 11ealtl1care r e l ' c ~ debate: r~~~ an econorlly hascd on self-e~nployhttp://f''i~.or~/p~ll!~I~cr~ Kural I s s ~ ~ e s rneet a ~ s~~ d~ ~husi~~ess nll l'or-Hcaltl~-Ca~c-Rcl'~~~ 111,1)(ll' gl.cater t l r p c ~ ~ t l e (111 ~ ~ ac e~ ~~t ~l e fijlrd A(I(litio11i11 report\ cx1jlo1i11y;I \ iiriety of p ~ ~ b lI~caltl~ ic i ~ ~ s u r a pla114 ~~ce ri11.aII ~ e i ~ lcare t l ~ i5\uc\ i ~ ~ c l ~ ~p(~litlil~g a st~~cssctl 11caltl1care tleliveq system cy i s s ~ ~ ant1 c s IIOW c c ~ r ~ g ~ c \ \ iI.C~'(II.III o~~i~l I~eirltl~ carc p~,c~viclc~' 2nd workforce prc~pc~sals at1tl1.c.;~ ~rl~ral I I ~ : I I I I I C;II.C - will st~urtages he relca\ctl i l l t l ~ ce o l ~ ~ \\,ceL\. i ~ ~ y 1\5 I I I C ~ all aging rural pc~puli~tion arc released. tl~cscpa1v1-scall Ijc I ( I I I I I ( ~i ~ t a sickcr. lnorc at-risk pc~pulation t l ~ cRul-i~lIleal111Care RCI(II.III s c c t i o ~of~ the ~ ~ c for c d prcve~~tive care, heal111 the Center. fc~rR11ra1/\fl'ai~-' Wclj 5itc. and wcllncss rcsc~u~ ccs'r-a.c~~-g/l, lack o l ' ~ ~ ~ cI~raltl~ ~ ~ t asrr\ l ices TIICC ~ ~ ~ I I / ~ ~ II< -I I. I/. ~OI I/I \~[ / I / ~ I,\ I I el.\ c l . \ / c ~ l ) i ~ ~ c r c i ~ sdcpcrldel~ce ir~g OII techr~ology /i.\./lcll/ i l l /97.<I/.\. 1111 l l l l l l / / i / ~ l l / ~ 'l l l/ l ~ l l / ) l ' l ~ / ~ / eflrctivc crllergellcy ~ ~ ~ e d ise~~vices cal c ' 1 ~ 1 ' / ~ 0 1 ' 1 1 / i l 11111/1'1' ~ll 1 K . J ' 1'1~111' . F O / ( I . ) . J . 7 1 / 1 1 "Since 1000. t l ~ cI I I I I I I I ~ C I . C I self~ c l ~ l l t l ~ l ~ , /1;~l1 l1 ~1 1 1 1~ ! [ / i l i ~ , , lbl ~ l 1 . b/ l l l ~ l l l l ~ I?! ll el~~ployed workers i l l 1-uri11areas has r r 1 1 . c 1 1 h ' c 3 h ~ ~ e r \ X e r ~ r c. \ ~ i ~ ~ r c ~ cc11~1~1r/,/c1111ily ~ r ~ ~ r c ~ ~ l ~ ~ ( I W Iby I over. 140 percent. Wit11 an econ/ ; l l - l l l . v l l l l l l / - l f l - l l l l ~ ~ ~ l l ~ l l l l f l l l; l ll l; l ll ~11.1, ~ , O I I I ) d ( ~ r ~ ~ i ~by ~ iS ~I I It~eI I(I businesses l i111d I I ' I J I . ~/ l J . S / l ~ l ~ l l , ~ / / .l\ l' l~l l l ll/ / / ~ l l . \ . ~ l l l ~ . V . ~ l ~ . ~ , , / ~ l l l / ~ s e l l ' - e ~ ~ ~ p l ( ~ yrn~~~e rnpeople at .l are general- I ! ' , / l l l ~ l l l . \ ~ t l l l l l 1.11111~111'.V,111111 1 ~ 1 1 1 ~ c 1<1~ l l l l l l l l l l l l i -


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Wednesday, April 01, 2009 MORRIS, MN 3,900 (15) Newspaper (2WK) 8 Center For Rural Affairs

Deadline approaching for farmers market grants April 27 is the last day to submit applications for USDA's F a r m e r s hlarket Promotion Program grants. The grants. authorized by t h e F a r l n c r s hIarkct Prolnotion Plwgram. a r c targeted to help improve a n d expand domestic farme r s markets. roadslde stands. comnlunity-stipported a g r i c u l t u r e pro grams a n d other direct pl'o dticer-to-consumer market opportunities. Approxilnately $5 million is allocated for t h e FMPP program. The minim u m a~varci per grant is $2,500, with a masinltinl of $100,000 for a n y one proposal. Matching funds a r e not required. Entities eligible to apply include agricultiiral cooperatives. local governments. nonprofit corporations. piiblic health corporations. economic development corpora t'lons. regional farmers' inarKet authorities a n d Tribal governments. Accorcling to hliko Heavrin. ive Development hlanager a t the W r for R u r a l Aff;llrs. f a m l e r s markets '

a r c gootl thr comnltinities, bringing t'arlners a n d consumer\ toqrther to create a stronger local economy and pro\ iding consumers ~ v i t hSl.cs11. affol.clable proilticc. .111i1the I l c ~ i b i l i t of s tllc &!1.;11115. ; l b s e l l ~ e of nlrltchinc tiind r e q i ~ i r e ~ n r n t sa n d the addit ional funding provlded by Cong.css shoiil(l allow the Fi11.mcrs hIarkct Promotion Pl.ogrnm to potentially I-each a lot more communities. especlally rti1.;11 conlmtinlties \ ~ l t h market.; that a r e slnallel. or ]list starting tip. T h e 1"lrrnel-s hlarket I'ronlotlon 1'1-ogram w a s cl.eated through a recent amendment of the Farmerto-Co~lstirncl' Direct hlalketinc: Act of 19'76. For more infi)rmation on the hIarket Farmers Promot ion Program Grants a n d hoiv to apply visit thc ii'eb site \v\v\cams. or contact hlikr Heavrin. ( 3 0 2 ) t i X ~ - ? I O : l put. IOOU o r nlikoll 1 1 cl'l.a.ol.g Tol assistance.


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