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Dog Separation Anxiety and Possible Causes Dog separation anxiety is an affliction brought on by the angst of being left alone. Like wolves, dogs are pack animals and naturally do not like to be separated. Canines associate their human family as members of the pack. A dog with separation anxiety will become exceedingly hyperactive and quite upset. This will manifest in desperate attempts to reunite with other pack members and finally on some level, devastation of the home. To begin the cure, good training and socialization must be achieved. If not properly socialized, a dog will assume the position of pack leader. They will be upset with you for leaving, because this action was not on their authority. They will extend this behavior to times of play and in demands for attention. Of course, it is endearing when a dog wants to initiate play. This is fine as long as they understand that the human family ranks higher in the pack. Also, whatever their place in the hierarchy of the family (perhaps surpassing a cat), a well-trained dog will be happy, accepting and confident with their rank. Uncertainty breeds destruction and fear. Their distress, however, may be caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. In this case, medication for such problems as depression, anxiety or obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) can be prescribed by a veterinarian. These medications will ease their levels of anxiety, and your pet will be able to cope. Your animal will not be permanently drowsy and some training techniques need to be applied as well. Genetically, certain breeds are predisposed to separation anxiety. These include German Shepherds and the Border collie. Both of these herding breeds are highly intelligent and quite aware of their environment. Assess The Symptoms of Dog Separation Anxiety Initially, a dog owner must diagnose the situation of chaos. Did the dog destroy the house because of boredom or teething? Are they suffering from a severe psychological disorder? Are they physically ill and trying to get your attention? Were they fearful of a disturbance to their environment such as a loud passing thunderstorm? Remember, dog separation anxiety is no one's fault including your pet. You must help your loyal pet overcome their fears. Aside from damage to the home, the poor dog may hurt themselves in the process. Some basic analysis follows. In many cases of separation anxiety, a dog will be with you constantly. They will be unnerved when you leave the room even just to go outside for a few moments alone. A dog will cry and whine when they sense you are leaving. Often they will try to beat you out of the house. A dog will win this foot race. After the melee of leaving, the dog will scratch at the door or window if within reach. Upon your return home, they are beside themselves with hyperactive glee. With separation anxiety, your pet may drool incessantly. They may go to the

bathroom all over the house. These symptoms can be very stressful to the family as well. Tips To Overcome Dog Separation Anxiety There are options to try before seeking professional advice. Since dogs are quite habitual, try varying the doors and duration of time in which you leave and come home. Practice this. Limit the level of excitement upon exit and entry, so the dog will not feed on the energy. Make sure your dog has had a nice meal and walk before leaving for many hours. Always make sure your dog is not dehydrated. Like humans, water balances melatonin and serotonin levels in the brain which help in sleep and well-being respectively. Have some toys for your dog to occupy their time. Most likely, they will nap after being well fed, hydrated and tired from their exercise. Dog separation anxiety will be eased.

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