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Most often, it is seen that some dog owners are suffered with dog separation anxiety. Commonly this anxiety results in annoying the dog, which start barking after you leave him at home. And if it continues to rise, the dog will start destroying the households and a huge mess for you. The Sources of Dog Separation Anxiety: Dog lives in group. They get attached to their owners and when owners leave home, they grow agitated. Most commonly the anxiety they feel is because of attachment of specifications. It happens when you give more attention before and after you leave there is nobody for him to play, so the continuity of this behavior leads to agitation. Reducing Dog Separation Anxiety: Here you can find some tips which will help you to get over the dog separation anxiety. Change your routine - It can be done by rescheduling your morning routine. On going off your clock alarm if dog behaves strangely, you should come to know that he has sensed that you are leaving. So, it is better to set your alarms at different timings, get dressed early in the morning and wait for a while. This little change can reduce the pre-level anxiety. Don't reinforce it - It is not recommended to pet your dog or give him a lot attention when you come back to your home. This act will reinforce the behavior and results will be alarming. The easiest way to reduce the anxiety is to change the level of attention towards them at the timings of leaving and coming back to your home. At least give them a time between 10-15 minutes and do not pet them in the intervals. This can be reinforced during training sessions. Building up to longer times - If you notice that your dog gets anxious when you leave home, then start working on leaving and coming back for shorter intervals of time. It can also be reduced by changing the dog's expectations that for how long you will stay out. You are not being mean: Some people think that these techniques are cruel to dog. But in reality you are training your dog to overcome his anxiety and not to show negative or bad behavior. Dog separation anxiety reduction helps them to stay strong and healthy, both physically and mentally. It is recommended to you that whenever you realize that your dog is facing separation anxiety, start working right away!

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