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• Respect for all people • Commitment to excellence • Continuous quality improvement in all areas of service • Commitment to the health and well-being of people in our service area • Successful adaptation to technological, medical and social changes

Contents From left: Peter Kent, Jane Torry, Wayne O’Neil, Bob Fulmer, Andrew J. Butler, Jerome Schwind, Dave Nicol, Ph.D., Terry Nerbonne, Ph.D., Frederick Guenther, M.D. Photos Courtesy of Andrews Photography

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From the Board Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer Dear Community Members, We are pleased to provide you with the Mecosta County Medical Center Community Report. As you read the stories and review the information provided, you will find our mission statement, “advanced care with a personal touch,” reflected in every aspect of what we do. The groups and individuals pictured on the Report’s cover represent just a few of the dedicated individuals and teams - your friends and neighbors - who work together to ensure that everyone who enters our doors experiences the finest in patient care. We are grateful for our community’s continuing loyalty and support. This has helped “our” local hospital to maintain its high standards of patient care. For example, 97 percent of our patients are treated to completion without the need to be transferred and 98 percent of patients said that their care met or exceeded their expectations. Evaluations by our patients enable us to be responsive to your health care needs. For residents of our region and for those families and companies considering relocating to this area, Mecosta County Medical Center, its physicians and its staff are committed to providing the finest health care possible. Thank you for trusting us with your care.

Frederick Guenther, M.D. and Sam Daugherty Photo Courtesy of Andrews Photography

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Frederick C. Guenther, M.D., Chairman Sam Daugherty, Chief Executive Officer Mecosta County Medical Center Mecosta County Medical Center Board of Trustees

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It Takes a TEAM Automobile or work-related accidents, sports injury, arthritis, stroke, fracture and burns – we hope that we never experience any of these health events or conditions. Unexpected and challenging to patients and their families, a serious disabling event presents the need to assemble a team of specialists who can assess a patient’s needs and formulate a plan for managing and relearning everyday routines. Residents of our region are fortunate to have access to award winning inpatient medical rehabilitation services at Mecosta County Medical Center. In addition to the leadership of a physician who specializes in rehabilitative medicine in conjunction with care from registered nurses, patients have access to a social worker, physical therapists, occupational therapists, a speech and language pathologist, a recreational therapist and a clinical psychologist. Together, these professionals develop and implement an individualized plan to help maximize function and to improve the quality of life for patients. For the second consecutive year, MCMC’s Inpatient Medical Rehabilitation Unit has been ranked in the top 10 percent of inpatient rehabilitation facilities in the United States for delivery of care that is effective, efficient, timely and patient-centered. “We are pleased to present this award to Mecosta County Medical Center in recognition of the excellent care it provides to its patients,” said Maggie DiVita, Manager of the Analytical Services Group at Uniform Data System for Medical Rehabilitation, the most widely used system for documenting the severity of patient disability and outcomes of medical rehabilitation. MCMC earned this top rating as the outcome of the evaluation of 791 qualifying facilities throughout the nation.

Ray, a double amputee, returned home thanks to MCMC’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit.

MCMC Director of Inpatient Rehabilitation Suzie Pierce commented, “Successful patient outcomes are not based on the size of a facility. Great outcomes are a direct result of the patient’s will combined with a team approach from our experienced and dedicated staff. I do believe that by providing this specialty service outside of a metropolitan area, we are able to better serve our community and surrounding communities by patients being closer to home.”


Our Health, Our Hospital Inpatient Rehabilitation

Thomas Wright, M.D., Medical Director for MCMC’s Inpatient Rehabilitation Unit, works with a patient.

When Only the Finest Will Do Familiar face? Yes, that is Mark Jacoby, Big Rapids High School graduate. Dr. Jacoby now cares for patients in his hometown as a cardiologist with West Michigan Heart. Dr. Jacoby sees patients at our Big Rapids cardiology Specialty Clinic. “Returning to Big Rapids to work in the Specialty Clinic has been a real pleasure and has allowed me to provide cardiovascular specialty care locally with the wonderful staff making the experience efficient and pleasant, both for myself and the people who utilize its services. Of course, there is also the added benefit of being able to catch up with old friends, and keep up to date with my home town news while I’m here each week! It’s been a great experience so far, and I’m looking forward to a continued robust clinical cardiology service at the Specialty Clinic and Medical Center.” MCMC’s Specialty Clinics provide patients with convenient, regular access to board-certified specialty physicians in Big Rapids and Canadian Lakes to supplement and complement the care they receive from MCMC Medical Staff. MCMC’s Specialty Clinics include: Audiology: This Clinic treats patients with needs in the areas of hearing, balance and related disorders as well as assisting with rehabilitation through recommendations for cochlear implants, hearing aids and surgery. Proactively preventing hearing damage is an important benefit of this Clinic. Cardiology: Patients with disorders of the heart including diagnosis and treatment of heart defects, coronary artery disease, heart failure, valvular heart disease and arrhythmias are referred to this Specialty Clinic. Dermatology: Patients experiencing problems with their skin and its diseases access the assistance of this Clinic. Providers also treat some cosmetic problems of the skin, scalp, hair and nails. Neurosurgery: This Clinic provides assistance with the prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of disorders which affect any portion of the nervous system including the brain and spine. Oncology/Cancer Chemotherapy: Patients dealing with a cancer diagnosis, treatment and related issues receive specialized care from this Clinic. Otolaryngology (ENT): This Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the head and neck including tonsils, adenoids, ear tubes and surgeries on nasal airway and tissues. Sleep Medicine/Disorders: This Clinic specializes in the diagnosis and therapy of sleep disturbances and disorders. Urology: This Clinic offers access to medical and surgical specialists that focus on the urinary tracts of males and females and on the reproductive system of males.

Mark Jacoby, M.D. visits with patient Dorothy during an appointment.

Our Health, Our Hospital 5 Specialty Clinics

Answers to Health’s Toughest Questions No one wants to learn from their physician that they need a surgical procedure. We all hope that the answer to our medical conditions will be found in a simple solution such as a change in diet, more exercise, a medication or simple rest. For some conditions such as the need to investigate or treat disease or injury or to help improve a bodily function or appearance, surgery is the only solution. When a colonoscopy discovered pre-cancerous polyps, Rose Mary Montross of Big Rapids was faced with her first experience with surgery. Mrs. Montross commented, “I was apprehensive about the procedure and was surprised when Dr. Lisa Price, the surgeon who would be performing my operation, called me to answer my questions.” She continued “everyone was so kind and helpful during my hospital stay. I’m encouraging my family and friends to not put off having their colonoscopy.” At Mecosta County Medical Center, our general surgeons offer outpatient and inpatient general surgery for a wide range of medical conditions - including minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures to major life-threatening conditions and diseases. Our surgical specialties include gynecology, ophthalmology, orthopaedic, otolaryngology (ear, nose and throat) and podiatry. MCMC offers skilled surgeons, highly trained operating room support staff, first class anesthesia and state of the art equipment. These facilities and the recruitment of additional surgeons have made it possible for most surgical procedures to be performed locally.


Our Health, Our Hospital Surgical Services Lisa Price, M.D. follows up with Rose Mary during an appointment.

Surgical Specialties • Gynecology • Ophthalmology • Orthopaedic • Otolarygology • Podiatry

There’s No Place Like Home “There’s no place like home.” It took a Kansas cyclone and dreams of falling houses, yellow brick roads, flying monkeys and ruby slippers for Dorothy to learn this important lesson. Studies show that patients recover better at home than in the hospital. They become comfortable walking and moving more quickly and lessen the risk of infections from exposure to hospital conditions. Hospitals, as any patient can attest, are not the most restful places. Unfamiliar noises throughout the night and day and middle of the night vitals checks do not promote the rest that supports recovery. Advances in medicine including new surgical techniques, improved anesthesiology, drugs and applied technology enable patients to greatly reduce their hospital stay following surgery and other medical events. Mecosta County Medical Center’s Home Health Care department provides patients access to health care professionals including nurses, physical, occupational and speech therapists, social workers and home health aides that can help with a variety medical needs related to an illness, accident or permanent disability. On a physician’s order, patients can receive assistance with their post-hospital stay needs, multiple disease processes and complications, use of multiple medications, living alone or with inadequate caregivers, new diagnosis or worsening of previous symptoms, adaptation following discharge from nursing homes, continued treatment and prevention of early institutionalization. Assistance is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week giving patients the best of both worlds – the medical care they need to recover and the comfort of their own home. Mecosta County Medical Center’s Home Health Care department enables patients to enjoy the comfort of home and family as soon as possible because there truly is “no place like home.”

Our Health, Our Hospital 7 Home Health Care Home Health Care nurse Ashley Leyder visits with Ione.

The Best Beginnings Happen Here Physicians and staff at the Birthing Center of Mecosta County Medical Center are dedicated to ensuring that babies, mothers and their families have the best possible experiences as they begin this new journey together. Staffing includes obstetricians and family practice physicians who deliver babies as well as pediatricians, family practice physicians, nurses and a nurse practitioner who provide post-natal care. Serving families in Mecosta, Isabella, Lake, Montcalm, Newaygo, Osceola and Wexford counties, the Center opened in 1995 and was designed to accommodate 500 births a year. The closing of many obstetrics departments in our region has contributed to a significant annual increase in births at MCMC and a larger service area. This increase to as many as 700 total births each year, coupled with patient and caregivers needs, required a reconfiguration of space. Renovations included the development of a second outpatient examination/testing room for mothers, a redesigned nurse’s station which includes a larger medication room, streamlined workflow, increased security and a nursery that accommodates the needs of babies and the nurses caring for them. Improvements were made to the family waiting room and the facility flooring, lighting, furniture, cabinetry and wall treatments were replaced.

“Thank you, Mommy and Daddy, for deciding to welcome me to the world at the Birthing Center at Mecosta County Medical Center. If I could talk, I’d tell you that I appreciated the exceptional care that I received from the physicians and nurses who helped me with lots of “firsts” and the comfortable and safe environment we enjoyed.”


Our Health, Our Hospital Birthing Center

Michelle and her daughter Aubrey look at a photo of Aubrey, displayed in the renovated Birthing Center, taken when she was just days old.

Where miracles happen

daily. Our Health, Our Hospital 9 Birthing Center

Advanced Care with a Personal Touch Family. Those people who will always be there to care about us. The definition has changed in response to the needs and practices of people and though to some it may mean a father, a mother and children, family also can be other groupings of relatives. We choose other families – our friends from school, the coffee group at the local gas station or bakery, our colleagues at work, our church members – not family by biology – but important relationships that celebrate our successes and support us when we are facing difficulties. At Mecosta Health Services, a practice owned by Mecosta County Medical Center with locations in Big Rapids and Canadian Lakes, physicians, certified physician assistants and a certified pediatric nurse practitioner are devoted to providing personal, comprehensive and continuing health care for the individual and family. These medical professionals along with their staff combine their knowledge and experience to help patients of all ages with diseases, injuries and other medical concerns. Disease prevention and health promotion is emphasized in all patient and family interactions.

he truly cares for you and doesn’t rush you.” The couple also appreciates the convenience of having access to a laboratory at the Canadian Lakes office for drawing blood samples and other services. Mecosta Health Services provides care from pregnancy, delivery, newborn through all the stages of life to geriatrics with compassion and dedication. The practice management will continue to expand patient services to meet growing needs. New patients are welcome to join the Mecosta Health Services “family” and find a home that meets their health care needs.

Chippewa Lakes residents Verne “Bunny” Freeland and her husband, Ralph, have been patients of Dr. Anthony Foster at the Big Rapids location since 2003. “I feel like I’m coming home,” commented Bunny in describing her office visits. She said that she is very comfortable at MHS and that physicians, nurses and office staff really care about her. She continued “when you are treated like more than a number - that’s what’s important.” Marlene and Douglas Gregerson of Canadian Lakes have been patients at Mecosta Health Services of Canadian Lakes since the practice opened in 1999. Commenting on their relationship with Dr. Charles Brummler they said, “there is nobody better than Dr. Brummler.” Douglas continued, “he spends time with you, 10

Our Health, Our Hospital Mecosta Health Services Payton gets a check up from Michelle Godfrey, PA-C.

Testing 1, 2, 3 Life is filled with tests. Throughout our lives - spelling tests, driving tests and job interviews we have opportunities to evaluate what we have learned. No tests are more important than those we take to ensure that we will continue to enjoy the best possible health. Assessment of our physical condition helps to detect or predict the presence of, or the risk for, disease to ensure our optimal wellbeing. Mecosta County Medical Center strives to offer the residents of our region the tests required for the diagnosis, screening or evaluation of individual health conditions. In addition to the tests the MCMC Laboratory and Radiology departments perform for outpatients, in-patients and Emergency Department patients, the Medical Center offers specialized evaluations including cardiac stress testing, pulmonary function testing, electroencephalogram (EEG), electrocardiogram (EKG), bone density testing and sleep studies. A cardiac stress test (via treadmill, medications or radioactive isotopes) helps to determine blood flow to the heart during increasing levels of activity, to evaluate the effectiveness of heart medications in controlling angina and ischemia, to identify abnormal heart rhythms and to determine the likelihood of having coronary heart disease. A pulmonary function test (PFT) evaluates the respiratory status of patients. Pulmonary function testing has diagnostic and therapeutic roles and helps answer general questions about patient lung function. An electroencephalogram (EEG) is a test using special sensors and a computer to measure and record the electrical activity of the brain that is most commonly performed to diagnose and monitor seizure disorders, to assist in identifying causes of problems such as sleep disturbances and behavioral changes as well as assessing brain function following trauma, coma or brain infection.

An electrocardiogram (EKG) measures the rate and regularity of heartbeats, as well as the size and position of the heart chambers, the presence of any damage to the heart and the effects of drugs or devices used to regulate the heart, such as a pacemaker. A bone density test helps to diagnosis osteoporosis and to predict fracture risk. MCMC’s Medical Imaging department staff scans patient’s lower back and left hip for this painless, non-invasive and low radiation exposure examination. A sleep study records physical changes that occur during sleep and is used to diagnose many types of sleep disorders including narcolepsy, periodic limb movement disorder, rapid eye movement behavior disorder, parasomnias (abnormal and unnatural movements, behaviors, emotions, perceptions and dreams) and sleep apnea.

Martha has her lung function tested during a pulmonary function test.

Our Health, Our Hospital 11 Outpatient Testing

When One Size Doesn’t Fit All Designing a plan for recovery from an injury or medical event isn’t one size fits all. Mecosta County Medical Center Outpatient Rehabilitation Services therapists understand that every patient is unique and recognize the importance of helping them to resume the activities of daily life or cope with functional limitations. Upon physician referral to attend therapy sessions at MCMC, a patient is evaluated and an individualized treatment plan is developed that will assist in recovering maximum function level. Physical, occupational and speech therapies through the use of a variety of exercises, training and pain relieving modalities and education are available to help patients. MCMC therapists actively pursue additional training and certification that will increase the treatment options for patients. Recent additions to available therapies include: Ruth Wissink, PT and Peggy Brennan, MA CCC-SLP, CBIS have received instruction in Lee Silverman Voice Training (LSVT®) BIG and LOUD therapy which provides innovative voice, speech and whole body treatment to improve the quality of life of the neurologically impaired, including those with Parkinson’s disease as well as aging and other conditions such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. This treatment focuses on maintaining and improving mobility as well as communication and swallowing skills. Joe, a patient in MCMC’s Outpatient Therapy Department, attests to the significance of this therapy, “I have more confidence and an increased ability to walk and talk. I talk more because people understand me and I no longer feel like I am going to fall when walking. I can even keep up with my wife at the grocery store!”

Ruth Wissink, PT demonstrates exercises for Sandy, a physical therapy patient. Richard, a speech therapy patient, in a session with Peggy Brennan, MA CCC-SLP, CBIS.

12 Our Health, Our Hospital Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Srikanth Nallan, PT earned certification in the McKenzie Method® of therapy from the McKenzie Institute International through the completion of a fourpart series of post-graduate courses and passing a written and practical examination. Also known as Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy (MDT), active patient involvement and education for back, neck and extremity problems includes a safe and reliable means to reach a diagnosis and develop the treatment plan. MDT clinicians have a valid indicator to know right away whether and how the method will work for each patient. Nallan commented that an important advantage of this method is that “therapists educate the patients about what they can do to control their pain and improve function. It empowers patients with the tools to help take control of their conditions.”

Srikanth Nallan, PT works with Dennis, a McKenzie Method patient.

Liz McLeod, PT, Beth Scasavnicki, PTA and Reena Nagpal, OT are certified by American Health Care© for comprehensive lymphedema management. Lymphedema is a chronic condition of localized fluid retention and tissue swelling caused by a compromised lymphatic system frequently seen after lymph node dissection, surgery or radiation therapy during the treatment of cancer, most notably breast cancer. Tissues with lymphedema are at risk of infection. During the certification process, therapists received instruction in manual lymph drainage including a special exercise program and the use of compression sleeves and stockings. McLeod explained, “Lymphedema therapy is a means to teach self management of a chronic condition frequently related to cancer. Patients learn to reduce swelling to a controlled level and how to keep it under control at home. The best lymphedma therapy can improve long-term quality of function.”

Destiny started outpatient occupational therapy with Reena Nagpal, OT following an injury at work.

Our Health, Our Hospital 13 Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

For the Good of the Community We are everywhere. Review the membership lists and volunteer rosters of the service and cultural organizations in our region and you will find the names of Mecosta County Medical Center physicians, nurses, therapists, administrators, staff and trustees. We volunteer to serve in a wide variety of capacities for the causes that are important to us and we embrace the opportunity to be involved with improving the quality of life for everyone who lives in or visits our region. And we carry that principle with us to the Medical Center and apply it to our own projects and efforts focused on community wellbeing.

Green Team MCMC’s Green Team began as a group of employees interested in helping the Medical Center to be environmental conscious through recycling and celebrating Earth Day. The Team has advanced their efforts by offering community-wide free recycling of unwanted electronics and batteries and collection of unwanted medications through participation in the Yellow Jug Old Drug program spearheaded by Great Lakes Clean Water Organization. “The Medical Center wants to be a good community member and responsible about the things we are able to not throw away,” commented Green Team member Lori McLeod. “That way we can try to make not just Big Rapids better, but also Mecosta County and surrounding counties.”



MCMC Sustainability Committee


Our Health, Our Hospital Community Involvement

Members of the MCMC Green Team, and community volunteers, work at an electronics recycling event held in the Medical Center parking lot.

Show us YOUR Heart

Organ Donation Mecosta County Medical Center employees participated in a statewide campaign to help add one million names to the Michigan Organ Donor Registry. In addition to enrolling 129 people to the Registry, Medical Center staff shared organ donation information with the community through participation at Mecosta County Chamber of Commerce functions, Senior Enrichment Day and the Community Expo. Staff continues to be available to explain the program to individuals and organizations. “There’s a critical need for life-saving organs in our state. Last year, 288 people donated organs – sadly, not enough to meet the need,” said MCMC Chief Clinical Officer Netty Cove. Individuals may join the Michigan Organ Donor Registry by going to, by calling 800.482.4881 or by visiting a Secretary of State branch office.

The Auxiliary Through membership in its Auxiliary, MCMC offers volunteers an inside look at our community’s health care system and the opportunity to strengthen and maintain it. Volunteers operate the Gift Shop and offer events and activities to provide services and financial support to the Medical Center, its patients and the community. The Auxiliary also provides scholarships to graduates of Mecosta Osceola Intermediate School Districts pursuing health care career degree programs at Ferris State University.

Mary Wright, Auxiliary member and Gift Shop volunteer, stocks the shelves during one of her shifts.

Whether it is reaching out to the community as volunteers or welcoming area residents to the Medical Center to help us, it requires a concerted effort from many people to meet the high standards that have become a tradition at Mecosta County Medical Center. We are grateful for these important partnerships and the benefits that they provide to everyone. Our Health, Our Hospital 15

Mecosta County Medical Center Foundation Supporting Our Hospital Mecosta County Medical Center Foundation provides residents of its service region with meaningful opportunities to support the healing mission of Mecosta County Medical Center. Members of its Board represent the interests of our diverse and dynamic region and provide leadership to its projects and activities. The Foundation seeks financial and relational resources by encouraging donors to choose to invest in patient-focused health care. The Foundation’s second capital development effort focused on the renovation of the Birthing Center. An additional outpatient examination/testing room was added through support of Medical Center affiliated obstetricians and gynecologists and their spouses including Gail DesNoyers, M.D. and Paul DesNoyers, Frederick Guenther, M.D. and Diane Guenther, Kathryn Mekaru, M.D. and Michael Mekaru, M.D., Jack Parks, M.D. and Tanya Parks and Sara Schugars, M.D. and Douglas Davis. The nursery, funded by a gift from the Auxiliary of Mecosta County Medical Center, was reconfigured to better accommodate the needs of babies and the nurses caring for them. Foundation Board Director Carman Bean and his wife, Susan and Meijer of Big Rapids partnered to provide support for the renovation of the Family Waiting Room. Gifts from the community provide funding to assist with the redesigned nursing station including the creation of a larger medication room and providing for a more efficient workflow as well as increasing security. Endowments were established with the Foundation to support the Medical Center and its needs. • Kristi Bergelin Andres Endowment Fund Established by Susan Thomson Hamer to honor a lifelong friendship that began with two little girls growing up in Big Rapids and continued through the events of their building lives and families. Funding will support the Coping with Cancer and Nutrition collections in the lending library of the Wheatlake Center.

Mecosta County Medical Center and its Foundation extend their deepest sympathies to the family of Dave Borth. As MCMC’s grants administrator since 2004, Dave developed significant support for MCMC projects and departments. His dynamic • John E. Hall and Scott W. Hall Wheatlake Center Men’s Cancer and Wellness Endowment Fund leadership as the chair of the MCMC Established in memory of John E. Hall and Scott W. Hall by their family, friends and interested Foundation for eight years produced the most community members, endowment earnings will support cancer and wellness offerings of the successful outcomes and the greatest growth Wheatlake Center for men. in the history of the organization. MCMC CEO Sam Daugherty commented, “Dave left • Mecosta County Medical Center Canadian Lakes Endowment Fund a legacy here at MCMC that likely will never Established by Sheila Nero, Canadian Lakes resident and MCMC Foundation Board director, this be duplicated. Everything he did was from endowment will provide financial assistance to Mecosta Health Services of Canadian Lakes, a the bottom of his heart and to improve the patient’s experience….he was clearly one medical practice and department of Mecosta County Medical Center, which serves the health of a kind.” care needs of families at all stages of life.


Our Health, Our Hospital

The Susan P. Wheatlake Cancer and Wellness Advisory Board increased awareness of the services and activities of the Wheatlake Center for cancer patients and their families and for residents of our region who wish to learn more about cancer and wellness. Its outstanding volunteers are dedicated to helping people battling cancer and to advocating for increased awareness of health and wellness issues. Highlights included the Cancer and Wellness Walk, the Charity Golf Outing, “Paint Big Rapids Pink” and the Cancer Awareness Series.

The 2011 and 2012 Northern Lights Award recipients were celebrated for their achievements at receptions sponsored by Steve Miller of Edward Jones including Tim Zehr and Mark Warba for Management, Business and Industry, Stephen Ross, Joseph Lipar and Paul Klatt for Environment, Third Street Methodist Church Community Meal Program and Angels of Action for Civics, Kevin Defever and Jeff Pierce for Outdoor Activities and Sports, Isabel Kempton and Thomas Hogenson for Social Services and Health, Keith Brothers and Central Michigan Hunters Unlimited for Training and Education, Pat Heeter and Richard Scott Cohen for Arts and Entertainment and Ronald Mohnke for Lifetime Achievement. The Ford Club of Canadian Lakes generously hosted its 12th and 13th Annual Benefit Golf Outings at St. Ives Golf Club assisting the Foundation. These successful, volunteer-managed events supported the renovation of the Birthing Center and Medical Center departments. The Foundation’s Grants Committee responded to requests from Medical Center departments with support of $49,247 for equipment and staff development to help ensure the finest health care for patients. Since the Foundation’s inception, the Grants Committee has awarded $348,562 to assist departments with needs not met by the budgeting process. Artistic and generous residents of our community and those who purchase their creations and gifts welcomed the holiday season at the Festival of Trees. Led by Committee Chair Gail Wyatt and Creative Chair Joyce Davenport and hosted by Chemical Bank, Gary Trimarco Automotive, Ferris State University Catering, Meijer, Patterson’s Flowers, and Currie Parker Auction Services, our friends and neighbors provided resources for Birthing Center equipment needs.

Mecosta County Medical Center Foundation extends its gratitude to everyone for helping to ensure that residents and visitors to our community benefit from its efforts. The generosity of our community is a tangible source of encouragement to our physicians, medical staff and services personnel as they provide state-of-the-art care and support. Our Health, Our Hospital 17


“I never had such GOOD CARE prior to coming to Mecosta County Medical Center.”

“My nurse made me feel like I was her ONLY patient.”

Lab tests “Put it this way, we have a hospital within 10 minutes of us and we go out of our way to go to Mecosta County Medical Center.”

“It’s my FAVORITE hospital.”



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Meals served in the cafeteria “It was like my FAMILY was taking care of me.”

Patient comments from Arbor Associates, an opinion research company

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Mecosta County Medical Center provided over $12 million to the residents of our service region in the form of charity care, Medicaid shortfalls, programs and outreach services. Our Health, Our Hospital 19

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Our Health, Our Hospital 2012  

Mecosta County Medical Center's 2012 Annual Report.