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Thought leadership

Growth and leadership thoughts for tomorrow’s enterprises ‘Thinking out of the box’ still means the thoughts are in comparison to what’s inside a box. Dissolve the concept of a box and thought leadership can take on a new meaning argues Santosh Sharma*


rowth and leadership in the present day scenario has been very narrow and limited in approach. We’ve failed to be inclusive and sustainable and we are seeing its consequences all across the globe. Did we take a wrong turn then? I believe yes. Our growth was more focussed on the outside leaving the inside unattended. And this is the reason why we have all the worldly pleasures but we are still incongruent within. Reports suggest that our coping mechanisms are on the decline, lifestyle diseases are on the rise and we are getting more and more idiosyncratic. I was at one of the leading IT companies of the world mentoring the mid level executives to take on the top level positions. I found that the nature of their leadership was only positional and nothing more and this is the situation with all the organisations barseptember 2012

CFO india


CFO India - September 2012  

Volume 3 Issue 9

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