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SWITCHED AT BIRTH Spiritual battles and Divine visitations led to family’s miraculous reunion






Change the tide of history through prayer

DBU classes now offered on CFNI’s campus for current CFNI students

TABLE OF CONTENTS FEATURES P . 1 0 I SOUGHT FOR A MAN TO STAND IN THE GAP Gordon Lindsay tells us how to change the tide of history by praying for our nation.

P . 2 0 SWITCHED AT BIRTH The behind the scenes story of the spiritual battles that led to family’s miraculous reunion.

P . 2 6 DON’T STOP LIVING God's grace in difficult circumstances is shared in Susan Bozarth's book.

P . 3 0 DBU CO-ENROLLMENT DBU classes are now offered on CFNI’s campus for current CFNI students.


PRAYER IS A NECESSITY De nn i s L i n d say sh ar e s h ow p r a yer i mp ac t e d t h e st or y of C F N I .


WHY SHOULD YOU VOTE? H o w sh ou l d a C h r i st i an r e sp on d to the p r e si d e n t i al e l e c t i on ?


CELEBRACIÓN DEL XV ANIVERSARIO DE SPANISH YFN Ce l eb r at e S p an i sh Y F N ’s 1 5 t h anniv ersary (i n S p an i sh ) .


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CFNI SUMMER OUTREACHES CF N I st u d e n t s ar e G od ’s h an d s and f eet t o t h e w or l d .


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ave you ever wondered how much of what happens in our lives depends on our efforts, and how much depends on God? My husband Solomon and I have an ongoing discussion about this, and I don’t think we have a real handle on it yet. But one day, as the topic came up, without thinking I said something quite profound. “We just need to pray, obey . . . and get out of the way!” That was it. Simple . . . and it even rhymed. The wordsmith in me loved that! As Christians, we are instructed to, “pray without ceasing” (1 Thessalonians 5:17). So prayer is definitely important. Paul also says, “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God” (Philippians 4:6). Referencing the impact of prayer, James 5:16 says, “The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” Yet, prayer without obedience is just religious activity. The role of obedience is reiterated time and time again in Scripture. 1 Samuel 15:22 is a favorite. “To obey is better than sacrifice.” King Saul was instructed not to keep any spoils from a battle. However, he made a choice to keep the best livestock to offer as a sacrifice, clearly disobeying God. Normally, sacrifices were a good and necessary part of Old Testament worship experience. In this case, however, God did not require it, and He made that clear. For Saul, obedience was difficult; he did not want to displease his army, and so he chose the path of least resistance.

Isaiah 1:19 presents the reward for obedience. “If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good things of the land.” What I find interesting about this verse is that obedience is not enough. You have to be willing. You must get out of the way. You must yield to God’s purposes in order to experience His full blessings. How many times do we fight God, kicking and screaming, maybe even doing what He wanted, but our hearts were NOT in it? Where are you at on the willingobedient continuum? Are you willing to follow God’s instructions? Even if you don’t want to, are you willing to let Him change your heart? “He will give you the desires of your heart” (Psalm 37:4). What if that means that He will change your heart’s desires, if you let Him? In 1 Kings 18, we read of Elijah. He has a major victory. He calls down fire from Heaven, defeats 850 prophets of Baal and Asherah, prays for rain that ends a three year famine, and runs faster than a chariot! Prayer, check. Obedience, check. But in the very next chapter, Jezebel threatens Elijah, and he runs away, becoming suicidal! He allows fear to get in the way of a full victory. Let’s not make the same mistake. Yes, pray and definitely obey, but be willing. Be yielded. Surrender your opinions and desires. Keep your emotions in check. Don’t take the bait of the Adversary — offense! Get out of the way, and “stand still and see the salvation of the Lord!” (Exodus 14:13). Michelle Ofori-Ansah

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Dennis Lindsay


DAD­ — A MAN OF PRAYER As a kid, I often remember seeing my dad praying over an open Bible. I could hear him praying in his room, above mine, morning and night. He would pray alone or with mom. Dad wrote a number of books on prayer— Prayer That Moves Mountains was his No. 1 requested book. His most famous prayer quote was, “Every person ought to pray at least one violent prayer each day.” Why? Our challenges are not against “flesh and blood;” they’re against demons of hell. I personally have grown to understand this biblical precept as an essential necessity for every believer ’s life. Dad’s tombstone reads, “Man of Prayer.” In our campus missions building we

2009 — The Biblical Foundations Discipleship Series by Gordon Lindsay became available for download online in MP3 audio format in English.

have dedicated a prayer room in his honor. The men’s dormitory is also named in honor of Dad. Someday, I hope to have a full-size statue of him, kneeling before an open Bible in the dorm's lobby. Guests and students will see it every day—going to and returning from classes.

MOTORCYCLE ACCIDENT Many miracles occurred in my family. I’m convinced that dad’s prayers were the key to us receiving supernatural manifestations. Example: It was the final week of my junior year in high school. I was taking a friend home on the buddy seat of my motorcycle. I was in the fast lane on a six-lane boulevard, at 5 p.m., during rush hour. A large delivery truck had slowed to

2010­ — The first phase of the Museum of Earth History opened.

After my dad received a call from the hospital, he told me that he had been on his knees praying for me — he didn’t know why. Dad was in communication with the Holy Spirit because of his prayer life.

MOM: HER GARDEN OF GETHSEMANE EXPERIENCE After Dad graduated to Heaven, Mom was elected the president of Christ For The Nations. Later, she was confronted with some major challenges. The vice

2011 — The Native Church Program made its projects available online for donors to select and sponsor.













a stop in the middle lane of an intersection to let a car pass in front of it. Unfortunately, the truck now blocked the view. Traveling at 35 miles an hour, I was suddenly struck by a car moving through the intersection that hadn’t been able to see me. I went sailing through the air and landed on the opposite side of the median. My friend on the buddy seat was pinned under the car, suffered major injuries and was in a cast all summer. I only received a few scratches and a sprained ankle.

president of our ministry elected himself as chairman, the director of the Institute wanted to be the sole authority over the school, and one of the faculty members began telling the student body that healing wasn’t for all of God’s children. These tough challenges, along with Dad’s passing, caused Mom to do what she knew to do — pray. The Lord heard her prayers and turned things around. Many years later, a well-known minister apologized to her for saying that CFNI would close down within a year or two. Mom accepted his apology saying, “The devil told me the same thing.” Every believer will have an opportunity for a Gethsemane, which needs passionate prayer to break opposing powers. Biblical examples include: Jacob, Job, Jonah, Joshua, Jeremiah and Jesus. The reward for passing the exam is spiritual authority. Mom became a mother of the faith and was respected for her anointing as a female leader in the Kingdom of God.

2011 —The Biblical Foundations Discipleship Series by Gordon Lindsay became available for MP3 and PDF download in different languages.

Her life is one amazing miracle after another of God’s supernatural deliverance. She prayed, stayed in faith and God used her to build an anointed ministry.

YOURS TRULY Prayer is so much a part of our family that it is just second nature. Since I never received any medicine for sickness while growing up, other than cod liver oil, I never think of taking anything. I just take it to the Lord in prayer. People often ask me why I think the healing movement of the 40s and 50s subsided. I believe we have been educated and indoctrinated away from the Word of God. Doctors, medicine, Medicare and Medicaid have replaced the power of prayer and God’s Word. I thank the Lord for my rich spiritual heritage and continue to make the principles of

2011 — The first Freda Lindsay Award was given to Sharon Daugherty.

faith and prayer a vital part of my life. This is why I have made prayer one of the 12 pillars of Christ For The Nations. God uses doctors and the medical profession, but we should never neglect to pray.

SPIRITUAL BAR MITZVAH Returning from Youth With A Mission in 1973, I had aspirations to lead. In 1985, Mom asked the Board to elect me as CFN’s president. I soon learned that I had a title with no authority. The Holy Spirit directed me to flow with Mom’s leading. Like David, after he was anointed king, he went back to feeding the sheep. The Lord put a number of spiritual counselors around to help me, and in time, I learned what spiritual authority was about. During the next 15 years I encountered three “overthrow” attempts. However, the Holy Spirit intervened. If the enemy cannot destroy a ministry from

2011 — CFNI hosted the Believe in Miracles Symposium.

without, he will seek to destroy it from within. In each case I learned the importance of prayer and the supernatural power that comes from God’s hand to destroy the enemy’s plans.

A RELATIONSHIP WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT When­it­comes­to­having­a­reformation­in­one’s­life — how does one’s prayer life fit in with one’s daily devotional life? Is prayer simply a call for help, or is it a time of intimacy? One important aspect of developing an effective prayer life is a relationship with the Holy Spirit, which involves character building. God will bless you in the early stages of your prayer life with answers. However, if the answers stop, maybe it’s because God is waiting for character to develop. If anyone fails to develop in their integrity, it is just a matter of time before the enemy knocks them out. Once one develops character, then comes understanding the importance of nights of prayer, early morning prayer, fasting and times of intense spiritual warfare. The bottom line is to never stop praying (1 Thessalonians 5:17). The language that moves Heaven is prayer.

2012 — The­annual­Voice­of­Healing­ Conference resumed.

“Donʼt worry about anything; instead, pray about everything. Tell God what you need, and thank Him for all He has done.” Philippians 4:6

For more about CFNI’s pillar of prayer, read Gordon Lindsay’s book Prayer That Moves Mountains, available at cfni.org/store.

2012 —Student­Informer­became­ a student ministry.

This article is an excerpt from the November 1970 issue of The Voice of Healing Magazine. At this crucial time for America, we are facing a historic election, and we are hanging on a precipice. Will there be a remnant who will stand in the gap, pray and intercede for our nation?


Gordon Lindsay

‘“So I sought for a man among them who would make a wall, and stand in the gap before Me on behalf of the land, that I should not destroy it; but I found no one. Therefore I have poured out My indignation on them; I have consumed them with the fire of My wrath; and I have recompensed their deeds on their own heads,’ says the Lord God” (Ezekiel 22:30-31). This Scripture gives us a glimpse of Divine providence and its relation to the administration of God’s justice. Ezekiel had been enumerating the sins of the nation, charging the prophets with using oppression to vex the poor and needy. It was a fearsome indictment and indication that the cup of God’s wrath was full and ready to be poured out upon the nation.

HE LOOKED FOR A MAN Still there was a chance. If there were those stirred to intercessory prayer—if God could find a man or woman to take that place—the nation could still be saved from judgment. He needed an intercessor—one who saw the danger and would rush into the opening and close the gap. God searched earnestly for such a person, but could not find one. The people of Judah were unaware of the impending danger because of their ignorance. Instead of reading the signs of the times, people were engaged in getting their share of material things—like the militants, the anarchists, the revolutionaries, the marchers, the spell-binders of today. The demand from one part of society to get what another part of society has, and if it’s not given to them speedily, they

are ready to destroy the nation, to loot and even burn the establishment down.

MOSES STOOD IN THE GAP God gave Israel the Law and the people agreed. However, while Moses was on the mountain receiving God’s instructions, the people violated their promise, making a golden calf. This brought the curse, and retribution would automatically fall upon the nation. But there was someone to stand in the gap — Moses, the great intercessor, pleaded with God. “If Israel went down before the execution of Divine wrath, then he would go down, too.” God heard his prayer. God could not blot Moses’ name out of His book. The worst of the rebels were judged, but the nation of Israel was saved. Just as Moses did, those who become intercessors and stand in the gap enter into the very closest relationship possible with God and obtain His highest favor. There were other great intercessors in Israel’s history — Samuel, who founded the School of the Prophets, and Daniel, whose prayers resulted in the overthrow of the princes of darkness and the return of his people from captivity (Daniel 9-10). These men also stood in the gap and saved their nation in a time of calamity.

THE WESLEY REVIVALS SAVED ENGLAND Two of the most remarkable men of the 18th century were John and Charles Wesley. In their hunger for God, they began those historic Methodist meetings for prayer.



God is calling for people to stand in the gap.

God was moved, and revival broke out, spreading throughout the nation. Their theme was holiness, dedication to God and personal evangelism. The spirit of revival swept over the entire land, and the preachers continued to spread the revival fires. Even secular history noted that the Wesley revivals had a momentous effect on England. The Wesleys were men who stood in the gap and saved their country from judgment.

THE REVIVAL BEFORE THE CIVIL WAR When the U.S. Civil War was about to break out, Charles G. Finney, prince of evangelists, had a burden for the American people. Finney and those who carried the burden of souls wrestled with God. Then the spirit of prayer took hold of thousands. It swept over the land with such power that for a time it was estimated that around 50,000 conversions occurred in a single week. Because there were those to stand in the gap, the revival came in time and saved hundreds of thousands of people before the start of the Civil War.

THOSE WHO STOOD IN THE GAP AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY The Church at the turn of the century lacked one important element. It believed in the miracles and the gifts of the Spirit, but it almost universally believed miracles were only for the apostles. There is no Scripture to support this. The grounds for this



belief was tradition, and the fact that few, if any, miracles were taking place. The established clergy wouldn’t admit that the lack of such manifestations was because the Church had lost its first love and had become cold and unspiritual. But there were those who were disturbed, and little groups in various cities were engaged in many hours of prayer and soul-searching, agonizing for the return of the apostolic revival. So these earnest men and women stood in the gap against the smug complacency of the nominal Church and prayed down the return of the apostolic ministry. Then in Wales, a humble man by the name of Evan Roberts stood in the gap in intercessory prayer, and a revival of historic proportions shook the nation. A year or two later, the great Pentecostal outpouring came. In Topeka, Kansas, Houston, Texas, Los Angeles, California, and other places, groups of prayer warriors prayed until the windows of Heaven opened and a great apostolic renewal visited the Earth unlike anything since the days of the Early Church. Today, we are in a greater crisis than ever—the crisis of an age that is ending. Again, God calls for His people to stand in the gap. Armageddon is closing in; a day of darkness and a day of catastrophe is on the horizon. Now is the hour, the last opportunity to bring in the harvest. God is calling for people to stand in the gap. Will you be one of these? To read the full version online, go to cfnthevoice.com/ Isoughtforaman.

刀䤀匀䔀 唀倀

一䌀 䰀䔀⨀

一䄀吀䤀伀一䄀䰀  䌀䠀䤀䰀䐀刀䔀一ᤠ匀  䰀䔀䄀䐀䔀刀匀 䔀堀倀䔀刀䤀䔀一䌀䔀

伀䌀吀伀䈀䔀 刀 ㄀ 㔀 䈀䔀 䔀儀唀䤀倀倀䔀䐀Ⰰ 䔀一䌀伀唀刀䄀䜀䔀䐀 䄀一䐀 䔀䴀倀伀圀䔀刀䔀䐀 吀伀 圀䤀一 吀䠀䔀 䠀䔀䄀刀吀 伀䘀 吀䠀䤀匀 䜀䔀一䔀刀䄀吀䤀伀一⸀


I By

Dennis Lindsay n June, Ginger and I had the opportunity to attend a historic event. About 1,000 Christian leaders gathered in a closed-door, New York meeting to have a conversation with Donald Trump concerning the future of our nation.

Flying there, June Hunt, the well-known teacher, author and radio commentator, was seated next to us. June is the Founder and CSO (Chief Servant Officer) of Hope For The Heart. Her two radio broadcasts air on approximately 900 radio outlets worldwide. Ginger told June she was constantly hearing Christians say, “I’m not going to vote.” Why? It’s because they believe that their personal, religious convictions won’t allow them to support either candidate. June’s reply was the next President will select two to five U.S. Supreme Court justices, and it would be a travesty for any Christian to refuse to vote. The next morning we went to Times Square for the meeting. Franklin Graham opened the event with heartfelt prayer. Dr. Ben Carson, with great sincerity, spoke on behalf of Trump and how he had come to appreciate him. Carson said, “Our 14


ship is going in the wrong direction. We must first stop the ship and turn it around; then we can move in the opposite direction. We cannot fix everything in any one moment. It will be a long journey, but with God’s power we can turn the ship around.” Former governor Mike Huckabee served as moderator and sat across from Trump who entertained questions from Dr. James Dobson, Tony Perkins, Kelly Shackelford, Dr. David Jeremiah, Cindy Jacobs, Jerry Falwell, Jr. and Sammy Rodriguez about religious freedom, Israel, potential Supreme Court nominees and abortion. Other issues discussed were: defending the right to speak freely from the pulpit without the fear of losing one’s taxexempt status, the Left’s war on Christians  —  political correctness, the Second Amendment, the Iran Nuclear Agreement and what type of judges Trump would appoint to the Supreme Court. It seemed obvious that he fully understands the importance of this issue. This is crucial because it doesn’t matter how many good laws are passed if the courts are going to strike them down. Trump continually pointed out that he would appoint judges who would defend religious liberty and be conservative.

Trump’s answer, regarding our concern about Israel, confirmed that he would be a strong supporter of Israel and mentioned that he never understood Jewish Americans who voted for Democrats, like President Obama, who don’t support Israel. It seemed obvious that Trump understands the threat to our country from the religion of Islam and the terrorists produced from its doctrines of hate, even though he has taken a lot of flack from the liberal media for criticizing that religion. Trump also mentioned that he would take action against cancelling the tax-exempt status of churches if pastors were politically outspoken, which was put into law by President Lyndon Johnson . He also believes that churches should not be restricted from promoting and recommending Christian politicians for office for fear of losing their exemption status and donations from members of their congregation. He wants to give freedom to all pastors to promote individuals who have Christian values and whom they believe can make a godly difference. Other issues he spent time on were restoring and strengthening our military and dealing with illegal immigration.

We should not foolishly surrender our right to vote to the enemy.

agrees with us on every issue, including our personal theological beliefs, then we may all sit at home on election day for the rest of our lives.”

I sensed tenderheartedness in Donald Trump’s answers. I along with some other Christian leaders haven’t been fans

At this event, I saw a reverent and patriotic heart deep

of his because of how he is portrayed by the media — brash,

within Trump’s 70 years of experience. He remembers

arrogant and sometimes rude, along with questionable

when America was great, but now is willing to forget its

investments, vulgar and hateful rhetoric, and biblical

heritage. Yes, he comes from the secular, marketplace

illiteracy. At this meeting he was pleasant, relaxed, joking

world; yet, he seems to be searching for spiritual answers

a bit, thoughtful, caring and considerate. There seems to

to his purpose in life. Around him now are some anointed

be a mellowed attitude toward receiving biblical values at

men and women of God. After the meeting I heard

a greater depth. As Dr. James Dobson mentioned, “I think

Dr. James Dobson state, “Donald Trump has recently

that he’s open. He doesn’t know our language, and he

committed his life to our Lord.” Pray that in time the fruit

refers a lot to religion instead of faith and belief.” Dobson’s

of the Holy Spirit will become manifested in his life.

interviewer responded, “I imagine Saul, when he became Paul, didn’t know the language, either.”

Remember, God gave us this unique, Christian freedom — we are first Christians, members of the Body of Christ, not

At the meeting’s end, both evangelicals and charismatics

members of a political party. This is not an endorsement

knelt side by side and petitioned our Heavenly Father for

of any political candidate. A responsible Christian should

help in these challenging days for our nation’s future. We

pray, examine character, check the voting record and

prayed for forgiveness, guidance, wisdom and strength

positions of the candidate to see if they are voting Godly

to turn this country back to God. I believe it was a very

principles. We should not foolishly surrender our right

special moment of united power in the spiritual realm.

to vote to the enemy. Voting is a priceless freedom and

Jerry Falwell, Jr. stated, “If we all wait for the perfect

privilege, not only in our lifetime, but for the future of our

candidate, who has the demeanor of our pastors and

children. So, go and VOTE!



CFNI GOES INTO ALL THE WORLD Christ For The Nations Institute sent out 250 students to 15 countries in the summer of 2016.

JOURNEY (ASIA) The Journey Mission trip ministered to unreached people groups in Asia.

HOLLYWOOD Homeless, drug addicts and even tourists were ministered to by CFNI’s ‘home missions’ team to Hollywood.

UNITED KINGDOM ARUBA EUROPE CFNI students ministered in Holland out of Johan Maasbach’s headquarters.

Team Leader and CFNI Dean of Familes, John Tranel, ministers with CFNI students in Aruba.

CFNI students bringing a spirit of revival and ministering the love of God in the UK.

MEXICO Sharing the Gospel with a group of marginalized children.

JAMAICA Team Jamaica gave away school supplies to needy children.

SOUTH AFRICA South African children received food and ministry from CFNI students.

ASIA IMPACT When CFNI students prayed for this boy to walk, he began to walk for the very first time!

ISRAEL CFNI students experienced the Holy Land with


Dr. and Mrs. Lindsay, while ministering with

Ministry to college students in Tokyo, Japan.

various Messianic outreaches throughout Israel.


Michelle Ofori-Ansah

FNI­students­fulfi­lled­the­Great­Commission­ this summer as they went out preaching, teaching, feeding the hungry, loving orphans, hosting children’s camps and ministering healing (physical, spiritual and emotional).


One testimony from the United Kingdom team, Awaken UK, was of a disabled man who could hardly walk without running out of breath. He basically lived in his living room, as he couldn’t climb his stairs due to his pain level. After prayer by one CFNI mission team member, he could walk without difficulty, without pain and without his constant walking stick! God healed him through one student’s obedience. Powerful testimonies came from our Asia teams. During part of one trip, they traveled into the bush and found a people group who had been waiting for three years to hear the Gospel. Only six of them had ever heard the name of Jesus before meeting this team, but all of them were saved due to the students’ ministry! The team’s leader, Connie McKenzie, shared, “We met the people in a cave, and God gave many team members words of knowledge that led to people being healed.” Another testimony from these Asia trips was of a genuine outpouring of the Holy Spirit in one of the schools where they ministered in Thailand. The students had never heard the Gospel before the CFNI team visited. When the gospel was shared, the presence of­the­Lord­fi­lled­the­room,­causing­almost­everyone­in­ the room to simultaneously weep and ask for prayer. They saw hundreds come to the Lord that day. In another part of the world, South Africa, CFNI student Leah Hinkle shared the impact of her mission trip—these trips didn’t just change the people the students met, but the students were changed as well. “As a prospective student in the Global Missions major, this trip really opened my eyes to what my future holds: living boldly


and maybe a little uncomfortably, adapting and thriving in­a­country — not­my­own —  and­loving­people­deeply,­ exactly where they are.” The Mexico trip’s team leader, Karen Padilla, shared an awe-inspiring experience of being God’s hands and feet. “Our team was evangelizing on the streets in Bahia de Los Angeles. They heard a voice that seemed to come from really far away. As they got near, they realized it was an elderly lady who was completely alone in her house. When they opened her door, she declared, ‘The Lord heard my prayers! I have been alone for two days, and this morning I asked the Lord to send His angels.’ She was 76 years old and was completely paralyzed. She had not eaten anything for two days, and it was very hot in her house. Immediately, some students from the team got her food and water. The rest of the team stayed, talked and prayed with her. We presented the gospel to her; she repented and accepted Christ as her Savior. Then we prayed for healing and the pain in her legs disappeared!” CFNI had a team that remained in America for their mission trip. Shannon Johnson, CFNI’s Dean of Women, took her group to minister on the streets of Hollywood. Her most memorable testimony was of a drug dealer that the group encountered three times in two­diff­erent­locations.­“At the final encounter, both the young man and his girlfriend gave their lives to Christ, handed over all of their drugs and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues! Over the weeks we were there, we prayed the prayer of salvation with 69 people, saw 67 healing miracles, had 15 people pray to receive the Holy Spirit, and we prayed for over 965 people!” These testimonies are just a handful of the powerful and life-changing experiences of the teams all across the world.­We­continue­to­send­out­students,­staff­,­faculty­ and alumni Into All The World!




Michelle Ofori-Ansah

n the summer of 2015,

CFNI alumni, Richard (Rich) Cushworth and Mercy Casanellas, made headlines when they discovered that their newborn baby was switched at birth at the hospital where she delivered him in El Salvador. The story was carried on most major media outlets, and the couple was interviewed on BBC. After three months of separation, Baby Moses was happily reunited with his family. But there is a supernatural dimension to the story that has never been told to the general public until now.

The battle for Moses began in the womb. Mercy recounts having a very complicated pregnancy. She had three falls, and her blood pressure would not cooperate.­It­spiked­and­fell­at­diff­erent­ points, exposing the baby to enormous risks. At 21 weeks (19 weeks early!), and then again at 24 weeks, she went into labor. Each time her pastors and church stood in the gap with fasting and prayer and turned things around. Mercy made it­to­35­weeks­before­delivery,­still­fi­ve­ weeks early, but a victory nonetheless. However, the worst was not over.

Mercy and Rich with Moses, celebrating his miraculous return on Sept. 7, 2015.

Both the pregnancy and birth were rather­ diffi ­­cult­ for­ Mercy.­ One­ of­ the­ reasons was her husband’s absence from El Salvador due to immigration issues, and with the baby born prematurely, Rich could not make it in time for the delivery. “I felt so alone during the pregnancy and after the birth,” Mercy describes. “I had a C-Section, and­ my­ baby­ was­ having­ diffi ­­culty­ breathing. I only saw my baby for a few moments, kissed him, and thought how wonderful it was that he looked so

much like Rich.” Immediately after, she was given a sedative to put her to sleep while the doctor and nurses took him to the nursery for cleaning and tests. Mercy didn’t have her baby returned to her until around noon the next day. That night, while Mercy was waiting for them to bring back her baby, she felt overwhelmed with hurt, sadness, anger and even bitterness. Her muchanticipated baby’s birth hadn’t gone as planned . . . she was alone, without her husband and even without the baby! She started to pray, and suddenly, in a vision, she saw an angel standing beside her, speaking in tongues. He put his hand on her head, and immediately she­felt­those­negative­feelings­leave — she was delivered. “I believe this was God’s way of preparing me for what was to come. I think that might even be when the switch actually happened,” Mercy shared. The next morning, she heard the babies being returned to their mothers, but her baby didn’t return. She began to worry about her new son, whom they had named Jacob, fearing that there might be some physical issues they hadn’t told her about. When they­ fi­nally­ brought­ Jacob­ to­ her,­ she­ was relieved for a moment, but then something didn’t seem quite right. “I told the nurse, ‘This baby doesn’t look like the one I had last night.’” The nurse insisted he was her baby, but Mercy was not convinced. “I told everybody for the next four days in the hospital, doctors, nurses, friends, everyone who came to the hospital, ‘This doesn’t look like my baby!’” But no one believed her. CFNTheVoice.com


Baby Moses’ first picture, May 21, 2015.

Finally, Mercy brought Jacob home and accepted their opinions . . . until he started to grow. “He didn’t look like me; he didn’t look like my husband. I­was­always­trying­to­fi­nd­someone­he­ looked like, but I couldn’t.” Mercy hid her concerns, even from her husband. As the baby turned two months old, she needed to return to the U.S. to continue her studies at CFNI. “I knew that I couldn’t go to school with this doubt. But getting a DNA test felt as though I was betraying my own baby.”­­She­fi­nally­mustered­the­courage­ and went to a private hospital in El Salvador for the DNA test. The results from the DNA test didn’t come through until Mercy and Rich were back in Dallas, Texas three weeks later. A friend picked up the results, and texted them to­ her­ — there­ was­ 0.0­ percent­ chance­ that Jacob was her son! “When I saw the results,­I­just­fell­on­the­fl­oor.­My­body­ couldn’t contain the pain.” Her immediate thought was, “What am I going to do with this baby? I love



him so much. Am I going to lose him?” Then she thought about her own son. “Where’s my baby? Who has him? Is he even alive?” For hours Mercy lay on­ the­ fl­oor­ and­ prayed,­ crying­ out­ to God. “I need You to speak to me; otherwise, I can’t get through this trial.” Once again she had a vision. “I saw a multitude of people, and there was a fi­nger­going­through­the­crowd,­looking­ for somebody. The multitude started to become smaller and smaller, and by­ the­ end,­ it­ was­ only­ me.­ The­ fi­nger­ pointed at me, and God said, ‘I chose you for this because you are strong and courageous.’ I felt honored that He had chosen me, but I didn’t understand. I asked Him, ‘How can you call me strong and­courageous?­I’m­on­this­fl­oor,­and­I­ can’t even stand up!’ And God said it again, and as He did, I thought of the verse in Joshua 1 that says, ‘Be strong and courageous.’ So I said, ‘OK, please help me; give me the strength.’” Rich walked into the room and Mercy was still crying. She didn’t know how to explain what had happened. Because

Rich, Mercy and Moses are finally reunited — a family once again!

with the spiritual warfare and prayers of the Body of Christ kept the Cushworths strengthened and in faith. Their pastors and church were key to this spiritual battle, supporting and sustaining them as they waited for the authorities to fi­nd­their­missing­son.­ The police tracked down and administered DNA tests to all the baby boys born on the same day as

Rich hadn’t been in El Salvador when their baby was born, he never heard Mercy’s concerns that Jacob might not be theirs. Rich shares, “It­was­very­sad,­very­diffi ­­cult,­but­ everything was happening so fast that I didn’t really have time to process­anything.­We­took­the­fi­rst­ fl­ight­ out,­ midnight­ that­ night,­ to­ get back to El Salvador.” Once in El Salvador, the police immediately opened an investigation into what had happened. Rich and Mercy had no idea if their son was even alive, but God gave their pastor a word of hope. Mercy describes the supernatural encounter her pastor had. “God told her that my son was alive, and­ I­ would­ fi­nd­ him.­ And­ then­ the­ Lord­ showed­ her­ his­ face — he­ had blue eyes. I remember many times over the next two weeks, in the middle of the night, I would call her and say, ‘I have no strength; I think my baby is dead.’ She would always say, ‘No, he isn’t dead,’ and then describe my missing baby to me.” The encouragement that God knew exactly where her son was and that he was OK, coupled

three hours to say goodbye.” While they were thrilled at getting Moses back, their hearts still ached for the beloved Jacob they nursed and cherished. Rich confesses, “It was a tragedy to have to give Jacob away.” Even though they went through such­a­dark­and­diffi ­­cult­time,­God­ strengthened Rich and Mercy’s faith by His faithfulness through their entire ordeal. They want to

HE WILL ALWAYS CAUSE ALL THINGS TO WORK TOGETHER FOR THE GOOD OF HIS CHILDREN. Mercy’s. After only 12 days, they found Baby Cushworth. “He was given back to us on Sept. 7, 2015— one of the happiest moments in our lives,” recalled Mercy. “We all rejoiced. Everybody knew it was a miracle of God.” They named their recovered son Moses. Mercy shared, “Moses in the Bible was hidden­ for­ the­ fi­rst­ three­ months­ of his life and so was our Moses.” Mercy­ describes­ that­ fi­rst­ night­ together. “We were celebrating! Moses was such a happy baby. From­the­fi­rst­day­he­was­laughing,­ talking and I got to nurse him, too.”

encourage all with the message that we can always trust God. He answers prayer, there is NOTHING impossible for our God, and He will always cause all things to work together for the good of His children.

On their way to pick up Moses, their attorney told them they had to give Jacob back to his family. “That was shocking,” Mercy said, with tears in her eyes. “We had only two or CFNTheVoice.com


Did you know CFNI students are eligible to receive up to $2,000 in scholarship funds to attend The King’s University?* In addition, CFNI graduates can transfer in up to 90 credit hours. Take the next step in your education and pursue a degree at The King’s University.

Visit www.tku.edu or call 817.722.1700 for more information.

*Main Campus Only


Susan Bozarth


y­ husband,­ Randy,­ was­ the­ Vice­ President of Christ for the Nations. He travelled the world, and he loved what he did. So when things began to change and he became irritable or argumentative, I thought he just needed a break or a vacation. It wasn’t until he started to not recognize our close friends that I knew we had a problem. Today, and for quite awhile now, he’s been totally dependent on me, having been diagnosed with a form of dementia/Alzheimer’s. I didn’t want to accept it; I still pray and believe for his healing. But as God has ministered to me, I have found a certain amount of contentment in my reality. As I walked through this, I began to blog. The word that kept coming to me was “I can’t stop living.” These blogs have been compiled into my book, Don’t Stop Living. Here is an excerpt from it.

FROM A MESS TO A MOVEMENT It does not take too long, when you’re in conversation with anyone these days, before the “woe is me” and “life is tough right now” topic comes to the forefront of the conversation. I was driving the other day, pondering those various issues that we, as a society, are dealing with — terrorism,­ fi­nancial­ challenges,­ dysfunctional­ families, lukewarm Christians, dishonest politicians, on­and­on,­until­I­fi­nally­just­sighed­and­said­to­myself,­ ”What a mess!” It was at that moment that I “heard” this statement, “Out of messes, movements are born!” My­ mind­ raced,­ and­ suddenly,­ I­ was­ fl­ooded­ with­ images­ from­ the­ 60s — the­ Vietnam­ War,­ unbridled­ drug­use,­burning­the­American­fl­ag,­sit-ins­and­loveins, rebellion, chaos in the streets and hopelessness . . . what a mess! But in the midst of that mess, the Jesus movement­ was­ born.­ I­ then­ refl­ected­ on­ other­ times­ and seasons of unrest, and yet again, movements 26


were formed that impacted the world. I thought of the­beginnings­of­the­Church­itself — the­chaos­of­that­ time from pagan worship to religious leaders, who were more like white-washed sepulchers (tombs) than men of God. Yet, the Savior was born, the Church was birthed and a movement was released that would change the world. I have to tell you, I was encouraged by the imagery. We can even take it to a more personal level . . . out of our personal “mess” God will birth something new . . . a movement, if you will. God’s like that, you know. He takes dead things and makes them alive. He takes broken things and mends them, and He takes our mess, and if we allow Him, He will turn it into a personal revival or movement. Psalm 30:5 says, “For His anger is but for a moment, His favor is for life; weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.” During these times of change, we need to stay focused and strong in His promises to us. Pray, “Oh, God, I give you the ‘mess’ of my life, and I trust You to birth a movement that will impact many.” In the end, God “is” going to get some glory out of the messes in our lives. Susan Bozarth is an adjunct instructor at CFNI. Her years of ministry experience and life of faith in the face of difficult circumstances make her classes one of the highlights of CFNI. For more about the programs and majors available at CFNI, go to cfni.org. To purchase Susan Bozarth’s encouraging book Don’t Stop Living, go to cfni.org/store.

嘀 䤀 匀䤀 伀 一 䌀 唀 倀⸀ 䌀 伀 䴀

伀䌀吀 ㄀㜀吀䠀

刀 䔀 䜀 䤀 匀 吀 䔀 刀   一 伀 圀 一 伀圀   䤀 匀   吀 䠀 䔀   吀 䤀 䴀 䔀   吀伀  䐀刀䤀 嘀䔀   吀 䠀 䔀   䰀 䔀 䜀䄀 䌀 夀

䐀䄀 䰀 䰀 䄀 匀Ⰰ  吀堀



          䠀䔀䤀䐀䤀 䈀䄀䬀䔀刀  ⸀  吀伀䐀䐀 圀䠀䤀吀䔀  ⸀  䜀䰀伀刀䤀䄀 䌀伀倀䔀䰀䄀一䐀ꀀ    

䌀 伀 一 一 䔀 䌀 吀   ⸀   吀 刀 䄀 一 匀 䘀 伀 刀 䴀   ⸀   伀嘀 䔀 刀 䘀 䰀伀圀

刀䔀䜀䤀匀吀䔀刀 一伀圀  䌀䘀一䤀⸀伀刀䜀⼀嘀伀䠀䌀

Celebración del xv aniversario de Spanish YFN física y espiritualmente y los haga libres de las ataduras con la que muchos de ellos vienen. Durante el campamento de SYFN se entrena y capacita a los líderes y pastores de jóvenes por separado en lo que llamamos IGNITE. De igual forma, reciben conferencias y ministración sobre liderazgo juvenil, problemática actual de los jóvenes, matrimonios y perseverancia en el ministerio.



Hugo Martínez

Cómo se inició Spanish YFN Un verano caluroso de la ciudad de Dallas, Texas, conducía mi auto dentro del campus del Instituto, cuando me detuvo una gran cantidad de jóvenes, que salían del auditorio principal, después de una de las actividades de YFN en inglés. Mi esposa y yo, junto a mis dos hijos, habíamos llegado a CFNI en 1998. En ese momento, daba clases en el programa en español que ofrece el Instituto. Conmovido al ver a tantos jóvenes de todas partes de los Estados Unidos; maravillados de vivir esa experiencia con Dios durante aquella semana en el campamento de YFN, inmediatamente, el Espíritu Santo me dirigió a orar: “¡Señor, un campamento de YFN para los hispanos! No hay nada igual en Latinoamérica.” Nunca me imaginé que el Señor contestaría mi oración a las dos semanas, cuando recibí una invitación del Director Ejecutivo del Instituto, Dr. Larry Hill, quien me habló del deseo de nuestra Fundadora y del Consejo Directivo de iniciar un YFN en español. Así fue que aceptamos el reto de ser los directores del primer campamento de YFN en Español (SYFN) en 2001. El resto es historia.

Qué es Spanish YFN Es un campamento compuesto por diferentes actividades, con el objetivo principal de que los jóvenes y los líderes experimenten un encuentro personal con Jesús en los tiempos de alabanza, adoración, oración, conferencias y ministración personal, donde el Espíritu Santo los sane



Cuando los jóvenes que asisten al campamento, ven cómo los estudiantes del Instituto hacen su credito de verano y sirven durante toda la semana en sus diferentes áreas ministeriales, sus vidas son tocadas y transformadas. Dios provoca en ellos el deseo de asistir al Instituto para entrenarse y capacitarse para ir a las naciones o, en todo caso; regresar a servir en sus iglesias locales. Muchos de ellos tienen su primer contacto con CFNI cuando asisten a SYFN.

Miguel Santos, 22 años, Austin, Texas Mi primera experiencia en Spanish YFN fue en 2008 cuando tenía 13 años. Nunca había asistido a un campamento cristiano tan grande en mi vida, sinceramente, me intimidó ver cuántos jóvenes de diferentes edades había allí. La primera noche, durante la alabanza, recuerdo que Dios comenzó a moverse en mi corazón de manera tremenda. Con el apoyo de los consejeros, los estudiantes y los directores Hugo y Tati Martínez, ¡Dios continuó trabajando en mí y hablando a mi vida durante toda la semana! Eso me motivó a regresar los años siguientes y finalmente fue lo que me llevó a estudiar al Instituto de Cristo Para las Naciones. En este momento, estoy cursando el segundo año en CFNI. Te invitamos a traer a tus jóvenes al próximo campamento en el 2017. No te pierdas la oportunidad de disfrutar de todo lo que cada año prepara para ti YFN en Español. Para obtener más información acerca de SYFN, visita mundoyfn.com.

To read this article in English, go to cfnthevoice.com/syfn.

YFN, KFN AND PRETEEN IMPACT CFNI Summer 2016 CFNI is impacting the next generation through powerful summer camps. There are four camps every summer (Spanish YFN is discussed in an article on the opposite page). Kids For The Nations (KFN) is a day camp for kids ages 5-12, and 532 kids enjoyed at least one of the three weeks of KFN. The last week is Preteen Impact, an overnight camp for 10-12-year-olds. This summer, 290 Campers, 59 Church Leaders, 28 Counselors-In-Training and 60 Interns attended Preteen Impact. Youth For The Nations (YFN) is an overnight camp for teens, attended by 4,347 youth over four weeks.

Preteens Enjoying Outdoor Games

Preteen Impact Opening Worship

Will Hart Ministering To Preteens

Kids Worshipping God Through Dance

Kids Enjoying Praise Time

SYFN Outdoor Nations’ Games

YFN Opening Rally

Preteens Getting Into The Word

Preteens Receiving Ministry

Powerful Prayer Time at YFN

Teens Ministering and Receiving Ministry

God Is Moving In These Teens


Bethany Smith

Christ For the Nations Institute (CFNI) and Dallas Baptist University (DBU) have partnered together to give CFNI students the opportunity to work toward completing an accredited bachelor’s degree from DBU while attending CFNI to complete their CFNI degree, allowing students to attend both schools simultaneously! The two Christ-centered educational organizations have embraced a longtime partnership that spans 30 years. The new Co-Enrollment Program (CEP) introduces DBU courses at the CFNI campus, granting unprecedented access to an abundance of financial aid resources, and giving CFNI students access to DBU’s instructors and curriculum on CFNI’s campus. Students at CFNI who enroll in the CEP will choose between two to four courses, which DBU will teach outside standard CFNI class times. CEP students may begin these courses at any point during their tenure at CFNI, whether they are just beginning their studies or have only one semester remaining. This allows nearly everyone to benefit. DBU expects most students in the CEP program will enroll and complete two courses each semester while in classes at CFNI. This provides opportunity for these students to rapidly complete a significant portion, if not all, of their program through DBU and CFNI simultaneously. CFNI is renovating Jack Moore Hall, which houses a new on-site office for the CEP and the student library. This will allow students to be able to study and to receive one-onone advising from DBU staff on-campus at CFNI. The DBU professors teaching the CEP have expressed a sincere calling to mentor the students, in addition to providing quality



education from a Christian perspective. Students enrolled in the CEP will also be granted full access to resources on the DBU campus such as: DBU’s extensive library, multiple computer labs, fitness center and nature trail, free tutoring, and the Writing Center. Perhaps the greatest impact of this new extension of the CFNI and DBU partnership is the tremendous opportunity it presents to help participants pay for private college tuition. CFNI students who enroll at DBU concurrently will be granted a 30 percent tuition scholarship, awarded to both U.S. citizens and international students! In addition, through the Church Matching Gift Program, DBU will match gifts provided by a student’s church toward his or her DBU tuition, up to $3,500 per academic year, granting an opportunity for an additional $7,000 each year the gift is given. U.S. Citizens and permanent residents may also be eligible for additional grants, “free aid,” as well as student loans. (Visit www.dbu.edu/financialaid for more information on how to apply for financial aid.) It is the shared desire and mission of both CFNI and DBU to equip, train and launch great Christian leaders into every corner of culture around the globe. The Co-Enrollment Program is a tremendous leap forward for all involved. Far more than merely helping students complete a few college courses, the CEP will provide the mentoring, resources and financial aid to launch students forward into the level of excellence God is calling them. For more information, go to cfni.org/dbu.

He is the God who sees me He knows exactly who I am He knows who I am becoming And who I will one day be

PreparE for your calling Pursue your calling at a Christ-centered, fully accredited university. DBU’s articulation agreement with CFNI gives students the opportunity to benefit from flexible class times, a 30% tuition scholarship, and a chance to complete a bachelor’s degree in less than 18 months. Students can now take DBU classes while still attending CFNI with the new DBU Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP). Classes are held at CFNI, and students in the CEP may also qualify for federal and state financial aid up to the full cost of tuition! Contact us today for details!

College of Professional Studies 214.333.6829 | paul@dbu.edu CFNTheVoice.com 31 dbu.edu/dbu-connection

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