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August 2016

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#iGiveCatholic campaign growing in Year Two

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What is an Endowment?

Endowment gifts are to a parish, school, or ministry what retirement funds are to an individual: they represent set-aside resources for the future. They are particularly important when lean economic times hit, as they provide a continual source of funding that allows organizations to carry on, even when tithing or donations dry up for a year or two. The Catholic Foundation is blessed to work with donors who establish and support endowment funds for organizations near and dear to their hearts. What are the benefits of establishing an endowment fund? Establishing an endowment fund or supporting an existing one also provides important benefits to our donors: • Allows you to designate a particular purpose, a specific Catholic organization, or leave unrestricted to serve the greatest need • Can be established with cash, marketable securities, or other assets • Can be funded with a gift through your Will • Helps to avoid capital gains taxes on long-term, highly appreciated assets • Can result in a reduction in income taxes through the charitable deduction Interested in learning more about endowment funds? Please call us at 504-596-3045.


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Kathi Zimmerman Donor Relations Coordinator

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The first-year goals were modest. In the hectic neighboring Dioceses, to come together as faithful days that preceded the nation’s first #iGiveCatholic stewards and to “Give Catholic” on Giving Tuesday, a campaign on Giving Tuesday 2015, The Catholic global day of giving back. Foundation hoped to raise $500,000 from donors The stunning success of last year’s campaign was within the Archdiocese of New Orleans. enough to convince the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux, When the 24-hour clock expired, the leaderboard with its 114,000 Catholics (48 percent of the area’s total read $1.357 million, all of which benefitted churches, population), 39 parishes, three missions, 10 elementary ministries and schools around the Archdiocese. schools and three high schools, to join the fund-raising This year’s #iGiveCatholic day, Tuesday, Nov. 29, party. promises to be even bigger, with the additions of the Dioceses of HoumaThibodaux, Baton Rouge and Biloxi, Miss., into the crowd-funding campaign. The 2016 goal is also more ambitious: $1.5 million. A year ago, 112 organizations within the Archdiocese participated in #iGiveCatholic, 28 parishes, 38 ministries and 46 schools. This year, the goal is to increase that sum to 150. The Catholic Foundation is expanding the goals of #iGiveCatholic for 2016 And The Catholic Foundation hopes that the total number of donors increases to “It’s a great opportunity,” said Jeremy Becker, 4,500, compared to last year’s 2,047. Executive Director of Stewardship and Development “Our vision is to promote philanthropy that for the Diocese of Houma-Thibodaux. “I know people empowers the community, compels action, and want to be generous and now there’s a way to join many glorifies God,” said Josephine Everly, Foundation other Catholics who want to support their parish or COO and Director of Gift Planning. “Success, for us, school. People are excited about it.” is not just about dollars raised. It’s about the number The Diocese of Baton Rouge consists of 67 parishes, of organizations and donors participating in this 23 elementary schools, seven high schools and more celebration of Catholic giving.” than 225,400 Catholics. The Biloxi diocese is home #iGiveCatholic is an online giving event that to 56 parishes and missions, 15 elementary and high provides our parishes, schools, ministries, and not-forschools, and more than 71,000 Catholics. profits affiliated with the Archdiocese the opportunity For the second year, Whitney Bank will be the to connect with their current donors and establish major presenting sponsor for #iGiveCatholic. relationships with new donors. Mark the date on your calendar and plan to The aim of #iGiveCatholic is to inspire the Catholic participate. community in the Archdiocese of New Orleans, and


Merger boosts strength, reach of The Catholic Foundation For four decades, The Catholic Foundation has provided support for every ministry within the Archdiocese of New Orleans. On July 1, The Foundation strengthened its position and increased its reach when the Office of Stewardship and Development was merged into The Catholic Foundation to become one entity. The Catholic Foundation is committed to financially sustaining and enhancing the charitable, educational and spiritual ministries of the Archdiocese. Archbishop Gregory M. Aymond said in announcing the July 1 transition that careful examination of the mission of both groups revealed similar purposes and brought him to the conclusion that melding the two together would merely enhance their objectives. “A combined model of bringing the two together under one management will enable us to better assist all ministries within the Archdiocese of New Orleans,” Archbishop Aymond said. “I am confident that this combined mission under The Catholic Foundation will positively affect our ministries and the people we serve.” Administrative responsibilities of The Foundation remain the same. Charles W. Heim, Jr. continues in his role as Executive Director, while Cory J. Howat oversees the stewardship and development segment as the Associate Executive Director. Josephine Wolfe Everly has been named Chief Operating Officer, as well as Director of Gift Planning, while Regina B. Templet is now The Foundation’s Chief Financial Officer. Melissa Gurdian Exnicios assumes the role of Gift Planning Officer. “For 40 years, The Catholic Foundation has been assisting each and every ministry within the Archdiocese of New Orleans to attain financial stability through Legacy-type giving and Donor Advised Funds,” said Heim. “Bringing the Office of Stewardship and Development into The Foundation will allow for a more far-reaching endeavor to assist Catholics in fulfilling their desire to help others through parishes, schools and ministries.


“The unification will provide for greater opportunities throughout the Archdiocese to improve knowledge of Foundation services with pastors, school principals and ministry directors.” Under Howat’s guidance, The Catholic Foundation will continue to assist parishes in the implementation of the ParishSOFT software system which will enable each parish to develop improved relationships with parishioners in a variety of ways. “The merger of The Catholic Foundation and the office of Stewardship and Development is a natural progression, as our genesis is the same,” said Howat. “Our coming together is a way of strengthening our stewardship and development support while furthering the work of The Catholic Foundation. Our staff has been affirmed that together we are able to holistically support and strengthen parishes that, in turn, make a stronger Archdiocese. The fruits of our merging will be realized now, and for generations to come.”

Northshore Chapter News In the spring of 2016, The Catholic Foundation, in partnership with the Office of Stewardship and Development, (which on July 1 merged with The Foundation) offered a nine-week course on money management held at the Northshore Pastoral Center. More than 20 individuals and couples attended the course, which was facilitated by Kay and Frank Corriere. The money management program titled Financial Peace University, is designed to provide tools and skills necessary to become better financial stewards. Each class is framed with the Gospel call to be disciples of Jesus Christ and how to respond to that call to be the best stewards of the gifts God has given us. This was the second time this money management class has been offered on the Northshore. Our next course offering will be held this fall with the first class beginning on September 15, 2016. Fall classes will also be held in Metairie at St. Catherine of Siena starting on the same date. All classes are held in the evening. Anyone interested in attending can go to fpu/classes/1021388 or call Paula Souhlas, Northshore Coordinator, at 985-605-5855.

“I believe I was sent here to find God and to accept Him so I can be a wonderful mother…”

Danielle Inn, unwed mothers, benefit from Women’s Giving Circle Grant It happens every day. $18,000 checks this year from a new initiative undertaken Your life takes an unexpected turn, and you’re faced by the 143 charter members of the Catholic Women with unanticipated adversity. in Action Giving Circle, just part of the more than For a young woman dealing with the revelation of $14 million distributed by The Catholic Foundation an unplanned pregnancy, each day, each minute, can be annually. harrowing: what to do, where to turn, who to trust, when “The grant that Danielle Inn received from the might the anxiety subside? Catholic Women’s Giving Circle came at a time when In the piney Northshore woods of Covington, La., several months of tight finances had our leadership nestled between horse and alpaca farms, the Danielle Inn team in much prayer for God’s direction for the future exists as a safe, nurturing haven for those whose despair of Danielle Inn,” said executive director Abby Shields. is palpable. “In my heart, I truly believed Walking through the God had much more work to doors of this Catholic do through this ministry, and ministry can provide solace the grant was a direct answer and understanding for an to our prayers for financial unwed expecting mother with provision.” nowhere else to turn. The Danielle Inn is a The Inn’s objective is 7,700-foot square foot home simple, according to its resting on 17 ½ acres of land mission statement: that includes a two-acre lake. “To provide a ChristIt requires $22,000 a month centered home to support to operate the Inn. and minister to the spiritual, The Danielle Inn provides nurturing environment for The rewards are physical, educational, and measured not in currency, but unwed mothers emotional needs of mothers rather human expression. while they prepare for the birth of their babies. We aim “I believe I was sent here to find God and to accept to achieve this through modeling the love of Christ and Him so I can be a wonderful mother to Leo,” 27-yearequipping residents with necessary life skills for compeold Linsey wrote to the Inn in her exit letter, having tent living. We offer peace and rest, thereby providing spent three months at the Inn prior to the birth of her these women with the opportunity to CHOOSE LIFE son. “I have God in my life and I have everyone a part for their unborn babies.” of Danielle Inn to thank for that so thank you very The Inn’s journey down this path, however, is much! Ya’ll are such an amazing blessing! Y’all really do complicated by its funding source. transform lives and save babies!” “Danielle Inn does not receive any Federal Infidelity and emotional abuse forced Jessica Uhls, an Government support,” the group says on the home unwed, soon-to-be mother to seek refuge at the Inn in page of its website. “We rely on God and the kindness 2014. Seven months pregnant when she arrived, Jessica of private citizens who believe that Saving Babies and stayed at the Inn until her son was a year old. Then Abby Transforming Lives is a worthwhile investment.” Shields asked Jessica to sit on the Inn’s board of directors. The Catholic Foundation, and its Women’s Giving “They wanted me to be a voice for the house,” Circle, certainly believe in such a venture. It’s what we do Jessica said. “They’d never had a prior resident on the every day by Transforming Tomorrows. board before. The Inn is a safe haven. It gives you a The Danielle Inn was one of seven organizations chance to look inward and become the independent supporting women and at-risk youths that received person you need to be.”

Summer 2016: Transforming Tomorrows Newsletter  

Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese of New Orleans

Summer 2016: Transforming Tomorrows Newsletter  

Catholic Foundation of the Archdiocese of New Orleans

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