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\ APRIL 2012

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EDITOR IN CHIEF Gordon Lindsay (1948-1973) Freda Lindsay (1973-2008) President and CEO, Dennis G. Lindsay (2008- )

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13 Mistakes Part 2



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35-Year-Old Seed Bears Fruit

Israel & CFN Legacy



April 2012


BY: D r. D E N NI S L IN D S AY President and CEO


HISTORY / LEGACY It is not possible to speak of one’s legacy without involving their history. The definition of the word legacy is, “anything handed down from the past, as from an ancestor or predecessor. The definition of the word history is, “a continuous, systematic narrative of past events as relating to a particular people, country, period, person, etc., usually written as a chronological account.” We see these two words, history and legacy, aligned when we look at our Christian faith from the very beginning— from Abraham, to the life of Christ, to our authority and power today as believers, and to the very end—the promise of eternal life in the years to come with our Lord. We also see the Christian legacy we have today in the U.S. because of the history of events from our founding fathers. When you look at the legacy of CFN, you are also looking at a rich history. Gordon and Freda Lindsay, my mom and dad, believed the Gospel. Their belief took them places few were willing to go. They had an in depth understanding about faith, and without works, faith is dead. Their life story, and now our legacy, is one of continuing to both go and do for the Lord. IN THE BEGINNING Although, my grandparents on both sides were Christians, neither my mom nor my dad accepted the salvation message until they were in their late teens. Each one had their own unique experience through an evangelist who came to their local church. For my dad, it was Charles F. Parham, but for my mom, it was through my dad, Gordon Lindsay. Five years after Mom’s salvation, God united them in marriage, and their training and service to Him began. They planted and pastored churches and Dad evangelized. Soon they were introduced to and began traveling with healing evangelists as they conducted the big tent crusades. Wanting to share the healings he witnessed, Dad began to write. THE VOICE OF HEALING MAGAZINE The first articles Gordon wrote about were the healing activities of these great tent revivals. They were encouraging and inspiring, and they challenged mankind to “believe” and act upon their faith. He collected these great testimonies, and in July, 1948, The Voice of Healing magazine began. Circulation grew quickly to over 65,000.


In the 1950’s, Dad and Mom moved to the basement of the ministry’s offices to fund a new print shop. Later, my brother, Gilbert, became the manager. In the 1990’s, the printing facility moved to Russia. Today, they work 24-hours a day printing Christian literature, Dad’s books, and millions of Bibles in many languages, with shipments to 110 countries. The magazine wasn’t the only thing Dad was publishing. Books began to flow out of him … over 250 books/booklets, all for training up the believer in the truth of God’s Word. The Literature Program began to distribute these booklets all over the world. Decades later, if Gilbert was in a foreign land, and they found out his name was Lindsay, they would pull out an old, torn booklet Dad had written. As the years went on, Mom also wrote several books and songs. Today, our Literature For The Nations Program has sent over 60 million books/booklets, translated in 82 languages, to over 104 countries. PRAYER My dad was a man of prayer. In fact, when Mom was asked about CFNI’s success, she stated, “Gordon was the greatest man of prayer I have ever met. But the prayers did not stop with his passing. Rather, they seemed to gain momentum. We give God all the glory—at the same time realizing the Lord works through individuals—and He could and did work through Gordon.” However, anyone who knew my mother also knew she was a prayer warrior, praying for all the nations of the world every morning. The 24/7 prayer facility on the CFNI campus is now called the Gordon Lindsay House of Prayer, in honor of my dad, and is located in the Freda Lindsay World Missions Center. HEALING When my dad was 12-years-old, he drowned. Supernaturally, God reached into those waters and placed him on the opposite bank. At 19, he almost died from Ptomaine Poisoning. My Mom was also supernaturally healed of Tuberculosis, and at 89 from breast cancer, and later from a near heart attack. I’ve been healed by the power of God, as well as my wife, Ginger, and so have my sister and brother felt the powerful, healing hand of God. When I was a child, I learned early to call upon the Name of the Lord, for my help comes from Him. In 2008, The Healing Place was established to fulfill the vision of Ginger Lindsay and Alta Hatcher to have a place on campus to heal infirmities. This year we will also have our 3rd Voice of Healing Conference on the campus.

ISRAEL One of Mom’s favorite Scriptures was “I will bless those who bless you (Israel)” (Gen. 12:3). Obviously, CFN has a love for Israel. My sister, Shira, caught both God’s and our parents’ love for Israel and has lived there for over 40 years with her husband, Ari, their two children and grandchildren. They come each year to minister to the CFNI student body on how to reach the Jewish people for their Messiah—Yeshua. By supporting seven ministries on a monthly basis, who live and work there, we continue to bless the Jewish people. We celebrate Bless Israel Day each year at CFNI. CHRIST FOR THE NATIONS INSTITUTE Even though both of my parents attended church for years, it took an outsider’s preaching for them to make a decision for Christ. Maybe, this is what God used in each of them to see the importance of training, equipping, and sending ministers into all the world. In 1970, Dad knew he was to start a Bible college. It began with only 50 students; today, more than 38,000 students have studied here. We offer Bachelors of Practical Ministry Degrees in six majors: Children’s and Family, Global Missions, Healing, Leadership and Pastoral, Worship and Technical Arts, and Youth. We also offer Associate Degrees in Practical Theology. Our music and worship is world renown, with key leaders in both vocal and instrumental. In December 2011, we signed a music agreement with Integrity Music. IT’S THE SAME LEGACY—FULFILLING THE GREAT COMMISSION The above are only some of the ways CFN is still carrying on the vision of my parents. Today, our Native Church Program puts the roof on a building every 35 hours. We continue to support 40 CFNI graduates who serve as missionaries in 23 countries. Our World Relief Program helps those who have encountered life-changing disasters. We offer Orphans Support. Last years, Summer Outreach Program had 227 students, ministering in 17 countries. CFN’s Associated Bible Schools has 46 Schools in over 32 nations. The Kids For The Nations/Preteen Impact camps, along with the Youth For The Nations camps, are setting all-time records with salvations, baptisms in the Holy Spirit, and miraculous healings. Our LEGACY at CFN stems from my parents. They faithfully said “YES” to the call of our Lord. The call is mine, and my family’s. We have embraced it. We are saying “YES” to furthering His Kingdom here on Earth. The question is: Will you lock arms in partnership with us? We need your prayers, and we need for your financial support today.



THE LEGACY CONTINUES “The concept of legacy is so much more than an honorable reputation passed on – it is a Godgiven past that can empower us for our God-ordained future.”



For many years I have been fascinated with the concept of legacy. An experience I had, while ministering at Christ For The Nations Institute a few years ago, took the concept to a whole new level. While addressing the students, I began to pray that everything God had purposed for the school would be accomplished. I didn’t know this would lead to a significant new revelation for me, and I certainly had no idea that in His Providence, the Lord would one day place me over the Institute to be a part of answering that prayer. However, that is exactly what’s happening. In May, I will become the Executive Director of CFN Institute. God is so amazing! While praying that prayer for CFNI, I heard a strange response from the Lord, “I need you to agree in prayer with Gordon Lindsay.” My first thought was, “I can’t do that, God. He’s been dead for 30 years.” The Lord clearly answered, “But his prayers are not; they’re still alive in Heaven. And there are things he asked Me for which I promised to give him—things I want to release in the school now. I cannot do them, however, until this present generation comes into agreement with his prayers. I need the synergy of the ages.” I knew what synergy was—the combined action of two or more that produces a greater total effect than the sum of their individual efforts—but the concept of “the ages” connecting

synergistically was a strange and new paradigm for me. I suppose the reason was that I, like most people, had an inadequate understanding of how important connecting with our history really is, and also of how much the past actually affects us today. The fact is that even though we may not consciously and intentionally connect with our history, we are nonetheless inseparably joined to and impacted by it. The clearest and most undeniable example of this is the way each of us is dramatically affected by Adam’s sin, having inherited his “sin nature.” If we can be directly impacted by an event so long ago, it certainly is no stretch to think we could be influenced by the actions of other individuals in our most recent history. The Scriptures clearly teach that the iniquity of a father affects his descendants three and four generations later (see Deut. 5:9). This doesn’t mean God judges a person for his forefather’s sin, but rather that curses reaped from his sin can still affect him generations later. America, for instance, reaped a war costing 600,000 American lives—the Civil War—and is still reaping pain and national struggles to this day, because of the sin of slavery. Thankfully, however, we are not only joined to and reap from the destructive, sinful portion of our history, but we are also linked to the good. The Bible teaches that God honors the covenants He

makes with individuals to a thousand generations (see Deut. 7:9)—in other words, forever! This is why He so often prefaced promises to Isaac, Jacob, and later the Israelites by mentioning His covenant with Abraham. He was saying to them, “What I am about to do is not just for you. It is also because of a promise I made to my friend, Abraham.” God once told King Hezekiah He would protect Jerusalem “for my servant David’s sake” (2 Kings 19:34). David was dead when this was said, but the covenant and promises God made to him certainly were not. What a fascinating truth: Hezekiah and his generation reaped David’s promise! When we experience multiplied blessings from God today, by honoring and coming into agreement with believers from yesterday, we’re experiencing the synergy of the ages. Abraham’s son, Isaac, tapped into this spiritual law. In Genesis, chapter 26, God told him that his father’s covenantal blessings were now being offered to him. One of the first things Isaac did at that point was connect with his heritage. He re-dug some of Abraham’s wells that had been stopped up by the Philistines and gave them the same name his father had given them (Genesis 26:18). God blessed Isaac’s honoring of his connection to the past by giving him a promise for the future; and just to make sure Isaac understood the connection, the Lord stated it very clearly, “I am the God of your father Abraham; do not fear, for I am with you. I will bless you and multiply your descendants for the sake of My servant Abraham,” (Gen. 26:24, emphasis added). When Isaac re-dug the wells of Abraham and gave them the same name, he received more than water—he tapped into the synergy of the ages! The resources he needed today flowed out of the wells from his yesterday. Elisha also understood this. “Where is the Lord, the God of Elijah?” he asked, while striking the Jordan River with the mantle Elijah had given him moments before (2 Kings 2:14). Don’t miss the critical generational connection—having just witnessed his spiritual father (mentor), Elijah, divide the river. Elisha was clearly saying, “Let’s see if my father’s mantle is still

alive.” It was, only twice as strong! The concept of legacy is so much more than an honorable reputation passed on—it is a God-given past that can empower us for our God-ordained future! This is why it is so imperative that we reconnect with the powerful and timeless things He has accomplished through others—it produces the synergy of the ages, as opposed to the limited power of single-generational vision. When the Lord spoke to me about agreeing with Gordon Lindsay’s prayers, He was essentially saying, “Reach backward so you can move forward with greater power. Your tomorrows need yesterday. Don’t start over—move into the future with a generational momentum. Believe in the power of legacy!” The final benefit of this is not for us, it is for those watching us from the balconies of Heaven. Hebrews 11:39-40 tells us, “And all these, having gained approval through their faith, did not receive what was promised, because God had provided something better for us, so that apart from us they would not be made perfect,” (emphasis added). These verses state that God made promises to individuals that were not fulfilled in their lifetimes. Did God lie? No, the explanation is simply that God sees the generations so connected that He can promise a person something, knowing the fulfillment may come through his or her descendants. In God’s mind, fulfilling a promise through one’s offspring is the equivalent of doing it through them! We must remember that those who have gone before us need our help in receiving their promise. I have come to realize I am part of an amazing, historical chain—a synergistic, generational connection—through which benefits are passed on, but responsibility is as well. I reap what I did not sow, and I must sow what I will not personally reap. The question, then, is will we accept the responsibility of moving the past into the future? Will we grab the legacy, connect it with today, and extend it to tomorrow? I’ve made my choice. I’ll be moving to Dallas in a couple of months and picking up the mantle!

Dutch Sheets has been the Senior Pastor of Springs Harvest Fellowship for the last several years. He has served on the faculty of Christ For The Nations Institute, currently serves as an instructor for Christian Life School of Theology and is a guest lecturer for Wagner Leadership Institute. Sheets has also traveled extensively throughout the United States, Canada, Central America, Africa, and Australia, preaching and teaching. He is also the author of a number of books. Perhaps his best known work is Intercessory Prayer, which has sold over 400,000 copies, been released on video and DVD, and is in the process of being translated into Arabic and Hebrew. His other books include The River of God (preparation for revival), Watchman Prayer (praying protection over others), Praying for America (a challenge to remain watchful, avoid complacency, and prepare for a new season of promise, warfare and victory), The Beginner’s Guide to Intercession, How to Pray for Lost Loved Ones (strategic biblical principles for effectively interceding for the unsaved), and his recent book, God’s Timing for Your Life (shows how God’s time and the world’s time are simply different phases in the process to bring people more in line with God’s will). Dutch and his wife, Ceci, and their daughters, Sarah and Hannah live in Alabama, and are in the process of relocating to Dallas, Texas.


New Director Announced at CFNI. Dutch Sheets assumes new role at the end of the spring semester, 2012. “When this came up about a month ago, I really felt like this might be the Lord because I have such passion for the younger generation. I just burn with passion to see a great awakening come to this nation and other nations. I have focused most of my passion and energy in the last few years trying to sow into the younger generation. There is nothing I’ve yearned for anymore...” Dutch Sheets, exclusive online interview, “My vision for Christ For The Nations is very simple. It’s consistent with the past. There is not a whole lot to add to what Gordon and Freda Lindsay put into the foundation of this place. My vision is consistent with the past and can be simply stated: To continue in this place to make Him famous in the Earth. To teach His Word at the highest levels with current revelation and an accurate understanding of the times. To release worship that pleases Heaven and changes the Earth. This place will be a House of Prayer for the Nations – this is not new vision. As the Lord pours out the spirit of awakening again, what is coming is unlike anything the world has seen. Signs and wonders … It will come with a resurgence of the miraculous. There’s a well of healing here. It is called The Voice of Healing.”

“I have cried thousands of tears for you, in the last 20 years – and to think that God is going to give me an opportunity to help shape you into world-changers, is the ultimate dream come true for me.”

“There’s a generation arising that is unlike any generation in history. They will burn with Holy Fire.”





When I first announced to my Catholic family that I was going to be attending Christ For The Nations Institute, my grandparents were very disappointed because it was not a Catholic school. They could not understand how I could “leave the church.” I explained to them that God was calling me there, and I was going. I began school in the summer of 2008. After school, I would visit my sick grandfather, Louis Losoya, in the hospital. He was not able to eat any solid foods and just grumbled about wanting to die. After receiving a prophetic word during one of the lectures at school, I went to see my grandpa. We prayed for his healing and anointed him with oil. After a short struggle, he was healed and delivered. The following day he was eating Cheetos and licking his orange fingers. He explained that he had eaten pancakes that morning for the first time in five years. Praise the Lord! Then he began to apologize for telling me he didn’t want me to attend CFNI. He received Jesus as His Savior that day. Later, he giggled and said, “I want to tell you something. Your dad, your uncle, and I installed the seating in the auditorium at Christ For The Nations. Those people there were fine folks.” Immediately, I felt the Lord’s Presence. He went on to tell me about the project

and his experience. My grandpa said that Gordon Lindsay would walk through the auditorium while they were working, and he would greet them and bless them as he prayed throughout the building. He would even pray for the different workers. He talked about Mr. Lindsay praying for a couple of men who were alcoholics and shared how they were set free of alcoholism right then and there. Both he and my dad marveled at the genuine kindness and helpfulness of Mr. Lindsay. My dad said, “He treated us like royalty, even though we were only workers.” Gordon Lindsay prayed for my grandpa, my dad, and my uncle, as he did for all the workers. Although I did not get to meet Mr. Lindsay personally, he holds a very special place in my heart. I believe God answered his prayers for my grandfather. When I think about how amazing God is and His plans from the very beginning … what are the odds that my grandfather would install the seats in the same place that I would one day be sitting? In one of those same seats, I was given the tools to introduce my grandpa to the Jesus Who saved, delivered, and healed him. He planted a seed that I am reaping today. God is faithful in His perfect timing, even if it is 35 years later.


Alumni Testimonies

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Rose (Reed) and Robert (Bobby) Bogard (grads of 1976) met at CFNI. Our daughter, Bonnie Ruth (Bogard) Rolf met Jason Rolf at CFNI (grads of 2000). Jason and Bonnie Ruth serve in ministry, and Rose and I serve as Executive Pastors at Gateway Church. - Bobby and Rose Bogard

ther was of CFNI. My fa es ili m fa l na tio genera d in 1980. My e of the multi978. I graduate -1 76 Our family is on 19 om fr I N ren in that registrar of CF e had two child w as , 84 a teacher and 19 g in . We have been 1980, graduatin aduated in 2005 gr , wife star ted in in w od G i served in daughter, Stac 1994, and have e nc si s on timeframe. Our si is ed orld M sions, we serv blies of God W g full-time mis rin te with the Assem en to r s. io ar Pr ye August, 1996. pastors for nine Mongolia since and associate s ar ye s ur fo s for over as senior pastor sy Godwin - Bob and Chris We are Jimmy and Pualani Jackson (1990). Our sons Azikiwe (Zik) Jackson (1990) and Cheo Jackson (1993) both graduated from CFNI and continued their education at Oral Roberts University. Our daughter Ayanna Jackson Moore (1999) was also a student at Christ For The Nations Academy and the Institute. By way of background, we helped start Christ For The Nations Academy on Jan.8, 1990. Jimmy was the administrator and Pualani was the assistant administrator. We left in 1994, while Jimmy pursued his master’s degree at Oral Roberts University in Tulsa, Oklahoma, and returned to CFNI in 1996-2000 as the Dean of Students. Pualani received her master’s degree from Dallas Baptist University (1999). This all speaks well of CFNI and the preparation it gave us to further our education and those of others. We left CFNI again in 2000 to work within our educational careers and are now teachers and educational consultants. - Jimmy and Pualani Jackson


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13 MISTAKES LEADERS MAKE & HOW TO AVOID THEM - Part 2 Dr. David Robinson INTRO Edward John Phelps once said, “The man who makes no mistakes, does not usually make anything.” As an anointed, successful businessman, who is asked to speak globally about his unprecedented success, Dr. David Robinson’s message is short and to the point, “GOD!” His marketplace ministry cannot be denied when you see God’s hand doing the unimaginable. Recently, Dr. Robinson came to the CFNI campus. He accomplished several things while he was here—not only did he meet with our President’s Council, but he spoke and imparted wisdom to the Leadership & Pastoral students and the Healing students. In last month’s newsletter, we covered the first six mistakes leaders make that he shared with them: 1. Refusing To Accept Personal Responsibility. 2. Failing To Develop People. 3. Trying To Control People, Instead Of Influencing Results. 4. Compromising Leadership And Team Loyalty. 5. Leading Everyone The Same Way. 6. Forgetting The Importance Of Results. This month, in Part Two, Dr. Robinson continues to explain the importance of following certain guidelines in order to prevent costly and time-consuming mistakes. Here are the final, seven areas of wisdom he shared in helping us all stay on the right track.

Edited by Christy Wilkerson

PART 2 CONTINUED 7. FOCUSING ON PROBLEMS, RATHER THAN THE GOALS RELATING TO THE VISION. Great leaders constantly move away from the problems and toward the future. They do this by understanding the power of creativity. Instead of sending the hungry crowds away, Jesus asked, “What’s for lunch?” The managers said, “Only a few loaves and fishes.” Too many leaders act like “non-swimmers.” The more they thrash about fighting the water, the quicker they drown. Creativity is the ability to understand your present reality and use it to your advantage. Stop draining your energy by focusing on the problems. You will be depressed and your team will be de-energized. 8. TRYING TO BE A BUDDY AND THE LEADER AT THE SAME TIME. There must be some separation between the leader and those they lead. In leading effectively, you never put the individual above the team and its mission. We should always be concerned about individuals, but not about the team. When individuals are hurting, they need to be on the sidelines getting help, not still playing the game. If you allow them to remain, they will hurt the entire team.

9. FAILING TO DEFINE EXPECTATIONS. Unfulfilled expectations still bring life’s greatest disappointments. Your ability to attract and retain valuable people increases in direct proportion to your ability to define expectations from the beginning. Good people who cannot find fulfillment and value by associating with you and your team will not stay with you for the long haul. Clearly presented values, along with mission and vision statements, speak loudly about the caliber of your leadership. Values are a source of confidence, as long as the stated values match the behaviors modeled by your leadership. 10. FAILING TO PROVIDE ADEQUATE TRAINING. There are only three reasons why people don’t perform to expectations: 1. They are unclear about the task or expectations. 2. They don’t know how because of inadequate training. 3. They simply don’t want to or are hindered by something beyond their control. Leaders must understand the difference between teaching, training, and coaching. Teaching is in the classroom. Training is on the job, and coaching is on the sidelines, providing options. You teach for the sake of knowledge, you train for the sake of competency, and you coach for the sake of excellence. Training is not

providing more knowledge, but using knowledge as a tool. Training aims at action. You evaluate what a person can do with what they know. Confused people usually do not, or should not, take action.

information, and predetermined expectations. 6. Be clear about how you feel, and be fair in your judgments. 7. Provide redirection with adequate coaching.

11. CONDONING INCOMPETENCE. When training, don’t punish the learner. Never reprimand a person, until they have demonstrated the ability to first meet the expectations. Great leaders refuse to accept second best, but keep returning to education and training issues, until competence is displayed with consistency. Coaching leaders act quickly and consistently before the problem grows. Very little gets better with age. The moment a lack of competence appears, don’t wait; clarify and confront it, if necessary. Good coaching and clarity eliminates the need for confrontation most of the time. If the situation calls for confrontation, here are seven guidelines that may help: 1. Never confront in anger. 2. Do it privately. 3. Do it immediately—provided you are in control of your emotions. 4. Be specific—separate the person from the undesirable behavior. 5. Use adequate, accurate

12. RECOGNIZING ONLY TOP PERFORMERS. All great ministries and organizations are built on only a few top performers. The majority of the work comes from good, middle producers. Every team member not only deserves, but requires recognition, both individually and to benefit the team for greater results. Most people scramble for recognition, and many feel starved for it. Recognition and respect are foods for the soul. Every well-fed team will seize the opportunities provided by great leaders to fulfill their destiny. That never happens without Senior Leaders recognizing and respecting all team members, not just the top performers. 13. TRYING TO MANIPULATE PEOPLE. Essentially, every leadership effort falls into one of two categories: 1. Manipulating the employee. 2. Building the employee. Manipulating is using fear or incentives to produce short-term

results without concern about long-term problems. This is done by arranging circumstances that are designed to bribe or force team members to perform. Great leaders know how to inspire people to achieve a higher performance level because of their inner strengths. Productivity reflects the individual’s confidence in God, himself, his team, and the ministry they provide. Overuse of fear, intimidation, and rewards, destroys these essential characteristics. As a result, team members feel used, lose self-esteem, and soon begin to lose respect for themselves and their leaders. Eventually, if it is not corrected, it is possible they will come to resent the ministry or organization they serve. The Bible says, “A just man falls seven times, but he rises again” (Proverbs 24:16). The key difference between winners and losers is winners keep getting up. If you fall, it means you had to first be somewhere, in order to fall. People who never try, or are fearful of risks, or afraid of what others may think, never have to worry about falling—but they also never have to worry about succeeding, either. Mistakes are never final, unless you refuse to learn, get up, or try again. Just remember, God is for you—you can do it!


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