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Collaborative Grantmaking Amplifies Federal Funding Strengthening a Culture of Community Art Leaving a Legacy of Care The Ellen Lacey Endowment Fund Legacy Society A Targeted Approach to Giving Mike and Jackie Johnston We’re Part of a Healthy, Well-supported, Sustainable Nonprofit Sector Announcing NonproFIT Support Network Putting Together the Pieces of a Partnership Maxon Maxon Foundation Fund Kitselman Harry and Janet Kitselman Fund 2021 Donors Honors and Memorials Foundation Board and Staff and Committees 2021 Financial Reports

Kelly K. Shrock, President, and Trent Dowling, Chair, Board of Directors PG 2

Dear Friends,

a cause dear to her heart.

Grants Committee. Kathy

one organization worked with

of the Foundation’s Finance

You’ll also read about how

The Community Foundation to find the funding needed

Relationships take time. They take energy. They

take thoughtfulness. The Community Foundation

invests time and energy to build relationships for

the benefit of the people of

Muncie and Delaware County. Over time, we build upon our experiences, learn new ways to accomplish our mission and work to meet the best practices of today’s world.

We build relationships with

donors, directors of nonprofit organizations, community leaders, and neighbors.

Through these relationships, we create partnerships and collaborations that allow us to do more to benefit the community.

In this 2021 annual report,

we highlight stories of those

collaborations. We share the story of a relationship with one donor that extended more than two decades and across staff and

Board changes. Through

the relationship and trust developed, that donor’s

legacy lives on through a

fund dedicated to animals,

to install new flooring. The Foundation helped them piece together just what

they needed from multiple

funds and referrals to other

community funders. We also share stories of partnerships with nonprofit organizations and fellow funders and how

those partnerships will have led to opportunities with

large and lasting impacts on our community.

Through these stories, you’ll see that the work of the

Foundation – grantmaking,

fundraising, and endowment building – is more art than science. The Community

Foundation takes time to look

toward the big picture desires for the community. Then, we thoughtfully consider what

partnerships are needed to create that picture.

The members of our Board of Directors are one set of partners. In 2021, board

continues to serve as Chair Committee. Derron Bishop and Mia Johnson joined

the Board. Both Derron and Mia have served on the

Foundation’s Scholarship

Committee and will continue working together on that committee while serving on the Board.

More can be accomplished when we are working

together. We are thankful for the many volunteers who lead and serve the

Foundation, the nonprofit organizations who serve

as partners in enhancing the quality of life in our

community, and the donors who share their vision of a

better community. We are

honored by the trust given to The Community Foundation

to help paint a brighter future for Muncie and Delaware County today, tomorrow, and always.

Thank you for being a partner toward a better community,

members Gary Thomas and

Kathy White completed their service. In addition to his

service on the Board, Gary

was a dedicated committee

member on the Competitive

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Kelly K. Shrock, President Trent Dowling, Chair, Board of Directors

Collaborative Grantmaking Amplifies Federal Funding “We see a lot of collaboration in Muncie,” said Mayor Dan Ridenour. “Time and again, I have seen the nonprofit organizations, businesses, and community philanthropy step up and work together to accomplish big things for our community.”

The City of Muncie, through their Office of Community Development, is one member. Seventeen other funding organizations participate in the Collaborative, including private foundations, service clubs, and corporate foundations.

Community grantmakers are no exception. Once each quarter, local funders are invited to gather as part of the Funders Forum Collaborative. The Community Foundation serves as the group’s convener to set the meeting schedule, invite participants, and set the meeting agendas. During their meetings, funders of all sizes from across Delaware County learn about the community’s needs and participate in collaborative grantmaking.

In addition to convening the group, The Community Foundation also manages the Funders Forum Fund. In this donor-advised fund, members of the Funders Forum Collaborative annually pool resources to participate in collaborative grantmaking.

PG 4

At the beginning of each year, the Funders Forum Collaborative collectively determines an area of focus. This area of focus sets the tone for both the education and collective grantmaking of the group. In 2020, their focus was on COVID-related issues in the community. They participated in collaborative grantmaking that included grants to all K-12 Delaware County schools for technology resilience, support to pre-K centers related to much-needed safety protocols, and establishing an eviction mediation program for the Delaware County Circuit

Court – all timely needs that arose due to the pandemic. In 2021, the Funders Forum Collaborative continued its focus on the impact of COVID in our community. To understand the community needs in early 2021, members of the Funders Forum Collaborative expressed a desire to hear from the local health officials directly about the most pressing needs related to the pandemic. Workgroups of members gathered information

from United Way from Emergency Relief Funding provided through Lilly Endowment Inc. and Indiana United Ways. The Funders Forum Collaborative quickly awarded $90,000 in grants total to the Delaware County Health Department, IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital, and Open Door Health Services to support vaccination efforts, testing vouchers, and a local stockpile of needed supplies. “We have yet to see the end of the impact of the COVID-19

“We have yet to see the end of the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.” - JENNI MARSH, CEO of the Heart of

and recommended collaborative funding. First up, the Delaware County Health Department made a presentation, followed by invitations for applications from Open Door Health Services and IU Health Ball Memorial Hospital. The health department and local health care agencies shared a common message – vaccines and testing were priorities. The Funders Forum Collaborative pooled more than $100,000 during the first half of 2021, with an especially large contribution

pandemic,” said Jenni Marsh, president, and CEO of the Heart of Indiana United Way. “Being part of the Funders Forum Collaborative has allowed us to share information, target our own funding, and collaborate with the other funders to address the community’s needs.” Beginning in 2020, the large funders in Delaware County began tracking COVID response grantmaking in a shared spreadsheet. Over 2020 and 2021, (continued on pg 7) PG 5

Indiana United Way

Strengthening a Culture of Community Art MuncieArts plays a vital role in Muncie’s overall cultural, social, and economic development. MuncieArts, otherwise known as Muncie Arts and Culture Council, is the designated Arts Partner for the City of Muncie. They provide backbone support to the arts community and arts organizations across Muncie through wide-ranging opportunities, programs, and services that focus on arts experiences, community engagement, professional development, and public art. Since 2009 The Community Foundation has provided support to the organization, and since 2015 annual grants supported capacity building and general operations.

MuncieArts also established a designated fund, the Muncie Arts and Culture Council Fund, in 2013 to provide longterm, sustainable support to the organization. You may recognize the painted traffic signal control boxes around the community. MuncieArts manages Box! Box!, a program that engages local artists to design traffic control boxes, adding public art across the city. In alternating years, they also host the biennial Mayor’s Arts Awards and That One Film Festival. PlySpace is MuncieArts’ immersive Artist-in-Residence program that attracts artists from around the world to investigate and pursue their work and collaborate with community organizations around the city. Since 2009, MuncieArts has also pursued the establishment of the Muncie Arts and Culture Trail to connect the city’s premier arts and culture destinations, including Ball

PG PG 66

State University, downtown Muncie, Minnetrista, and Heekin Park. As part of that work, MuncieArts supported the development of the first Public Art Plan for the City of Muncie in 2018 and a Public Art Committee. The plan’s implementation will be strengthened by the funds designated to MuncieArts by the city through the federal American Rescue Plan Act. MuncieArts will use this funding to initiate new public art infrastructure. In late 2021, MuncieArts was awarded a $20,000 grant from the Funder Forum Collaborative to offset capacity and operating costs related to executing the ARP funding opportunity. “Through 2024, MuncieArts will be deeply involved in implementing and executing compelling public artworks, sculptures, and murals,” said Erin Williams, executive director of MuncieArts. “We look forward to seeing more art across the community, especially in neighborhoods currently without public art.”

(continued from page 5) The Community Foundation, Heart of Indiana United Way, Ball Brothers Foundation, and George and Frances Ball Foundation collectively awarded nearly $3 million to respond to pandemic-related needs in the community. As the impact of the pandemic continued in 2021, the Funders Forum Collaborative discussed the best use for the remaining Funders Forum Fund balance and additional contributions from partner members. On March 11, 2021, the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 was signed into law by President Biden. ARP is a $1.9 trillion coronavirus rescue package designed to help states recover from the devastating economic and health effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The city partnered with nonprofit organizations with expertise or interest to establish appropriate committees, processes, and in some cases, to distribute the funding for restaurants, small businesses and hotels, nonprofit organizations, neighborhood associations, and to assure an increase in public art projects over the next several years. “The impact of the pandemic reached everyone, every home and every business in some way,” said Ted Baker, CEO and executive director of the Innovation Connector, one partner in the ARP fund distribution process.

“The impact of the pandemic reached everyone, every home and every business in some way.” - TED BAKER, CEO AND EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR OF THE INNOVATION CONNECTOR Locally, the City of Muncie received $31,700,000 in ARP Funds to distribute in 2021 and 2022. Muncie took a unique approach: swiftly get funds out into the community alongside partners who understand the need instead of focusing only on municipal needs. The philosophy - what the community needs is what the city needs. The $31.7 million would support the city’s shortfall and support organizations and businesses affected by COVID-19.

“The process of deciding who would receive these ARP dollars was entrusted to many local volunteers who spent countless hours setting guidelines for applications and funding, reviewing applications, and awarding the funds.” The Community Foundation knows first-hand the time and energy needed to manage application processes, distribute funds, and practice good grantmaking. From advising PG 7

applicants, practicing due diligence, communicating with selection committees, and distributing the funding, each step in the process takes staff knowledge, time, and energy. With so many nonprofit organizations understaffed in their operations, supporting the partners administering these funds seemed like a way that funders across the community could enhance this process for the entire city. This time, the members of the (continued on pg 8)

(continued from pg 7) Funders Forum Collaborative asked participating representatives from The Community Foundation - president Kelly K. Shrock and senior program officer Marcy Minton to research the needs of the organizations partnering with the city to distribute portions of the ARP funds. The research was shared with all members of the Funders Forum Collaborative. The group awarded funding to four organizations: Heart of Indiana United Way, Innovation Connector, Muncie Arts and

Culture Council, and Muncie Action Plan. These organizations collectively received $34,000 in 2021 and an additional $7,000 in early 2022 to support efforts to put the federal ARP dollars to work in our community. For many years, Delaware County was the only community in Indiana convening funders for collective education, and later, collaborative funding. Today many communities across the state look at the Funders Forum Collaborative as a model

for building their own funder collaboratives. “Muncie and Delaware County are fortunate to have such a large philanthropic community and a philanthropic community that works well together,” said Foundation president Kelly K. Shrock. “Individually, funders can support important programs and projects in our community, but we continue to see that together we can amplify the results of opportunities in our community.”

“...we continue to see that together we can amplify the results of opportunities in our community” - KELLY K. SHROCK, FOUNDATION PRESIDENT

PG 8

Leaving a Legacy of Care Ellen Lacey took care. As a professor of home economics at Ball State University, Ellen took care of her students. She oversaw the planning and construction of the Home Management Complex. When construction was complete, Ellen watched over the students living and working in the residence program. At home, she cared for her mother and an aunt, who both lived to be more than 100 years old. She also cared for a variety of animals. After her retirement and after the deaths of her mother and aunt, Ellen continued to rescue and care for animals. “I always liked animals, even as a young child. My parents told me my first word was ‘dog,’” said Ellen in a late-90s article published in the Communique, a newsletter for the Family and Consumer Science Department at Ball State University. Throughout her life, Ellen had more pets than one could track. She kept cats and dogs in her

Muncie home. She was especially fond of Shelties. She was even known to have a miniature horse and donkey, which she cared for at a friend’s farm in Gaston. “If you ever drove any place with her and there was an animal running loose, she had to stop and chase it down,” said Jackie Johnston about Ellen. Jackie was a student of Ellen’s at Ball State before joining the faculty herself and building a lifelong professional and personal friendship. Jackie laughed as she continued, “Ellen was a little-bitty lady, and sometimes they were angry animals, but they were her love.” Jackie continued, “She took care of students, people, and animals.” Ellen was a founder of Action For Animals and served as president and secretary. She helped organize Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana in Muncie and worked with Sheltie Rescue of Lafayette. She also established a program to train animals and owners to bring those (continued on pg 11) PG 9

“She took care of students, people, and animals.” - JACKIE JOHNSTON, Friend and former student

Legacy Society

Donors who build a relationship with The Community Foundation see the impact of the work that we do for Muncie and Delaware County, not just today, but over time. Donors can choose to extend this relationship by joining our Legacy Society. Members of our Legacy Society have shared with us that the Foundation has been included in their estate plans.

Gary W. Addison

Gregory A. Huffman

William & Betsy Peckinpaugh

Russ & Judy Anderson

Richard D. Hughes

John & Angeline Pruis

Anonymous (4)

Julianna Jarabak Johnson

Jim & Mary Rosema

David & Joan Bahlmann

Ms. Roni Johnson

Kelly & Joel Shrock

Kathy A. & Gary W. Bartlett

Tim L. & Sharon H. Kuzma

Smith Family Fund

Robert & Tommye Beavers

Jeff & Beth Lang

Bill & Julie Skinner

Norman E. & Joyce M. Beck

Florence “Flo” Lapin

Jeanne & John Smith

Mr. & Mrs. R. Donald Bell

John & Katherine Littler

Nancy J. Smith

Jean R. Blake

Dick & Liz Marshall

Marilyn & Bob Smitson

Rob & Mary Brodhead

Dick & Joan McKee

Kelly & Donna Stanley

Michael W. & Lisa M. Brown*

Howard & Erma McVicker

David & Sandra Stocker

Jack & Jane Buckles

Gary & Lana Merritt

Charles V. & Claudia B. Sursa

Donald G. & Donna Sue Conner

Dr. Fred A. Meyer

Scott M. Terhune

Gary Dodson & Jill Jereb

Vivian L. Milheim

Helen & Leon Towne

Ron & Cheryl Fauquher

Dr. Albert O. Miller III

Jim & Marilyn Vincent

Chris French

Kenneth R. & Glenda D. Miller

Terry & Cheryl Walker

Connie R. Gregory

William V. Miller & Annemarie Voss

Ted & Sarah Wanthal

Linda S. Gregory Mr. Julian & Dr. Suzanne Gresham

Jon & Barbara Moll Bruce & Pat Moore

Charles & Charlotte Hetrick

Erwin C. & Barbara D. Mueller

Dr. & Mrs. Jeff Hiltz

The Oesterle Family

Aileen Howard

Jack & Thelma Ann Peckinpaugh

PG 10

Douglas & Katherine White Marilyn & Earl R. Williams *new member Italics -Deceased in 2021

In 2021, the first grant was awarded to Ambassadors for God’s Creatures for a spay and neuter program. Currently, the fund has the potential to award significant grants to support animal causes, especially those related to pet needs and education.

(continued from pg 9) animals into hospitals, nursing homes, and schools to support patients. She also created programs to provide pet-care education to young children. With her love of animals in mind, Ellen desired to leave a legacy that would provide continued support for furry friends. In the late 1990s, Ellen sat down to talk with her friend and then Foundation president, Roni Johnson. At that time, the Foundation didn’t have any funds specifically established to benefit animal causes. Ellen and Roni worked together to draft a future fund agreement. Ellen and Roni signed the agreement in 1998, and the fund would be established with a gift from Ellen’s estate sometime in the future after her death. Ellen’s partnership with The Community Foundation began with the first conversation about her charitable goals in 1998 and continued until her death in early 2021.

Later, Ellen wanted to revisit her plans for her fund. Jackie, who also served as a personal representative for Ellen, invited current Foundation president Kelly K. Shrock for a visit with Ellen. “When Ellen moved to assisted living, she was working to get her personal and financial things organized,” said Jackie. “I called Kelly, and she came to the house for tea and cookies. Kelly reviewed Ellen’s fund and explained to her that the fund wasn’t endowed and wouldn’t be active until after her passing.” In January, after Ellen Lacey passed away. The Ellen Lacey Endowment Fund for Companion Animals was established immediately in the Community Foundation’s Acorn Program so that friends could send memorial gifts. In the spring of 2021, the fund was fully endowed from Ellen’s estate. PG 11

Caring for animals was a major part of Ellen’s life. It is fitting that her legacy continues that goal. The Ellen Lacey Endowment Fund for Companion Animals will be here today, tomorrow, and always to ensure animals in our community and throughout the state have the care they need.

A Targeted Approach to Giving When it comes to giving back to their community, Mike and Jackie Johnston take a targeted approach. Their target – education. “We both came from bluecollar families,” said Mike. “We were the first to go to college. We made it. Education made it possible. We had the motivation, but we gained knowledge.” Mike and Jackie established the Michael L and Jacqueline J Johnston Fund at The Community Foundation, a field of interest fund dedicated to education programs. Today, the fund supports Robert P. Bell Education Grants, a grants program dedicated to providing educators with funding for creative and innovative classroom projects. “We tend to support teachers and children, and business students,” explained Mike about the couple’s philanthropy. “It’s based on our own world, passions, interests, and experiences.”

Jackie graduated from Ball State University with a degree in home economics. Mike spent his career in logistics and took time to earn his degree from Ball State University. Mike spent 17 years working toward his bachelor’s degree – taking just one class a semester while working full-time. Both Mike and Jackie attributed their successful careers to their time at Ball State. Their success led them to create The Johnston Family Scholarship through the Ball State Foundation to benefit current students. They also regularly support Ball State women’s softball and basketball. And their gifts go beyond writing checks. Mike and Jackie look for opportunities to help the students who receive their scholarships and the athletes they support. On one visit to university athletic facilities, Mike and Jackie took note of the discrepancy in the men’s and women’s locker rooms. Coaches explained that better facilities would lead to better recruitment. Mike and Jackie stepped up with financial support, but their targeted approach didn’t stop there. “We helped them equip and dress up the locker room,”

PG 12

said Jackie. “I’ve never seen a chandelier in another locker room. It adds class.” Jackie made the unbreakable chandelier herself from clear plastic Christmas ornament balls. Jackie also provided inspirational quotes to display around the locker room. Mike and Jackie see the value of The Community Foundation as a partner in their philanthropy. The Community Foundation has a broad comprehension of community needs and receives a wide range of grant requests from the community. “It’s easy as far as how you apply for grants and how those grants are handled,” said Jackie. “We feel that if the Foundation is going through those kinds of processes, they are good stewards of the money we give.” Mike and Jackie also encourage others to consider partnerships with the Foundation. “You don’t have to have lots of money to start a fund. You can reach a lot of people when you put in a little bit,” said Mike. “Everybody ought to give back. If you get something, give it back twice.”

We’re Part of a Healthy, Well-supported, Sustainable Nonprofit Sector “Nonprofit organizations operate for the social benefit of our community, often on shoestring budgets and with limited resources,” said Mitch Isaacs, executive director of Shafer Leadership Academy. “Quality resources for nonprofit organizations are essential, but they aren’t always easy to find.” The Community Foundation was uniquely positioned to help solve this community challenge. A planning grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. in 2019 allowed the Foundation to deepen its understanding of challenges and opportunities in the community and identify its role as a community leader. Through research, conversations, and lived experiences, it quickly became apparent that a lack of quality resources was a challenge across the local nonprofit community. Nonprofit leaders shared that they experienced a lack of time and resources to plan. Because they spend so much time on day-today interactions, they struggle to find time to be strategic. The lack of strategy causes frustration for the organizations and the community’s funders alike. Local foundations and nonprofit

organizations are accustomed to working together to improve our community’s quality of life. A dedicated resource to supporting nonprofit organizations would boost that improvement. “Nonprofits are vital to the overall wellbeing of the community and are often looked to as partners on many of the community’s larger goals,” said Ashley Surpas, director of finance and human resources for Delaware Advancement Corporation and the MuncieDelaware County Economic Development Alliance. “The services and expertise that they provide make a difference as we look to move our community forward. No one organization can do it alone but having strong nonprofits working alongside the public and private sector will make lasting impacts.” In 2020, The Community Foundation was awarded a subsequent implementation grant from Lilly Endowment Inc. The grant would allow the Foundation and community partners to develop and launch a program dubbed the Institutional Strengthening Program to encourage and help organizations to become high-functioning. (continued on pg 14) PG 13

“Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in developing and enriching our community and enhancing our quality of life.” - DELAINA BOYD, Associate Vice President, Community Engagement at Ball State University

Announcing NonproFIT Support Network

(continued from pg 13) On the afternoon of April 26, eleven partners came together to kick off developing a program that will serve the nonprofit organizations in our community. This unique collaboration included representatives from Muncie-Delaware Economic Development Alliance, Heart of Indiana United Way, Shafer Leadership Academy, Innovation Connector, and Ball State University Office of Community Engagement. These partner organizations make up a steering committee. Consultants from Community Solutions, a community development consulting firm, guided the process.

Following the results-based accountability method, with a desire to contribute to larger community goals, the consultants led the group to develop a “what works” statement. What works to ensure that Muncie and Delaware County residents are welleducated and highly employable? What works to make Muncie and Delaware County a community of economic opportunity for individuals and businesses alike? What works to create vibrant neighborhoods? What works to ensure residents are healthy? What works to make Delaware County a community where people want to live, work, and play? What works? A healthy, well-supported, sustainable nonprofit sector.

The steering committee came together for ten two-hour sessions over eight months to support the program development. They each brought expertise and insight to the table and contributed by doing homework between sessions, including researching ideas and meeting with nonprofit leaders for feedback.

“Nonprofit organizations play a vital role in developing and enriching our community and enhancing our quality of life,” said Delaina Boyd, Associate Vice President, community engagement at Ball State University. “These organizations often shine a light on our greatest challenges and provide

We are excited to announce the launch of the NonproFIT Support Network, the home of the Institutional Strengthening Program. The mission of the NonproFIT Support Network is to provide support to other nonprofits in Delaware County to ensure a healthy, well-supported, and sustainable nonprofit sector from which all will

PG 14

benefit. The NonproFIT Support Network was incorporated on January 1, 2022, as a Type I supporting organization for The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County, Inc. Services and programming from the NonproFIT Support Network will benefit nonprofit organizations in Delaware County beginning in 2022.

the structure through which community members can lend their time, talent, and treasure in support of tackling unmet needs.” With the desire to create a healthy, well-supported, sustainable nonprofit sector in mind, the steering committee worked to identify what type of organization would lead this charge. They identified existing resources in the community, what resources could be accessed from outside the community, and how organizations might engage with the services available. At the end of the planning process, Community Solutions provided The Community Foundation with a toolkit

that summarized the program development process, decisions made by the steering committee, and recommendations for the best next steps. “Our community needs our nonprofits to be strong and functioning at their best,” said Jim Flatford, director of community investments for the Heart of Indiana United Way. “The Institutional Strengthening Program will help organizations identify and improve key areas so they can meet the community’s needs for years to come.” The Institutional Strengthening Program will be housed by a supporting organization of The Community Foundation and led

by a grant-funded Relationship and Resource Director with support and guidance from the steering committee, those community partners engaged in the planning process. Programming will launch to benefit nonprofit organizations in Muncie and Delaware County in 2022. “The Community Foundation understands the crucial role these under-resourced organizations play,” said Isaacs. “This initiative will help nonprofit organizations get the resources they need to serve the community better. When our nonprofits are stronger, our community is stronger.”

The Pillars of a Healthy, Well-Supported, Sustainable Nonprofit Sector

Access to training

Help creating collaboration and partnerships

Access to shared services

Help developing relationships

Access to funding

PG 15

Putting Together the Pieces of a Partnership Each morning, Aria’s mom and dad head for work. Aria is four years old and needs a safe place to spend her days. Aria’s participation in a quality early childhood program would help her thrive today and increase her likelihood of high school graduation, college attendance, and earning potential as an adult. Aria is set up for success. She spends her day playing and learning at United Day Care Center with 80 friends ages six weeks to six years old. United Day Care Center of Delaware County’s mission is to provide quality, holistic, affordable childcare, and early childhood education without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, or disability. Childcare is available to families of all income levels with lowincome families as the target population. The State of Indiana licenses United Day Care Center. They are a Paths to Quality Level 4 Provider. United Day Care Center also complies with the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) accreditation standards. NAEYC accreditation is important because it verifies that the program quality meets the highest standards for child care and early childhood education. PG 16

Maintaining accreditation is also important because it is a requirement for United Day Care Center to contract with the State of Indiana, which provides childcare funding for low-income families. United Day Care Center will go through an in-person inspection in 2022. The in-person inspection would evaluate both program quality and building condition. While United Day Care Center had maintained high-quality programming at the center, the building itself needed maintenance and repair. In 2021, United Day Care Center had plans to refresh its building with updated flooring, fresh paint, ceiling and lighting upgrades, and new fencing. They were confident The Community Foundation could be a potential partner to support the flooring update. “We hope to create an atmosphere where children can learn and grow, meet their full potential, be ready to enter kindergarten, and be successful,” said Carol Johnson, United Day Care Center Director. “Over time, carpet has frayed, and tile has chipped. New flooring creates a safer environment for the children and assists the Center in meeting licensing and accreditation standards.”

United Day Care Center planned to replace frayed carpeting and unsafe and broken tiles with hardwood laminate in all classrooms, the entry area, and offices. The flooring project came with a price tag of nearly $60,000. Because of the timing of the request, no single grants process could fund the entire project; however, Foundation staff shared the request across programs with the hope that by putting the funds to work for the community, this entire request could be fulfilled. In June, Carol Johnson started the application process on behalf of United Day Care Center. It began with a phone call to senior program officer Marcy Minton to explain the situation and the needs of the center. As a program officer, Marcy’s role

New Funds The Community Foundation is a philanthropic partner for both donors and nonprofit organizations, alike. Nonprofits may come to the Foundation for grant funding, but they also may partner as a donor. In addition to receiving grant funding this year, United Day Care Center established the United Day Care Center Fund, a designated fund that will support the center’s needs for years to come.

includes guiding nonprofits as they craft their grant applications. “The Community Foundation is broad on purpose,” said Marcy. “We are home to many funds and programs with various purposes, which is great for the community but can be a challenge for nonprofit organizations to know what’s best. Staff can help them find the right partner path and navigate the various processes. Carol and I connected, and her project was a good fit for several of the programs at the Foundation.” In June, Carol submitted a letter of intent to apply for funding for the quarterly competitive grants program. (continued on pg 18)

Donors work with the staff of The Community Foundation every day to meet their charitable goals. This year, nine new funds were established to benefit the community. DESIGNATED • Indiana University Health Community Impact Investment Fund* • Richard L. and Regina B. Peck Fund • United Day Care Center Fund

PG 17

DONOR ADVISED • Ray Family Fund • Dylan T. Stafford Memorial Fund FIELD OF INTEREST • Ellen Lacey Endowment Fund for Companion Animals • Howard and Erma McVicker Endowment Fund SCHOLARSHIP • Dylan T. Stafford We Before Me Scholarship *Temporary Fund for grant administration in 2021

(continued from pg 17) Community engagement officer Kallie Sulanke reviewed the letter from United Day Care Center and the other letters that arrived during that cycle. She works closely with advisors of donor-advised funds at The Community Foundation. As grant requests come to The Community Foundation, she shares concepts and ideas with donors whose interests align with the projects or organizations. She shared the request from United Day Care Center with a

In July, Carol applied for the quarterly competitive grants process. Between LOI and application, she had received additional support for the project from Endowment Fund from Psi Iota Xi, Alpha Chapter that enabled her to bring her request down even further. The application from United Day Care was one of many that quarter reviewed by the committee. Ultimately after research and discussion, the grants committee recommended, and the board of directors of

resulting in grants of $9,375 and $21,125. The Community Foundation awarded United Day Care Center $50,900 in total from three grant programs and a donor advised fund to support the flooring upgrade. With the funding from Psi Iota Xi also in place, United Day Care Center successfully secured the funding needed to install new floors to keep their accreditation and, most importantly, a safe environment for the children.

“We hope to create an atmosphere where children can learn and grow, meet their full potential.” - CAROL JOHNSON, UNITED DAY CARE CENTER DIRECTOR few donor advisors for funding consideration. A donor was interested, and United Day Care Center received $5,000 in donor-advised grants to support its flooring project immediately reducing the amount needed from other programs of the Foundation.

The Community Foundation approved $15,400 for the flooring project at United Day Care, the entire request through this process. However, that would only cover about a quarter of the needed funding. Later that summer, Carol prepared and submitted two additional applications for funding, still confident the Foundation was the right partner for the request. One application was for the Maxon Foundation Fund and the second for the Harry and Janet Kitselman Fund. Each of those committees reviewed and evaluated the request, leaning on staff to make them aware of the intent or decisions of the other committees. Each application was successful, PG 18

“The flooring installation was complete in December,” said Carol. “The problems under the old flooring were corrected. There are no more bumps, cracks, or tripping hazards. It makes the center look very clean and modern.” The work was accomplished without closing the center, ensuring Aria and her friends always had a place to go during the day. United Day Care Center will remain accredited with the new floor and other facility upgrades. It will be able to provide children just like Aria a safe place to learn and grow and ensure that Aria can meet her full potential and be ready to enter kindergarten next year.

Maxon Foundation Fund Harry Maxon, a Muncie industrialist, founded Maxon Corporation in 1916. For more than 80 years, the company was an international player in the heating industry headquartered in Delaware County. Following a rich history of community-giving, the Maxon Corporation established the Maxon Foundation in 1986. Until 2009, the Maxon Foundation served as the charitable arm of the Maxon Corporation. “Like many family-owned businesses, Maxon Corporation was very community-minded,” said Charlie Hetrick in a 2012 interview with The Community Foundation. Charlie joined Maxon Corporation in 1964 as an engineer. He continued his career with the company

until retirement in 2008 as president. He continued to explain that the company not only distributed funds to local organizations through its foundation but also encouraged its employees to be actively involved in civic groups. This tradition of service, said Charlie, “was simply Maxon’s way of doing business.” Charlie’s retirement coincided with the acquisition of Maxon Corporation by Honeywell. It was around the same time that Charlie and past Maxon Foundation chairman Bob Smitson began to explore the option of transferring the Maxon Foundation to The Community Foundation. The Community Foundation can partner with corporate and private foundations by offering a variety of fund options to meet the needs of those involved. Today, the Maxon Foundation Fund at The Community Foundation awards grants in the community. Grants from the fund generally benefit organizations and programs that support atrisk children and families.

PG 19

The Community Foundation works closely with a committee of community members representing the manufacturing industry – some with close ties to the Maxon Corporation and the Maxon Foundation, including Jeff Lang, current committee chair. “The Maxon Foundation Fund keeps the Maxon name alive in the community,” said Jeff, who moved to Muncie when he joined the team at Maxon Corporation. “For those who spent much of our careers at Maxon Corporation, community service was tradition. It’s important to see that tradition continue.” Since its establishment at The Community Foundation, the Maxon Foundation Fund has awarded 87 grants totaling more than $650,000 - and the legacy continues. Each year, former Maxon employees and Maxon family members continue the tradition of giving. The fund continues to grow, which will allow the Maxon legacy to live on in Muncie and Delaware County forever.

The Harry and Janet Kitselman Fund Harry and Janet Kitselman were residents and civic leaders in the Muncie community, where they lived until the 1960s, when they moved to Minnesota. With a generational and industrial family history in East Central Indiana, Harry and Janet wanted to leave their own legacy in this

community. In the 1980s, they established a trust that would benefit their hometown of Muncie and their final community of Minneapolis. In 2001, local attorney and Community Foundation champion Jon Moll crafted an agreement with the Minneapolis trust to send annual payments to a pass-thru fund at the Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County to award grants in the Kitselman’s name. In 2016, motivated by the Kitselmans’ desire to have a philanthropic impact on the two communities they called home, Jon continued

PG PG 20 20

this work to endow the fund permanently. He negotiated the transfer of $1.5 million from the Minneapolis trust on behalf of the Delaware County community. Today the Harry and Janet Kitselman Fund is a permanently endowed fund that supports grantmaking for fine arts, recreation, children, and the history of East Central Indiana. Harry and Janet’s legacy continues in Muncie and Delaware County. Since 2001, The Community Foundation has awarded more than $1.3 million dollars through the Harry and Janet Kitselman Fund.

2021 Donors Sophia Maxon Ackerly Carly Acree-King Jane Adams Robert and Jana Adams Peggy Adams Shawn Adams Gary Addison Advanced Biological Marketing, Inc. Cathy Buckles Alexander Brian and Jane Allardt Joe and Maraby Allardt AEP Foundation American Electric Power Foundation Katharine Ammon Hazel A. Amos Julius Anderson Stefan and Joan Anderson Mr. David Annis Anonymous Ed Armantrout and Bonita Ramirez John and Janet Arnold Ron and Patty Arnold Joe and Susan Ashcraft Steve and Mary Avila Charles and Joyce Baer David and Joan Bahlmann James and Nancy Bailey Nancy A. Baker Ted and Gail Baker Douglas and Jacquelyn Bakken Ball Brothers Foundation Rudy and Candy Ballard Deborah Bandzerewicz Michael and Patricia Barlow WaTasha Barnes Griffin J. Neal Barnum Matt and Carrie Barrett Gary and Kathy Bartlett Mr. and Mrs. Steve Bassett Chase Batt Dan and Carolyn Beard Mary Ann Beard Norman and Joyce Beck Tara Bell David and Mary Benbow James Benefiel Annette Benell Judy Benken Katharyn Betts Vicki Bicket

Ken and Patti Biller Derron and Charity Bishop Tom and Lauren Bishop-Weidner Dawn Black Derek and Laurie Black Dennis and Tanya Blair Jean Blake Michael Blake Megan Blake Weinman Chloe Blythe Sandra Bottoms-Seals Jane Botts Forrest and Mary Bowers Chris Bowles Scott and Sally Bowman Scot and Jo Boyce William Bracken Gina Bradburn Tim Brady Ken and Peggy Briner Cathy and Mark Brinker Brian and Tina Brinkman Rob and Mary Brodhead Sally Brodhead Kim Brown Mays and Kyle Brown Rahn Randy and Babs Brown Donna Browne Nancy K. Browning Patricia Brunette Juanita Bruns Sherrell Bryant Schuyler and Mary Louise Buck Jack Buckles Jeff and Karen Bullock Cathy Burkett Jon and Karen Burkhardt Robert and Lydia Burton CSKern PG 21

Dr. Ruby Cain Martha and Jon Calloway Alyssa, DJ and Penny Campbell Chris and Julie Campbell John and Nancy Carlson Ann Carney Shawn and Acacia Carney Dave and Jama Carter Larry and Jane Carter Center Alumni Graduate Steve Chalk Marjorie Cheesman Clara Chi Christian Student Foundation Clancy’s Car Wash Thomas Clark, D.D.S. Richard and Raquel Clasby Pat and Marilyn Cleary Susan Cline Becki and Larry Clock Mike and Susie Cloyd Co-Alliance Rosemary Conklin Linda Conner Jeanette Cook Carolyn Cooley Donald W. and Janis Cooper Dave and Judy Costill Brian and Michelle Cox Gordon and Pam Cox Sharon Cox Larry and Connie Crabtree John and Pam Craddock James and Janice Craig Jeff and Nancy Craig Laura Crampton Sheryl Crawford Allie and Juanita Craycraft

Marlin and Mary Ann Creasy Linn and Susan Crull Carol Cunard Ted Cunliffe Douglas Cunningham Loyal and Floramae Cutforth Gerard Cyanowski Carol Dadian Daleville Athletic Boosters Gregory and Connie Dalton Kathy F. Daly Dick and Jenny Daniel JoAnna Darda Wil and Cindy Davis Christopher Day Jim and Cheryl Decker Michael and Lucinda Delaney Delaware County Historical Society Jason and Melissa Delk Mr. Jack and Patty Demaree D:D Myron W. and Nancy L. Dickerson Cherilynn Dollison Cornelius and Mary Dollison Phil and Judy Donahue David M. Donovan Deborah Donovan Anthony Dowell Dowling Family Trent and Dr. Karen A. Dowling Michael and Teresa Dunlavy Larry and Gloria Durham Joy Dvorak, DVM Earlham College Early Learning Indiana Rick and Lila Edmundson Peg Edwards Bill and Barb Eidson Max and Sidney Elder Tony and Carol Elliot Mark and Molly Ervin Estep Burkey Simmons, LLC Lance and Mary Jo Estep Craig and Jane Hansen Exchange Club of Muncie Jana Brighton Ned and Pamela Rigsbee Retia Hollowell and Dawn Johnson Kyle Fahrner Chris and Melanie Fancher Farmington Meadows Association Ed and Ermalene Faulkner Ronald and Cheryl Fauquher Susan and Jeff Felton Kimberly Howe Ferguson Jim Finan Employees, Officers and Directors of First Merchants Bank Entire Staff of First Merchants Private Wealth and First Merchants Bank James and Elizabeth Fisher

Jud, Carey, Colton and Carter Fisher FlatLand Resources LLC Mark Flodder Sherry Flowers Larry and Donna Fouch Joe C. Fouse The Fowler Family Frank Brinkman Floyd Freer Friends of NHS: Kathy, Heather, Kristi, Melanie, Tiffiney, Susanne, Charlotte, Tracie and Shelly Ken and Barb Frost TLF Wealth Advisors David Frutkoff Jean Gadziola Alex Martin David and Nancy Galliher Michael and Catherine Galliher Tom and Carol Gardiner Pat and Gary Garofolo Keith and Debbi Gary Ms. Donna Gatzke George and Frances Ball Foundation Jennifer Gibson Robert and Lynn Gibson Bill & Nancy Gillespie, Joe & Sara Gillespie, Jeff & Julie Greiner, and Kate Gillespie Nancy Gilliland Joe and Niki Gillis Richard and Renee Gillis Marlene Girton Denise Glenna Marianne Glick and Mike Woods Margaret Goen Mr. James Gooden Ajanta Goswami and Gautam Phookan Julia and Aubrey Gouveia

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Heart of Indiana United Way United Way of Delaware, Henry and Randolph Counties Kelly and Jeffrey Heavilon Tom and Debbie Heck Dave and Deb Heeter Kathleen Helton Jon and Janis Hendrix Charles and Charlotte Hetrick Bonnie Hill Diane E. Hill Rick and Carrie Hill William and Jacqueline Hill Brad Hoffman Timothy and Jennifer Hollems Carla Holly Ms. Earlene Stewart Ms. Gale Stewart Douglas and Karen Holtzclaw Home Savers of Delaware County Mark Hood Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Hood Lindsey Horan Gary Hosking Josih Hostetler Dan and Mary House Aileen Howard Jeff and Julie Huff Gregory Huffman William and Roseanne Hughes Jeremy and Linda Hunt Family Independent Colleges of Indiana Indiana CPA Society Indiana Philanthropy Alliance Indiana Youth Institute Mitch Isaacs Jim and Joan McKinley Jane B. Robertson Revocable Trust

Laura Janney Tom and Joanie Jarvis Dr. Susan Johnson Jennifer Johnson Julianna Johnson Mary Johnson Roni Johnson Wayne Johnson Jackie Johnston Jonathan Jones Mr. and Mrs. Paul Judy KAKATU Foundation Tri Kappa Stanley Keil Eric and Sandra Kelly Allen and Connie Kemper Betty Kendall Martha Kendrick Pat Kennedy Saira Kennedy Mr. Robert Kersey Jeff and Ruth Kiger Jack A. King Jim and Shirley King Tom and Nancee Kinghorn Kirby Avenue Church of God Mary Kirtley Marty and Kristien Klubeck Thomas and Alexandra Kocoshis Jill Gauker and Robert Koester Kirby and Kristi Koriath Carol Koss Dr. John A. Koumoulides Betty Kremer Robert and Barbara Kvam L.J. Stone Co, Inc. Robert La France Estate of Ellen Lacey David Land Jan Largent Ms. Janice Largent Terry Lark Anonymous Doris Lawhead Jim and Martha Laws Phil and Kathy Lawson Susan Leffler Marlene Lesko David Lewis Janice Prosser Liehr Life Skateboards Debbie and Norman Light Matilda Ligon Dale and Teresa Lindley John and Kathy Littler Kevin and Georgetta Livengood Jeff Lohlein Terry Lothamer Connie J. Loveless Mary Bess Lunsford Mike and Nikki Lunsford PG 23

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William L. Peterson Frank and Angela Petty Daneeta Phelps Mike and Gloria Davis Phi Upsilon Omicron Luke and Dianne Philippsen Tamara S. Phillips Ana Pichardo Karen Pickering John Pingry Donna Polcz Julie H. Powers Ramona Price Pridemark Construction Inc. Dwayne and Vicki Prior Psi Iota Xi, Alpha Chapter Wilma Purtlebaugh Judi Putt Jennifer Pyatt James L. Pyle Darren and Jodi Radde Marisa Rainey Melinda Ray RBSK Partners, PC Mr. and Mrs. David J Readle Sr. Steve and Amy Reed Rea and Janice Reeder Jason Rees Fred Reese Gabriel and Susanne Reising Family of Robert Reynard William Rhodehamel Dave and Polly Richman Robert and Terri Rickel Daniel Ridenour Sherry Riggin Kevin Riggs Sara Rivers Kundenreich Allison Robbins PG 24

Robert A. Terhune Charitable Lead Trust R. Donn and Freida Roberts Alan Robinson Judith B. Roepke Joe and Irene Rogers Marissa Rose Mary Rose David and Ann Marie Ross Rusty and Trula Ross Jerall and Joan Ross The Rossi Family Rotary Club of Muncie Tim Rothwell Max and Barb Rudicel Jerry Rushton Family - Zionsville Jerry and Nanette Rushton Barbara Ryder S.A. Boyce Corporation Charles E. and Sarah A. Sanders, Jr. Lisa Sarjeant Ms. Marilyn Scales George and Connie Schad Patricia Schaefer Molly and Soren Schaller Judith Schell Michael and Stacey Schmaltz Jane and Neil Schmottlach Julie Schrank Richard and Cynthia Schrier Andrew and Sharon Seager Carol Seals Peggy Selvey Ron and Beth Sendre Brandon and Sara Shade Hamilton Kerry and Donna Shaw Robin and Mary Shear Sheltie Rescue of Central Indiana Sherman and Marjorie Zeigler Foundation Harry Shrieve Kelly and Joel Shrock Kent Shuff and Steve Fennimore George and Carol Lee Shumar Sigma Phi Epsilon, Indiana Gamma Chapter Jeffrey and Margaret Sikora Kyle Simmerman Mindi Sitar Jim and Carol Skillman Eric and Suzanne Small Janet Smith Holmes Allan Smith Barbara Smith Brad Smith Diana Smith Nancy J. Smith Greg and Sandie Smith Jeffery Smith John W. Smith Kevin and Jennifer Smith Lela Smith Leslie Smith

Steven M. Smith Tom and Pam Smith Bob and Marilyn Smitson Tom and Judi Snobarger Doug and Cindy Snyder Randy and Cindy Sollars Larry and Jeanine Souders Soup Kitchen of Muncie Ruth South Will and Isabelle Sowers Ron and Alice Spangler Tim and Carol Spangler Spanky’s Spray and Spread Solutions, LLC Cindy Spears Joe Speece Rich and Sheila Spisak Sprague Company LLC Greg and Pam Spratt John Stafford Katrina Stafford Michael and Susan Stafford Gordon and Suzy Stagge Daniel and Lynne Stallings Daniel Stanley Kelly and Donna Stanley Don and Ramona Stetson Mr. Donald R. Stetson Cathy Stewart James and Gail Stewart Katherine Stoss Robert and Janet Stratton Tom and Sue Stults Kallie and Alex Sulanke Charlie and Claudia Sursa Joe and Jolena Sutherland R.W. Swartz Marcia and Joe Takacs Max and Barbara Talbott Raymond R. Taylor Robert Terhune Terry and Joyce Terrell Patricia Van Metre Thiers Allan and Carolyn Thomas Dennis and Melinda Thompson Sara Thresher Titan Electric Company The Torrentz Family Helen L. Towne Ellen Trapani Cindy and Jeff Turner Tiffany Turner Amy Tuttle and Eric Cornett Steve and Lisa Tuttle Rob and Julie Tyler U.S. Charitable Gift Trust United Day Care Center James Updike and Munjot Sahu Dr. Ross Van Ness Joy and Warren Vanderhill Russ Vernon and Anita Martin Susan Volbrecht

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PG 25

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Memorials Millie Abram Sarah E. Adams Gary Alexander Leonard Atherton Honorable Robert Barnet Jr. Gary Barteau Esther Bartlett Joanne Baur Kenneth Oren Beard John B. Beasley Mary Anna Beasley Warren Beebe Robert P. Bell Oran (Bud) Birt John Blackburn Marianne Bock Patrick Botts Stephen and Beatrice Brademas Ray Brassart Alyxandra Brinkman Patricia and Franklyn Brinkman Michael Brodhead William Bruns Ashley Burgauer Richard and Dorothy Burkhardt Elizabeth “Betsy” Cartwright Toni Cecil Reed Cheesman PG 26

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Clif Reichard Nancy Remington Dr. John Reno Alayne Retherford Jerry Richman Charles Richmond Sandra Kay Roberson Steve Robert Judge Robert Robinson Dr. Roch Jerry Rushton Donald Schaaf Verna Kiser Schaaf Bill and Diddy Schede Dale E. Schell Cathy Schrecongost Dianne Shafer Harold Shaw Pamella (Ramsey) Shay Ed Siler Donna Slater Bob Smith Dixie Smith Jeanne Smith Ruth Smith Barbara Sparenberg Joanne K. Spurgeon Dylan Stafford Mary K. and John R. Stanley Charlene Stonebraker Mrs. Peggy Strauch Jack Surface PG 27

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Pets: Stella Nation Brinkman Sammy Bell Maggie Nation Dawnzie Max

The Community Foundation Board of Directors

Trent Dowling, Chair (Financial Services)

Sara Shade Hamilton

Magi Kirkpatrick Sikora, Vice Chair

(Arts, Culture, Recreation)

David W. Heeter

(At-Large Representative)

Casey Stanley,

Secretary (At-Large Representative)

Mia Johnson

(At-Large Representative)


Staff Kallie Sulanke, Carly Acree-King, Marcy Minton, Kelly K. Shrock, Amy Tuttle, JoAnna Darda, and Trina Bowling (left to right)

PG 28

Ermalene Faulkner, Treasurer (Education)

Carol E. Seals (Business)

Derron Bishop (Health/Human Services)



Trent Dowling

Sara Shade Hamilton

Magi Kirkpatrick Sikora

GOVERNANCE Trent Dowling

Ermalene Faulkner

Magi Kirkpatrick Sikora Casey Stanley


Ronald K. Fauquher Tom Heck

Thomas J. Kinghorn Jeffrey R. Lang Carol E. Seals

Daniel Stallings Rob Tyler


Judy Benken

Trent Dowling Mark A. Ervin

Michael B. Galliher David W. Heeter John D. Littler Chris Miller

Casey Stanley Kathy White

COMPETITIVE GRANTS John W. Anderson Jr. Chris Day

Carol E. Seals


Bonnie Coffman

Courtney Crabtree Mason Fulton

Joan McKinley

Stefanie Onieal Jeri Owens

Kiki Pavlechko Evan Ward

TOWN OF YORKTOWN ENDOWMENT Edward Armantrout Patti Decker

Marta Guinn

Sarah McCord Nanci Perry

Samantha Taylor


Rateira Dodds-Simmons Keith Doudt

Connie Gregory Aileen Howard

Marchal Hudson Ryan Hunter


Trent Dowling Dick Johnson

Brandon Petro

James Wormer


John Craddock Sue Errington

Sara Shade Hamilton Paul Russell

Mia Johnson

Magi Kirkpatrick Sikora Fred Meyer


Stefan S. Anderson Jack E. Buckles Wilbur R. Davis Mark A. Ervin

Ronald K. Fauquher Suzanne Gresham Jeffrey R. Lang John D. Littler

Carol E. Seals

Les Smith

Steven M. Smith

John Taylor

Charles V. Sursa

Marianne Vorhees

Jaime Faulkner


Molly Flodder

Kim Conner

Linda Gregory

Heath Dudley


Lathay Pegues

Theresa Johnson

Oliver C. Bumb

Ermalene Faulkner Olivia Fellows

Jim Ballenger


Keith Gary

Larry Crabtree

Sara Shade Hamilton

Rebekah Ireland

Edmund F. Ball

Marianne Vorhees

Brandon Morvilius

David Sursa

Leland Wilhoite

PG 29

Earl R. Williams

2021 Financials CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF FINANCIAL POSITION December 31, 2021 and 2020










Cash surrender value of life insurance



Property, building and equipment, net











Administrative expenses payable



Annuity obligations payable



















Cash and cash equivalents Prepaid expenses Pledges receivable


LIABILITIES Grants payable

Funds held for the benefit of others Investments managed for others Total liabilities

NET ASSETS Without donor restrictions With donor restrictions

*The Community Foundation of Muncie & Delaware County, Inc., uses Fund Evaluation Group, LLC (FEG) as its investment consultant. FEG provides a complete range of traditional institutional consulting services including investment policy development, portfolio design, asset allocation, manager search and selection, investment manager monitoring, plan monitoring and education for board members and staff. **represents the total grant distribution from all funds of the Foundation

The Community Foundation of Muncie and Delaware County, Inc. and Related Entity The audited financial statements are available on our website at CFMDIN.ORG PG 30


Private Real Assets 4.2% US Mid Cap 2.9%


Emerging Markets 4.4%


US Small Cap 4.9% Master Limited Partnerships 0.0%

US Large Cap 31.6%

Fixed Income 14.5% International Equity 11.3% Diversifying Strategies 10.1% Hedge Funds 9.2%

Unrestricted Funds

CONSOLIDATED STATEMENTS OF ACTIVITIES 2021 OPERATING SUPPORT AND REVENUE Contributions Contributions and grants - BY5 Investment return (loss), net Administrative fee revenue Total operating support and revenue

Without Donor Restrictions

With Donor Restrictions

$17,490 6,512

$4,622,207 11,953,847

753,124 777,126






2020 TOTAL


$4,639,697 6,512 11,953,847 753,124 17,353,180

$2,854,934 6,512 9,216,558 617,782 12,698,413

NET ASSETS RELEASED FROM RESTRICTIONS Satisfaction of purpose restrictions Net assets released from restriction pursuant to spending policy

OPERATING EXPENSES Program services Program services - BY5 Management and general expenses Management and general expenses - BY5 Fundraising expenses Fundraising expenses - BY5 Total operating expenses


3,292,553 184,880 983,495 102,079 146,344 23,345

3,292,553 184,880 983,495 102,079 146,344 23,345

3,180,354 138,040 827,235 102,079 131,373 23,345








Net assets at beginning of year





Net assets at end of year





PG 31

Representative: The Community Foundation values the ability of all citizens in Muncie and Delaware County to give and serve for the common good of the community.


Relevant: The Community Foundation values the understanding of, importance of, and inVolvement in charitable giving to the people of Muncie and Delaware County.

Responsive: The Community Foundation values its ability to serve as a community convener around issues and needs of Delaware County.

LEARN MORE AT CFMDIN.ORG P.O. Box 807 Muncie, Indiana 47308

Confirmed in compliance with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations.

765.747.7181 PG 32