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“I have an amazing, supportive team that works behind the scenes to

“I really like the work atmosphere and the schedule. In

help bring our instruments to life. We take great pride knowing that these

these 14 years that I have worked at Martin Guitar, I have

remarkable instruments end up in the hands of musicians worldwide.”

achieved things that I wanted, like my home.”

Jolene H., 18 years, Nazareth

Magdalena A., 14 years, Navojoa

“I started on the assembly line 30 years ago and worked

“The nice thing about Martin Guitar is the ability to expand your skill

in many areas. I now enjoy working with customers and

set. In the years I’ve worked here, I have learned six different positions

visitors from all over the world at the old Martin Guitar

spanning over three departments.” | Keaton Y., 5 years, Nazareth

factory. Its rustic charm and past history are the perfect way to end your tour of the Martin factory and see where it all began.” | Gail V., 30 years, Nazareth

“It’s been quite an honor working for Martin Guitar for 19 years. Being part of the rich history and tradition of excellence is truly humbling. I’m proud to be part of the Martin team.” | Scott F., 19 years, Nazareth

“The schedule of work is good, and it is a stable job

“It is a good job with an excellent

for me.” | Esmeralda A.,

work environment." | Juan B.,

19 years, Navojoa

18 years, Navojoa “I get to play guitars and try out new models. It’s a great environment to work in.” | Suzanne H., 5 years, Nazareth

“I feel good here, and, thank God, I have been here for many years. It is a good environment.” | Maria I., 14 years, Navojoa

“I have been working here a long time, and it is a stable job.” Maria G., 16 years, Navojoa

“Martin Guitar’s schedule

“ W he n yo u h ave a p ro b l em, yo ur

allows me to spend time with my children.”

coworkers are always there for you.

Francisca M., 15 years, Navojoa “The work schedule and environment make “With my work, I have raised my family, and I was

Martin Guitar a good place to work.”

supported when my husband had an operation. For

Ramona I., 19 years, Navojoa

this I am very grateful. I like everything here, and I feel like it is my second home. I feel happy here.” Francisca T., 15 years, Navojoa

“I really enjoy building Martin guitars and putting them together. H ow Chairman and CEO Chris Martin IV treats his employees

“The greatest sense of pride from my job is

makes it the best place to work.” | Chris H.,

seeing the joy that our guitars bring to players of

15 years, Nazareth

all ages. I’m happy to be a small part in making the world’s best acoustic guitars and strings!” Greg C., 4 years, Nazareth “It is an honor to be a part of Martin Guitar’s rich culture and history. I love being able to be a

Personally, I am very grateful to the company because they have given me the opportunity to develop in the workplace.” | Patricia M., 27 years, Navojoa “I enjoy my wo rk, and I have respect for my bosses. The bus drops me off at the door of my home, and I have good cowo r ke rs. I a m 5 5 yea rs o ld, a nd I

“The fact that some employees have been

hope with all of God’s favor to continue

at Martin Gu ita r fo r 30 or 40 years is

working here in the factory until I retire.”

just amazing. The company must be doing

Maria C., 17 years, Navojoa

something right for them to stay here that long.” | John R., 4 years, Nazareth

“The stability of the co m pa ny, along with the work schedule, makes it a very

part of it and create guitars with them.”

“I love when I get to see a Martin guitar on

good work environment.” | Jose R.,

Julian B., 4 years, Nazareth

television.” | Luz C., 17 years, Navojoa

19 years, Navojoa M A R T I N G U I TA R . C O M |


MARTIN | The Journal of Acoustic Guitars: Volume 7