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March 3, 2014

Message from Lynne


This is the inaugural 2014 newsletter of our Central Florida Territory. I am so proud to be your Territory Leader and I appreciate all of you and your team members who represent this territory! In 2014, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Colonial Life and Accident Insurance Company. We have seen many competitors in this business come and go but for 75 years, Colonial Life has focused on benefits at the worksite and done it better than anyone else. We have not only survived, but thrived, in this ever changing environment. Our corporate message this year is BALANCE and BALANCE can be wide-ranging because we all think of BALANCE a little differently however; BALANCE within our Colonial Life business model is simple and focused. Some of you focus on brokers, some on direct business and still others on public sector business. Our leadership team also focuses on building through quality recruiting and developing of new agents and when you put all of this together, they are the cornerstones of BALANCE. Add reworks, superior customer service and home office partnerships which are second to none, and you have a balanced business plan for long term growth. Focus on what you do well and when that happens, we all win! Focus and BALANCE a combination for another 75 years!

Building on the Past, Leading into the Future…. With a New Look Brand Update! See What’s Changing With Our Brand! As we celebrate of 75 years as an industry leader, it’s time to begin a new and exciting chapter with a refresh to our brand. We’re changing the way we talk about Colonial Life and tell a stronger story about who we are and what we stand for. Check out PROPR and stay updated on the changes happening with our brand and what this means to you!

Look for More Details to Come




Congrats to Drew


Nolan he had his new rep Kathleen Krewer hit her 10k90 in less than a month awesome job!! Our territory’s new agents within their first 52 weeks (wk) of production:

2014 production as of Feb 22nd

Activity around the Territory! Meet n Greet with Paul dated March 6th in Orlando. Meet in greet with Gerry in Vero Beach set for March 12th and 13th. Meet n greet with Karen March 20th.

Mark Barrett’s Office: David Lavine -$731

So far as a territory we have brought on 24 new reps for 2014. We are 9 away from the Quarterly goal!

Gerard Koziel- $5,951 Trey Meehan’s Office: Robert Kuehnel-$2,760 Amy Gipson- $529 Gustavo Rojas-$3,829

The month of February went to Trey for new recruits bringing on a total of 7 new contracts congrats Trey!

Drew Nolan’sKatheleen Krewer- $10,951 Karen Piccinini‘s Office: Jennifer Viscosi- $255


Mark Barrett-5

Tony Romano-3

Drew Nolan-1

Gerry Koziel-3

Bill Rennard-1

Karen Piccinini-0 Numbers may not match Area Measure to Plan

What Side of the Leadership Fence Are You On? With the economy the way it is and with the complicated issue of Health Care Reform now a part of all our lives, the market is screaming for someone to rise up and lead. For the sake of this article we’ll limit our conversation to those in a leadership role and those who what to be by asking a very simple question. What side of the leadership fence are you? It’s an interesting question regardless if you are in a current leadership role and in need of developing leadership in your team or if you are a part of a team wanting to develop into a leadership role. Regardless of what side of the fence you’re on there are three common criteria in both. Plan for Leadership Development. Coaching or Mentoring.

Training & Development

Promote Leadership Development. Plan for Leadership Development The first step of any substantial achievement is that you must plan. For those who are currently in a leadership role understand this…. we cannot develop leaders in our organization without a plan. We have to have a strategy, we have to have a method, and we have to set aside time to participate, and above all else, we must hold ourselves accountable. For those seeking a leadership role understand the same applies to you. If one wants to be a leader, one must execute a plan as well. The question then becomes… ”What am I currently doing to prepare myself for the role?” It’s imperative that one hold themselves accountable for one’s own development. Coaching and Mentoring Coaching and mentoring can be one of the most exhausting things we do to develop leadership in our teams, but there is no such thing as a free ride when developing people into leaders. I can’t think of single successful person I know who was able to rise to the call without a coach or a mentor. Even NFL superstars couldn’t rise to that level without a coach. Just a piece of advice for those seeking a leadership role…don’t wait to be coached…seek out coaching. If you are fortunate enough to find a mentor, don’t waste their time bragging about what you know. Lay everything you think you know aside and soak up everything you can until a leadership role finds you. Trust me; you’ll know what it looks like and when it’s time to lead. Promote Leadership Development Leadership must be promoted within your organization if you want leaders to develop. Talk about it and talk about it often. Don’t worry about developing someone to your own level for fear they might move on. Some will, some won’t, so what, ….next! Nothing is forever if left to itself. What would happen to your sales pipeline if you stopped filling it on a regular basis? The same thing will happen to your internal leadership if you ever stop developing new ones or stop developing those with tenure to their full potential for fear of loss. Want to be in a leadership role? Act like one. One of the best mentors I ever had used to say…”Act the way you want to be and soon you’ll be the way you act.” I was barely 20 years old when I heard that and that advice has never failed me. Seek to help others. Is there a cost? Sure there is. Nothing worthwhile comes at no cost. Everyone you see in a leadership role who has been successful did one thing….they paid a price on a personal level. They were sacrificial with their time to help someone else. You get what you give. You become what you practice to become. So what side of the Leadership fence are you on? Are you even near the fence? Another of my favorite mentors used to tell me…”Life is built on choices.” Planning is a choice. Coaching or being coachable is a choice. Promoting leadership development is a choice. The life of our business depends on making good choices within these three areas….regardless of what side of the fence you’re on.

Have a unique broker scenario? Need some help with a broker presentation?

Broker Marketing

Help is just a an e-mail or phone call away.

Katie Dreiling

S.E. Regional Broker Marketing Manager at 803-622-1017 or

Steve Vermette S.E. Regional Public Sector Director

Public Sector

Cell # 407-301-3920 or

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Sales Premium

New Agent Recruiting

New Group








CFL TERRITORY QUARTERLY Top 3 DGA - Highest Sales Premium 2.22.2015 DGA Name

Sales Premium

New Agent Recruiting

New Group

Romano, Anthony




Nolan, Drew




Piccinini, Karen





Barrett Cariglio Koziel Meehan Nolan Piccinini Rennard Romano Territory

New Cases New Reps QTD

3 1 1 3 6 2 0 11 27

4 2 1 6 1 0 0 2 19

New Reps 2K





0 0 1 1 1 0 0 0 3

6 2 1 2 5 2 0 6 24

3 0 1 1 4 2 0 4 15

0 0 0 1 2 2 0 3 8

0 0 0 1 1 2 0 2 6


0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0


Sales Premium

New Agent Recruiting

New Group

S. Drake (Barrett)




R,. Seroka (Meehan)




A. Higgs (Barrett)




CFL TERRITORY QUARTERLY Top 3 ASR - Net New Account Sales Premium & New Groups 2.22.2014 Agency Sales Representative

Agency Sales Representative

ASR Name

Sales Premium

ASR Name

C Anderson (Romano)


Craig Anderson (Romano)


K Mathews (Piccinini)


Lyn Lindsay (Nolan)


C. Schmidt (Romano)


Connie Smith (Romano)


New Groups

We are the Central Florida Territory Support Team! 100% dedicated to supporting your business needs.

Net New Broker Rep Influenced - Top 23 Craig Anderson (Romano) #4 Ken Mathews (Piccinini) #7 Lyn Lindsay (Nolan) #17 Charlene Schmidt (Romano) #18

Direct Sales - Top 17 Charlene Schmidt (Romano) #15 Sales Rep New Acct Sales Premium - Top 27

Lynne Carreiro Territory Sales Manager 813-597-6395 Nyra Velasco Territory Executive Assistant 813-207-2671 Colby Thatcher Territory Instructor 813-244.8240 Michael Baker Regional Instructor 813-293-6281

Craig Anderson (Romano) #6 Ken Mathews (Piccinini) #9 Charlene Schmidt (Romano) #26 Lyn Lindsay (Nolan) #27 Territory - Ranks 12 of 40 Territories Click here to read the brochure for details As of 2/28

3000 Bayport Drive, Ste 910 Tampa, FL 33607

Java march 3, 2014  

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