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Affirmation. Empowerment. Sanctuary.


"It was the best of times, it was the worse of times" —A TALE OF TWO CITIES BY CHARLES DICKENS

LEADERSHIP IN THESE CHALLENGING TIMES As we think about our 2009 message to you our loyal donors and volunteers, the first thing that comes to mind is how proud and honored we are to be a part of Community Family Life Services. It is an exceptional institution doing tremendous work in an economic environment that is a challenge to so many. More then ever before the services we provide, particularly in this climate, to our families-children, women and men—are greatly needed. It is our institution, combined with other service groups, that makes a difference to the homeless and those living in poverty as they are challenged to live with dignity. We are indeed proud to be counted among you as one of many who care deeply about this community. It gives us great pleasure to work together with all of you to serve and support vulnerable children and adults. Fiscal year 2009 has been perhaps the most onerous since the Great Depression. It has been decades since we last saw welfare roles and the unemployment lines swell as they have and so quickly over these last 18 months. And with it more and more individuals and families finding themselves not able to provide for the most basic of needs—housing and as a consequence they are living on the streets and in poverty stricken conditions. During 2009 CFLS became the stabilizer for many individuals and families in distress. CFLS provided comprehensive services for more than 3000 people living in our community, from infants to the elders. These services included 89 units of housing and housing support services to those in need; support for 115 children living in under resourced communities to enable them to grow academically, socially and emotionally at a time when the world around them had turned upside down; support for more than 100 chronically unemployed persons searching for employment; and more than 500 unitis of emergency services monthly to people walking in from off the street. The challenge to all of us that serve Community Family Life Services—as stewards of all kind, from volunteers to donors to trustees—-is to lead, now more than ever by taking off our gloves and putting our uncovered hands into the mix, walking to raise money for the homeless services we provide, packing backpacks for children and young adults equipping them with the tools they need to be successful in the classroom and beyond and equipping those living in poverty with the right tools to find and keep employment. The leadership challenge is to identify and implement ways to lift those who need it most towards economic and social self-sufficiency. We hope each of you will accept the challenge. We can do it as long as we work together and take one step at a time.

Claudia Thorne, Executive Director


Jim Hines, Board Chair



CFLS Achievements FY2008-2009:

• P R O V I D E D housing and housing services for individuals and families: — Provided 89 units of transitional and permanent housing; — Transitional to Permanent Housing Programs for 19 families with 70% of families reporting an increase in income and 100% moving to permanent housing; — CFLS’ Trinity Arms Transitional Housing Program ranks # 14 of 60 Transitional and Permanent Housing Programs in DC; — Housing case management for 45 persons living with HIV;

• P R O V I D E D supportive services to 115 children including case management, counseling and education; provided housing, tutoring and/or advocacy;

• E N R O L L E D 35 children in the academic based afterschool program and 50 children signed up for the summer enrichment programs with 92 % of children in this program reporting an increase in academic performance;

• P R O V I D E D employability development and job placement for 102 chronically unemployed persons through CFLS’ Employment Development and Placement Services;

• P R O V I D E D walk-in emergency food and clothing to 2500 persons annually; and operated a volunteer component logging 8056 hours of volunteer services;

• P R O V I D E D breakfast to an average of 75 homeless individuals monthly; • D I S T R I B U T E D toys to 300 Families during the Christmas Toy Drive.

“Plan purposefully, pray prayerfully, proceed positively, pursue persistently.” —WILLIAM ARTHUR WARD

Empowerment Sanctuary


Trinity Arms C O M M U N I T Y F A M I LY L I F E S E R V I C E S F L A G - S H I P T W O YEAR TRANSITIONAL HOUSING PROGRAM 1 7 F A M I L I E S Trinity Arms helps families move from homelessness into permanent housing. Providing 17 units of housing for families and individuals in transition Trinity Arms is ranked 14th out of 60 such programs in Washington DC. All residents at Trinity Arms receive life-skills education, individualized case management, and supportive counseling. A recent graduate of the program shares what she now knows after her two years with CFLS.

F R O M H O M E L E S S T O P R O G R A M A S S I S TA N T ( W H AT I K N O W ) Having spent 2 years at CFLS as a resident of Trinity Arms Transition Housing Program, I was given a stable home, regular support group and oneon-one counseling that allowed me to openly and freely discuss the many factors that brought about my being homeless. During my stay I learned that if you have a foundation of belief in who you are and know what you stand for, that belief still lives under the debris that life often piles upon you. I have learned that my dreams may have temporary setbacks but I can revive them any day, any time and anywhere if I give that belief just a little concentration each day. I have learned that I am a survivor. Betty is currently working as Program Assistant at CFLS.

“The Family is one of nature’s masterpieces.” —GEORGE SANTAYANA




CFLS Afterschool and Summer Camp

A NEW BEGINNING 35 YOUTH AFTERSCHOOL; 50 YOUTH SUMMER CAMP Community Family Life Services Afterschool Academic Enrichment and Positive Youth Development Program has a new home. Last year, the program which serves low-income families in wards 6, 7 & 8 left its home at CFLS administrative offices and relocated to Leckie Elementary in SE. While we miss the energy and exuberance of the young participants — the program is excelling at its new location. Under the leadership of Director Keon Drake the program serves 35 students daily and has attracted many new partners including the Levin School of Music and the Shakespeare Theatre Company. Students continue to benefit from the programs high quality academic tutoring and mentoring components. 3rd Grader Malika and her mother are very excited about her being in the program, she says, “I really enjoy all the activities in afterschool. I learn new skills that gives me confidence and helps me to be a better student.”

“Intelligence plus character — that is the goal of true education”. —MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR

Empowerment Sanctuary


Job Training and Development

C F L S J U M P S TA R T S T O E M P L O Y M E N T 1 0 2 I N D I V I D U A L S On March 19th, 2009, Community Family Life Services had a unique opportunity to be represented before the Council of the District of Columbia by a former participant in our Partners in Prosperity job training program. Mr. Anthony Tate was asked to present his story to the Committee on Housing and Workforce Development as a testament to the impact the Partners in Prosperity program had in his life. Upon graduation from the training program Mr. Tate started his job search and was supported by CFLS staff. He told the council, “They (CFLS) helped me believe that I have something to offer.” He was soon placed at the Carl Vogel Center as an HIV/AIDS outreach counselor. With his new employment Mr. Tate says that he is able to see a purpose to his life. Through CFLS’s Partners in Prosperity job training program, Mr. Tate has not just found a job; he has found a life calling. As he told the council, “ I am grateful for all those who have entered my life and I hope that my dedication towards prevention will assist the lives of those I come in contact with in the future.” CFLS provided employability development and job placement for 102 chronically unemployed persons through this program.

"Work is love made visible." —KAHLIL GIBRAN




Paying it Forward MILESTONE 3 5 R E S I D E N T S Maurice B. arrived at Milestone determined to achieve his goals. There he found stability and received much needed support.. He began volunteering at a substance abuse treatment facility for homeless males in the District of Columbia and quickly obtained full-time employment as a night monitor. With the support of CFLS staff he was able to build a substantial amount of savings and move into a fair market valued apartment. Maurice says “CFLS helped me rebuild my life and showed me how to give back to the community even when I didn’t have much.” Maurice achieved his goals and continues to send referrals to Milestone to support other homeless singles in need of supportive housing.

HIV HOUSING CASE MANAGEMENT 4 5 R E S I D E N T S Michael was diagnosed with HIV in 1985. An accomplished artist, he was unable to work due to major fatigue related to HIV and he had challenges in maintaining stable housing. Community Family Life Services was able to support Michael in obtaining housing as well as meeting other supportive services needs. As of today, he has resumed his work as an artist and he is living comfortably in his apartment.

“I keep going forward because I believe a better future lies ahead.” —CHRIS GARDNER, THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS

Empowerment Sanctuary


Family-to-Family Mentoring IN HER OWN WORDS — IT WORKS! 3 5 F A M I L I E S I must say that when mentoring was first offered, I was a little apprehensive not knowing who my mentor was going to be, their ideals on life, and how they would relate to me. After being asked a few times to join, I finally decided to see how the program could benefit me and the progression of my personal goals. Now that I am a “mentee”, I am very pleased with the relationship and support I have gained with my mentor. What I like most is that her ideals are relatable to my beliefs and she encourages what I want to accomplish in life.She has given me tools to help me deal with daily obstacles, guidance (the most important characteristic I looked for in a mentor), and helping me to prepare when accomplishing my goals. I am very pleased with the program and feel that all women can benefit from having a mentor or someone who has similar experiences and goals. Life is not easy when you are traveling alone but with the help of others, it makes it a little easier!

Kiara and her daughter Jasmine have participated in the mentor program since it began. Mentors provide support and encouragement to help families achieve their dreams.


“Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and help them become what they are capable of being.”




Walk-a-thon A SUCCESSFUL SEASON! 1 1 0 0 W A L K E R S CFLS would like to thank all our friends and supporters for supporting our participation in the Annual Fannie Mae Help the Homeless Walkathon. We would like to acknowledge the many schools that organized miniwalks on our behalf as well as the corporations who partnered with us.

“Do not wait for leaders, do it alone, person to person.” —MOTHER TERESA

Empowerment Sanctuary


CFLS Gala 2009 C E L E B R AT I N G 4 0 Y E A R S O F S E RV I C E Our 40th Anniversary Gala and Silent Auction, “Honoring Our Founders,” was held on April 29, 2009, at the Organization of American States. More than 200 persons were in attendance to celebrate with Honorary Gala Chair, Marie Johns and the Mistress of Ceremonies, Courtney Robinson of ABC7/WJLA TV. The Gala was an opportunity for Community Family Life Services, in all of its diversity among clients, staff, members, volunteers and supporters — to collectively celebrate transformation, growth, and perseverance, not just only among those we are honored to serve, but also among ourselves.

“The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.” —OPRAH WINFREY




Volunteers MAKE THE WORLD GO ROUND! CFLS would like to thank the many volunteers who selflessly give of their time in assisting us in the delivery of service in all our programs. This year volunteers provided over

8,056 HOURS of service to the organization.

“It is one of the most beautiful compensations of this life that one man can sincerely try to help another without helping himself.” —RALPH WALDO EMERSON

Empowerment Sanctuary


Senior Assistance CFLS PROVIDING HELP TO SENIORS 4 9 S E N I O R S S E R V E D For many years CFLS has been providing a helping hand and then some to seniors in the Washington DC area. With assistance from the Capital Area Food Bank CFLS provides monthly groceries and friendship to 45 low-income shut–in seniors.

Emergency Services EMERGENCY COMMUNITY SERVICES PROGRAM 6 0 0 0 U N I T S O F S E R V I C E A N N U A L L Y Emergency Community Services Program is often the first CFLS department that a new client encounters following intake. The program provides the information for emergency food and clothing assistance; regularly delivered food and “telephone buddies” to homebound elderly citizens. These services help over 1,000 clients avert homelessness before it occurs each year, and help them get back on track to self-sufficiency before they fall further into the poverty spiral.




Donors Ada Harris Maley Memorial Fund Allen, Gary and Barbara America’s Charities Anthony F. Lucas-Spindletop Foundation Asire, Ardyce Aulick, Dean and Joanna Baehr, Marie-Luise Baer, Eva Bagger, Thomas and Anita Ballard, Morgan Barch, Justin Barr, Samuel Baublitz, John and Priscilla Beach, Martha and Allen Bennett, Frances and Ashley Bennsky, Ruth and George Bergman, Elsbeth Berman, Louise Berman, Toby Bernthal Frederick M Beversdorf, Cheryl and Siebert, Dennis Bilik, Pamela and MarraLopez, Fernando Bird, Nedra Blatter, Victoria Bleier, Samuel Boehm, Bernell and Lola Boerger, Michael Bollwerk, Paul and Helen Broadnax, Norma Brown, Charles Brown, Shelley Brueggemann, Gerd and Waltraud Bryans, John and Christina Bryant, John Bullinger, Erin Burke, Anthony F Burke, Velma Buscemi, Peter and Miller, Judith Butler, William Campagna, Suzanne Campbell, Robert and Cynthia Canfield & Associates, Inc. Card, Shawn D CareFirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield Carpenter, Ken and Margery Carr, Lewis Carter, Linda Cassidy, Joan K Casso, Ann CFED Cha Corporation T/A Lobby Mart Chan, May S Charest, Miles Charles, Mansfield

Chirieleison, Don and Georgia Christ Lutheran Church Women Church Of The Redeemer Chusuei, Alvin Cibuzar, Jean Clark Charitable Foundation Clark, John and Susan Clark, Sarah Clark-Winchcole Foundation Coan, Carl and Patricia Cockrell, Dorothy Cohen, Joan and Jere Cohen, Marie and Thomas Coleman, Gwendolyn Collis, Edith Colon, Patricia Commit Enterprises Inc. Community Foundation For The National Capital Region Community Of Christ Lutheran Church Cooney, Stephen and Christine Cope Incorporated Coplan, Tina Corcoran, Brian and Charlotte Crane, David and Mary Crimmins, Conor Cuneo, Ronald Cunningham, Michael D.C. Government Danya International, Inc. Darben, Christine Darilek, Richard and G. Joyce Darling, Erin Lewis David, Leege and Leege, Patricia Davidson, Carolyn Davidson, Phillip and A. Davis, James Davis, Lianna DC Children and Youth Investment Trust Corporation DC Department Of Health De Fontenay, Anne DeFontenay, Christine Denham, Susanne Department Of Health and Human Services Dere, Ken and Marie-Helene Despard, Caroline Dickson, Nancy Dixon, Alice Donna Purchase Dorn, David and Ada Dorsey, Frederick and Gerebenics, Gail Doying, William and Carolyn Dube, Edward

Durant-Downs, Yvette Dyer, Beverly E., Oberle Earley, Keith Edna, Lipson Edwards, Dolores C Ehrlich, Gertrude Eisenbrandt, Mary Elaine, Lynch Elaine, Morley ELCA Foundation ELCA Metro Washington Synod Elfin, David Elliott, Gerald and Shelly Elliott, T. Ely, Cynthia English, Richard and Lois Esposito, Anne Evelyn, May and May, Leopold Fair, Carrie Fannie Mae Office Of Community & Charitable Giving Farhood, Ronald Farquhar, Elizabeth Fassett, Nancy Feagan, Vivian Financial Management Solutions Fine, Lauren First Congregational Church First Trinity Lutheran Church Fischbeck, Kenneth and Lois Fisher, Amy and Torrillo, Donald Fisher, Elise Fitch, Carol Fletcher, Barbara Foote, John Forde, Kent J Fox, Richard and Catherine Frank, Malone and Malone, Elizabeth Frazier, William and Taliaferro, Judith Fredericks, Betty and LeRoy Fredgren, Kenneth and Kathryn Frucht, Walter and Sharon Gannett Foundation Geico Philanthropic Foundation Geisel, Harold Gelner, Michael and Kathryn General Electric Foundation Gerding, Arthur and Dorothy German Lutheran Church German Lutheran Memorial Fund German Orphan Home Foundation

German Protestant Military Chaplain Ghovanlou, Ali and Barbara Gibson, Patricia Glasscock, William Godfrey, Dennis and Priscilla Goldman, Debbie Good Shepherd Lutheran Church Gordon, Catherine and Robert Grace Lutheran Church Graef, P. and Judy Green, Barry and Cinda Greene, Ernest and Margaret Greene, Karen and Henry Greene, Katherine Griffey, Sean Grimm, Jason Groff, Jay Groff, Steve and Sharon Gubser, Lynn and Diane Guen, Peter Hacker, Richard and Ruth Haher, Donald and Gloria Hahn, Daniel Hall, Alvin and Jones, Sarah Hall, Carole Halpin, Frank Halpin, Sharon and Schafrick, Fred Hammond, John Haroun, Haytham Harper-Jones, Genie Harris, Alice and Haas, Gregory Hart, Rachel Denise Hashian, Lorraine Hassan, Mohamed Amed Hattie M. Strong Foundation Heenan, William and Patricia Heinitz, Ken and Ione Heiss, Mary and Edward Helm, Neil and Fonya Helms, Marion and Earle Henderson, John Henkel, Patricia Henson, James and Margie Hespe, Arnold Himes, John and Valerie Hines, James Hines, Ja-Na Hines, Jocelyn Hirsch, Philip (Bethlehem Lutheran Church) Hirschfeld, Donald and Alice Hitachi Foundation Hoben, James and Sheila Hoffman, Susan Hollander, Bernard Holloway, Agnes Holy Cross Lutheran Church

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church Hope Lutheran Church Hoscheit, Dale HRH Insurance Hull, Ben and Joelle IMF Civic Program Irene, Korsak Israel, Larry and Audrey Israel, Lynne J. Frederic, Mushinski and Mushinki, Elizabeth Jack’s Famous Deli Jacobs, Louis Janney, Margaret Jansen, Cornelis and Petronella Jayne, Patricia JHG Washington Corporation Jibrell, Sandra Brock Jobe, Milton and Alice Johannsen, Julia John, McDowell Johns, Marie and Wendell Johnson, Constance Johnson, Judith and Morrice, John Johnston, Tim and Keri Jones, Charles Jones, Steven E Kastanowski, John and Eleanora Kathleen, Meskill and Wozencroft, Richard Kazana, Imani Keeling, Mary Ann Keightley, James J Kelly, Theresa Kennedy, Olga and Wayne Kerbel, Norman Kerwin, Thomas and Idaclaire KEYS For The Homeless Fdn., Inc Kitchen Match Temporaries Kivett, Kristin Klauschen, Frederick Knoll, Jerry Knoll, Thomas and Frances Kollmar, Susann and Wiestner, Adrian Kreft, Mike Kress, Karen Kriegsman, Sali Ann and Alan Kris, Marshall Kuchkuda, Joan Kuhn, Roger and Belle Landau, Sherman and Doris Landauer, Shannon Layn, Sam and Martha Leeper, Ethel L’Eggs/Hanes/Bali/Playtex Factory Outlet Leslie, Clarice

Empowerment Sanctuary


Donors Lester, Nicole Levy, S. Katherine Lillestolen, Ted and Janet Linsert, Henry and Elizabeth Lord, Arthur and Sieglinde Lowe, John Lowerre, Wm M. Lucado, Kim Luebke, Paul and Eunice Lutheran Church Of The Cross MacLoughlin, Ana Mait, Elisabeth Malovany, Bard Malovany, Gerald and Madeline Maltagliati, Richard Manning, David and Linda Mansfield, Charles Maranchick, Hallie Marcia Kinglslow Margolis, M. Marino, Beatrice Markham-Itteilag, Nadine Marlo Warehouse/Showroom Mars, Virginia McCall, Barbara McConnell, Regina McCreary, D E McGeehin, Patrick McKenzie, Paula McNair, LaKendra Meadows, Richard and Bessie Melley, Mary Lou Mencke, Martin and Christine Merck & Co., Inc Mersing, Jacob Meskill, Kathleen and Wozencroft, Richard Metropolitan Washington D.C. Synod Meyer, Raymond and Anna Phoebe Miesner, John and Glenda Miler, Susan and Doi, David Miller, Deborah Miller, Harry and Frances Mitchell, Richard Mizroch, John and Martha Mizroch, Martha Moen, Wendy Moody, Robin and Stock, Tamara Moore, Robert Morgan, Ronald and Cappie Morley, Elaine Morris, Claudia J Mullenex, Barbara A Murphy, Chantell Myers, Susan Nation’s Capital Chapter Of Thrivent Financial For Lutherans



Nelson, Eunice Network For Good Neuner, Rosemarie Newman, Tonya Nicholson, Phyllis North Star Fund Norwood, Shirley O2 Collaborative Inc. Oberheu, Howard and Jo Ann Oelke, Harlan O’Meara, Owen and Carol Ooms, Van Doorn and Theodora Organization For Training Others In Need Inc. Orth, Maureen Owens, Dianne Pages, Erik and Krista Paide, Karen Parhan, Lorraine Parsons, Fredric Patricio, Gemma and Ziegler, Joanne Patton, Amanda Patton, James and Martha Pazianos, George and Joyce Peace Lutheran Church Pedersen, Neil and Barbara Perine, Lori Peterson, Diane Philip L. Graham Fund Picard, Katharine and B. Piccone, Robert and Beverly Pilgrim Lutheran Guild PNC Bank Pollack, Lucia Pollin, Albert and Helen Portsmith Creation Powell, Cedric and Marie Prencipe, Mary J Priebe, Bonnie Priebe, John and Bonnie Prince Of Peace Lutheran Church Probus, Maryanne Putnam, Simone and Steven Quinones, John Raabe, Mark and Jean Raabe, Steven and Leslie Rader, Gisela Rana, Sohail and Eglal Randolph, Gary Randolph, Virginia Raphael, Charlene and Richard Reichard, Richard and Melba Reynolds, Evelyn Ridder, Marie Ridley, Christine Robinson, Sharon R Roden, Kenneth V Roderick, Jessie

Rohrbaugh, Stephen and Marilyn Rose, Stephen Rosenberg, Max and Millicent Rosenbloom, H. David and Carla Rouson, Brigette Rozzelle, Margaret Ruggles, Patricia Sanborn, Stephen Savacool, Mildred Savage, Norton and May Sax, Barry and Carolyn Scales-Wooten, Robin and Wooten, David Scheffel, Mark and Nancy Scheffler, Elizabeth and Doug Schell, Allan and Shirley Scherer, Barbara Schmidt, Karl and Shirley Schmidt, Larry and Susan Schneider, John Schneider, William and Nancy Schneiter, George and Dorothy Schottenstein, Phyllis Schroepel, Mechthild and Norbert Schubert, Frances Schubert, Pamela and David Schuler, Philip and Schmidt, Rachel Schulze-Ghattas, Marianne and Ghattas, Marcos Schur, Walter Schwab Charitable Fund Schweppe, Homer and Marian Scott, Jo Ann Scott, Rosa Seawright, D. Seiffert, Andrew Seiffert, Perry and Diane Seldin, Margaret Sheketoff, Emily Sherwood, Elisabeth Shetler, Stanwyn and Elaine Siebert, Dennis Sigworth, Bobbi and Van Silbernagel, Frederick Silverson, John and Winifred Skinner, Nancy Skipper, Roy Smith, Francis and Sally Smith, Robert Solomon, Pamela and Sean Spaulding, Douglas and Patricia St. John’s Lutheran Church Steckley, Linda Steigelman, Edward and Anne

Stein, Michael and Mary Ellen Stenholm, Charles and Cynthia Ann Stern, Thomas Stock, Edward and Sandra Suchmann, Donna Swanson, Anne Szekely, Peter T Mobile Tannen, Michael The Chrysler Foundation The Community Foundation For The NAR The Community Partnership For The Prevention Of Homelessness The Morris & Gwendolyn Cafritz Foundation The Rapoport Family Foundation The Washington Post The World Bank Theodore H. Barth Foundation Thomas, Wilhelmina Thompson, James and Hilda Thompson, William and Chris Thomson West Community Relations Program Thorne, Claudia Thrasher, Paul Thrivent Financial For Lutherans: Giving Plus Program Titzman, Amelia and Don TMC Of America, Inc. Todd, Ann Todd, Lindsey Townsend, John Trinity Landholding Corporation Tucker, Nancy Uhlig, Barry and Mary Louise Uhlig, Mary-Louise Underwood, Heistand United Airlines Employee Civic Program United Way Of Central MD United Way Of The National Capital Area Vainio, Barbara Valpey, Jack Van Der Have, Marinus and Marita Van Pelt, Jason Vellmerk-Halpern, Barbara and Halpern, Richard Vivian, Rouson Von Oppenfeld, Horst and Judith Vorosmarti, James and Carol Walters-Lopez, Sheron Walton, Frederick


Waterside Fitness & Swim Club Waugh, Natalie Weary, Marlys Weatherby, Diana Weathers, Mary Weeks, John and Elizabeth Wehking, Marvin and Gertrude Weisburger, Elizabeth Wessels, Barry and Sharon West, C.D. WHF Foundation White, Charles and Florence William J. Conners III and Barbara S. Conners Foundation William J. Conners III and Barbara S. Conners Foundation William S. Abell Foundation Willis, Philip Willis, Prince and Delores Wilson, Howard Wilson, Ken and Mazie Wissman, Ken and Mary Ellen Wissman, Rita Wissman, Roger Witcher, Pamela Wolff, Michael Wolters, Robert and Ann Wonneberger, Ann Woodhouse, Merriam World Bank Community Connections Fund Yeargin, Allison Yingling, Robert and Bobbi Yu, Elizabeth Community Family Life Services has made every effort to create an accurate listing of all contributors during the 2009 fiscal year. If your name has been inadvertently omitted or incorrectly spelled, please accept our sincere apologies. If you would kindly notify Community Family Life Services, we will happily correct your record. Please contact us at Report Design graciously provided by Groff Creative, Inc. at no cost to CFLS.


Financials C O M M U N I T Y F A M I LY L I F E S E R V I C E S , I N C . S TAT E M E N T S O F A C T I V I T I E S A N D



Jim Hines (President) Committees: Development, Executive


Revenues, gains and other support: Public support: Received directly: Contributions Special events, net of direct costs Received indirectly: United Way Grants from governmental agencies Other revenue: Rental Miscellaneous Total revenues, gains and other support Expenses: Program services Supporting services: Management and general Fund raising Total supporting services Total expenses Change in net assets Net assets—beginning of year Net assets—end of year




Rev. Dr. Martin Mencke (Vice President) Committee: Development Chair $ 403,884 140,356

$ 30,000 —

27,166 741,056


— —

$ 433,884 140,356

— —

— —

27,166 741,056

348,858 81,433 430,291

— — —

— — —

348,858 81,433 430,291






376,496 101,475 477,971

— — —

— — —

376,496 101,475 477,971









$ 1,318,828

$ 30,000

$ 150,000

$ 1,498,828


Jean Raabe Organization Affiliation: First Trinity Lutheran Church Gary Randolph Organizational Affiliation: General Electric Committee: Finance Ronald Morgan, Attorney Organization: RDM Consultant, Committee: Program Claudia Thorne Executive Director


■ Programs: 70% $1,098,282

■ Government Grants: 43%

■ Management: 23% $376,496

■ Rental Income, Fees: 25%

■ Fundraising: 7% $101,475

■ Direct Contributions: 23% ■ Special Events: 8% ■ United Way: 1%

Empowerment Sanctuary

Affirmation. Empowerment. Sanctuary.

C O M M U N I T Y F A M I LY L I F E S E R V I C E S 305 E Street NW, Washington, DC 20001 202.347.0511 W W W. C F L S D C . O R G

CFLS Annual Report 2009  

Community Family Life Services Annual Report 2009

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