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Ms. Buley was in a blackout in January of 1998. It was in South Burlington, Vermont. She was at home with her son and his friend. When the lights went out, she was sleeping. It was very quiet, but you could hear branches breaking. Ms. Buley played pickup sticks and lots of games with her son and his friend and read lots of books. She was scared and the lights were out for three days. In the book, BlackOut, the family went to the streets and had a wonderful time. When we asked her if she has any fun, Ms. Buley told us that she just made sure that people were okay. She had her cell phone to use. To make sure that she is prepared for the next blackout, Ms. Buley will have lots of batteries, lanterns and water at home. Interviewed and photo taken by Matthew, Victor, and Kaiden

Ms Buley