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Mrs. Soules was part of a blackout last year. She was at home upstairs in her bedroom with her husband. When the lights went out, Mrs. Soules was reading at 9:00 p.m., and she was frightened and yelled, “What is happening?” She and Mr. Soules wondered what had happened. It was a surprise. She took out her flashlight. When we asked her if she was scared, she said, “Yes.” The lights were out for three hours. In the book, BlackOut, the family in the book went outside and had a wonderful time with neighbors. Mrs. Soules said that they had to go on a hunt for candles. It was a big snowstorm and she did not enjoy it because she wanted to keep reading. Mrs. Soules told us that she would have a candle ready for the next blackout. Interviewed by Emily, Violet, and Madison

Mrs Soules