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==== ==== Which Butt Enhancement Recipe Do You Want? ==== ====

Would you start doing butt exercises and butt workouts if you could be assured of a sexy butt when you were done? If your answer was yes, you're not alone. An estimated 80 percent of women over 18 aren't happy with their bodies much less their butts. Most of them dream about the days of their youth or their younger days when they had that perfect or almost perfect, sculptured rear end that drove the men wild. Eating Healthy and getting regular cardio activity will help to boost metabolism and lose weight. But, you need more than just those activities to help the drooping tail gate. Most of the women I know all have the misconception that training with weights will make the butt larger, but training the gluteal muscles will actually add shape it. When the derriere starts to droop, the only thing that provides the pick-me-up you need is exercise. The increase in your body's fat-burning ability is a plus! The butt is comprised of three muscles; maximus, medius and minimus. It's a must to work it from various angles. Whether you carry a bubble butt or flat fanny, exercises will reshape your rear. But the workout you choose is depending on the look you want. There doesn't seem to be anything more attractive to men than a women's sexy butt in super tight jeans, or a tight fitting short skirt, or high cut shorts, in reality though, men don't really care what is covering the ass, naked would even most certainly be acceptable! Actually, no matter how small, big, flabby, or shapeless you think your butt is, if have something covering your ass that looks good on you, or makes you feel good about yourself, then men are going to look. The female form is usually always beautiful, but there is something about the butt that draws men's eyes to it. It's like a billboard telling males to "LOOK HERE!" or "CHECK ME OUT!" Women know what we're saying. They have been trained since birth, through media, mothers, peers etc, to use their ass. Sometimes they get what they want! Sometimes what they don't want! Most men are quite vulnerable to one of these natural works of art; especially on a woman they are fond of or interested in. I am one and am defenseless against it. This quote by Kenneth Tynan just about says it all. "The buttocks are the most aesthetically pleasing part of the body because they are non-functional. Although they conceal an essential orifice, these pointless globes are as near as the human form can ever come to abstract art" So ladies, there you are, these are some of the reasons you might want to take care of your above mentioned rear end. Attracting the mate you desire starts with some degree of physical attraction. This is of course no mystery, and even if it is overrated in the media, it will always be a valid point in the courting process of the human animal, especially regarding the male of the species. Even those of you who have been married for some time, know what it is like at that intimate moment.

We are uncomfortable when our bodies do not live up to our image of how we should look. The entire butt area is very important to a woman's self esteem, the clothing she wears, her shopping options for various articles of clothing, and the attention her ass gets her from her man, or from men in general. The way she feels about herself when she looks at her backside in the mirror, her self confidence when she is around other women in social situations and her joy for life are affected by the condition of her butt. So much so that she is willing to put the amount of energy and focus that is required into getting the desired results in changing her butt and body. Truth is told - this desire for physical enhancement is so natural and within reach that the possibilities of being overwhelmed by the elements that usually distract so many women is a non-factor. Have you noticed that even when you are working out, your butt shows surprisingly little improvement? Exercises that are part of the average workout routines are generally the LEAST effective when it comes to getting a perfectly shaped firm butt. There are hundreds of muscles in your lower body area and you need to do exercises that target specifically muscles in that area in order to improve the looks of the rear end. Avoid weight-loss and fat burning pills at all costs. While some might show results in the short-term, many are hazardous for your health and none have lasting effects. The only sustainable results are achieved through effective exercise and diet.

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==== ==== Which Butt Enhancement Recipe Do You Want? ==== ====

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