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The Punjabi language is spoken in the North western Indian state of Punjab in addition to the Punjab state of Pakistan. Approximately consolidated there over 100 million native speakers of the Punjabi language, which makes it the 12th most common language globally. The Punjabi language has many different dialects different from each district of Punjab, namely Majha, Malwa and Doaba. with the large number of Punjabi speaking people, you will find there's large demand for Punjabi translation service. The Punjabi language is predominantly included in Sikh ceremonies thereby deep insight and practical knowledge along with fluent usage of the language results in being very important to the providing of translation services. The Sikh holy scriptures also uses intricate yet beautiful Punjabi/Gurmukhi language within its teachings/writings which may only truly be understood or as required translated by a trained professional. Also with Punjabi people being largely known as successful global business men and industry leaders, it is required for companies to become used to Punjabi traditions and find out basics of the language as a courteous offer to their prospective business associates, these can be taught by Punjabi translation/language specialists. The same applies vice-versa whether it be English to Punjabi translation or Punjabi to English translation. Despite the large needs of Punjabi translation there is actually a significant lack in the amount of services offered. This could possibly be put as a result of the fact that the Punjabi language is not really taught in developed countries which disables experts from having the skill set necessary to carry out the translation assignments along with the fact that the Punjabi language is being taught supplementary to Hindi across schools in India, much to the dismay of the Punjabi people. However there are a few companies consisting of highly skilled and educated teams who provide this service.

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==== ==== Real Translator Jobs - If you can speak English, and another language, you could be sitting on a fortune! ==== ====

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