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I received my Barnes and Noble Nook E-Book a year ago for Christmas. I think it's the best thing since bread and butter. I'm in a book club so trying to get our book of the month from the library was sometimes a hassle when you have 12 others wanting to do the same thing. I ordered books from web- sites and after getting ripped off once (the seller took my money and never sent the book), my husband decided the E-book was for me, I love it. After registering on a site that offers E-books, I can be anywhere wireless and download a book. They cost less than a hard cover book and the site I use has hundreds of free books to download. I don't think regular books are going away, that would crush some of our book club members. Most ladies commented on the fact that they like to cozy up with a paperback book. I have to admit that when I bring mine to our meetings, I can see more interest in my E-book. They are asking more questions about it and I think they may be getting the bug. E-Books are the story line in publishing this year. Over 8 million have been sold with more than 7 million iPads sold since the device went on sale in April. Google launched Google Editions, an ebook retailer designed to compete with the iBook and Kindle stores. The great debate for the last several years is whether readers would read book-length material onscreen. The answer appears to be a resounding "yes". What does this mean for reading? It's too early to tell but I see a lot of cause for optimism as the E-book experience becomes more sophisticated and more and more of us explore the world of digital literature. I remember reading several years ago that Amazon was going to publish every book ever written digitally and that college text books will and are going digital. High schools and grade schools are next. As with all new items when they first appear on the market, the prices for E-Books are coming down. Amazon released the Kindle First Generation on Nov. 19, 2007 for $399 and it sold out in five and one half hours. One of my family members purchased their Kindle several years ago; they paid over $300 for one that now sells for $159. The technology is getting better and the variety of manufacturers is increasing. When I looked on line, I found Ectaco, Velocity Micro, Augen, Aluratek-Libre along with the Sony, Kindle, Nook and iPad versions. Prices range from $99 on sale to $719 depending on the features you want. Most models can hold over 1000 books with some as few as 350 so you need to do some research before you decide to purchase.

Mari Guckenberger is a co-founder of Something and More Crafts and Gifts, At the age of 10 she learned how to knit from one of her seven sisters. Since then she has worked on pottery, stain glass, creating novelty items, knitting and her #1 passion of sewing. Mari's first love is sewing and creating specialty items like the

Kindle and Nook electronic book covers, aprons and purses that you see on her web site. Mari retired in February 2010 from her full time job and envisioned selling her craft items. Although she enjoys going to craft shows, she wanted these items available year round and decided to try internet selling. She soon found other crafters who felt the same way and thus started Something and More Crafts and Gifts

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==== ==== Find top selling books for your Kindle or Nook! ==== ====

The Growth Of Electronic Books  

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