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Greening the world – one building at a time   

COMPANY OVERVIEW  Ecovert is a full service environmental real estate consulting firm offering LEED and  sustainability consulting services. We help builders, developers, landlords and tenants to  transform their new or existing buildings into models of sustainability which meet  environmental best practice.     At Ecovert we understand that sustainability cannot be achieved with a “one size fits all”  approach. We provide our clients with a road map of effective, implementable sustainability  solutions to best suit their needs, building and business environment. Our customized services  make it easy and cost‐effective to meet today’s business needs without compromising the  welfare of future generations.    Ecovert has developed a solid reputation for service excellence; our dedication to collaboration  has been instrumental to our success. Ecovert is involved in projects across Canada; our clients  include developers such as BMW, Tribute Communities, TD Canada Trust, First Gulf, GE Real  Estate and ING Real Estate.     Ecovert’s range of consulting services include:   LEED Feasibility Assessments   LEED Coordination   BOMA BESt Assessments and Coordination   Sustainability Consulting   o Sustainable Policies Design & Development  o Energy Efficiency Assessment  o Environmental Facility Audit and Process Review  o Carbon Footprint Calculations and Strategies  o Sustainability Strategies   Training and Seminars   Tenant Information Packages & Employee Newsletter    Ecovert is a member of:   Canada Green Building Council     BOMA (Building Owners and Managers Association)   BILD (Toronto Home Builders Association)   IFMA (International Facility Managers Association)   

SELECT PROJECT EXPERIENCE  Project: BMW Group Canada, Head Office – Office NC  Role: LEED Consultant  Duration: November 2007 – Present    Scope of Project:   Design intent: create a building which reflects a  forward thinking philosophy, and mirrors BMW’s  corporate image while confirming its  commitment to employees and the community.   Building design is a response to new business  requirements:  o Increase human comfort.  o Acknowledge green value.  o Provide maximum flexibility.  o Build the corporate brand.   65,000 sq. ft. new commercial office building located in Richmond Hill, Ontario.   Targeting LEED silver certification with an emphasis on energy conservation, utilizing  green building materials, water efficiency and waste reduction.    Accomplishments:   Feasibility analysis highlighting optimal LEED strategy for an energy & resource efficient  building.    Conducted a review of permit drawings to ensure conformity to LEED design objectives.   Provide insight and advice on design techniques which will assist in achieving LEED.    Working collaboratively with the design team to significantly improve the building’s  energy performance by reducing the high ratio of window to wall area. The result was  the adoption of numerous mechanical system improvements, automated sun shades  and a highly effective building automation system.   Drafted effective erosion, sedimentation control and construction waste plans to  minimize soil loss and divert waste.    Design Highlights:   Emphasis on improving Human Comfort to increase productivity and reduce staff  absenteeism by measuring air quality, temperature, noise and lighting.  Specific  innovations:  o Better interior air quality by increasing individual control over temperature.  o Glare reduction from external natural and internal artificial light by using  automated control and indirect energy efficient T5 fluorescent in‐line fixtures.  o Increased natural light penetration into workplace using vision glass. Light  sensors monitor light levels and turn off artificial light when appropriate. 

   

o Higher exposed reflective concrete ceilings to increase openness.  o Private offices and meeting rooms are temperature regulated with motorized  dampers and individual thermostats with manual override.  o In‐floor diffusers are relocated for added comfort and to allow instant  reconfiguration.  o Cabling installed within floor plenum is accessible through floor system and in‐ floor flush distribution boxes. Each in‐floor box can be configured with  combinations of power, voice and data outlets, which results in less costly and  simpler furniture.  Building design maximizes flexibility without additional cost by:  o Reducing the cost of future cable upgrades by up to 75%.  o Increasing usable floor space as a percentage of gross area by 15% ‐ 20%.  Technologically advanced building envelope with exterior sunshades eliminate glare,  substantially reduce solar heat gain and redirect sunlight into building interior.  Operable window units in curtain wall add flexibility to the building’s environmental  response.  Preference given to suppliers with high recycled content and locally sourced materials.   

Project: Brock University, Number 4, Norman Building – Institutional/Educational NC  Role: LEED Consultant  Duration: August 2008 – Present            Scope of Project:    46,000 sq. ft. new institutional /  educational building located in  St. Catherines, Ontario.   Pursuing LEED silver  certification by focusing on  creating a healthy indoor  environment conducive to learning, and improving the building’s energy and resource  consumption so it contributes to a more sustainable university community.   Assisting the University in achieving its environmental initiatives, by assisting in the  development of Indoor Air Quality Managements Plan during construction, Waste  Diversion Plans and Green housekeeping plans.     Accomplishments:   Feasibility analysis completed to establish achievable LEED credits based on the  project’s scope, objectives, budget and schedule.    Prepared the preliminary specifications for LEED compliant construction materials.    Chaired a design charrette to facilitate the LEED building’s design overview to ensure  optimal energy performance, resource efficiency and occupant comfort.   Completed the preliminary energy model to ensure the building exceeds the LEED  prerequisite for improved energy performance based on the MNECB standards.      

Project: Ontario Realty Corporation – Sustainability Consulting  Role: Sustainability Consultant  Duration: January 2009 – May 2009    Scope of Project:   To provide an assessment of the greening  and renewable energy opportunities at  the Queens Park Complex (1,700,000  sq.ft.), comprising Whitney Block, the  Macdonald Block and the North and South  Frost Buildings.    Accomplishments (in progress):   Completed an in‐depth analysis of  o Green roof systems  o Rooftop solar PV  o Solar thermal hot water  o Rooftop wind turbines  o Geothermal technologies  o Solar outdoor lighting  o Rainwater harvesting  o Permeable paving solutions   For each technology we evaluated the  taking into account:  o Suitability of the site for the  technology/solution;  o Architectural, engineering and aesthetic constraints; and  o Cost benefit analysis; and  o Potential applicable grants available.   

Project: Ontario Realty Corporation – Sustainability Consulting  Role: Sustainability Consultant  Duration: January – April 2009     Scope of Project:   

Provide a LEED  Assessment of the  economical,  environmental and social  benefits of consolidating  three maintenance  buildings at the Sir  James Whitney School  (37,600 sq. ft.) in order to reduce costs and liabilities incurred by the Province of  Ontario, the School owner.  Accomplishments (In progress):   

Reviewed Building Conditions Assessment Report, Strategic Asset Management Report,  Excavation & Subsurface Investigation Report and other professional documents to  determine if pursuing LEED certification is advisable.  Developed a LEED New Construction (NC) Credit Checklist – a review of each credit,  highlighting the relative costs and efforts associated with obtaining each credit. LEED NC  categories include:  o Sustainable Sites  o Water Efficiency  o Energy and Atmosphere  o Material & resources  o Indoor Environmental Quality  o Innovation in Operation & Upgrades  Completed a comprehensive in‐depth LEED Feasibility Analysis to ensure prerequisites  and credits can be satisfied to achieve the goals of modernizing and retrofitting aging  buildings.     

Project:  UrbanCorp – Westside Gallery Lofts Toronto – Residential Condominium NC  Role: LEED Consultant  Duration:   LEED Feasibility ‐ August – October 2008  LEED Coordination ‐ November 2008 ‐ present    Scope of Project:   Develop a feasibility assessment for the  proposed 500,000 sq.ft. 30 story residential  condominium development in downtown  Toronto, providing an analysis of all potential  credits including their associated cost and  process implementations.    Achieve LEED Silver certification.    Accomplishments:    Conducted a meeting with the owner representative to determine the expectations of  the project, and assess its scope, including budgets, schedules, available resources, and  desired sustainable initiatives.   Developed LEED NC Credit Checklist: a review of each credit available, highlighting the  relative costs and efforts associated with obtaining each credit. LEED NC categories  include:  o Sustainable Sites  o Water Efficiency  o Energy and Atmosphere  o Material & resources  o Indoor Environmental Quality  o Innovation in Operation & Upgrades   Reported which potential credits can be achieved and the steps required for their  achievement.   Attended design meetings and provided advice on techniques to achieve LEED  certification.    Worked collaboratively with the design team to significantly improve the energy  performance of the building by reducing the high ratio of window to wall area.    Drafted effective erosion and sedimentation control and construction waste  management plans to minimize soil loss and divert waste from landfills.   

Project: TD Canada Trust, Branch Building – Office NC  Role: LEED Consultant  Duration: March 2008 – December 2009    Scope of Project:    

Mandate to achieve LEED certification  with a limited budget and timeline.  5,000 sq. ft. new commercial building  located in Scarborough, Ontario.  Enhance TDCT environmental  stewardship and target carbon neutral  by 2010. 

Accomplishments:          

Completed a feasibility analysis to identify the LEED credits that would achieve the  project’s sustainable design goals.  Incorporated LEED specifications into the tender documents.  Completed required documentation and calculations for LEED submission package.  Attended site meetings and conducted contractor and trades training to ensure the  construction team understood their respective roles in constructing a LEED building.  Successfully passed the commissioning review, which tested the buildings systems,  training of the maintenance and operations staff, and the completion of the Operations  and Maintenance Manual.  Diverted 85% of the construction waste from landfills.  Achieved 43% reduction in water usage by installing efficient fixtures.  Drastically reduced energy consumption by 40% based on MNECB 1997 energy model  standards.  The materials specified resulted in 24% recycled content, 51% regionally sourced  content, and 94% FSC certified wood used for building materials.   

Project: Earth Rangers – Education Facility & Wildlife Centre EBOM  Role: LEED Consultant  Duration: February 2009 –  Present    Scope of Project:   Mandate to secure  LEED Platinum  certification under the  LEED EBOM framework.   62,000 sq ft education  and animal care facility  in Woodbridge,  Ontario.   Enhance environmental  stewardship and educate commercial real estate professionals on buildings’  environmental impacts.    Accomplishments:   Completed an assessment of targeted credits and strategies and timelines for moving  forward with certification.   This project is unique as every credit is being targeted under the EBOM framework.   Advised on mechanical inclusions to ensure upcoming mechanical retrofits compliment  the LEED certification process   Advised on potential project timelines for future facility renovations.   Developed key policies appropriate for LEED EBOM including: Green Housekeeping,  Green Procurement and Green Construction and Renovation.   Ongoing coordination with Earth Rangers staff to ensure proper implementation of  sustainable initiatives within the organization’s operational framework.   

SELECT CLIENT LIST – August 2009     

AES International 

ING Real Estate 

Bennett Design Associates  


(York Regional Police) 

Jeffery Architects (St. Peter’s  Secondary School) 

Boehringer‐Ingelheim Canada  BOMA Toronto (Building Owners and  Managers Association) 

LoraCon Construction 

Central Group 

Monarch Corporation 


Ontario Energy Board 

CTI Working Environments 

Ontario Reality Corporation  

CUMIS Insurance 

(Queen’s Park,  

Davies‐Smith Developments  Earth Rangers 

Ministry of Natural Resource Fort  Frances 

Eastport Properties 

Sir James Whitney School) 

Eco Chefs 

Orangeville Christian Fellowship 

Empire Communities 

PCM Sheridan Inc (Bentall) 

First Gulf 

TD‐ Canada Trust 

GE Real Estate 

Toronto Hydro 

Giffels Design‐Build Inc. 

Tribute Communities 

Hoffmann La‐Roche 

Trillium Mutual 

IBI Group (Brock University) 

Urbacon (BMW Head Office) 

IBI Group (Women’s College Hospital) 


Ian Starkey Architect 

Verus Partners 

Mole White 

Jim Lord Principal, Ecovert LEED® Accredited Professional Jim brings Ecovert’s clients a fluent understanding of corporate social responsibility, implementable sustainability tools for facility managers and 20 years of real estate experience as a Tenant and Landlord. EDUCATION: Honours Bachelor of Business Administration, Wilfrid Laurier University LEED® Accredited Professional Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional

Jim’s proven LEED AP project management experience includes New Construction (NC), Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (EBOM), and Commercial Interiors (CI). Jim is an advocate for personalized sustainability management tools which engage and educate both stakeholders and building occupants. Jim is well versed in the development of corporate social responsibility plans, carbon emission calculations and green technologies such as LED lights, solar thermal hot water and rainwater harvesting. Jim’s expertise and leadership in sustainability in recognized within the real


estate industry. Jim participated in the Canadian Standards Association's

Toronto Home Builders Association

workshop on sustainable buildings in 2007. In 2008 he presented at the

Canada Green Building Council

Interior Design Show (IIDEX). In September 2009 he will present at

Green Real Estate Conference, Real Leasing Conference, and at Toronto’s IIDEX/NEOCON on Marrying Environmental Impact and Economic Performance. HIGHLIGHTED EXPERIENCE: Sustainable Projects: 

Eco Chefs, LEED Commercial Interior-Retail/Industrial

500 Commissioners Street, LEED EBOM – Office/Warehouse

Earth Rangers, LEED EBOM – Office/Animal Care Facility

426 University Avenue, LEED New Construction-Residential

Boehringer-Ingelheim, LEED EBOM-Office

Eastport Properties, LEED EBOM – Office

St. Peter’s Secondary School, LEED New Construction

ING Real Estate, Sustainable Construction Support

CUMIS Insurance, EBOM/Carbon Footprint Calculations-Office

Central Graphics, Sustainable Construction-Office

GE Real Estate, Documentation of Sustainable Policies

Adolfo Silva Principal, Ecovert LEED® Accredited Professional Certified Facilities Manager

Adolfo brings Ecovert’s clients practical sustainable solutions, a people-centric EDUCATION:

approach, and 15 years of commercial real estate experience as a Tenant,

Honours Bachelor of

Landlord and Project Manager.

Commerce, University of Windsor LEED® Accredited Professional

Adolfo’s extensive LEED experience began with his work as Project Manager for Atlantic Canada’s first registered commercial LEED project in 2004 for Royal Sun Alliance. Adolfo’s LEED experience now includes new construction, existing buildings, commercial interiors, and core and shell. Adolfo has been

Certified Facilities Manager

LEED AP on a diverse range of projects including office, industrial, retail, warehouse, production and educational facilities.

AFFILIATIONS: International Facility Managers Association CoreNet

Adolfo continues to share his sustainability expertise whenever possible. He was featured on CEO TV in May 2008, and presented at Toronto’s interior design show (IIDEX) in September 2008. Adolfo also writes bi-annual sustainability articles for CoreNet and provides a training session for LEED AP

Canada Green Building

students as part of their exam preparation.

Council DISTINCTIONS: 2007 Eco-Efficiency Award, R&SA Building,


BMW HQ, 65,000 sq.ft. New Construction-Office, Richmond Hill

TD Bank, 5,000 sq.ft. New Construction-Retail, Toronto

ING Real Estate, 500,000 sq.ft. Core and Shell- Industrial, Milton

1997 BOMA

426 University Avenue, New Construction- Residential, Toronto

Pinnacle Award,

Brock University, 40,000 sq.ft., St. Catharines Ontario

Toronto Building Owners

First Gulf, LEED Documentation Consulting, Mississauga

EcoChef, Commercial Interiors, Burlington

CUMIS Group, Existing Buildings, Burlington

Presented By Dalhousie University

and Managers Association

Lauren King Director of Sustainable Building Design & Operation, Ecovert Lauren brings Ecovert’s clients a unique understanding of competing economic, social and environmental goals within corporate bodies, and at the provincial and federal levels. Her Honours BES degree from the University of Waterloo was the first of its kind in Canada to integrate economic growth with EDUCATION:

sustainable development.

Honours Bachelor of Environmental Studies and Business, University of Waterloo Thesis: Community-based

Lauren’s proven LEED project management experience is focused on New Construction (NC) and Existing Buildings: Operations & Maintenance (EBOM) projects. Her professionalism and commitment to project deliverables engages stakeholders and motivates the project team. Lauren takes a whole-

social marketing plan for

systems approach to designing resource and energy-efficient buildings,

Residential Energy

actively seeking out innovative technologies and strategies to reduce impacts

Efficiency Project

on the environment.

AFFILIATIONS: Canada Green Building Council

Lauren is passionate about driving environmental change through private sector led market-based mechanisms. She co-founded the Environmental Committee at a UPS office, aiming to achieve operational excellence in energy and water conservation, waste management and resource use while engaging and educating employees. Lauren also created an innovative communitybased social marketing plan for the proposed Home Electricity Audit launch through the Residential Energy Efficiency Project (REEP). HIGHLIGHTED EXPERIENCE: Sustainable Projects: 

TD Canada Trust, Branch Building, LEED New Construction-Office

BMW Group Canada, HQ, LEED New Construction-Office

Brock University, LEED New Construction-Institutional/Educational

Westside Gallery Lofts, LEED New Construction – MURB

Trillium Mutual, LEED New Construction - Office

Earth Rangers , LEED EBOM – Office/Animal Care Facility

Hoffmann-La Roche, LEED EBOM – Office/Warehouse

Eastport Properties – LEED EBOM - Office

500 Commissioners Street – LEED EBOM – Office

Ecovert Projects Profile  
Ecovert Projects Profile  

Ecovert Projects Profile